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                                                                                                                                             March 2, 2011

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Classrooms and ammonia don’t mix                                                                                                       CSUB looking for a
   By Emmanuel Price
      Staff Writer
                                                                                                  Natural         Science
                                                                                                  Mathematics dean, stood by
                                                                                                                                      new volleyball coach
                                                                                                  the building with Lt. Jack
 Approximately 200 students                                                                       Rutledge, as an electrician                By Chris Davis           since 1997 and is the win-
were locked outside of their                                                                      worked in the electrical                    Staff Writer            ningest coach in CSUB vol-
classes when high levels of                                                                       room.                                                               leyball history. When he col-
ammonia triggered the alarm                                                                        Students were allowed back           CSU Bakersfield is in the lected a victory over UC
system on Feb. 22 around 5                                                                        into the building around 6:45       market for a new women’s Davis in October of 2002, he
p.m., according to students                                                                       p.m. The students got their         volleyball coach.                         passed        Dave
on the scene. The alarms                                                                          belongings but the alarm                John Price has                        Rubio. He finishes
went off and were heard                                                                           continued to ring.                  been officially reas-                     as one of only six
around the campus.                                                                                  “We were unable to deter-         signed within the                         coaches at CSUB
   According to the science                                                                       mine any chemicals or haz-          athletic department                       with more than 200
                                                                 Stephanie Mahinan/The Runner
students, the chemistry lab         The Science II building room 278 chemistry lab, which is      ardous material. We will try        according to Matt                         wins while wearing
has this problem once a year,      believed to be the source of an evacuation on Feb. 22 due      to determine why the alarm          Turk in the sports                        the blue and gold.
and it is believed that the                         high levels of ammonia.                       went off. The room was              information office.                         CSUB was Price’s
vents in the classes are not     because of it,” said Tyler      dents were locked out for        evacuated and aired out. We           None of the play-                       second       school
suitable for the lab testing.    Nelson, geology major.          hours at the end of the day,”    are unable to confirm the           ers are allowed to          Price         coming to the
  “This happens about every        Nelson calls the occurrence   said geology major Sarah         exact cause at the moment,”         talk to the media about the Central Valley after coaching
year. The chemistry lab uses     an “annual event.”              Haggard.                         said Bakersfield City Fire          situation.                      Cal State Northridge where
ammonia; the ammonia              “Last time the hood vents in      Three fire trucks arrived     Chief Garth Milam.                    The only thing the athletic he compiled a record of 194-
causes the alarms to go off      the chemistry lab were not      and four firefighters walked      “It was a fire alarm, and that     department is saying about 158 from 1986-1997, which
acting as if smoke is in the     working properly which trig-    into the Science II building.    is all. It turned out to be noth-   the issue is that Price has makes him as the winningest
air. Classes were canceled       gered the alarms, and stu-      Julio Blanco, the School of      ing,” said Rutledge.                been reassigned.                coach for men’s volleyball
                                                                                                                                          Price’s volleyball squad for the Matadors. During his
                                                                                                                                      was the first in any sport to time at Northridge, Price –
        ‘Beyond the Veil’ tackles controversial issues,                                                                               finish with a winning record coaching the men’s team –
                                                                                                                                      in the Division I era of took a national power at the
             debunks myths about Muslim faith                                                                                         CSUB athletics – a feat Division I level and kept
                                                                                                                                      accomplished in 2008 with them in the upper echelon.
    By Anne Stephens                                                                           “The term ‘ground zero                 an 18-15 mark.                  His Matador teams finished
      Staff Writer                                                                          mosque’ is a total mislead-                 Price has been the volley- in the top-10 in eight of his
                                                                                            ing term. There is no                     ball coach for the ’Runners seasons.
     The Muslim Student                                                                     mosque on ground zero.
Association        gathered                                                                 This community center, as
together in the Student                                                                     they’re calling it now, is                      League of Dreams
Union on Feb. 23 to answer                                                                  several     street   blocks
questions from the public
while also putting an end to
                                                                                            away,” said Zuberi.
                                                                                               She continued to say that
                                                                                                                                          presents opportunities
the confusion of Muslim
women being oppressed.
                                                                                            she believed if the mosque
                                                                                            being built near ground
                                                                                                                                           for disabled children
   But what started out as                                                                  zero was going to cause                          By Sara Gunn                                 that we have here in
simple questions soon                                                Mark Nessia/The Runner other people pain, then it                        Staff Writer                                Bakersfield.
turned into more controver-          Beyond the Veil allowed audience members to ask        should be moved.                                                                               “A lot of people don’t know
sial topics. Some of the top-      questions to a panel of Islamic women. The questions         Another controversial                   Each year, children across                        about it yet.”
ics that were talked about             ranged from women’s rights to honor killings.        topic was about the hate                  Kern County play organized                           “It is currently the only pro-
were women’s rights in the       how she was hurting just as died that day. My pain is no killings going on all over                  sports to the sounds of their                       gram in all of Kern County
Muslim community, mar-           much as the rest of less because she’s gone the world in the name of                                 families cheering them on                           that offers these kinds of
riage, conversion, hate          America.                      than anyone else’s whose Islam. All of the Muslim                      from the stands. They get to                        experiences for children with
killing, cultural issues          “That day was one of the father or brother was on women who were speaking                           feel the exhilaration of scor-                      special needs,” said senior
around the world, and –          worst days of our lives as ground zero that day.           at the event showed their                 ing a basket or running over                        physical education and kine-
perhaps the most controver-      Americans,” said Zuberi.        “To me, they are just as concern but also wanted to                  home plate.                                         siology major Faith Perry.
sial – the attack on the         “It didn’t just affect those horrendous as they are to set the record straight.                        Some kids never have this                           “League of Dreams offers
World Trade Center.              3,000 people that died. One you.”                          Fauzia Shah, the first                    opportunity.                                        basketball in the fall and
   When members of the           of my best friends from col-   Zuberi also gave her opin- woman to speak, told the                     The League of Dreams is                           baseball in the spring,” she
audience asked questions         lege was in that plane. She ion on the controversial audience what the Muslim                        working to change that.                             said.
regarding the attack of          was Muslim, her husband topic of the mosque that religion thinks of murder.                          Founded by Tim Terrio, CEO                           With baseball season begin-
9/11,      Hena       Zuberi     was Muslim, she was preg- was supposed to be built          “Killing is not allowed in               of Terrio Therapy-Fitness,                          ning March 13, the League is
expressed to the audience        nant with a baby, and she near ground zero.                        [See VEIL, Page 4]                this non-profit organization                        looking for volunteers and
                                                                                                                                      provides opportunities for                          sponsors. They are also
                                                                                                                                      participation in organized                          hosting a charity gala on

