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                                   CEASE AND DESIST
                                                        PUBLIC NOTICE

              February 15, 2011

              Please be advised that, effective immediately, a CEASE AND DESIST
              letter has been issued to Ronald Deverteuil and Company, Ashley Estrada,
              and Ashley Enterprises. This notice is to inform the public that The Aloe
              Man, Inc. has disassociated itself with the aforementioned persons and
              companies and that they no longer have the right to sell The Aloe Man’s
              products, to use The Aloe Man’s images, The Aloe Man’s name or Dr.
              Johnson’s name in any type of media, including but not limited to radio,
              television, Internet, newspaper, or other print media.

              This letter is specifically geared to the people of Trinidad, Tobago and The
              Virgin Islands, however, it is applicable to any country or territory where the
              Aloe Man’s products may be being sold by or through the above individuals
              and organizations. The Aloe Man, Inc. is concerned about the public’s safety
              and the efficacy of products being sold in the above-named places.

              Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please feel
              free to contact Dr. Johnson directly at 305-778-0970.


              Dr. J.L. Johnson, Ph.D., N.D., L.N.C.
              The Aloe Man, Inc./The Healing Nation, Inc.

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