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									 Facebook: Groups and Pages
                             Groups                                                 Pages
Ideal for                    Personal level, smaller scale                          Brands, business, bands, movies, celebrities
Access                       facebook.com/groups/create.php                         facebook.com/pages/create.php
Friends                      More control, privacy setting, admins restrict         Restrict by age, location
                             individual access--Open to network, all of Facebook,
                             open to anyone, closed (needs admin approval), or
                             invite only
Tabs                         Wall, info, photos, discussions                        Wall, info, photos, discussions, boxes, events +
Administrators               Yes, multiple                                          Not seen by fans
Host applications            no                                                     yes
Content                      Appears to come from individual                        Appears to come from the page
Maximum                      5000 member cap                                        No cap
Events                       yes                                                    yes
Removal of fan/member        yes                                                    yes
Emails                       Admins can send messages to the group members
                             that will appear in their inboxes
Updates                                                                             Page admins can send updates to fans through the
                                                                                    Page, and these updates will appear in the “Updates”
                                                                                    section of fans’ inboxes
Indexed by external search   no                                                     yes
Branding                     Facebook group logo                                    Page profile picture (your brand)
Facebook Pages                                                                      Facebook Groups
Page example: Warren/St Marks Community Garden                                      Group example: 21 Karat Jolene: Good as Gold in the Gutter

Facebook Pages are used to promote businesses, non-profits, celebrities and         Facebook Groups can be created by anyone interested in promoting and
artists to Facebook users.                                                          organizing people around a specific interests or cause. All members of a
                                                                                    group have the ability to contribute content that appears on the Group’s
Facebook states that “only the official representative of an artist, business, or   wall – photos, videos, discussion threads.
brand may create a Facebook Page.” In other words, Pages are intended to
be an “official” web page for your organization on Facebook.                         • Active participation: Because members of the group actively
                                                                                          contribute content and participate in informal but meaningful
 • Facebook Pages are indexed in search engines – increasing the                          discussions, they are more likely to keep coming back.
      likelihood of folks finding your organization through a Google                 • Groups come in three flavors: Open (anyone can join), Closed
      search.                                                                             (group admin approves requests to join) and Secret (Only
 • A Page can have multiple administrators. This lightens the workload                    members and those invited know that the group exists).
      of maintaining a page (groups also allow for multiple admins).                        o Warning: Secret Groups don’t allow you to send a second
 • Analyze Traffic. Facebook Pages captures data on visitors.                                     event invitation to the same person.
 • There are no limits to the number of fans you can have on a page.
 • Sending messages and updates to all your fans at once is quick and               Tips For Using Facebook Groups:
      easy. And fans receiving those messages can easily forward the
      message OR post the message to their Facebook Wall.                            • The Group name should make people want to join. Which name would
                                                                                           make you join: “Let’s talk to Coca Cola about saving the
Tips For Using Facebook Pages:                                                             World’s children” or “ColaLife“?
                                                                                     • Invite your raving fans to start a discussion on the group (you know
 • You can add Facebook Applications like Video or Static FBML to enhance                  who these people are, right?). They’ll feel a sense of pride and will
       the experiences fans have with your Facebook Page (Groups don’t                     likely invite new people to join the group.
       offer this option).                                                           • Upload photos and videos – encourage members to post these to their
 • Since each tab has its own URL, you can choose any of them as the                       profile so that their friends can easily join the group.
       landing Page for off-site promotion. You can also choose which tab to
       set as the default when users find your Facebook Page.
 • Work your status! A frequently updated status with useful and interesting
       content keeps fans coming back.
 • Pages now have the same multimedia functionality as the Wall tab on a
       user Profile – encourage posting!
 • Encourage fans to “share” Notes or Photos with their friends or post to
       their Profile.
 • Using the notes application, you can import an RSS feed to drive more
       traffic to your blog.
 • Using Static FBML, you can include an email web form to capture

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