RC COLA 2009 ROUND 6.. - Doc-Ent by fjzhangxiaoquan


1.   CSHis British accent belied his origins as a native of Lithuania whose family emigrated to South Africa. He directed his final feature
     film, Welcome to Arrow Beach, and took over as director of A Dandy in Aspic after the death of Anthony Mann. Critics skewered
     much of his work on stage and screen, but if nothing else he brought good luck to three women who won Best Actress Oscars opposite
     him – Julie Christie in Darling, Simone Signoret in Room at the Top, and Elizabeth Taylor in Butterfield 8. FTP name this actor,
     probably better known today for playing Col. Travis in The Alamo and the doomed Raymond Shaw in the original The Manchurian
     ANSWER: Laurence Harvey

2.   His mother once snapped her index finger because his dad was late to church and that when she dented the car his dad threw himself
     down the stairs. His sister is deaf and his brother is a stripper. His stepmother is Inuit, and his step-brother Cleet, is older than his
     parents. He grew up believing his mother was his sister and his father was his brother; he calls them "sister-mom" and "brother-dad".
     He does not have any children, and doesn't want any until medicine was advanced enough to make a child with gills, with whom he
     would go treasure hunting. He was once married to a woman with only a pointer finger on one hand and thumb/pinky on the other.
     FTP name this nameless (so far) boyfriend of Lady and custodian at Sacred Heart Hospital, played by Neil Flynn on Scrubs.
     ANSWER: Janitor

3.   (JW)He was the winner of the first running of The Winston, NASCAR‟s All-Star race. He was voted NASCAR‟s most popular driver
     in both 1989 and 1990, ironic since he was booed in his early career due to his aggressive driving and insulting competitors, which
     caused Cale Yarbrough to nickname him Jaws. In 1992, he won his 84th career Cup race in the Southern 500 and in 1985, he edged
     out Bill Elliott for his third Cup championship. In 2001, he joined Mike Joy and Larry McReynolds for a broadcasting gig he still
     holds today. For ten points, name this man who has called his brother Michael‟s first Daytona 500 win and frequently yelled “boogity
     boogity boogity” as lead NASCAR analyst for Fox.
     ANSWER: Darrell Waltrip

4.   (JW)This musician, like J Mascis, has his own signature model of Fender Jazzmaster, which resembles the one he holds on the cover
     of his debut album that begins with the track “Welcome to the Working Week.” In 2008, he released “American Gangster Time” on
     Momofuku, an album named in honor of the inventor of Ramen noodles, interviewed fellow musicians on his Sundance talk show,
     Spectacle, and performed a version of his famous cover of “(What‟s So Funny „Bout) Peace Love and Understanding” after being
     eaten by a bear on Stephen Colbert‟s Christmas special. For ten points, name this man who recorded “Everyday I Write the Book”
     and “Pump it Up” with his former band, The Attractions.
     ANSWER: Elvis Costello

5.   She became the first ever American woman to win Italy‟s Trofeo Tropolino contest and was named World‟s Junior-Junior Champion
     at the age of 14. In 2005 she won her first World Cup competition and finished sixth overall, however a horrific crash in practice
     during the 2006 Winter Olympics derailed her chances for a medal. Her breakthrough moment came when she won the overall World
     Cup for the 2007-08 ski season. FTP, name this athlete, who recently repeated as overall World Cup champion, the first American to
     do so.
     ANSWER: Lindsay Vonn

6.    (JW)He is the namesake of the final corner on Top Gear‟s test track. He played the Prime Minister in Ali G Indahouse and LBJ in the
     HBO movie, Path to War. In Toys, he played the general who is uncle to Robin Williams‟ character and he portrays the father of
     Christina Ricci‟s character in Sleepy Hollow. He played the title character of the British TV series The Singing Detective and Sir
     William McCordle, the man of the house in Gosford Park. For ten points, name this actor who, since the death of Richard Harris, has
     played Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movies.
     ANSWER: Sir Michael Gambon