 PRSSA                                                           Campus Images
                                                                                                                                      sports leagues to disabled
                                                                                                                                      children and their families.
                                                                                                                                                                                          March 19 at Garces
                                                                                                                                                                                          Memorial High School to
                                                                                                                                         “From the most severely                          raise money to finish their
  holds                                                                                                                               impaired children to those
                                                                                                                                      that are higher functioning,
                                                                                                                                                                                          4,000-square-foot wheel-
                                                                                                                                                                                          chair-accessible Abilities
                                                                                                                                      for all of these kids, for just a                   Field at Fruitvale-Norris
fundraiser                                                                                                                            few hours, they are no longer
                                                                                                                                      disabled but are members of
                                                                                                                                                                                             Tickets for the gala are
       By Eloy Vieyra                                                                                                                 a team,” writes Terrio on the                       available now for $200 by
        Staff Writer                                                                                                                  League website.                                     calling 377-1700 or by e-
                                                                                                                                           According to Nathan                            mailing info@ourleagueof-
  The Public Relations Student                                                                                                        Gutierrez, coordinator of the             
Society of America club of                                                                                                            organization: “The League                             Kids in the League are
CSUB held an event at Hour                                                                                                            of Dreams is a very unique                          assisted by “angels,” volun-
Glass on Feb. 22. The purpose                                                                                                         program. I think it’s the                           teers who help them on th
of the event was for PRSSA to                                                                                                         most unique sports program                               [See LEAGUE, Page 4]
recruit more members and also
raise money. Fifteen percent of
the profits for the night were
donated to the club. The special
night included drink specials                                                                                                                                                           Baseball improves to
and cheap tacos.                                                                                                                                                                        5-2 after sweep of the
   The event wasn’t only for
                                                                                                                                                                                        University of
PRSSA to raise funds, but also
                                                                                                                                                                                        Washington. Page 8
for the CSUB community to                                                                                 Brady Cabe/The Runner
interact with the club                 Students hold signs in protest to the rising price of education. More photos on
          [See PRSSA, Page 4]                                              Page 6
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    2                 Opinions                                                                                                                                                  March 2, 2011

                            R U N N E R O N T HE S T R E E T
                                                      By Brady Cabe, Staff Photographer, and Derek Bato, Web & Opinions Editor

                                                                      This week, The Runner asked, “Who is your idol? Why?”
                               Trae Gilmartin                                     Megan Black                                     Brian Wheeler                                  Theresa Perezchica
                                   Junior,                                        Sophomore,                                       Freshman,                                          Graduate,
                              Communications                                        Nursing                                         Chemistry                                           Public
                              “Batman, he uses                                “I don’t even know,                               “Nobody really, I                                “I don’t have an idol
                              materials on hand                               because I don’t idol-                            don’t focus on trying                              because I think you
                               to accomplish                                  ize anybody. It’s not                             to imitate anyone                                can learn a lot from
                              miraculous feats.”                              something I’ve ever                                      else.”                                     everybody not just
                                                                                     done.”                                                                                          one person.”

