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									                                                        strengthen, you normally won't have problems
Excessive Hype Over                                     with higher impact exercises. So the best advice
                                                        is: Pick an exercise that fits your interests and
Exercise Type                                           schedule, then follow the ACSM guidelines.
Some say jogging is the best exercise because it's
vigorous and helps prevent osteoporosis. Others         Stress on Stress
say swimming is the best because it's easy on the
joints and uses upper-body as well as lower-body        Management
muscles. Some say bicycling is the best because         Most of us can’t eliminate the external stressors
it's a low impact form of exercise yet enjoyable                               in our life--those stimuli that
enough that you'll keep doing it. Others say,                                  can cause psychological and
especially through TV advertising, that                                        physical stress. After all, we
NordicTrack®, HealthRider®, or other similar                                   can't just quit our job or
machines are the best because they're low impact,                              resign from our family.
work most of the muscles in the body, and                                      Besides, stress in
available in the home during inclement weather.                                moderation is part of what
                                                                               makes life exciting and
So which is the best form of exercise? Actually         interesting. The answer is learning how to handle
all of the above are excellent forms of exercise if     the stressors in our life. That's stress
your purpose is to improve overall health, lose or      management. Here are a few suggestions to help
maintain body fat, and increase cardiovascular          you get started in a stress management program:
fitness. After all, your heart, lungs, and fat tissue
don't know the form of exercise. They will              Here are a few suggestions to help you get
respond positively to any exercise provided you         started in a stress management program:
follow certain guidelines, as recommended by the        1. Determine your fundamental code of ethics,
American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM):                  then live by those ethics. Nothing is more
1. Exercise at least three days a week.                      stressful in the long run than living a life that
2. Exercise for 15 to 60 minutes.                            is in discord with what you feel is right.
3. Exercise at 60-80% of your maximum heart             2. Determine your fundamental goals and
     rate. You can estimate your maximum heart               aspirations in life, then pursue them.
     rate by subtracting your age (in years) from       3. Decide to be happy. Much of happiness in
     220.                                                    life is a matter of simply choosing to be
4. Exercise using your lower-body muscles                    happy. Happiness is not the absence of
     continuously and rhythmically.                          problems in life but learning to accept those
                                                             problems over which you have no control
That's it. If you'll follow these guidelines you can         and working positively to solve those
pick virtually any form of exerciseStudies show              problems over which you do have control.
that if you gradually increase your exercise level      Call the Wellness hotline, 55-BE FIT, for more
over a period of two or three months to give your       information.
bones, tendons, and ligaments a chance to

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