7.   He was an editor on a 2002 documentary of Derrida, and his father started the Professional Actors Workshop in New York, which
     tutored Martin Sheen and James Earl Jones. He wrote a novella called The Fifty Year Sword, and an epistolary from Pelafina H
     Lievre titled The Whalestoe Letters. He‟s featured on a remixed version of Poe‟s Hey Pretty, and his most recent book tells the story
     of Hailey and Sam, or maybe it‟s Sam and Hailey. His debut novel featured Johnny Truant‟s discovery of the Navidson Record,
     which is an example of ergodic literature. FTP, most of this author‟s books contain oddly spaced and colored passages, with non-
     standard narrative, like Only Revolutions and House of Leaves
     ANSWER: Mark Z Danielewski

8.   His first film appearances are minor roles in Almost Famous, America‟s Sweethearts, and Galaxy Quest, where he plays a member of
     the engineering team. He‟s played a public relations manager in ads for the US women‟s national soccer team, the angel Gabriel in
     2006‟s Dominion, the singer of “Pee in a girl‟s mouth” on Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job, a NUMA scientist in 2005‟s
     Sahara. He can be heard as the voice of the evil overlord in Monsters vs. Aliens, was murdered and turned into Fish-Boy in House of
     1000 Corpses, and grew into a Fishman in 2008‟s The Rocker. FTP, name this actor best known for playing Dwight Schrute on
     NBC‟s The Office.
     ANSWER: Rainn Wilson
9.   It‟s the name of the first pinball game to use a two-level playing field. In the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, he is
     mentioned between Gandalf the White and Benito Mussolini. A Fable 2 achievement by this name requires that you shoot the
     weapons from a hollow man's hands, blow off his head and then kill him. It‟s the name of the sequel to Sonic and the Secret Rings,
     the name of the athletic teams at West Point, and alternately names Marvel‟s Dane Whitman, actor Alan Ladd, Richard I, and
     comedian Martin Lawrence. FTP, name this dark warrior whose torso is prominently featured in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
     ANSWER: Black Knight

10. It also names a 1991 film starring Marc Singer and Bryan Cranston that‟s considered to be a remake of Forbidden World. A comic
    book adaptation was drawn by Ben Templesmith, and follows Sergeant Abraham Neumann and Dr. Tom Sciarello. A short film
    starring Bruce Boxleitner tells more of the backstory of Dr. Kyne and Captain Mathius, while its alternate reality game told the stories
    Misplaced Affection and Thirteen. The plot of the game is spurred on by the cult of Unitology worshipping a monolith called the Red
    Marker. The first initials of every chapter in it spell NICOLE IS DEAD, and you never really have to upgrade any weapon other than
    the plasma cutter. FTPA version for the Wii subtitled Extraction will be released as a rail-shooter, which may or may not tell the
    continuing story of Isaac Clarke and the USS Ishimura, in this survival horror sci-fi shooter by EA.
    ANSWER: Dead Space

11. (JW)In this World Series, the losing team‟s Pete Fox became the only player to have ever hit six doubles in a single World Series and
    it was the last World Series in which both managers also played in the Series. One tense incident in Game 7 played at Navin Field
    caused Commissioner Judge Landis to intervene by ejecting both Marv Owen and Joe “Ducky” Medwick and another tense moment
    occurred in Game 4 when a line drive struck a pinch runner, namely the winning pitcher of both Game 1 and 7, Dizzy Dean. For ten
    points, name this World Series in which the Detroit Tigers were defeated by the so-called Gashouse Gang Cardinals.
    ANSWER: 1934 World Series

12. Some of his commercial work includes co-creating the Garbage Pail Kids and Ring Pops. He wrote a June 2006 article for Harper‟s
    discussing various political cartoon scandals throughout history compared to the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoon. In 2005, he
    was named one of Time Magazine‟s most influential people, possibly for his all-black New Yorker cover that silhouetted the World
    Trade Center in darker black, or more probably for his volumes titled My Father Bleeds History, And Here My Troubles Began, and
    In the Shadow of No Towers. As a masked superhero, he fought Comic Book Guy alongside Alan Moore and Dan Clowes in an
    episode of the Simpsons, FTP, name this Pulitzer, Eisner and Harvey winner for the rodent holocaust comic Maus.
    ANSWER: Art Spiegelman

