Mass Plans Brought to You by CTN
                                 Following the guidelines from the “Directory for Masses With Children” this Mass plan
                                 was created to help teachers guide their students in creating a liturgy for a school
                                 Mass. Recognizing that every school and Liturgy is unique, you and your students may
                                 wish to amend these Mass plans. An important goal is that each of your students feels
                                 involved in the planning and celebration of the liturgy so that they may grow in their
                                 understanding and appreciation of the Mass

                                                               INTRODUCTORY RITES
FLOWER OF PRAYER                                               WELCOME/INTRODUCTION
A week before the Feast of the Immaculate Conception
make colorful tissue-paper flowers (with a large leaf on a      _________________(Student)
long stem) for each of your classrooms. Copy “The Mem-         Good Morning!! Welcome to our liturgy celebrating the
orare” for your upper grades and the “Hail Mary” for           Feast of the Immaculate Conception. On this day we cel-
your lower grades in such a way that it is small enough to     ebrate that Mary was free from sin from the first moment
glue on to the leaf of each flower. Distribute each of these    of her existence within her mother, St. Anne.
“prayer flowers” to homeroom teachers with instructions         Mary, the mother of Jesus, was without sin.
to keep their “flower” on their prayer table and to make
a special effort each day during their prayer time, to         ________________(Student)
recite a prayer to Mary. Each teacher should be invited        We honor Mary in various ways because she is our
to bring their “prayer flower” to Mass to carry in the          model of trust, faith, and obedience to God. She showed
Entrance Procession as a representative of their students.     her faithfulness and goodness by always saying “yes” to
Supply a vase(s) on, or in front of, a prayer table set up     God. We pray that we may be as eager to do Godʼs will
on the altar so that as the teachers proceed to the altar      as Mary was.
they will place their class flower in the vase(s) to create a
bouquet of “Flowers of Prayer.”                                _________________(Student)
                                                               During this season of Advent, a season of waiting, we
SET UP A PRAYER                                                think about Mary, a person who really struggled in learn-
TABLE ON THE ALTAR                                             ing how to wait for light, for understanding, for faith.
(Vase(s) should be placed                                      Whether we pray for ourselves or for others, we know
on the floor in front of this                                   that we can pray to Mary whenever we want. Mary is
table.)                                                        the mother of Jesus, and she is our mother, too.
                                                               She will help us to live good lives and to follow her Son,
ENTRANCE PROCES-                                               Jesus.
(Statue of Blessed Virgin                                      ________________(Student)
Mary to be placed on the                                       In our Entrance Procession this morning the teachers from
Prayer Table)                                                  each grade level will be bringing to the altar their class
                                                               “Flower of Prayer.” For the past week every class has
DRAMATIC GOSPEL                                                been praying a special prayer to Mary. When all these
READING                                                        flowers are brought together we will have created a beau-
(Appropriate costumes                                          tiful bouquet of prayer to offer to our Mother, Mary.
needed for Mary and the
Angel Gabriel.)                                                Mary joyfully followed Godʼs will for her and intercedes
                                                               on our behalf whenever we turn to her in prayer.
PROCESSION OF OFFERTORY GIFTS                                  We welcome our Presider, “_________, “and ask that
Bible, Candle, Rosary, Statue of the Holy Family               you join us in singing our Gathering Song, Hail Mary,
(to be placed on the Prayer Table)                             Gentle Woman. Please stand.
GATHERING SONG:                                             of Jesus. She helped him take his first steps and listened
Hail Mary, Gentle Woman                                     to his first words. We honor Mary because she was such
by Carey Landry/NALR/                                       a good and generous mother. She loved Jesus and took
OCP Publications                                            good care of him. Help us to learn, like Mary, to be
                                                            generous, caring people and to listen to your voice in our
ENTRANCE PROCESSION                                         hearts and answer “yes” with love.
                                                            We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen
• Statue of Blessed Virgin                                   Please be seated.
• Classroom Teachers car-                                   LITURGY OF THE WORD
  rying in their class Flower
  of Prayer                                                 First Reading: Isaiah 41:9-10
• Lectionary carried by                                     Introduction of First Reading
  Student proclaiming the
  First Reading                                             ___________________(Student)
• Book of Remembrance                                       When God chose Mary to be the mother of his Son, God
  (optional)                                                made her special. Isaiah tells us that God made each one
• Altar Servers                                             of us special and chooses every one of us to do a special
• Presider                                                  job in life. But, whatever God wants us to do, God prom-
                                                            ises to help us to do it well.
Presider                                                    A reading from the Book of Isaiah. Chapter 41, verses 9
                                                            and 10.
______________(Presider or Student)                         “God says: I have chosen you. You are working for me
                             We ask Godʼs forgive-          now. So, do not be afraid. I am with you - - donʼt worry!
                             ness for ways in which         I am your God, and I will make you strong. You can hold
                             we have failed to answer       my hand and I will help you.”
                             Godʼs call to be kind and      The Word of the Lord
                             loving people.                 All: Thanks be to God!

