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SAE Reference Desk Copy Request Form


									                               SAE Reference Desk Copy
                                    Request Form
SAE will provide a complementary desk copy - to eligible schools - for any books that have been adopted
for use in a class, provided additional classroom copies are purchased. Please complete the form below
and submit to SAE. Once the form is received and approved, the cost of the book, including
shipping/handling charges, will be applied to your credit card. SAE will forward a copy of the book.

If you decide to adopt the book for your class AND place an order for classroom copies, you will receive
a credit for the desk/instructor copy (shipping charge is non-refundable). IMPORTANT: when placing
your order for classroom copies, please forward your order to Terri Kelly so that a credit for the desk
copy can be arranged.

If you decide not to adopt the book for your class, you can return the book to SAE within 30 days from
date of invoice - in accordance with SAE’s Return policy – for a refund (shipping/handling charge is non-

Information required:

Title and ISBN number for book: _________________________________________________________
Name & address of school: ______________________________________________________________
Course name & number: ________________________________________________________________
Professor’s name: _____________________________________________________________________
Course start date: ______________________________________________________________________
Estimated enrollment: __________________________________________________________________
Name of the bookstore that will place order for classroom copies: ________________________________
Mailing address to send review copy: ______________________________________________________
Name and contact information for person completing this form: _________________________________

Additional notes:
• SAE must be the publisher of the book requested;
• Only one complementary copy will be allowed –                  You MUST provide credit card information
    copy for assistant, etc. will not be provided;               below. Shipping/handling charges are non-
• Requestor is responsible for all shipping charges              refundable.
   -please include credit card information with this form.
                                                                 Name on card____________________________
Please return this completed form to:
        SAE International                                        Card #__________________________________
        Attention: Terri Kelly                                   Exp date________________________________
        400 Commonwealth Drive
        Warrendale, PA 15096-0001
        Fax: 724-776-9765                                        _______________________________________
        Email:                                     Signature

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