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                                 by Rip & Marsha Naquin-Delain

            New Orleans Restaurant Guide
                  Buffa's, 1001 Esplanade at Burgundy, serves breakfast 8am-4pm
            daily featuring homemade biscuits and sausage gravy, and real hash
            browns along with bacon, sausage, ham, eggs or omelettes. Lunch
            and dinner is also available here. Call 949.0038 for info.
                  Bywater Bar.B.Que, 3162 Dauphine St., is noted for its gumbo,
            barbeque, pizza, sandwiches and specials. Hours are 11am-9pm
            Mon.-Fri., and 9am-9pm Sat. & Sun. Closed Wed. Call 944.4445 for
            additional info. MasterCard/Visa accepted.
                  Cafe Amelie, 912 Royal St., offers romantic courtyard or indoor
            dining along with both eclectic culinary creations and drinks. Serving
            lunch and dinner: Wed.-Sun. 11am-9pm, Sat. breakfast 10am-3pm &
            Sun. brunch 10am-3pm. Call 412.8965 for reservations or additional
                  Clover Grill, 900 Bourbon St., is open 7 days and features breakfast
            including build your own omelettes. But let’s not forget their fab burgers
            grilled right under a hub cap and then there’s all those sandwiches,
            sides, desserts and shakes. Call 598.1010 or visit CloverGrill.COM.
                  Country Club Cafe, 634 Louisa St. Under the direction of new Chef
            Miles Prescott, you will find delightful menus offering French bistro
            cuisine including appetizers, soups, flatbreads, salads, sandwiches,
            wraps, entrees and desserts. Serving Monday, Wednesday & Thursday
            11am–10pm, Friday & Saturday 11am–12midnight, Sunday 10am–
            10pm, Sunday Brunch 10am–3pm, closed Tuesday. Call 945.0742 for               sino, call 533.6117 for reservations and information.
            additional information or visit TheCountryClubNewOrleans.COM.
                  Elizabeth’s Restaurant, 601 Gallier St. It's slogan, real food done          Tomatillo's Restaurant, 437 Esplanade Ave., is open
            real good, says it all. You will find some of the best breakfast, lunch and   Tues., Wed. 11am-10pm; Thurs.-Sun. 11am-11pm. The
            dinner specialties available in town. Serving lunch Wed.-Fri. 11am-           restaurant refers to itself as "A Mexican Joint" featuring
            2:30pm, dinner Wed.-Sat. 6-10pm, Sat. & Sun. brunch 8am-2:30pm.               appetizers, soups, salads, make your own combination
            Phone 944.9272 for information or visit            plates, house specialties, burritos, desserts, and of
                  Hillery's on Toulouse, 827 1/2 Toulouse, offers Neo-Creole cui-         course, specialty margaritas. Call 945.9997 for reserva-
            sine, award-winning gumbo and grilled oysters, with a full dinner and         tions or information.
            and full Southern breakfast menu. Serv-
            ing breakfast 7-11am, Happy Hour noon-
            7pm, and dinner 6-10pm. Call 571.2888
            for additional information or reservations.
                  la Vita del forno, 801 Frenchman St.,
            offers an array of Italian delights that one
            would expect only in Rome, Italy. Open
            Mon.-Thurs. 4-11pm, Fri.-Sun. 11am-
            11pm. Call 944.6854 or 943.9575 for res-
            ervations or information.
                  Marigny Perks, 2401 Burgundy,
            serves gourmet coffee, sandwiches, past-
            ries, danish and cakes. Open 7 days 7am-
            10pm. Call            948.7401 or visit
                   Meauxbar Bistro, 942 N. Rampart
            St., serves classic contemporary bistro
            fare in the Quarter on the edge. Serving
            dinner and drinks Tues.-Sat, 6-10pm. Call
            569.9979 for reservations or information.
                  Mona Lisa Restaurant, 1212 Royal
            St., features Italian specialties including
            salads, pizzas, sandwiches and both lunch
            and dinner entrees. Lunch 11am-5pm
            Thurs.-Mon., Dinner 5pm-10pm 7 days.
            Call 522.6746 for info.
                  Petunias, A Restaurant, 817 St.
            Louis, is open daily 8am-10pm serving
            breakfast, brunch, lunch, crepes, po-boys,
            salads, gumbo, Cajun/Creole specialties
            and dinner. Call 522.6440 for more info.
                  Quartermaster: The Nellie Deli, 1100
            Bourbon St., was voted Restaurant/Deli of
            the Year once again and is open 24 hours
            7 days. Serving breakfast, lunch and din-
            ner, the deli offers free delivery. Call
            529.1416 to order.
                  Riche, Fulton Street at Poydras inside
            Harrah's Hotel, brings Chef Todd English
            with his one and only French brasserie-
            style restaurant to the city. Just steps from
            the Convention Center and Harrah's Ca-

