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									Cornell Alumni Association of Orange County Board of Directors
President:              Joseph Shmurak, Arts '00                               SHMURAK@CORNELL.EDU
Past President:         Usama Abdali, Engr ‘93                                 USAMA.ABDALI@SKYWORKSINC.COM
Treasurer:              Alan Beimfohr, Engr '66                                ABEIMFOHR@KNIGHTSB.COM
Secretary:              Myra Duncan, HumEc ‘99                                 MYRADUNCAN@COX.NET
Membership:             Molly Darnieder, CALS '98                              MOLLY.DARNIEDER@STREGIS.COM
Programming:            Aariel Mann ‘06                                        AMANN@JHNETWORK.COM
Newsletter:             Ann Feng-Gagne, HumEc '01                              AF45@CORNELL.EDU
Webmaster:              Stephen Setran ‘91                                     S_SETRAN@YAHOO.COM
CAAAN, North OC:        Elizabeth Housewright, Arts '71                        EDH8@CORNELL.EDU
CAAAN, Central OC:      Diane Elliott, HumEc '78                               DIOCUSA@AOL.COM
                        Don Strenk, Engr '78                                   DONALD.STRENK@BP.COM
CAAAN, South OC:        Bruce Tatusko, Engr '72, MPS Hotel '75                 BTATUSKO@COX.NET
Members-at-Large:       Francesca Balada, HumEc ‘99                            FBALADA@HOTMAIL.COM
                        Michelle Choy, HumEc '98                               MICHELLE.CHOY@SBCGLOBAL.NET
                        Dan Gagne, Engr '01                                    DJG24@CORNELL.EDU
                        Jack Fleming, JD Law '75                               J.FLEMING@MPGLAW.COM
                        Mike Nadler, Engr '56                                  MIKENADLER@AOL.COM
                        Everette Phillips, Engr '82                            EVERETTE.PHILLIPS@SOURCEGLOBALLY.COM
                        Mac Cabal ‘99                                          TOMCABAL@HOTMAIL.COM

Western Regional        Peter Lee, Hotel '63, Director                         PEL7@CORNELL.EDU
Office:                 Sabrina Smith, Arts '99, Associate Director            SLS51@CORNELL.EDU
                        220 Montgomery Street, Suite 1020                      415-438-7980
                        San Francisco, CA 94104                                415-438-7984 FAX

Alumni House:           Sonja Watkins Kelly, Senior Alumni Officer             SWK5@CORNELL.EDU
                        626 Thurston Avenue                                    607-255-1271
                        Ithaca, NY 14850-2490                                  607-255-7533 FAX

A Message from the President
                          Dear Fellow Cornellians:                                                             Fall 2008

                          As I am writing this, summer is in full swing and we have just celebrated 232nd birthday of our
                          Nation. CAAOC has concluded our 2008 Annual Meeting and I have some very exciting
                          developments to report. First, after a year long endeavor, I am pleased to announce that we have
                          concluded fully incorporating our alumni organization. Second, because Paypal has been such a
                          huge success as an option to pay for events, we are in the process of adding another payment
                          option, "Google Checkout", to our website: Lastly, I am excited to
                          present our new 2008 Board of Directors (please see above), including the addition of a new
                          programming chair and webmaster as well as several members-as-large.

If you have not already done so, I encourage you to pay your membership dues (either by using the form at the end of this
newsletter or at our website). Your membership dues enable us to add exciting events, sponsor speakers, and pay for
mailings, as well as help defray the costs of events. By becoming a member, you help support your local chapter and will
receive discounts at all of our events as well be invited to exclusive member-only events. Also, the majority of our
correspondence is conducted via email. If you have access to email and have not been receiving information about CAAOC
events, please update your information through Cornell's alumni website (the link is on our website homepage). Lastly, CAAOC
needs volunteers to assist in conducting alumni contact meetings with potential Cornell students. If you are interested,
please check the box on page 3 and mail the form to CAAOC, or you can contact your local CAAAN chair (email addresses are
provided above). I look forward to serving CAAOC and welcome your ideas, suggestions or questions. Please do not hesitate
to email me at or call me at any time. I look forward to seeing you at our Fall 2008 events, including
the wine tasting and Zinck’s night. This is YOUR CLUB and I look forward to hearing from you!


