Per le loro vetrine_ i grandi nomi della moda scelgono i manichini

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					Per le loro vetrine, i grandi nomi della moda scelgono i manichini di un’azienda del
ferrarese: è Bonaveri, che vanta contratti con case di moda come Giorgio Armani,
Louis Vuitton, Burberry. Bonaveri, con 60 anni di storia alle spalle, sembra non
risentire del contraccolpo della crisi: il bilancio 2010 vale di 13 milioni di euro (erano
5 nel 2005). Il caso aziendale è riportato dall’International Herald Tribune e dal New
York Times.

               Abstract of the article “They make fashion come alive”
                         Written by Elisabetta Povoledo
              On International Herald Tribune, February 19th 2011

       “Italian family enterprise caters to luxury brands with artful mannequins”

“To the untrained eye, the clusters of synthetic body parts scattered on the floor of a
vast warehouse in Italy’s heartland looked very much like — well, like clusters of
synthetic body parts. But to an expert like Andrea Bonaveri, whose family company has
been making mannequins for 60 years, each slick torso, each sculpturesque limb, has its
own story.” (…)

“‘These are waiting to be delivered to Burberry,’ he said, pointing to one bunch of
white bodies. ‘Those legs are for Emilio Pucci. The somewhat prune-colored ones are
for Louis Vuitton, and those gray ones are for Hugo Boss.’ There were more: bronze
bodies for Roberto Cavalli. Mannequins in transparent fiberglass for Giorgio Armani.
Projects for Max Mara, Zara and Loewe, the luxury leather brand.” (…)

“Although the company is privately held and does not release its financial results to the
public, executives said growth had been solid. Last year, the company, which has 57
employees, had sales of 13 million euros, compared with 9 million euros in 2005.” (…)

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