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Blackboard Sync for Facebook User Guide
                         Blackboard Sync for Facebook

Blackboard Sync for Facebook is a solution that let users receive notifications of changes and
updates to their Blackboard Learn™ courses and organizations in Facebook. It is also a safe and
secure tool that keeps students continually connected to their academic studies and promotes online
social learning opportunities.


Blackboard Sync provides the user with the following information about each of their Blackboard
Learn courses or organizations:

•     Announcements
•     Notifications about new Materials & content posted
•     Notifications about new Forum posts
•     Notifications about new Grades
•     Rosters
•     Course Maps or Organization Maps

The Announcements and notifications will be kept for at least seven and up to thirty days, depending
on the user's settings.

Except for Announcements, none of the actual content is pulled out of the Blackboard system. Users
receive notifications about each new or updated piece of information, complete with a direct link to the
item in their Blackboard course.

Blackboard takes the privacy and security of course information very seriously. The Blackboard Sync
solution is primarily a notification solution, and does not replicate the entire course or organization in
the external system or device.


Students can easily find classmates from their Blackboard course sites who are on Facebook, access
their profiles to learn more about them and even join networks or form groups online or offline, to
collaborate and study together.

Each student can only see the information they would already be able to see in his or her own
courses. No student will ever be able to see information through the Facebook that they would not
already have access to through their courses or organizations. There is no way for a user to access
any other user's information through Blackboard Sync, and they can't share that information with
Friends or Contacts.


Blackboard Learn for the Facebook Platform is installed by a Facebook user in their Facebook
account to provide access to their own Blackboard data in the Facebook interface. Although the app
is installed in Facebook, all the data is always remotely hosted in the secure Blackboard Sync central
Blackboard Sync syncs with the Blackboard system automatically when the user launches
Blackboard Learn for the Facebook Platform, unless the last sync was within an hour. While the app
is open and running, syncing will occur automatically an hour after the last sync.

The sync schedule is designed such that information displayed in Blackboard Sync is never more
than an hour old. The last sync time is always displayed in the app.

                            Using Blackboard Sync for Facebook

1. Login to your Blackboard account. Under the tools tab, click on Blackboard Sync.

2. Click the link ‘Add the Blackboard Sync application to your Facebook account’.

3. The terms of use window will pop out. Put a check on I agree to the Terms of Use and click the
   Continue button.

    Reminder: Read the ‘Terms of Use’ carefully before putting a check on the terms of use.
4. Enter your Facebook email and password account to login Facebook.

5. The Blackboard Sync application will be shown in your Facebook. Click on the corresponding
   navigation bars to check for the updates of your Blackboard courses / organizations.
To remove the application from your Facebook account, go to Accounts menu, click on
Application Settings. Click the ‘x’ mark of the Blackboard application and click the Remove button
to remove the application.
To amend the time range from which Sync will retrieve and display data, go to Settings and click
Display Settings. Choose the time range and click Save when done.

To enable or disable specific courses or content types within specific courses, go to Settings and
click Course Settings. Click the ON/OFF button.

•   Blackboard announced that they are going to phase out their support for Blackboard Learn
    for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch. During the interim "phase out" period (June 15 -
    December 31, 2010), the legacy iPhone app will be considered to be in operational support
    mode with no active maintenance or bug fixes planned for that time period.

•   BbSync is a service provided by Blackboard Inc. and it may not be functional / available from
    time to time. The e-Learning Support Team may not be able to resolve all BbSync related

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