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                                                                                                                                                                                P.O. BOX 221864, CARMEL, CA 93922

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    THE BIG SUR LAND TRUST
Arroyo Seco Ranch*         Glen Deven Ranch
Mitteldorf Preserve**
_______________________    SAT / AUGUST 7 / OUTING
                                                            FULL MOON
SUN / APRIL 18 / HIKE      Marks Ranch
Point Lobos Ranch
_______________________    SAT / AUGUST 21 / HIKE
WED / APRIL 28             Arroyo Seco Ranch*
Glen Deven                 SUN / AUGUST 22 / HIKE
_______________________    Palo Corona Ranch
                           _______________________          Celebrate the full moon with       WED / APRIL 28
Marks Ranch                TUES / AUGUST 24                 enchanting twilight hikes at       Glen Deven Ranch
_______________________    MOON HIKE                                                           ________________________
                                                            majestic Glen Deven Ranch
SAT / MAY 8 / HIKE         Marks Ranch                                                         THURS / MAY 27
                           _______________________          and historic Marks Ranch. Bring
Arroyo Seco Ranch*
_______________________                                                                        Marks Ranch
                           SAT / AUGUST 28 / HIKE           your dinner! Dress warmly, wear    ________________________
SAT / MAY 15 / HIKE        Glen Deven Ranch
                           _______________________          appropriate hiking footwear, and   TUES / AUGUST 24
Glen Deven Ranch
_______________________    SAT / SEPTEMBER 11               bring something to sit on that     Marks Ranch
SUN / MAY 16 / HIKE        OUTING                           you can carry with you. Moon
Point Lobos Ranch          Carmel River Parkway                                                THURS / SEPTEMBER 23
_______________________    _______________________          hikers meet volunteer hike lead-   Glen Deven Ranch
SUN / MAY 23 / HIKE        SUN / SEPTEMBER 12 / HIKE        ers at 6:00 p.m. at The Big Sur    ________________________

                                                                                                                                                    Non-Profit Org.

                                                                                                                                                    Permit No. 93

                                                                                                                                                     U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                                                     Carmel, CA
Palo Corona Ranch
_______________________    Marks Ranch                      Land Trust office at 126 Clock


