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                            Understanding Credit and Homeowners Insurance Quotes

       Dated: Aug 10, 2009

       Knowing your credit rating when obtaining a home insurance quote can help save on your homeowners

       Did you know that many of the insurance companies these days will run your credit report when giving you
       a premium for homeowners insurance? Thats why it is very imperative you know your credit score and how
       ways to improve it.

        Most people know that paying bills on time is very important to keep a good credit score, but understand
       that is 35% of your score not 100%. Your credit score also consists of length of credit history, amounts
       owed, new credit and types of credit used.

        If you are applying for homeowners insurance, you might want to pay off any credit card balances first.
       Don't close or open new credit accounts before having your credit score issued. And finally be sure to get a
       copy of your credit report atleast annually to make sure that everything is accurate.

        For more information on homeowners insurance and to find a local agent in your zip code visit at

       ### provides consumers with an online homeowners insurance agent directory sorted by
       state and zip code.

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