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Immigrant Rights poster


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									                      Immigrant Rights are Human Rights
    We will welcome immigrants into our neighbor-                       new immigrants and terrorize our neighborhoods is not
hoods and into our workplaces, in honor of our nation’s                 acceptable. We condemn the ICE raids in which parents
immigrant history and in celebration of the strength                    were snatched from their children and taken far away for
and vitality of all of our communities. We will join                    detention without knowing their rights.
together in declaring that no human being is illegal,
                                                              CCNE          We call on the President and the Department of
and that no worker’s wages and conditions are secure
                                                                        Homeland Security to place a moratorium on raids.
as long as another worker’s vulnerability is exploited. We will
secure freedom for all-including freedom from want and free-         We call upon the Congress of the United States to enact
dom from fear-regardless of citizenship status or country of ori- comprehensive immigration legislation, which will:
gin. We will build a society that enshrines immigrants’ right to
                                                                   • Protect the unity of the family and the wellbeing and safety
organize, together with all of us, for better lives and stronger
                                                                     of all children - both immigrant and U.S. citizen
                                                                   • Protect and expand the labor rights and working conditions
    We welcome immigrants in the spirit of the Universal             of U.S. and immigrant workers
Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations         • Strengthen due process for immigrants
in 1948, which recognizes the inherent dignity and equal rights
                                                                   • Provide an opportunity for undocumented immigrants who
of all members of the human family.
                                                                     are contributing to our society through their labor and
    When we live up to our heritage as a nation of immigrants        taxes, to legalize their status and have a clear path to citi-
everyone benefits. Every person should be able to fully partici-     zenship
pate in and contribute to our society, regardless of his or her    • Create a fair and responsive system of legal immigration
immigration status. With the Elm City Resident Card, the City        into our country
of New Haven has set a positive national example by taking a       • Revise international trade policies that contribute to undoc-
step toward this goal. The use of racial profiling to criminalize    umented migration.