13. He was named the official ambassador for the Rhode Island State Tourism board, and 50 statues of him were placed all over the state.
    He‟s moved into politics by being a spokesman for the League of Women Voters in 1996, and the Great American Smokeout in 1987.
    He was part of the My Little Pony and friends cartoon show, along with getting his own show on Fox Family in 1998 and his own
    comic strip from 2001-2003, drawn by Jim Davis. He‟s mistaken for a baby in Amazon Women on the Moon, and Rachel Green left
    her fiancée at the altar due to his resemblance to this character. FTP, name this first toy advertised on television, a lookalike of
    Reggie Miller, released in Optimus Prime, Darth Vader, and Spider-Man themed versions, every kid‟s best spud.
    ANSWER: Mr. Potato Head

14. Last year they released a charity Christmas single with Elton John and Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys titled Joseph, Better You
    Than Me. In 2007, they released an album with songs like Tranquilize with Lou Reed, covers of Kenny Rogers‟ Ruby, Don‟t Take
    Your Love To Town, Joy Division‟s Shadowplay, and Dire Straits Romeo and Juliet. They performed Move Away for the Spider-
    Man 3 soundtrack, appeared as themselves on the second season of the O.C., and are purportedly Kanye West‟s favorite band.
    FTP, name this band known for nonsense lyrics like Turning saints into the sea, or are we dancer, and I‟ve got soul but I‟m not a
    soldier, from the albums Day and Age, Sam‟s Town and Hot Fuss
    ANSWER: The Killers

15. She was an Air Base Ground Defense Instructor and Anti-Terrorism Specialist who served on the detail team that escorted Ferdinand
    Marcos out of the Philippines when his government was overthrown. She has been awarded the esteemed Meritorious Service Medal,
    in addition to the John Levitow Honor Graduate Award for the top academic graduate from the Airman Leadership School. Now, as
    an independent contractor, she earns about fifty-thousand dollars a month from her 50% commission arrangements with Dennis Hof of
    Reno, Nevada. FTP, name this typically red, white and blue-clad platinum blonde, voted in 2007 as Reno‟s Best Legal Prostitute as
    the marquis whore at the Moonlight Bunnyranch, featured on the HBO series, Cathouse.
    ANSWER: Air Force Amy

16. She‟s producing the upcoming Bruce Willis movie Surrogates with her husband Max Handelman. She‟s done a lot of work with
    David Wain and Michael Showalter, appearing in Wet Hot American Summer as Lindsay, The Baxter as Caroline, and appearing in
    Wainy Days and Stella. She appeared as a bank clerk in Catch Me If You Can, the wife of Charles Howard in Seabiscuit, Michael
    Rooker‟s wife in Slither, and one of JD‟s girlfriends on Scrubs. More recently, she‟s been in both Meet Bill and Meet Dave, all 3
    Spider-Man movies, and she‟s played a First Lady and a porn star in the same year. FTP, name this female member of the Apatow
    crew, seen in The 40 Year Old Virgin, Role Models, and Zack and Miri Make A Porno
    ANSWER: Elizabeth Banks
17. She‟s the newest spokesperson for the NHL, and she had a campaign to fight online predators in 2007. She appeared in MTV‟s Once
    Upon a Prom, guested on CSI earlier this month, and will be releasing a line of clothing with l.e.i this year. She was the biggest
    selling artist in America in 2008, along with being the most searched artist on MySpace. She released a Christmas album with Target
    in 2007 called Sounds of the Season, a Wal-Mart exclusive EP titled Beautiful Eyes and became Billboard‟s first female artist to have
    5 top 10 hits off a debut album. FTP, name this artist who worked with Def LEppard on CMT Crossroads, and is best known for the
    songs Teardrops On My Guitar, Our Song, and Love Story.
    ANSWER: Taylor Swift