                                _____________(Student)      RESPONSORIAL PSALM
                                Lord Jesus, forgive us      Adaptation of Psalm 40 Here I Am by Christopher Walk-
                                when we arenʼt generous     er/OCP Publications
                                and think only of things
                                we want and donʼt really    _________________(Student)
                                need.                       Our Responsorial is an adaptation of Psalm 40.
                                Lord, have mercy            Please join me in singing the response Here I Am.
                                All: Lord, have mercy
                                                            Student or Choir will lead the Response and Verses
                                                            Sing: “Here I am, O my God, I come to do your will”
Christ Jesus, we ask forgiveness for the times we have                                       GOSPEL ACCLAMATION
been disrespectful to our mothers and caregivers.                                            Sung Alleluia
Christ, have mercy
All: Christ, have mercy                                                                      GOSPEL
                                                                                             Dramatic Reading/Luke
_____________(Student)                                                                       1:26-38
Lord Jesus, forgive us for the times we have said “No” to
God and hurt others with our words.                                                           __________________
Lord, have mercy                                                                              (Student)
All: Lord, have mercy                                                                         Our Gospel will be a dra-
                                                                                              matic reading based on
                                                                                              the Gospel of Luke, Chap-
OPENING PRAYER                                                                                ter 1, verses 26 through
                                                                                              38. Please be seated.
_________________(Presider or Student)                                                        (The Presider stands in the
Loving God, when you created Mary you made her spe-                                           middle of the altar. Mary
cial. Mary was the woman you chose to be the mother         kneels in front of the Presider facing the Angel Gabriel)
_________________ (Student)                                  _______________(Student)
Mary said “yes” to what God asked of her. As we listen       We pray for mothers and caregivers all over the world
to this story of Maryʼs “yes” we might think about saying    that they will continue to be a source of love and guid-
“yes” to God when God speaks to us.                          ance to us.
                                                             Let us pray to the Lord
__________________(Presider)                                 All: “Through Mary, our Mother, we pray”
A long time ago in the town of Nazareth, there was a
man called Joseph and a woman called Mary. Mary and          _______________(Student)
Joseph loved each other very much and they were going        We pray for all the people and families who are not
to get married. One day God sent the Angel Gabriel to        together because of the war in the Middle East. We pray
visit Mary and to tell her something very special. Gabriel   that this war will be over soon.
said......                                                   Let us pray to the Lord. (raise arm)
                                                             All: “Through Mary, our Mother, we pray
Rejoice Mary, God loves you very much. You are going         __________________(Student)
to have a baby and you will name him Jesus, because He       We pray for those who are hungry and have no home
will save His people.                                        in which they can stay warm in this winter. We pray that
                                                             those of us who are more fortunate will give generously
____________(Presider)                                       to those in need.
Mary didnʼt understand what the angel was telling her.       Let us pray to the Lord
So she asked Gabriel...                                      All: “Through Mary, our Mother, we pray

