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									             The most important aspect of playing golf is the
             swing. If you are one of the many that is playing
             terrible golf because you have problems with your
             swing you need not to worry. There are a lot of ways
             to fix golf swing problems. Below are some tips for
             you to follow that will help you improve your swing
             and your overall game eventually.

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The proper grip of the club needs to be done to begin with. This is
the first step how to fix golf swing irregularities you might have
developed. Correct hand positioning is the key. Place your left
hand and make sure your thumb lies along the shaft as you hold
the club. Point to your right eye the line between your index
finger and your thumb. Your left thumb should fit the cup of your
right palm as you wrap your right hand over your left. Next is to
adjust your stance. Try to make your knees point in slightly. Also
make sure your right foot should also point straight ahead. Adjust
your left foot to slightly point to the left.

You should also pay attention to your arms and elbows. Try to
make them as close together as possible. Now see to it that your
right elbow should point at your right hip directly when you are in
your stance. Your left elbow should also be pointing in your left
hip at the same time. Visualize a flat plane that extends from
your shoulders to the ball. Now do your backswing starting with
your hands and should be immediately followed by the arms and

Next is to begin your downswing. Do it by rotating your hips back
to the ball. This is important because the hips generate power for
your swing. Finally, make sure that your left wrist bone points at
the ball as it makes contact with the club.

These are all the simple things you need to know to fine tune
your game. You just need to practice these tips to fix golf swing
malpractices that are making you play ineffective golf. Be diligent
and persistent and you will improve your golf swing in no time.

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