; How To Get Scholarships In High School
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How To Get Scholarships In High School


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									How To Get Scholarships In High School

The rising cost of education has left many students from low income
families clamoring for high school scholarships to continue their
education. These scholarships are mostly offered by business
organizations and the eligibility criteria varies from one scholarship
program to another.

Parents and students alike know the importance of completing high school
education, however, the prevailing economic conditions have made it
difficult for many to complete their education due to lack of funds. If
you are looking for financial aid to complete your education, then one of
the options that you have is, applying for scholarships. The best thing
about a scholarship program is that you do not have to repay the
financial aid you receive.

If you are wondering how to get scholarships in high school, well you
will have to apply for several scholarship programs offered by different
organizations. It is advisable to apply for more than one scholarship as
this will increase your chances of getting one. Business houses, non
profit organizations and local church charities are some of the options
that you have for applying for scholarships. People who are Internet
savvy have an advantage as most scholarship applications are available

High School Scholarship Requirements

Understanding how scholarship programs work and their eligibility
criteria is crucial to getting the reward. There are two main types of
scholarship programs, Need-Based scholarships and Merit based
scholarships. Need-Based scholarships favor students from low income
families and merit based scholarships are for students who have a good
academic record. So, make sure that you apply for a scholarship that
suits you the best.

For Need-Based scholarship programs, you will have to produce income
proof and bank statements of your parents. You should be a US citizen or
an eligible non citizen to qualify for most of the scholarship programs
for high school students. For Merit based scholarships, you will be
required to submit your academic records to qualify for the program. Most
programs will also need you to submit recommendation letters from

Application forms, deadline details, and the amount of reward will vary
from one scholarship program to another. The reward amount may range
anywhere between $500 to $20,000, so make sure you do proper research
before applying. Students involved in community development projects and
activities stand a better chance of qualifying for the reward. Many
scholarship programs also award students who display leadership
qualities, so make sure you highlight this trait.

Useful Tips and Scholarship Programs
Students looking for financial aid for supporting their high school
education should practice writing essays as most programs require
applicants to write an essay. Try and maintain a good grade point average
(GPA) in your school work as it is one of the distinguishing
characteristics of an application. Make sure you fill the complete
application form and don't leave out any information, however irrelevant
it may sound to you. Proof read you application before you submit it, you
will be surprised to know that a large percentage of applications are
rejected for silly mistakes.

Keep all the documentation ready before you start applying, financial
statements, academic records, photo ID, recommendation letters, personal
achievement certificates, etc. One of the resources for information on
scholarships is the school counselor, so talk to them and find out which
scholarship program qualifies you the best. Dedicate some time for
research on the Internet and look into the eligibility criteria of the
scholarships. Here are a few scholarship programs that you could try.

1.    Signet Classics Scholarship
2.    Bank of America Scholarships
3.    American Planning Association High School Essay Contest
4.    National Youth Education Summit
5.    Coca-Cola Scholars Program
6.    Toyota Community Scholars Award
7.    AFSA High School Essay Contest
8.    Walt Disney Company Foundation Scholarship
9.    The Fountainhead Essay Contest
10.   National Vocabulary Competition

When it comes to applying for scholarships, time is of essence as every
scholarship has an application date and deadline for submissions. Apply
for as many scholarships as you can, if you get the reward, it will be
well worth the effort.

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