____________(Mary)                                           __________________(Student)
”How can I have a baby now? Joseph and I arenʼt mar-         We pray for the sick in our community. Help them, God
ried yet.”                                                   of All Hope, to feel your healing presence.
                                                             Let us pray to the Lord.
____________(Presider)                                       All: “Through Mary, our Mother, we pray”
The Angel Gabriel said.......
___________(Gabriel)                                         We pray for those who have died.
”The power of the Holy Spirit will make this happen. Your    Teach us to be like Mary, our Mother, comforters of one
baby will be holy, and He will be called the Son of God.”    another.
                                                             Let us pray to the Lord
____________(Presider)                                       All: “Through Mary, our Mother, we pray”
Mary said to the angel.......
                                                             _________________(Presider or Student)
____________(Mary)                                           Generous God, we pray today that the Spirit of Jesus
”I believe God loves me very much. Yes, I will do what-      will keep alive in our hearts our love for You through the
ever God wants me to do”                                     intercession of our Blessed Mother.
                                                             We ask this in the name of your Son, Jesus. Amen
Then the Angel Gabriel went back to heaven.                  LITURGY OF THE EUCHARIST
This is the Gospel of the Lord.                                                  Presider invites the students
All: Praise to you Lord, Jesus Christ.                                           preparing the altar to come
                                                                                 forward and those bringing up
HOMILY                                                                           the gifts go to the back of the
Presider                                                                         church.

PRAYERS OF THE FAITHFUL                                                                 OFFERTORY SONG
(Introduction by Presider/Invite the students reading the                               Quiet background Music
Intercessions to come forward)
                                                                                        PREPARATION OF THE
_________________(Presider or Student)                                                  TABLE
We are celebrating the season of Advent. Advent is a                                    (Students or Altar Servers)
time of prayer. May we always look to Mary and remem-                                   Altar Cloth, Corporal, Chalice,
ber, generously, the people who need our help, by pray-                                 Purificator, Sacramentary
ing for them. Mary joyfully followed Godʼs will for her
and she intercedes on our behalf whenever we turn to her     (As the Altar is being prepared, student speakers, at the
in prayer. Our response will be:                             lectern, give an explanation of some special gifts that are
“Through Mary, our Mother, we pray”                          carried up the aisle and placed on the Prayer Table.)
__________________(Student)                                    Our Father
Along with the bread and the wine for Eucharist we offer       Sign of Peace
the gift of a Bible. (Wait for the Bible to be placed on the   Lamb of God (Sung)
Prayer Table) Mary was a special person her whole life.
She always followed the Word of God.                           EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS
Bible Carrier:_______________(Student)
                                                               Music (Suggestions)
__________________(Student)                                    1. Servant Song by Donna Marie McGargill, OSM/OCP
We offer the gift of a candle.                                    Publications
(Wait for the candle to be placed on the Prayer Table)         2. Immaculate Mary by Lourdes Hymn
Mary always let the love of Jesus shine through her.           3. Digo Si Senor by Donna Pena/GIA Publications
Candle Carrier:________________(Student)
                                                               CONCLUDING RITES
                                                               FINAL PRAYER

                                                               __________________(Presider or Student)
                                                               Generous God, Creator of all that is Good, we love you.
                                                               Thank you for bringing us together to celebrate this spe-
                                                               cial day in honor of Mary. Give us the courage of Mary
                                                               to follow you in all that we do and to be generous
                                                               with willing hearts and minds.
                                                               We ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen

                                                               BLESSING AND DISMISSAL

                                                               GOING FORTH SONG
                                                               Hail Holy Queen by Salve Regina Coelitum
We offer the gift of a rosary.                                 __________________(Student)
(Wait for the Rosary to be placed on the Prayer Table)         Please join us in singing our Going Forth Song
The name Rosary comes from the flower, the rose, which          Hail Holy Queen
is a symbol of life eternal. Mary reminds us that we are
called to the eternal life of heaven.
Rosary Carrier:_______________(Student)

We offer a statue of Mary with her husband, Joseph, and
her Son, Jesus.
(Wait for the statue to be placed on the Prayer Table)
We come together to honor Mary and her family. Like our
mothers, she was a wife and mother and loved her family.
Statue Carrier:_______________(Student)

(Students) Wine, Paten


Lord, Jesus, the small sacrifices your mother made for you
daily, prepared you for the greatest sacrifice of all - the
giving of your life for us. As we remember this sacrifice of
love, today, and offer these gifts of bread and wine, may
we be prepared to give as much.

Holy Holy (Sung)
Memorial Acclamation (Sung)
Amen (Sung)

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