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Buy Park & Keep Earnings – Google Adsense For Domain Parking
Want to make money doing nothing?

Adsense kept Domain Parking feature open for all publishes around the world. I just tried it with
my domain assets.

What’s Domain Parking?

Domain parking means you are developing a website but you are redirecting the domain to
some page where just sponsor ads are being shown.

How can I earn using adsense domain parking?

You need to buy any domain. Go to your adsense account and setup that domain for parking.
That’s it. Now forward the domain to all.

As user will come to your parked domain he will able to see just google ads nothing else, this
will increase your CTR

I have parked so many domains. Hot linking is prohibited as per adsense rules, so we better
obey it.

Now a days you can grab domain in just 1.99$ a year, investing this little bucks you can earn a
lot if you develop some good links in forums & friends and relatives as you know most of
visitors going to click.

Another way you can do is buy some expired domain which has huge backlinks, this will give
you huge visits and also money.


You need not to develop a website.

You will get good CTR as the page will contain only ads nothing else.

You can track each parked domain individually by using Channels.


You may get down in google position as no content in your website.

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By parking a domain you are increasing web dust.

So I will let you know how I did with my parked domains and how its performing in near future.

                             Google Adsense for Domains
Another method of making money with adsense is adsense for domains. This involves buying a
domain name, parking it with google adsense ads, and earning money when someone clicks on
the ads. This one of the easiest ways to make money with adsense, but does not provide
earning potential to beginners. However, it still offers some potential if you are savvy enough
when it comes to parking domains.

If you are unfamiliar with domain parking or not completely sure what it is see domain parking

Future of Domain Parking

This is not the most profitable area on the internet. In fact it becomes less and less profitable
every year for a couple of reasons. The first is domain parking takes advantage of type in traffic.
That is the people who find your site by directly typing the url into the address bar instead of
using a search engine. Only 15% of internet surfers type what they are looking for straight into
the address bar and add .com to it. The other 85% use a search engine.

Unless you have a short domain or a competitive search term in your domain you are unlikely
to get a whole lot of type in traffic. Since search engines will not index parked domains you will
receive little to no traffic from the engines as well. That means you will receive little to no
money. You need to make at least what you paid for the domain name to break even. Many
beginners find this difficult.

So, if you are considering doing this to build a serious income go a different direction. If you are
just looking to experiment and play around that’s fine. There are many other ways to make
money online that will give you a much better return for your time and efforts. There are many
more ways to make money with adsense that will give you a better return than this.

With this said there are still many reasons to park domains. It is just not as useful for making
money online as it used to be.

Reasons To Park a Domain Name

      Implement on Domains for Sale
      Cut Expenses For Domains Not In Use
      Prevent Others from Taking A Domain
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Why Use Adsense for Domains?

While there are several other domain parking services out there you may want to consider
adsense for domains for many reasons. The first reason is that google, being the savvy company
they are, has tested and optimized ad layouts to find the most profitable ones. You are likely to
not see the same results with a low profile parking service.

Another reason you may want to consider using adsense for domains is if you already make
money with adsense other ways. You may just want to use it for its convenience. If you already
have a google account it is easy to set up. You could save yourself time trying to find a better
parking service. Chances are you will not find too many better ones and will just waste your
time. Plus you will get access to data from this anytime you check other adsense earnings.

Adsense for Domains Set Up

To get started you will need a domain name. First you need to find a cheap domain seller. The
most popular provider is GoDaddy. However, I do not recommend going with them because
there are many other cheap providers that offer lower prices. Domain parking is a low profit
game and a few dollars per domain can mean the difference between a profit and loss,
especially when you are working with a larger amount of domains.

Cheapest Domain Providers

1. Domains Are Free - $3.99 per domain
2. Net Firms - $5.99 per domain
3. Estdomains - 7.19 per domain
4. Lucky Register - $7.95 per domain
5. Godaddy - $9.99 per domain

N.B: I can get you a domain name for N500 per year, if you are interested just call/text me on

Once you have purchased some domain names that you think may receive traffic or if you
already own a domain name you can now log into your google account. If you do not already
have account you will need to sign up. Registration is free and approval usually only takes a
couple days.