18. This album was named by the group to describe the band's attempts to get back into the public's mind after being unable to tour on
    British soil for over two years for taking a "taxation exile" from the UK during the Harold Wilson and James
    Callaghan administrations. Despite receiving poor reviews, it went to #1 on Billboard's charts in its first week - a first for a rock
    band. On the album's release, the band's entire catalogue to date made the Billboard Top 200 between October 23rd and November
    3rd, 1979. Sold in a plain brown paper wrapper, the inner sleeve featured a black and white photo of a man's view of his drink,
    cigarettes and a "Dear John" letter. When moistened, pastels colors irreversibly brightened the picture in the sleeve. Orignially issued
    with six different front and back covers, each from the viewpoint of the six people in the bar-room setting, FTP name this
    album, released appropriately enough on the Swan Song label in 1979, the last official studio release by Led Zeppelin.
    A - In Through the Out Door

19. The debut episode featured guests Chris Rock, Larry David and Sarah Silverman. Now in it's 7th season, the most recent episode was
    a bit of a of step down in humor with authors Christopher Hitchens and Salman Rushdie, musician/actor/activist Mos-Def and former
    senator "Dollar" Bill Bradley. New for 2009 are segments entitled States of the Union and How Fucked Are We?, both introduced to
    chuckles from Representative Maxine Waters of California. FTP, name this panel-discussion show, also featuring the host's "New
    Rules," his second televised gig after stirring up the public ire by saying the September 11th hi-jackers were NOT cowards, resulting
    in ABC cancelling Politically Incorrect.
    A - Real Time with Bill Maher

20. A 2007 paper was released by the Archaelogical Institute of America, based on its retelling of the 1892 Hierakonopolis dig. It
    contains several journal pages for you to write in, and tells the real story of Croatoan Island, the Knudhansen party, the Cherry
    Blossom and Sturgeon experiments, and the most recent case in the Virgin Islands. Its 4 th chapter is titled On The Run and
    recommends against buses, while other chapters mention getting a short hair cut, destroying all staircases, and using an M1 Carbine
    and machete, FTP, name this how-to manual about surviving an apocalypse of the undead.
    ANSWER: The Zombie Survival Guide

21. (JW)He lived with a woman named Jen Slater and took up drinking upon release from his imprisonment for assisting Stephen
    Saunders. In a recent episode, he whispered “deep sky” during an interrogation about his role in the abduction of Michael Latham.
    That he did anything recently is remarkable since a hyoscine-pentothal injection delivered by Christopher Henderson had supposedly
    killed him with “She‟s gone, Jack” as his presumed last words. For ten points, name this former CTU agent played by Carlos Bernard
    who turned mercenary following the death of his wife, Michelle Dessler.
    ANSWER: Tony and/or Almeida
1.   According to Billboard Magazine the top four concert tours of 2008 grossed over three-quarters of a billion dollars, and were the only
     four acts to break the nine-figure mark for concert gross). More interesting than that, all four of these acts each had their first #1
     album by 1986! (So suck on that Coldplay...who weren't even in the top 25.) Name these four multi-platinum acts, one for 5pts, two
     for 10, three for 20 and all four for 30.
     1. Bon Jovi ($211 million, 99 shows, 99 sell-outs)
     2. Bruce Springsteen (and the E-Street Band) ($205 million, 46 sellout out of 82 shows)
     3. Madonna ($186 million, 38 out of 39 sellouts)
     4. The Police ($150 million, 78 shows, 71 sell-outs)
     (BTW - #5 on the list, Celine Dion, was a distant #5 with only $91 million in ticket sales)