GayNewOrleans.COM • SouthernDecadence.COM • GayEasterParade.COM • Jan. 15-28, 2008 • AmbushMag.COM • MAIN~21 of 52
                                                                                                       of center and firmly in appreciation of              whining I’ve heard comes from Edwards.

                        sappho psalm                                                                   Clinton.
                                                                                                             On the other side of the isle is a truly
                                                                                                                                                            Clinton has been straightforward and
                                                                                                                                                            honest about herself and her opponents.
                                                                                                       confusing group. They have a religious               What does a smart, capable woman have
                                                                                                       radical, a political rebel and the only sane         to do to get respect? It seems almost as
                        by Toni J.P. Pizanie                                                           candidate cannot seem to get enough                  impossible now as it did to me when I was
                        E-mail:                                                     votes and positive attention to keep his             starting out in the 1960’s. No matter how
                                                                                                       spirit above water. Watching the Republi-            hard you work, there is always a man who
                                                                                                       cans gives one a mix of fear and comedy.             is inferior trying to stop you from getting
Campaigns                                           sophisticated and upper class whether              They all seem to dislike the current Re-             ahead. No amount of education or hard

                                                    they are or not.                                   publican President. They rag on Bush                 work gets equal treatment. That is the
          ’ve been spending a lot of time
                                                          Obama seems to be playing that role          more than the Democrats. Where is the                reason I ended up being self-employed.
          lately watching CNN and MSNBC
                                                    and the less experienced voters seem to            party unity, I keep asking my Republican                   I got sick of being told what I couldn’t
          in the hope of learning more about
                                                    be foolishly impressed. Obama’s lack of            friends. If Bush had the support of the              do when I was already doing the job in
the Presidential Candidates. It looks likely
                                                    experience could cost the Democrats                citizens, candidates would be falling over           question. Being a female in business and
that the Democrats will have an edge this
                                                    dearly in November. I would love to see a          themselves trying to be his best friends. It         politics is like being Gay in the world at
coming Fall but who the candidate will be
                                                    ticket of Clinton for President and Obama          is true that politics makes strange bedfel-          large. We just aren’t God’s favorites, they
is still not clear.
                                                    for Vice-President. That would groom               lows.                                                tell us. Women and queers just cannot live
      I am a fan of Hillary Clinton. For all the
                                                    Obama for four to eight years before taking              One interesting point is the way the           up to the good old boys that are both white
hoopla about change, she is the only
                                                    the run at President.                              candidates are being showcased by the                and black.
candidate that has effected change dur-
                                                          And what about Edwards? He is a              media. I hate it. If you watch FOX, you get                So with that in mind, I am encourag-
ing her long career. I also believe that she
                                                    great guy but no Clinton. He might unite           the Republican slant. CNN and MSNBC                  ing everyone in the GLBT community to
is the brightest of the bunch and will ably
                                                    the South but that didn’t happen during the        are more honest in their approach but                take an interest in the Presidential cam-
keep up with government demands be
                                                    last Presidential selection. I admire where        none of them is doing a truly fair or good           paign. I think you will see that Clinton is not
they at home or abroad.
                                                    he came from and the way he became a               job of sharing the news.                             only very Gay friendly, she is qualified to
      A year or two before Katrina, Nicholas
                                                    self-made millionaire. He is truly impres-               One day the media has Clinton                  represent us. Don’t take my word. Re-
Romans and I were having lunch at By-
                                                    sive but that makes him a great business-          marked as a bitch, the next a victim. Obama          search for yourselves. A few hours with
Water Bar.B.Que. We were talking politics
                                                    man only. He didn’t show much while                seems to be the golden haired kid and                CNN might make you question why
as we often did and Nicholas was ada-
                                                    serving in public office. Running a country        Edwards is shown to be something in                  Obama and Edwards are joining forces
mant that Hillary would make an outstand-
                                                    is nothing like running a business espe-           between the two. If Hillary cries with a             against the only true candidate – Clinton.
ing president. I was just getting on the