After you are approved log into your google account and click on the adsense set up tab. There
you will see a list of the different ways to make money with adsense. Click on the adsense for
domains link to get started.

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What To Do From There

Step 1. - Add your domain(s)

Google will allow you to park up to 100 domains. For what reason you can not park more than
that is unknown.

Step 2. - Modify Registrar Settings

This is probably the hardest part of the whole process for most people, especially beginners
who have never used adsense for domains. Depending on your registrar google will give you
specific instructions on what you have to adjust to enable google to place ads on your domain.

Step 3. - Customize Color Scheme

The third step is to customize your ads the way you want them to appear. Do not get to fancy,
sometimes basic is better. Beginners often times put too much thought into color schemes. The
result is normally a lot of wasted time and poor ad performance. I recommend going with the
standard format that google has set up for adsense for domains.

Step 4. - Choose and Add Keywords

This is one of the most important steps. Choosing the wrong keywords can be the difference in
a profitable campaign and one that loses money. Take some time to pick and choose the most
appropriate keywords that related to your domain name the most. The more targeted your ads
are the more clicks you will get so invest some time in picking keywords.

Step 5. - Set Up Channels

The last step is to set up channels so that you can track the performance of each individual
domain. That way you know which ones are making you money and which ones are losing you

Also See...

Adsense for Feeds

If you have a lot of RSS subscribers you may want to consider implementing adsense for feeds.
If you are already using adsense for domains you can easily log into feed burner and create a
full feed burner feed with adsense ads in minutes.

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AdSense for Domains Quick Start Guide

If you have an undeveloped domain on which you'd like to display Google ads and earn
revenue, this guide will help walk you through the setup process.

Please be aware that you can only use a domain with one Google service at a time and we
remove domains used in AdSense for domains from Google Apps. Make sure that you do not
want to use your domain for other purposes before adding it.

Listen again, because you have to get this, to get started, first sign in to your AdSense account
and visit the AdSense Setup tab. Then, choose AdSense for domains as the product to begin
setting up your domains. Click the + Add new domains link, which will take you to the Add
Parked Domains page.

Step 1: Add a new domain to your account

You can add domains to your account in one of two ways: by adding them into the text box line-
by-line or by uploading a CSV spreadsheet. Remember to specify the language of your domains
as well, and note that you can upload a maximum of 100 domains.

After the domains are added, they'll appear under the Pending subtab of the AdSense for
domains page. All domains submitted are subject to Google's approval per our program

Step 2: Modify your domain registrar settings

In order to allow Google to display ads on your domains, you'll need to modify some settings at
your domain registrar. This is necessary to ensure ads show up correctly on your domain. We've
provided a step-by-step guide to assist with pointing your domain to Google's server. If you've
registered your domain with a common domain registrar like GoDaddy, Enom, Moniker, or
others, customized step-by-step instructions are available. We've also provided generic
instructions in case your specific registrar isn't listed in our guide.

After you've modified your registrar's settings, your domains should automatically move from
the Pending subtab to the Active subtab as soon as the records validate (usually 48 hours or
less). If your domain remains in the Pending subtab after this time, check our validation status
information page to determine why. If your domain has moved to the Disapproved subtab,
learn why this may have happened.
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Step 3: Customize using colors

You can customize your domains by adding colors and keyword hints by editing your domain
settings. To get to the settings page, click on the domain(s) that you'd like to edit, select the
drop-down menu labeled Actions..., and click the Edit Settings option.

As you change the colors on the right-hand side, you can view how your page will look on the
left-hand side of the page.

Step 4: Add keyword hints

Also found on the the Edit Settings page is the option to add keyword hints to your selected
domain(s). Keywords entered into this field assist ad targeting for potentially ambiguous
domains. For more information, visit our entry on keyword hints.

Step 5: Define channels

It's a good idea to use channels to track your domains, especially if you have a large portfolio. If

you're new to using channels, you can find more information in our channels guide.

Step 6: Track your performance

AdSense for domains stats can be found along with the rest of your AdSense reports by visiting
the Reports tab, then the Advanced Reports page. You can also break down your earnings by
domain or by channel by selecting the radio buttons on the right-hand side of the page. Learn
more about the types of stats you'll see when viewing your AdSense for domains reports.

