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									                        Meet Zink!
Hi! My name is Zink. I live in the Lipis Jungle and I have spots instead of stripes like the
other zebras. Sometimes I am treated differently by the other zebras because I look
different. I was created by a special young girl named Kelly Weil who was also treated
differently because of the way she looked. But Kelly knew, and so do I, that it's what is
on the inside that counts... Everyone is different and that's what makes us special!

I stand for understanding, respect, compassion and acceptance. I am here to spread
the word that regardless of interests, education, cultural background, economic
status, level of ability, and/or physical differences, everyone wants to feel accepted.
You can learn more about me and my project through the Zink the Zebra patch
program for Girl Scouts.

How Zink was born...

Kelly was a little girl, like any other, who loved friends, family, books, swimming, animals
and computers - except at age eleven, she lost her battle with cancer. When Kelly’s
appearance began to change while undergoing treatment for cancer, she wrote
a story about a zebra named Zink who has spots instead of stripes. Zink questions
why she is treated differently just because she looks different on the outside.

"I don't want people to treat me differently because I'm dying," Kelly said on the
afternoon she discovered her bone cancer could not be cured. Still, her friends drew
away from her because they didn't understand she was the same sunny Kelly, in spite
of her cancer. As you can imagine, this touched her deeply. Her feelings were so
strong that she wrote Zink the Zebra, a story about a zebra with spots, who may be
different outside, but has the same emotions everyone else has.

After Kelly died in 1993, her father, Les Weil, published her story, Zink the Zebra - A
Special Tale. His daughter's poignant message also inspired him to create Zink the
Zebra Foundation. He did this for two reasons: He wanted to remember the daughter
he loved, and he also saw the need to help other people who feel they aren't as
worthwhile as others because they are different.

Zink The Zebra Patch Project

The Zink the Zebra Girl Scout patch project is a ready- to-implement, self-contained
activity that teaches some valuable lessons for all girls:
      An awareness of and appreciation for individual differences, along with
       compassion and respect for others
      The importance of understanding, respect, compassion, and acceptance of
       themselves and others.
      A better understanding of cancer, a disease which touches the lives of virtually
       every girl and family

This program acts as a vehicle to open discussion about cancer and other actual or
perceived differences that touch the lives of virtually every girl and family. It achieves
all this by using the endearing story of Zink, a zebra with spots instead of stripes, who
learns that being different can be a positive experience.

How The Program Works

The patch activities are designed to be completed in one or two meetings – in fact,
they are set up in a troop meeting format. Earning the patch requires using a Zink the
Zebra Activity Kit which contains the patch requirements, the story of Zink, and
resource materials. Age level Activity Kits for the Zink the Zebra patch project are
available for leaders to check out at the Girl Scout Resource Centers.

Zink Goes to Camp and Zink Goes to Camp for the Weekend patch modules take the
Zink experience outdoors! Zink Goes to Camp is designed for day and resident camp
use; Zink Goes to Camp for the Weekend is perfect for troop camping or service unit
camporees. A special Zink Goes to Camp patch and stuffed zebra are available by
special order; girls can choose a ‘camper’ Zink with either a sleeping bag or knapsack!

Cost: $7 for each Zink and patch combo (camper Zinks and patches slightly more -
check with the Badge and Sash Girl Scout Shop.) Checking out the Zink the Zebra
Patch Activity Kit is free, but a security deposit is required.

                                For more information:
              Mableton Service Center, 770-702-9610 or 800-771-4046
                        Dalton Service Center, 706-226-1435
                        Griffin Service Center, 770-702-9499

                              Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta
                                  5601 North Allen Road
                                   Mableton, GA 30126
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26 August 2010

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