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									     Occupational Worksheet for Day Care Providers
Business Expenses                                        Major Purchases
Advertising                                              Car Seats
Business Tax                                             Cribs
Continuing Education (Child Care)                        High Chairs
CPR Training                                             Riding Equipment
Insurance: Bond                                          Swing Set/Slides
Insurance: Business                                      Other
Insurance: Liability
License & Permits
Payroll: wages                                           *Subject to percentage of business use
Payroll: taxes                                           Computer Equipment*
Professioanl Fees: Legal                                 Dishwasher*
Professional Fees: Accounting & Tax                      Dryer*
Repairs                                                  Fencing*
Telephone                                                Refrigerator*
Wireless                                                 Television*
Pager                                                    VCR*
Internet Access                                          Washer*
Other                                                    Other*

Child Care Supplies                                      Business Use of Home
Books & Magazines                                        Total Square Feet of Home
Child Proofing Devices                                   Business Area of Home
Food & Snacks                                            Business Hours (Total for Year)
art Supplies
Bottles                                                  Home Mortgage nterest
Formula                                                  Property Taxes
Diapers                                                  Insurance
Cleaning Supplies                                        Rents
Household Supplies
Office Supplies                                          *Subject to percentage of business use
Tickets, Fees, Filed Trips                               Cleaning Service*
Toys                                                     Gardner*
Video Rentals                                            Maintenance & Repairs*
Other                                                    Pool Service & Supplies*
                                                         Utilities: Cable*
                                                         Utilities: Gas & electric*
                                                         Utilities: Trash*
                                                         Utilities: Water*

                                 R. A. Bianchi & Associates
                                        Certified Public Accountant
                                 21900 Burbank Blvd. Suite #200
                                    Woodland Hills, CA 91367
                                  (818) 528-7225 tel * (818) 528-7226 fax

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