Creating Links

The Basics
Links (also called hyperlinks) are what everyone uses to find their way on the big wide world of the
internet. You have already clicked on quite a few links to get to this tutorial! Links also make it possible
for visitors to navigate through your site. Finding information on the World Wide Web would be
completely impossible without links tying everything together. So if you want a super cool website that
search engines love, you need to get really familiar with this feature in Yola! Luckily we have made it
really easy for you.

We are going to look at two ways of creating links:

    •   Text Links
    •   Image Links

Step 1: Creating a link with the text editor
Type the text you want to use as the link and highlight it with your mouse. Then click on the "insert
link" icon on the text editing toolbar.
A Link Editor dialog will open up that will allow you to link to:

    1.   Another page of your own site
    2.   An external URL (another website)
    3.   An email address
    4.   A file

When you have made your selection, click "OK". To test that your link is working, save and preview your
page. Great stuff! You are now familiar with all the functions of the Link Editor. Remember to use this
editor whenever you add something to your site that just can't do without a link. Trust me, this will
soon become one of your favorite features in Yola!

Step 2: Turning an image into a link
This is a really nifty little site design trick. You can place an image on your page and then turn it into
a link! Your visitors will often instinctively mouse over your images and when they are looking at your
site, and when the mouse pointer indicates that the image is clickable, few will be able to resist the
temptation to click through and take a look at the next page on your site, or another website that you
want to send them to.
To turn an image into a link, upload and add the image as normal using an image widget. With the
image widget selected, click on "Properties" on the extreme right hand side of the screen. Then click
on "Choose a Link". The Link Editor will open up again, giving you the same options as before.

Awesome! You are beginning to master a vital web design skill: creating links to help visitors navigate
your site, and other parts of the web you want them to visit. Use this feature creatively and intelligently
and you will be well on your way to crafting an excellent website!

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