2.   (CH)FTPE, name these related television concepts
     This two-word alliterative term is the name of the exciting combination of Batman and Robin.
     ANSWER: (The) Dynamic Duo
     Under the direction of Chief Operating Officer Nina Sharp, and using the slogan “What Do We Do? What Don’t We Do,” this leading
     scientific and technology research company is responsible for the series of experiments collectively referred to as "the Pattern," on
     ANSWER: Massive Dynamic
     Although this corporation‟s primary catchphrase is “Life. Better.” for more focused projects they have also used “Food. Yum.,”
     “Hands. Three.,” and “Pregnant. Guys.” on ABC‟s Better Off Ted.
     ANSWER: Veridian Dynamics

3.   (JQ)FTP each, identify these golfers who aren't Tiger Woods but did win two major titles in the same calendar year.
     With Woods sidelined after knee surgery, this Irishman captured both the British Open and the PGA Championship in 2008.
     ANSWER: Padraig Harrington
     Before Harrington, the last time a player other than Woods took two majors in one year was in 1998 when this neighbor of Woods
     won the Masters and the British Open.
     ANSWER: Mark O'Meara
     In 1990, this Englishman and current CBS analyst won his third and fourth career major titles by also capturing the Masters and
     British Open.
     ANSWER: Nick Faldo

4.   Everybody loves Bruce Campbell, but did you know that the man can also write ? It's true! Name these Bruce Campbell works FTPE.
     This autobiographical book traces the development of Campbell's career in low-budget movies and tv.
     ANSWER: If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B-Movie Actor
     This novel, a satire of celebrity memoirs, features a character named Bruce Campbell and his struggle to make it into A-list movies.
     ANSWER: Make Love! the Bruce Campbell Way
     Campbell also wrote the comic book adaptation of the 2005 movie that he also starred in, which features gypsies, robots, mind
     swapping, and really, really big scars.
     ANSWER: Man with the Screaming Brain

5. Did you check the papers or Internet this morning to find out who took home the coveted 2009 Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards last
     night? Given the nominees in the these categories, identify the winner, FTPE
     Favorite Television Show - Hanna Montana, i-Carly, Zoey 101, or The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
       A - i-Carly
     Favorite Animated Movie - Bolt, Kung-fu Panda, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, or Wall-E
       A - Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
     Favorite Male Athlete - LeBron James, Michael Phelps, Peyton Manning, or Tiger Woods
       A - Peyton Manning

6.   Country music and science fiction together? Well sort of. Let's take a trip in our time machine and look at the biggest selling country
     albums 10, 20, 30 and even 40 years ago. Given the biggest selling country album for these years, name the artist, one for 5, two for
     10, three for 20 and all four for 30 points.
     1. 1999 - Come On Over
        A - Shania Twain
     2. 1989 - Loving Proof
        A - Ricky Van Shelton
     3. 1979 - The Gambler
        A - Kenny Rogers
     4. 1969 - Wichita Lineman
        A - Glen Campbell
7.   Thanks, Judd Apatow, thanks a lot! Because of you, the money shopt is now the new...er...money shot. That scene from Walk Hard
     The Dewey Cox story...nightmares...ever since...nightmares. FTPE, given an actor who wanged it, name the movie with a full-frontal
     scene FTPE
     Ken Davitian
     ANSWER: Borat
     Jason Mewes
     ANSWER: Zack and Miri Make a Porno
     Gilles Marini
     ANSWER: Sex and the City, The Movie

8.   Everyone loves House and everyone pretty much knows all of the main characters by now...even the newer ones. But, FTSNOP,
     answer these wee-tougher, name-dropping questions about these House characters.
     FTP, affectionately known to as Cut-Throat Bitch, this former candidate for House's resident staff was actually killed off in last
     season's finale, but was referenced enough throughout this year to be included in this question.
     ANSWER: Amber Volakis
     FTP, though hired originally by House to spy on Wilson, this private investigator, played by Michael Weston, ended up digging up
     dirt on everyone, including House himself.
     ANSWER: Lucas
     Yes, here's the one you were waiting on. FFPE, give the first and last name of Olivia Wilde's Thirteen.
     ANSWER: Remy Hadley