Executive Director Sarahi Almonte, Junta for Progressive       The Honorable Carl Goldfield, N.H. Board of Aldermen,            Kirill Penteshin, Yale Law Workers’ Rights Project
    Action                                                         Ward 29                                                      The Honorable Jorge Perez, N.H. Board of Aldermen, Ward 5
Frank Alvarado, SAMA (Spanish American Merchants               Bishop Harold Golston, House of Jacob Church N 1                 CT Political Director Art Perry, Service Employees
    Association)                                               Reverend Victor Gomez, Connecticut Center for a New                   International Union, Local 32BJ
The Honorable Gerald Antunes, N.H. Board of Aldermen,              Economy                                                      Secretary Treasurer David Pickus, New England Health Care
    Ward 7                                                     Political Action Chair Benjamin Gonzalez, MECHA de Yale               Employees Union, District 1199
Reverend Eliseo Aponte, Second Star of Jacob Christian         Pastor Silvio Goris, Iglesia Cristiana El Regalo de Dios         Professor Stephen Pitti, Yale University
    Church                                                     Reverend Zoraida Guadalupe, Iglesia Cristiana Fe A/D             Alderwoman Elect Rachel Plattus, Ward 1
Sara Baldauf-Wagner, Student Diversity Action Committee        Hannah Guhm Croasmun, Community Mediation                        Raymond Pompano, Service Employees International Union,
Hugh Baran Undergraduate Organizing Committee Yale             Pastor Abraham Hernandez, Radio Amor, Inc.                            Local 32BJ
    University                                                 Pastor Emilio Hernandez, Knowing God Ministeries                 President Robert Proto, UNITE HERE, Local 35
President Blair Bertaccini, Western CT Central Labor Council   Patricia High Smith, Block Watch Captain 629                     Pastor Nancy Ramos, APJC
The Honorable Charles Blango,N.H. Board of Alderman,           Khalil Iskarous, Unidad Latina en Acción                         Reverend W. Reed Smith, Jr.
    Ward 20                                                    The Honorable Andrea Jackson-Brooks, N.H. Board of               Director Renae Reese, CT Center for a New Economy
Reverend Angel Borrero, Iglesia Misionera Jesus El Pan de          Aldermen Ward 4                                              Reverend Marcos Reyes, Mission Good Shepard Church
    Vida Inc.                                                  The Honorable Jacqueline James, N.H. Board of Aldermen,          Father James Richardson, Sacred Heart, ECCO
President Carmen Boudier, New England Health Care                  Ward 3                                                       Reverend Hector Rivera, Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal, M.I.
    Employees Union, District 1199                             President Dorothy Johnson, N.H. People’s Center                  The Honorable Sergio Rodriguez, N.H. Board of Aldermen,
Apostle Eugene Brunson, Wayfaring Ministries                   Lola Johnson, Trade Union Plaza TUP                                   Ward 26
John Buell, WPA                                                Reverend Tracy Johnson, St Andrews Episcopal Church              Democratic Party Town Vice-Chair Norma Rodriguez Reyes,
Union Organizer Monica Bunton, UNITE HERE, Local 217           The Honorable Katrina Jones, N.H. Board of Aldermen, Ward 21          City of New Haven
Pastor Manuel Caban, Iglesia de Dios La Nueva Jerusalem        Frances Kelley, Social Justice Network Dwight Hall               Penny Rogers, Community Mediation
The Honorable Migdalia Castro, N.H. Board of Aldermen,         Abelardo King, La Voz Hispana                                    Organizer Fatima Rojas, CCNE / Unidad Latina en Acción
    Ward 16                                                                                                                     Pastor German Rosado, Iglesia Cristiana Tseri
                                                               Jennifer Klein & Jim Berger, Westville Progressive Action
Brenda Cavanaugh, Community Mediation                                                                                           Ariela Rothstein, Jews for Justice
                                                               Reverend Sara Lamar-Sterling, First Summerfield UM Church
Reverend Jose Champagne, Monte de Santidad                                                                                      Vice President Catherine Salazar-Smith, Western CT Central
                                                               Shirley Lawrence, Connecticut Center for a New Economy
Angel Fernandez Chavero-Chavero, ECCO                                                                                                Labor Council
                                                               The Honorable Robert Lee, N.H. Board of Aldermen, Ward 11
The Honorable Joyce Chen, N.H. Board of Aldermen, Ward 2                                                                        Ray Sanchez, Unidad Latina En Acción
                                                               Pastor David Lee, Jubilee Cathedral
Reverend Barbara Cheney, Episcopal Church of St Paul and St                                                                     Chris Schweitzer, Amistad Catholic Worker House
                                                               The Honorable Thomas Lehtonen, N.H. Board of Aldermen,
    James                                                                                                                       Camel Scott, Unidad Latina en Acción
                                                                   Ward 27
The Honorable Frances Clark, N.H. Board of Aldermen,                                                                            The Honorable Yusef Shah, N.H. Board of Alderman, Ward 23
                                                               The Honorable Roland Lemar, N.H. Board of Aldermen,
    Ward 7
                                                                   Ward 9                                                       The Honorable Nicholas Shalek, N.H. Board of Aldermen,
The Honorable Elizabeth CmCormack, N.H. Board of                                                                                     Ward 1
                                                               Henry Lowendorf, Greater N.H. Peace Council
    Alderman, Ward 24
                                                               John Jairo Lugo, Community Mediation Inc/Unidad Latina en        Margaret Sharp, Students for a New American Politics PAC
The Honorable Dolores Colon, N.H. Board of Aldermen,
                                                                   Acción                                                       Samuel Slie
    Ward 6
                                                               Pastor Johnny Mabry, House of Jacob Church No. 2                 The Honorable Mike Smart, N.H. Board of Aldermen, Ward 8
Luz Colville, Amistad Catholic Worker House
                                                               Reverend James Manship, Saint Rose of Lima RC Church             Laura Smith, UNITE HERE, Local 34
Mark Colville, Amistad Catholic Worker House
                                                               Alfred Marder, City of N.H. Peace Commission                     Professor Alicia Smith-Camacho, Yale University
Adriana Corona, Unidad Latina en Acción
                                                               Pastor Betty Marks, New Growth Praise Center                     Reverend Danny Soler, Iglesia Puerta de Refugio
Reverend Harlon Dalton, St Paul & St James Episcopal Church
                                                               Chair Melissa Mason, GESO                                        Rochelle Stackhouse, Church of the Redeemer UCC
Mayor John DeStefano Jr., City of N.H.
                                                               Steve Mathews, UNITE HERE, Local 217                             The Honorable Erin Sturgis-Pascale, N.H. Board of Aldermen,
Reverend Ruth Drews, Resurrection Lutheran Church
                                                               Community Services Administrator Kika Matos, City of New              Ward 14
Elissa Dunn
                                                                   Haven Mayor’s Office                                         Tim Sullivan, New England Regional Council of Carpenters
 Pastor Carmen/ Eli Echeverria, Primera Iglesia Bautista
                                                               The Honorable Ed Mattison, N.H. Board of Aldermen, Ward 10       Rabbi Jon-Jay Tilsen, Congregation Beth El-Keser Israel
                                                               The Honorable Elizabeth McCormack, N.H. Board of                 President Agnes Timpson, Peoples Center
The Honorable Michelle Edmonds-Sepulveda, N.H. Board of
                                                                   Aldermen, Ward 24                                            President Andrea van den Heever, CT Center for a New
    Alderman, Ward 30
                                                               Rebekah Menning, Unitarian Society of New Haven                       Economy
The Honorable Alfreda Edwards, N.H. Board of Aldermen,
                                                               Pastor Dorothy Mewborn, Freedom Temple Holiness                  Reverend Andres Vega, Good Sumaritan Church
    Ward 19
                                                                   Church Inc.                                                  Reverend Cesar Velez, Iglesia Cristiana Estrella de Jacob
Reverend Joseph Elko, St Martin de Porres RC Church
                                                               Hanna Meyer, Junta for Progressive Action                        Hector Vera, Iglesia Cristiana Carismolied
Pastor Raul Feliciano, Communidad Cristiana De Restauracion
                                                               Political Field Director CT/RI Gwen Mills, UNITE HERE            Democratic Party Town Chair Susan Voigt, City of New Haven
    De Las Naciones
                                                               Mary Ellen Mininberg, Teacher                                    ICM Board Member Dr. Morris Wessel, Congregation B’Nai
Joelle Fishman,CT CPUSA
                                                               Reverend Henry Morris, Trinity Lutheran Church                        Jacob/Westville Progressive Action
Megan Fountain, Undergraduate Organizing Committee Yale
    University                                                 President John Olsen, CT AFL-CIO                                 Paul Wessel, Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut
Norma Franceschi, Grand Avenue Village Association             Reverend Thomas O’Rouke, Ascension RC Church                     Regional Director Kurt Westby, Service Employees
                                                               Pastor Nelida Otero, ASIJ                                             International Union, Local 32BJ
Pastor Delsa Garay, Centro Cristiano Restauracion
                                                               Sharon Palmer, AFT CT                                            President/Hospitality Industry John Wilhelm, UNITE HERE
Craig Gauthier, Winchester Citizens Ad-Hoc Committee
                                                               The Honorable Alphonse Paolillo, Jr. , N.H. Board of Aldermen,   Mark Wilson, UNITE HERE, Local 35
                                                                   Ward 17

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