Domain Set-up Guide

This guide is intended to assist with pointing your domains to Google's servers, allowing us to
display Google ads on your domains. You can view general instructions applicable to any
registrar, or detailed instructions for common domain registrars such as GoDaddy, Enom, and

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General Instructions for Any Registrar

First, if you've previously changed your domain's nameserver, make sure you change it back to
point to your registrar's default nameservers. (If you're not sure, you probably have not
changed this and don't need to change anything.)

Second, create the following CNAME (alias) records for your www host using your domain
registrar. You can find your unique identifier on the AdSense for domains setup page:

                                  Record Type
Host Name/Alias                                                   Value/Destination

www                               CNAME (alias)                   (where pub-xxxxxxxxx is your
                                                                  unique ID listed on the
                                                                  AdSense setup page)

Next, create the following A records for your domains at your domain registrar (view
instructions for common domain registrars):

                    Record Type
Host Name/Alias                          Value/Destination

@                   A (address)

@                   A (address)

@                   A (address)

@                   A (address)

Note: Please be sure that these four A records are the only existing A records for your domain.

Presto! We'll start serving ads to traffic that comes to your site as soon as the records validate
(usually less than 24 hours).

For information on common DNS terms including both A and CNAME records, visit the Google
Apps Basic Guide to DNS.

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Setup Instructions for Common Domain Registrars

Below are step-by-step instructions for some popular registrars and DNS service providers.






Network Solutions

Yahoo! Small Business

My Domain

Domain Direct

What do I do if my registrar isn't listed?

Even if your domain isn't listed here it may offer advanced DNS editing which will allow you to
use AdSense for domains. You should be able to configure these settings using the general
instructions above.

If your domain registrar does not offer access to these settings, you may want to try using a
DNS service provider with your domain. By using these providers' DNS servers, you'll have
access to the features necessary to setup AdSense for domains. We've provided instructions for
some of these DNS Service Providers below.

If your domain registrar does not offer the ability to change DNS servers, then we recommend
transferring your domain to one of the registrars listed here in order to use AdSense for

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DNS Service Providers

DNS Made Easy

DNS Park

   1. Since DNS Park is not a domain registrar, you will first have to setup your registrar to use
      the DNS Park nameservers. To do this, you will need to:
          1. Sign in to your DNS Park account
          2. Click on DNS Hosting from the left navigation menu
          3. Click on Add Domains from the expanded left hand navigation menu
          4. Enter the domain you've already purchased through a registrar
          5. Configure the nameservers with your domain registrar to point to the DNS Park
              nameservers of ns1, ns2, ns3, and These instructions vary by
   2. Once your domain is setup in DNS Park, you can use it with AdSense for domains by
      logging in and clicking on DNS Hosting in the left navigation, and then on the domain
      name which you would like to configure
   3. Create your CNAME record
          1. In the Add Records section, select Type CNAME
          2. For Alias Name enter www
          3. For Destination Name enter (where pub-
              xxxxxxxxx is your unique ID listed on the AdSense setup page)
          4. Click the Update All button
   4. Next, create your first A record
          1. In the Add Records section, select Type A
          2. For Hostname enter the @ character
          3. Do not check the Dyn checkbox
          4. For IP Address enter
          5. Click the Update All button
   5. Repeat the previous 4 steps 3 more times, using the same Type and Hostname with the
      IP Addresses,, and

Congratulations! Your domain is now configured to point to Google. Keep in mind that changes
to DNS record settings may take up to 48 hours.

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    Watch Out For My Next Report: 10 Steps To Drive Traffic To Your
         Parked Domain Website And Make Between €20-€50
In the next report, I will show you how to fish out those high paying keywords used by the internet gurus like Hafiz
Lecky to raise incredible cash using Adsense for Domains.

I want to tell you something that might be new to you; NOT ALL POPULAR KEYWORDS ARE HIGH PAYING
KEYWORDS FOR ADSENSE. For instance, the keyword "make money online" is one of the most popular keyword
but it is one of the lowest paying keywords on the internet.

Do you want to know how I got to know that? I use one tool, which is used by Hafiz Lecky himself that shows the
exact price paid by advertisers using Google ad words for promoting their products and services. See yah later.

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