Joseph Shmurak '00
Schedule of Events                                                                                                   2008
September 2008     Wine Tasting
                   Location –        Bacchus Secret Cellar
                                     6735 Quail Hill Pkwy
                                     Irvine, CA 92603
                   RSVP –            Aariel Mann ‘06
                                     Phone: (760)207-1583
                   All Details TBD – Check for future updates
                   Come join your fellow Cornellians for fun and educational evening of wine tasting. We will be sampling
                   three different Spanish wines. A local wine distributor, and Cornell Grad, has offered to teach a brief
                   seminar on the wines we will taste, which will be followed with plenty of time to socialize and mingle.
                   Be sure to check out the CAAOC website for more details. Bacchus Secret Cellar is an upscale Wine
                   Shoppe & Wine Bar offering over 600 labels from around the world. Unique to Bacchus’, the Roman
                   God of Wine, is its beautiful wine tasting bar, which utilizes a state of the art wine preservation system.
                   You can create your own tasting experience or choose from one of the 18 creative flights available. In
                   addition, Bacchus’ also offers dessert wines, sparkling wines and micro-brewed beers. All are
                   complimented by gourmet foods and appetizers offered on a limited menu.

October 16, 2008   Zinck’s Night
Thursday           Location –        Woody’s Wharf
                                     2318 Newport Blvd
                                     Newport Beach, CA 92663
                   RSVP –            Aariel Mann ‘06
                                     Phone: (760)207-1583
                   All Other Details TBD – Check for future updates

                   In keeping with Cornell tradition, the Alumni Association of Orange County is hosting Zinck’s Night
                   2008 at Woody’s Wharf in Newport Beach. Theodore Zinck was a saloonkeeper in Ithaca and his pub,
                   the Hotel Brunswick, was a popular gathering place for Cornellians in the 1890s. After his death in
                   1903, several bars using his name continued to provide a haven for students. When the last “Zinck’s”
                   closed in the mid-60s, celebrating the spirit of Zinck’s became a favorite Thursday night tradition. This
                   year, we look forward to a casual night enjoying friends, food, and drinks while creating new Cornell
                   memories. Woody’s Wharf has been a landmark of Newport Beach for 43 years. The property that is
                   now occupied by Woody’s Wharf was owned by Woody Payne, a longtime local fisherman. Until the
                   early 60’s he used the property to store and repair boats from the local fishing fleet. Woody decided to
                   open a small local watering hole where the other fisherman could gather to tell their fishing tales.
                   Woody’s Wharf opened in 1965 and was an immediate hit. Its unique waterfront location on Newport
                   Bay draws crowds who wanted to be served food & drink in an atmosphere that included live music.
                   Come join your fellow CAAOC alumni for Zinck’s night at this fun and exciting establishment!

Winter 2008        CAAOC Holiday Party
                   All Details TBD – Check for future updates
                   Come celebrate the holiday season with fellow alumni for the first annual CAAOC Holiday Party. Please
                   contact Aariel Mann at for more information.

                                          Check out our website at:
Membership Dues                                                                                                          2008-09
Dues payment brings you the Club’s newsletter and announcements of the Cornell Alumni Association of Orange
                  County; dues are paid annually and cover the Club year from July to June.
                            The Club operates on a July 1 to June 30, fiscal year.
Name:                                                                 Employer:
Class Year:                                                           Business Title:
Cornell ID:                                                           Business Name:
Home Address:                                                         Business Address:

Home Phone:                                                           Business Phone:
Home Fax:                                                             Business Fax:
E-mail address:                                                       I prefer that mail is sent to Home/Work (circle one)

                                    Individuals             Individuals                   Alumni Couples
 Membership Year:                   Class of ’07-‘08        Class of ’06 & prior          Class of ’06 & prior
 Entire 2008-2009 only                  $20                     $45                           $70

                                                                                Dues Amount Enclosed                $
                                                                                                Event Fees          $
                                                                                                       Total        $
              *Please note: Membership Dues can also be paid via PayPal through CAAOC's website:

   YES! I'm interested in volunteering with CAAOC in conducting alumni contact meetings with potential Cornell
   students and/or organizing CAAOC events.
                             Mail this form and payment, (make check payable to CAAOC) to:
                                                      P.O. Box 2063
                                              Newport Beach, CA 92659-2063

                                 HOW TO UPDATE ALUMNI INFORMATION WITH CORNELL

               Address updates are now easier to submit. Alumni classmates are now easier to find.
With more than 20% of alumni moving, changing jobs, marrying or having children in any given year, it is a challenge
                            to keep records up to date in the University's alumni database.
  If you do not have internet access, please call 607-255-2390. You may also mail your updated information to:
        Cornell University, Alumni Affairs & Development Records, 130 E. Seneca Street, Ithaca, NY 14850.
                     *Please note: The online directory is for Alumni only and is not available to Parents or Friends.

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