                                                                                                                                                       PA I D
THURS / MAY 27             THURS / SEPTEMBER 23             Tower Place, Suite 101, Carmel.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             HIKES & OUTINGS
MOON HIKE                  MOON HIKE                        RSVP to 831.625.5523, ext 1.
Marks Ranch
_______________________    Glen Deven Ranch
                           _______________________          Printed on Recycled Paper
Glen Deven Ranch
_______________________    Glen Deven Ranch
Palo Corona Ranch
_______________________    Martin Dunes
SAT / JUNE 12 / HIKE       SUN / OCTOBER 10 / HIKE
Arroyo Seco*
_______________________    Mitteldorf Preserve **
Glen Deven Ranch
________________________   BSLT Volunteer
SAT / JULY 10 / OUTING     Recognition Picnic
Dorrance Ranch
Marks Ranch                * Arroyo Seco hikers meet
                             at BSLT office at 7:45 a.m.
Point Lobos Ranch          **Mitteldorf hikes include
                             the option of a moderately
                             strenuous or strenuous hike.
DAY                                                                                                                                  PROGRAM
HIKES                                                                                                                                OUTINGS
All day hikers meet with volunteer hike leaders at 8:45 a.m. (7:45 a.m. for Arroyo                                                   Come experience a deeper connection to the land with          SATURDAY, AUGUST 7
Seco hikers) at The Big Sur Land Trust office at 126 Clock Tower Place, Suite 101,                                                   these specially designed educational outings and take         WILDLIFE TRACKING AT MARKS RANCH
Carmel. Please dress appropriately for hiking and weather conditions and be sure                                                     time to learn more about our extraordinary region. All out-
to bring ample water and a bag lunch or snacks. Hikes cancelled in the event                                                         ings are half-day excursions. Meet at 8:45 a.m. at The Big    This outing begins with wildlife researcher Tanya Diamond
of severe rain and/or weather. RSVP for all outings to 831.625.5523, ext 1.                                                          Sur Land Trust office at 126 Clock Tower Place, Suite 101,    talking about wildlife corridors in Monterey County and
                                                                                                                                     Carmel. Dress appropriately and bring plenty of water         her studies at Marks Ranch. Participants will view an actual
Visitors to Arroyo Seco Ranch     Located along Highway             Mitteldorf Preserve is a          At the northern portion of     and lunch and/or snacks. RSVP to 831.625.5523, ext 1.         wildlife camera set-up and see recent wildlife photos
will discover over 1,600 acres    68 southwest of Salinas,          magical sanctuary for some        the 10,000-acre Palo Corona                                                                  captured from that spot. Tanya will teach how to interpret
of stunning open grasslands,      the 816-acre Marks Ranch          of Monterey County’s oldest       Ranch, hikers pass through                                                                   animal tracks along the way and will also help participants
                                                                                                                                     SUNDAY, MAY 2                                                 make plaster castings of animal tracks as souvenirs of the
blue oak and sycamore habi-       offers visitors wildflower        redwood trees. Visitors have      beautiful grasslands and
                                                                                                                                     SPRING WILDFLOWER WALK, MARKS RANCH                           day. This is a 3-4 hour family-oriented outing, with easy
tats, and the property’s crown    meadows, gently rolling hills,    two options: a moderately         stands of oak en route to      ____________________________________________
jewel, the Arroyo Seco River,     native grasslands and beautiful   strenuous hike (3 miles,         Inspiration Point and its                                                                    to moderate walking and frequent stops. Bring the kids!
                                                                                                                                     Come explore the historic 816-acre Marks Ranch,
one of the most pristine free-    oak woodlands. The property       with an elevation gain of         sweeping views of Odello
flowing rivers in the Salinas     also includes a 1920s-era         1,000 feet) that passes through   Fields and the Carmel River    located off Hwy 68 next to Toro Park, and view a glorious     SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 11
River system. A strenuous         Mexican style hacienda, and       old-growth redwood forest         opening up into the ocean      array of colorful wildflowers. Led by local wildflower        DISCOVER THE CARMEL RIVER PARKWAY
4-mile hike with an elevation     while at the Ranch visitors       and includes panoramic            beyond. Plan for a strenuous   expert Gordon Williams, this 5-6 hour excursion features
gain of 1,000 feet features       will learn about the inspiring    vistas of coastal grasslands;     4-mile hike (about 4         a moderate hike with some elevation gain and frequent         Join Donna Meyers, BSLT Director of Conservation,
rocky terrain and steep ascents   legacy of the Marks family.       or a more strenuous hike          hours), with an elevation      stops. Expect to see blue-eyed grass, dwarf brodiaea,         and learn about the vision and three key elements of the
and descents. Plan for an         The moderately strenuous          (5 miles, with an elevation       gain of 1,000 feet.            horkelia, common madia, pitcher sage, sweet cicely            Carmel River Parkway – trails, restoration and education.
all-day excursion and bring       6-mile hike has an elevation      gain of 1,900 feet) that fea-                                    and tidy tips.                                                As you walk along some of the first trails to be built you
ample food, water, and            gain of 800 feet. Plan for a      tures ancient stands of oak                                                                                                    will learn about the natural history of the Carmel River
sunscreen.                        5-hour visit.                     and magnificent madrone                                          SATURDAY, JULY 10                                             and about efforts to restore its natural function and protect
                                                                    groves. Plan for a 5 to 6-                                      EXPERIENCE DORRANCE RANCH                                     and revive river habitats. This will be a 4-5 hour moderate
                                  Hikers at Glen Deven Ranch        hour excursion and bring                                                                                                       hike, with some elevation gain and frequent stops.
                                  can enjoy two distinct Big Sur    plenty of water.                                                 Join us for a rare opportunity to experience the iconic
                                  experiences. A moderate 2-                                                                        Dorrance Ranch, located atop Mt. Toro and overlooking         SATURDAY, OCTOBER 9
                                  mile walk (round trip) atop       The easy 2-hour, 2-mile                                         the Salinas Valley. This spectacular 4,300-acre property      SHORE BIRDS AND DUNE ECOLOGY, MARTIN DUNES
                                  Garrapata Ridge features          walk at Point Lobos Ranch                                        is owned by the Dorrances, a well-known and respected
                                  breathtaking views of the Pa-     follows the serene San Jose                                      Monterey County ranching family. The Dorrances worked         Tim Amaral, local birder extraordinaire, and Donna Meyers,
                                  cific. After a break for lunch,   Creek, which travels through                                     with The Nature Conservancy and The Big Sur Land Trust        BSLT Director of Conservation, will co-lead this outing
                                  a more strenuous 4-mile hike      a deep canyon where pink                                         to protect the ranch through a conservation easement. The     through ancient sand dunes continuing out to the ocean
                                  descends 1,100 feet to the        rhododendrons bloom in                                           outing will be guided by premier wildflower photographer      edge. Discover the ecology of this unique habitat and
                                  redwood-lined Garrapata           the deep shade of the                                            Dr. Rod Yeager. A member of the Dorrance family will          learn to identify sea and shore birds. This will be a
                                  Creek, then loops back up         redwood forest.                                                  welcome the group. Plan for a 4-5 hour excursion and          4-5 hour moderate hike on sandy terrain, with a mild
                                  the Ridge. Plan for a 3 to                                                                        a moderately strenuous hike.                                  elevation gain and frequent stops.
                                  6-hour excursion, depending
                                  on whether you choose one
                                  or both of these hikes

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