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					                                                                      REquiRED CouRsEs AnD RECoMMEnDED sEquEnCE:

  Hospitality Management                                              The following is a recommended sequence of courses for
                                                                      completing this program. Developmental and prerequisite course
                                                                      requirements, credit load, and/or course availability may affect
                                                                      a student’s individual progress. Students should consult their
                                                                      online program evaluation or an academic advisor for individual
Hospitality Management                                                program planning.

AWARD: Associate of Applied Science degree                            CouRsE #/       CouRsE titLE/                            CREDits
no. oF CREDits: 63                                                    ELECtivE        ELECtivE inFoRMAtion
ContACt: J. Tjiputra, Chair, Business and Technology Division;         HPM-1015*       Introduction to Hospitality Management     3
B. Williams, Program Coordinator
                                                                       HPM-1310        Managing Service in Hospitality

                                                                                                                                         FiRst sEMEstER
DEsCRiPtion: The Hospitality Management program is designed                            Operations                                 3
to prepare graduates to function at mid-level management               ECN-1015*       Introduction to Business in a
positions within the hospitality/leisure services industry. The                        Market Economy                             3
offering is organized to provide the theory and real-world             ENG-1010*       Composition and Rhetoric                   3
application for the basic opportunities within the career,
providing opportunities and professional consideration in hotel        Mathematics     Acceptable: See Gen Ed Listing             3
and lodging, meeting and convention, food service, country             HPM-1110*		     Managing	Front	Office	Operations	          3

                                                                                                                                         sEConD sEMEstER
club, and tourism enterprises. Variations in internships, real-life    HPM-1210*       Management of Food and Beverage
learning and availability of electives accommodate those who                           Operations                                 3
have no experience as well as incumbent workers who have
relevant past experience. The program will prepare graduates           ACC-2010*       Principles of Accounting I                 3
for sustainable, lifelong employment in the hospitality trade.         COM-1250*       Introduction to Interpersonal
     The maximum number of credits accepted in transfer from                           Communication                              3
other institutions to this program is 47.                              ENV-1300*       Environmental Science                      3

CAREER oPPoRtunitiEs: Beverage manager, catering supervisor,           HPM-2310*       Management Information Systems

                                                                                                                                         tHiRD sEMEstER
country club assistant manager, conference services supervisor,                        for the Hospitality Industry               3
convention sales manager, theme park manager, hotel assistant          HPM-1120        Managing Housekeeping and
manager, meeting planner, restaurant supervisor, sales and                             Facilities Operations                      3
marketing director, hotel controller, military officer club            ACC-2020*       Principles of Accounting II                3
manager, resort assistant manager, hotel revenue manager, resort
reservations manager, spa owner                                        BAD-2700*       Human Resource Management                   3
                                                                       English         ENG-2050* or ENG-2080* or ENG-2090* 3
                                                                       HPM-2110*        Supervision in the Hospitality Industry    3

                                                                                                                                         FouRtH sEMEstER
                                                                       HPM-2210*       Marketing in the Hospitality Industry       3
                                                                       COM-1350*       Intercultural Communication                 3
                                                                       Accounting      ACC-2340* or ACC-2681*                      3
                                                                       Gen Ed Elective Acceptable: See Gen Ed Listing              3

                                                                       HPM-2910*       Cooperative Education:
                                                                                       Hospitality Management                      3