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126.             One of the functions of the Internet Network Information Center (Inter NIC): formed in 1993. Was
       ***a. Register domain names.
       b. Educate people about the use of the Internet.
       c. Expedite the use of the Internet.
       d. Enhance search capabilities.

127.            A uniform Resource locator (URL) contains:
       a. The Internet/intranet address, followed by the protocol with which the page will by accessed.
       b. The domain name of the site.
       c. The company name that owns the Internet address.
       ***d. The protocol, by which the page will be accessed, followed by the address.

128.            Intranets and extranets are:
       a. Different names for the Internet.
       ***b. Subsets of the Internet access.
       c. Classes of ISPs.
       d. Various levels of Internet access.

129.             The World Wide Web is:
       a. A set of software programs that can run on any computer network.
       b. A network similar to the Internet.
       c. The Internet.
       ***d. A set of software programs that runs Internet.

130.            Which of the following features would you use when page does not display properly in Netscape
       navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer ?
       a. Security button.
       ***b. Reload or Refresh button.
       c. Bookmarks or favorites button.
       d. Search button.

131.           You may have legacy issues if your browser’s copyright predates what year ?
       a. 1994
       b. 1998
       ***c. 1996
       d. 2000

132.           Both Netscape navigator and Microsoft Internet explorer allow you to customize
       ***a. Font size.
       b. Web page content.
       c. Speaker volume.
       d. Monitor display pixels.

133.            What is the name of the browser feature that allows you to save useful Web site addresses for
       quick relocation?
       ***a. Favorites or Bookmarks.
       b. Preferences or cool sites.
       c. Cool sites or favorites.
       d. Bookmarks or preferences.

134.           Disabling image loading in browser:
       a. Allows e-mail transmissions but no access to Web sites.
       b. Loads web pages in static state only.
       c. Enables you to view web pages without storing them in the disk cache.
       ***d. Loads Web pages in text-only mode.

135.             When you revisit a Web page, it loads slowly into your browser. How can you make the revisited
       page display faster in your browser?
       a. Decrease your browser cache size.
       b. Increase the history folder size.
       ***c. Increase the browser cache size.
       d. Clear the history folder.

136.            How many protocols are necessary to send and receive e-mail?
       ***a. Two
       b. Three
       c. One
       d. Four

137.            Messenger is the e-mail client that comes with which program or service?
       a. America online.
       ***b. Netscape communicator.
       c. Microsoft Internet Explorer.
       d. CompuServe.

138.            Outlook express is the e-mail client that comes with which program or service?
       ***a. Microsoft Internet Explorer.
       b. Netscape communicator.
       c. CompuServe.
       d. America online.

139.            Which of the following practices is considered good netiquette?
       a. Type a message using all capital letters.
       b. Use explicit languages only in messages you send to co-workers you know well.
       ***c. Proofread and check spelling before sending a message.
       d. Assume that your recipient will understand a joking tone of voice when interpreting the meaning of your

140.            What is an e-mail signature?
       a. Divide display of one’s hand-written signature.
       b. A closing remark that is manually attached to an e-mail message.
       c. Personal proof of one’s identity for security purposes.
       ***d. Text that appears automatically at the bottom of an e-mail message.

141.            The most expedient way to send a large computer file to a customer is to:
       a. Divide the file into sections and send each section as a separate e- mail attachment.
       b. Send the file via a traditional delivery service; current e-mail technology does not accommodate large
       computer files.
       ***c. Compress the file and send it as a single e-mail attachment.
       d. Transmit the file via fox machine.

142.             A mailing list is:
       a. List of clients to whom you want to forward your Web site.
       b. A merge file used to create multiple copies of a singular document.
       c. The address list of a merge file.
       ***d. A method of sending multiple copies of the same e-mail, usually within a focused group.
143.            To download a file with FTP, you would:
       ***a. Log on to the FTP server and enter get filename. Ext.
       b. Log on to the FTP server and enter put filename. Ext.
       c. Log on to the FTP server and enter download filename. Ext.
       d. Log on to the FTP server and enter load filename. Ext.

144.            To upload a file with FTP, you would:
       ***a. Log on to the FTP server and enter put filename.Ext.
       b. Log on to the FTP server and enter get filename.Ext.
       c. Log on to the FTP server and enter upload filename.Ext.
       d. Log on to the FTP server and enter load filename.Ext.

145.              News groups are part of a huge distributed bulletin board system called:
       a. Network
       b. Group Network
       c. News net
       ***d. Usenet
       Which newsgroup category would you access to find a discussion about Linux computers?
       a. Linux.os.comp
       ***b. comp.os.Linux
       c. computer.linux
       d. alt.linux

146.            Telnet is sometimes referred to as:
       ***a. A remote host connection
       b. Axial-up connection
       c. A host connection
       d. A shell connection

147.            What is an object?
       a. An element on a Web page that condenses the amount of space a Web page uses in a computer’s cache.
       ***b. An element on a Web page that contains data and procedures for how that item will react when
       c. An element on a Web page that expedites downloading Web pages.
       d. An element on a Web page that interacts with all programming languages and enables them to function
       universally with all browsers.

148.            A plug-in is:
       a. A Program that acts as a separate process when accessed.
       b. A Program user must install on their computers to extend the computers functionality.
       c. A Program user must associate with files on their computers to extend their browser’s functionality.
       ***d. A Program that is launched by a browser to extend the browser’s functionality.

149.            The fastest way to install most plug-ins is to:
       a. Search FTP sites for the plug-in installation file, download it, and install it.
       ***b. Download the plug-in installation file at the vendor’s Web site and double-click the file to install the
       c. Ask friend to e-mail the plug-in installation file to you and install it manually.
       d. Write the vendor requesting that the plug-in installation file be mailed to you.

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