9.   Last night, March 28th, Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas again hosted the World Championship of the greatest motor sport in pop
     culture history – MONSTER JAM. So, to honor this momentous annual event, here‟s your ass-kickin‟, mud-slingin‟, car-crunchin‟
     visual bonus. On the handout that the reader will give you, you‟ll find 6 strategically edited pictures of some of the most popular
     monster trucks. For 5 points each, name each one. Yee-Haaaawwww!
     A. Taz (sorry, can‟t accept Tasmanian Devil)
     B. Maximum Destruction
     C. El Toro Loco
     D. Monster Mutt Dalmatian (prompt on either Monster Mutt or Dalmatian)
     E. Grave Digger
     F. Avenger

10. (CS)Let‟s talk about World Series MVPs – College World Series MVPs, that is. FTPE:
    The 1996 MVP for Miami as a 3rd baseman, he won a ring for that other World Series in 2008 as an outfielder with the Phillies,
    although this year he‟s joining the team they beat, the Tampa Bay Rays, probably mostly as a DH.
    ANSWER: Pat Burrell
    The 1980 MVP for Arizona as an outfielder, he never played in the postseason in ten seasons in the bigs. He‟ll have to settle for two
    World Series rings as manager of the Red Sox in 2004 and 2007.
    ANSWER: Terry Francona [grudgingly accept Tito Francona, per Baseball Reference, though that really should just refer to his dad]
    He was a teammate of Roger Clemens as the 1983 MVP for Texas , and again as the losing pitcher for the Red Sox in Games 6 & 7 of
    the 1986 World Series.
    ANSWER: Calvin Schiraldi

11. Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson or Christina Aguilera. Given the album title name the hot little (well not so little anymore in Jessica
    Simpson's case) blondie that warbled through it, F5PE.

     In this Skin      Simpson
     Blackout          Spears
     Just Be Free      Aguilera
     Back to Basics    Aguilera
     In the Zone       Spears
     A Public Affair   Simpson

12. Captain America‟s been dead for more than a year, and he hasn‟t come back. Wow. Looks like we might be stuck with Bucky.
    Answer these questions about replacement Caps FTPE.
    Before taking up the Red, White, and Blue costume, Bucky Barnes was this brainwashed Soviet creation.
    ANSWER: Winter Soldier
    After Cap was forced to retire the costume in the 80‟s, this man took up the shield, which he also did as Super-Patriot and U.S. Agent
    ANSWER: John Walker
    After Cap‟s assassination, this unlikely admirer of Cap changed his costume in honor of the fallen hero.
    ANSWER: Frank Castle or The Punisher
13. Name these things that are nearly impossible to do in video games FTPE
    Joust is a great game, but did you know that you can kill this supposedly invincible dinosaur by ramming your lance right down his
    Another bird-based impossibly is riding a chocobo through a balloon race in this Square game to et a time of 0.0 seconds.
    ANSWER:Final Fantasy 8
    Devil May Cry 4 has a bajillion levels of this non-essential location, that get increasingly harder as you beat each one
    ANSWER:Bloody Palace

14. Stephen King movie time! FTP, answer the following questions about movies adapted from one of King's works.
    Kurt Dussander, played by this actor, is discovered by his young neighbor Todd to be a Nazi war criminal in an adaptation from one of
    King's novellas in Different Seasons.
    ANSWER: Ian McKellan
    Michael Clarke Duncan plays this gentle giant and accused murderer on death row in King‟s The Green Mile
    ANSWER: John Coffey
    Kathy Bates plays this number one fan of novelist Paul Sheldon in Misery. You might have forgotten her name, but you'll never forget
    the sledgehammer.
    ANSWER: Annie Wilkes

15. Let's test your knowledge about the most old-school of the ladylike arts, knitting. Oh, sure, it's hip now, but it's been around for a
    while. Answer these questions about knitting FTPE.
    This type of knitting is most commonly found in sweaters, and features braids and serpentine patterns, making Celtic designs
     ANSWER: Cable
    2. This technique used to knit garments of multiple colors is named after an island north of Scotland. You've most likely seen it used
    in extremely intricate and colorful sweaters.
    ANSWER: Fair Isle
    These garments are often sold as a "fisherman sweaters", suggesting that the type of sweater was traditionally used by the fishermen of
    the islands it is named for. The associated legend says that each fisherman's family has a unique sweater design, so that if he drowned
    and the body was later recovered, it could be easily identified.
    ANSWER: Aran sweater

