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									                                 CUPE DISCOUNTS (UPDATED January 10, 2011)
The following is a list of businesses which offer discounts to CUPE members upon presentation of the CUPE
discount card.

  Colours                                          10%
  327 Water St., Summerside 436-7446                          signage, printing, graphic design, online solutions
   Computer Fix                                    10%        -On services, repairs and purchases
   266 Grafton, Charlottetown 626-3442

  Hillside Motors                                  10%        -on labor and over the counter parts (GM only)
  113 St. Peters Rd., Charlottetown, 892-          15%        -on parts sold through service (GM only)
   Home Hardware Stratford                         10%        -on parts, tires and oil changes
   Full Service Automotive Centre
   14 Kinlock Rd., Stratford, 569-8000

  Belle’s Boutique                                  10%
  557 Main, Montague, 838-4055
   Mark’s Work Warehouse                                      Specialized Discount for ‘on the job’
   455 University Av., Charlottetown, 566-5668
   Saunders’ Variety                               25%        Regular priced clothing and footwear. Bench
   482 Main St, Alberton, PE 853-2210                         clothing is not included.
   Wedding Place                                              Will pay the taxes.
   101 Kensington Rd., Charlottetown, 894-4544

   O’Leary Guardian Drugs                         10%         Discount on all Rexall products
   534 Main St., O’Leary, 859-2606

   Atlantic Fitness                                         Regular membership fee is reduced to $299 per
   Kent St., 368-3622, Garfield St., 892-1999,              year, reduction is approximately $40.
   Montague, 838-3047, Souris, 687-1467 and
   Morell, 739-3047
   Curves                                                   Rate of $39.90 per month on a 12 month contract
   112 Longworth Av, Charlottetown, 892-3488
   613 South Dr., Summerside, 436-4256

 All Occasion Florist                            10%
 Charlottetown, 1-877-508-4300, 892-4300
 Bernadette’s Flowers                            10%       Not on funerals or weddings
 25 Hopetown Rd., Stratford
 1-877-766-1898, 566-4000
 Country Garden                                  10%
 279 Queens Rd, Montague
 1-800-555-1862, 838-3400
 Flower Buds                                     15%
 417 University Av., Charlottetown
 1-877-626-2250, 626-2250
 Hearts and Flowers                              10%
 49 University Av. Charlottetown
 1-800-693-2211, 566-1499
 Kelly’s Flower Shoppe LTD                       10%
 297 Water St., Summerside 436-2702
 Paul’s Flowers                                  10%       On any sales over $30 of in-store merchandise
 638 University Av, Charlottetown
 Primrose Lane Florist and Decor                 15%
 456 Main St., Alberton 853-3533

 Mark’s Work Warehouse                                     Specialized Discount for ‘on the job’
 455 University Av., Charlottetown, 566-5668
 Proude’s Shoe Store Ltd.                        10%       On all regular priced merchandise
 Sherwood Shopping Centre, 894-3504
 Sheens Shoes                                    10%
 271 Water Street, Summerside, 436-5555

 Bluewave Energy                               $0.039cpl   To qualify for the discount you must sign up on an Automatic
                                                           Fill basis, any COD or Will Call accounts will not be applicable.
                                                           All accounts are On Approved Credit. Approved customers
 892-1255 or 439-6080                                      entitled to bonus 200 Air Miles after 1500 liters of fuel has been
                                                           used, as well as 1 per $30 purchased.

 Color Your World                                25%       -off of all ICI Products
 449 University Av. Charlottetown, 566-5151      15%       -Off of all other Products
 Northumberland Paints, 566-2622                 15%
 Benjamin Moore Paints, 386-1900
 5 Lower Malpeque Rd, Charlottetown
 Second Glance Interiors                                   Save on taxes
 Down East Mall, Montague, 838-3003

  A Touch of Gold                                10%
  Down East Mall, Montague, 838-3188

   Rum Runners                                       10%
   73 Water, Charlottetown 892-2207

   Park’n Fly Halifax                                20%
   Halifax International Airport                               Betty Sketchley
   Nova Scotia, 873-4770

Dear Members,

This is just the beginning for our Discount project. Please feel free, each of you, to approach businesses you deal
with. See if they’d like to participate in our CUPE Discount. It is great advertisement for them.

If you do acquire a business to participate then please contact either Shirley Johnston or Carolyn Vandaele. They will
see that the Discount List is updated on a really bases.

A cope of this Discount List can be found on our CUPE website,

Thank You,
Shirley Johnston and Carolyn Vandaele

Contact Information:
Shirley Johnston                    Carolyn Vandaele
838-0776 (w)                        838-0860 (w)      

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