                                                    cially if that country is the strongest on the     mother talking about her son at a rally, she               As much as I would like for everyone
Hillary bandwagon and not totally confi-
                                                    planet, and other countries are either tak-        is weak. That kind of concern and the                to love Hillary, I do know that we are all
dent at the time. Since then, I’ve done a lot
                                                    ing shots at you or depending on you for           ability to be so touched by the people               entitled to our opinions. The important
of reading about her record as an elected
                                                    survival.                                          shows real strength to me. If she answers            thing here is to take part, learn and select
official, as the wife of the Governor of
                                                          You can count on me to be glued to the       a question from a point of strength, she is          the person you think is best for the country.
Arkansas and as the wife of the President
                                                    primaries. I’ll try to be as fair as possible      too unfeminine or harsh.                             Don’t let someone else make up your
of the USA. She really is outstanding.
                                                    while writing on our political future. Please            The most sarcastic remarks I’ve                mind for you. That is how we totally lose
      I can see why older Caucasian males
                                                    realize that my fairness guide is a little left    heard have come from Obama. The most                 what few rights we have.
might be intimidated by her but I am at a
loss to see why younger men and women
aren’t standing by her. The college set
seems to have chosen Obama as their                                         clubs & krewes                                                                  Michael D. have been putting countless
                                                                                                                                                            hours into this year's bal masque. With
candidate, and I find that odd. Obama has                                                                                                                   this being the 25th anniversary, these two,
a good but all to short political record. I truly                                                                                                           and all the Lords, are working on putting
hope that we do not find ourselves voting                                   by Douglas Minich, New Orleans                                                  on a show like no other. Captain David
race rather than qualifications. Still the                                  E-mail:                                                  broke with tradition this year and at the
college set seems to be mostly Cauca-                                                                                                                       royalty celebration for Lord King and Lord
sian. It is usual for college students to                                                                                                                   Consort XXIV, announced this year’s ball

stick with the candidate acting the most                      tell you what, after spending a lot      of it as a celebration going on around the           theme: Super Heroes! While I was not
                                                             of time out of town recently, it was      world one hour at a time, it just seems              able to attend the Royal Leather Tea for
                                                             really good to get back to New            special. A chance to start new in some way.          Lord King and Consort XXIV, I hear it went
fifth ambie awards ...from Main-20                  Orleans especially for New Year's Eve. It                                                               very well with some great food and a lot of

                                                    was one of those times when I remember                            o, what do we have to look            great people. Held at JohnPaul’s upstairs,
The Red Sneaks; Lindsey Price, Singin’
                                                    why I love this city so much.                                     forward to here in New Or-            which is a great space by the way, all those
in the Rain
                                                          First, I have to commend Dale and                           leans? Why, Mardi Gras my             who came were not only well fed but well
     Best Music Director: Rick Avard,
                                                    Dave, proprietors of Auld Sweet Olive Bed          friends, what else. And my oh my is it fast          entertained.
YEAH, YEAH, YEAH! A Concert Cel-
                                                    and Breakfast. These guys threw one of             approaching. Just a week or so and we                     The Lords of Leather Bal Masque
ebration; Brandt Blocker, ...and the World
                                                    their fantastic Bears and Bubbles parties          will all be doing the Mambo!                         XXV, Super Heroes, will be on Sunday,
Goes Round; Jonne Dendinger, Tunes;
                                                    to jump start the celebration on New Year's               If the partying in the streets isn’t          February 3rd, at 8pm at the Alario Center in
Derek Franklin, The Best Little Whore-
                                                    Eve. It is always great to stop by and see         enough for you, don’t fret, there is plenty          Westwego, Louisiana. Seats are going
house in Texas; C. Leonard Raybon,
                                                    the folks there. The crowd is always               going on. There are parades galore, kicked           fast and balcony seating is still available
Chicago; Dave Reis, Once On This Island
                                                    friendly and a great mix of visitors and           off with the biting humor of Krewe du Vieux          for $20 per ticket. For more information,
     Best Sound Design: Davis Barron &
                                                    locals. My hats off to you, Dale and Dave,         on Saturday, January 19th. There has been            check      the     Lord’s     web       site:
David Rigamer, Jane Eyre; Marlena
                                                    keep up the good work.                             a slight change in the route for this year,
Feehery, J.B.; Ben Marcum, Gem of the
                                                          Oh, and just so you all know, they are       check         out      their     web        site,