16. (JQ)Could things be looking back up for sports in Seattle? Answer these questions about reasons to be hopeful in the Pacific
    Northwest FTP each.
    The Supersonics may be gone, but Seattle did get this new MLS franchise that will begin regular-season play next month.
    ANSWER: Seattle Sounders FC
    After a dismal 4-12 season, the Seahawks are on the road to rebuilding as they acquired this former Pro Bowl Bengals wide receiver.
    ANSWER: T.J. Houshmandzadeh
    One key for the Mariners to return to contention is the health of this left-handed starter, acquired from the Orioles before last season,
    who made just 15 starts in 2008 because of injuries.
    ANSWER: Erik Bedard

17. The rule is generally the better the actor, the worse the movie. Name these pitiful sendoffs FTPE.
    Anthony Quinn went out in this hideously awful Sylvester Stallone mafia drama, which didn‟t even have an American theatrical
    ANSWER: Avenging Angelo
    Gene Kelly went out in this 1980 remake of Down To Earth, as a big band leader trying to find his muse.
    ANSWER: Xanadu
    Edward G. Robinson went out in a halfway decent movie, passing away nine days after filming the suicide booth scene in this movie.
    ANSWER: Soylent Green
18. Given the address from classic TV sitcoms - name the family or otherwise, primary residents, F5PE ,     with an additional 5 for all
    4222 Clinton Way, Los Angeles, CA
    A - The Bradys (accept The Brady Bunch)
    565 North Clinton Drive, Milwaukee, WI
    A - The Cunninghams (do not accept Happy Days)
    1049 Park Avenue, New York, NY
    A - Felix Unger and Oscar Madison (OK to accept The Odd Couple)
    9674 Jeopardy Lane, Chicago, IL
    A - The Connors (prompt on Roseanne)
    1619 Pine Street, Boulder, CO
    A - Mork and Mindy McConnell (Mearth is not required, but be sure to give kudos if included)

19. CH One thing that has helped ease the crunch of the current economic crisis across the nation is that gasoline is about half of what it
    was six months ago. Given the model of a 2009 full-sized SUV available in the US, name the automaker, F5PE.
    H2         A - Hummer
    Q7         A - Audi
    QX56        A - Infiniti
    LR3        A - Land Rover
    LX 570      A - Lexus
    CX-9        A – Mazda

20. I'm James Ambrose Johnson, Jr., bitch! FTPE, answer these questions about some of the pop culture appearances of and references to
    the man better known as Rick James.
    Although Dave Chapelle will forever be more associated with the phrase "I'm Rick James, bitch" than James himself, it was this
    superstar sibling's recount of James' late-80's drug-addled antics that gave rise to the popular Chapelle Show sketch.
    ANSWER: Charlie Murphy
    The song Meanwhile Rick James... is the name of track #2 on this Sacramento alternative rock band's 2001 album
    ANSWER: Cake
    Rick James Style was released on an album that asks you to Come On Feel this band.
    ANSWER: The Lemonheads

21. FTP each, given the song and year, name the artist songs that actually have nothing to do with sex, or maybe they do.
    Magic Stick, 2003
    A – Lil’ Kim
    Love Gun, 1977
    A - KISS
    Big Bang Baby, 1996
    A - Stone Temple Pilots

22. We know it's delicious, but how much do you really know about beer? Answer these questions FTPE.
    This type of beer is typically made with bottom fermenting yeast.
    ANSWER: Lager
    This type of beer is typically made with top fermenting yeast.
    ANSWER: Ale
    What distinctive type of beer uses spontaneous fermentation from wild yeasts?
    ANSWER: Lambic

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