Ocean; Richard Read, Carrie’s Facts of
                                                    already busy planning their Bears, Beads  , for the exact                              he New Orleans Bear and Bear
Life; Martin Sachs, The Wedding Dress;
                                                    and Bubbles celebration for Lundi Gras.            route. Krewe du Vieux’s theme is The                              Trapper Social Club is busy
Jack Daniel Stanley, Rising Water
                                                    Stop by from 4pm till 7pm and say hi! And          Magical Misery Tour!                                              this year as well. The Bears are
     Best Wigs/Make-Up: Brian Fontenot,
                                                    for those of you who happen to get on-line                While this is not one of the big super        still holding their twice monthly beer busts
Singin’ in the Rain; Amanda Hebert,
                                                    every now and then, next time log onto             parades with big tractor drawn floats and            at their home bar, the Phoenix, every First
Scrooge in Rouge!; Brian Peterson, The
                                          , add the party to your profile         all, I bet you’ll get a kick out of the effort all   and Third Friday from 9pm til midnight out
Best Little Whorehouse in Texas; Brian
                                                    under Events, I will Be Attending. Just so         the sub-krewes, their themes and walk-               on the patio. Join them for a great group of
Peterson, Carries’s Facts of Life; Brian
                                                    we all know who you are when we get                ing floats do. Come on out for one of the            guys, cold beer and soda and almost
Peterson, The Titanic Adventures of the
                                                    there.                                             most irreverent nights of your life!                 always some great munchies.
Love Boat Poseidon!
                                                          Just being in the French Quarter for                After Krewe du Vieux, you will be free               The Bears will also be getting to-
     Best Special Effects: The Ballad of
                                                    New Year's is an experience I hope never           to enjoy all the rest of the parades and their       gether for some Mardi Gras fun. You can
Sylvia Post’s tears; Carries’s Facts of
                                                    to tire of. The excitement is almost pal-          fantastic celebrations. Not that you                 catch them at Cutter's before the Krewe du
Life’s blood-spurting pig; Scrooge in
                                                    pable every year. Yes, it helps to have the        wouldn’t be free to do so if you miss it, but        Vieux parade for a pot-luck dinner and
Rouge!’s snow, Joel Havnen; Singin’ in
                                                    Sugar Bowl crowds and the tourists from            hey, this is Mardi Gras in New Orleans, it’s         then for Bears on Parade on Sunday, Janu-
the Rain’s rain
                                                    all over. They are not always hard on the          all good!                                            ary 27th. Stop by the corner of St. Charles
     Best Food/Dining Experience: John
                                                    eyes either, but it is all just one big celebra-                                                        Ave. and Josephine St. as the Bears get

Folse, Waiting for Godot; Ginger Luke,
                                                    tion that can’t be compared. I know Mardi                       he Lords of Leather have been           ready for three parades. And watch closely
Minacapelli’s Dinner Playhouse;
Messina’s, Rivertown Repertory Theatre;             Gras and Southern Decadence may be                              some busy folks lately. Ball
                                                                                                                                                                      [continued on Main-26]
Salaville Perk, JPAS/Teatro Wego                    bigger crowds, but maybe when you think                         Captain David and Lieutenant

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