    Volume XXXVI, Issue 15
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Mark Nessia

Rhianna Taylor

Melissa Villagomez

Racella De Guia

Manny Beltran

Derek Bato                                                             False idols and unimportant people

                                         By Baleria Aguirre            anything else to watch but       shows on television about        the Kardashians,’ for exam-      tions and work hard to get
Taylor Gombos                               Staff writer               the truth is I don’t even        celebrity figures’ lives:        ple, who are they what to        what pop stars are wearing,                                                know where half of the peo-      “Keeping Up with the             they do. They only got fame      but it is much easier for
                                      It seems that all students do    ple in the shows come from.      Kardashians,”         “Holly's   because of their reality         them to obtain what they
Ashley Sizemore
                                     is read magazines or watch        It’s as if normal people just    World,”       “Khloe       and   show; if it weren’t for their    have; they have the money
                                     reality shows. They look up       decide one day to make a         Kourtney Take Miami” and         reality show they would be       to easily buy what they need.
                                     to them and use their phras-      reality show and then all of a   “The Hills” to name a few.       nobodies. People give them             So-called reality TV
ADVISER/ADVERTISING                  es or actions. For example,       sudden       they    become        There is no point to watch-    fame by watching their tele-     celebrities would be no one
John Emig                            “T-Shirt time” became a           known.”                          ing television shows it’s        vision shows.”                   if it weren’t for all the peo-

                                     popular phrase among                  Students are watching        obvious that what we see is         A lot of people today try     ple who keep watching their
                                     young people due to reality       “Jersey Shore,” and a lot of     acted and has to get attention   and be what they are not.        shows. Reality TV actors are
Adriana Vega, Alexander              shows.                            reality TV episodes. Elva        to have good ratings for the     They see pop stars and try       normal people like everyone
Helland, Anne Stephens, Baleria         People nowadays look up        Ayon, a senior, said, “Every     show. In order to stay on the    and be like them by dressing     else who just get their fame
Aguirre, Brian Farinas, Brady
Cabe, Chris Davis, Christina
                                     to so-called reality TV           Thursday night I find myself     air, they need to act out what   up and trying to have what       from being seen on a reality
Ramos, D’anna Stewart, Dara
                                     celebrities; they see and like    watching ‘Jersey Shore.’         people want to see.              they have. They need to          show acting to the public’s
Gholston, Eloy Vieyra,               the fame and money and            The show is so addicting I          Stephanie Ortiz, a junior,    understand that they went a      desires.
Emmanuel Price, Grace Vega,          want to be like them.             can’t miss an episode with       mentions, “I don’t like          long way to get what they
Jesus Cardenas, Meagan Cook,           Brianda Martinez, a fresh-      all the crazy stuff the girls    watching those realities         have now and have power
Onesimo Miranda, Pablo
Hernandez, Parker Camargo,
                                     man, said, “I watch those         and guys in the house do.”       shows, I find them boring        and money.
Reina Santa, Reynaldo Juban,
                                     shows when I don’t have               There are many reality       and fake. ‘Keeping Up with         It is good to have expecta-
Rogelio Alvarado, Sara Gunn,
Soo Yean Lee, Stephanie                                                                                                        CSUB ain’t got no soul
Mahinan, Steven Gaede, Victor                      The Dispatch
Maldonado, Zachary Gonzalez                                                                                By Rogelio Alvarado           Where is Rowdy, the ASI          lacks energy and charisma.
ABOUT                                                                                                          Staff Writer              members and the countless        This should be a campus
The Runner is a laboratory news-                    Spring safety tips
paper published weekly, in con-
                                                                                                                                         clubs involved in the com-       that can distinguish itself
junction with the Department of
                                                                                                          Please join me on the walk     munity? Have you ever            from the rest of them with
Communications at California
                                        By Justin Gildner,             windows down on a nice           across a lonely, boring and      thought about who is             activities     and      events.
State University, Bakersfield.              Sergeant                   day is enjoyable, having         silent place where human         responsible for this prob-       Certainly there are dances
The Runner believes all advertis-     CSUB Police Department           the window to your dorm          existence is rare. This          lem? No fingers are being        like this past homecoming
ing to be correct but cannot                                                                            sounds like an invitation to     pointed at anybody – it is a     dance, basketball games like
guarantee its accuracy or be
                                                                       or office can also be per-
responsible for its outcome.
                                       As spring approaches and        fect this time of year. Just     the desert, right?               matter of knowing the pas-       CSUB versus Fresno State
LETTERS TO THE EDITOR                 the weather begins to            remember when you are             No, actually it is the atmos-   sion and contribution these      and talent shows at
Letters to the Editor are encour-     change, so do the ways we        preparing to leave, close        phere that the campus life on    groups can demonstrate.          Wahoo’s, but the point is
aged; however, they must be                                                                             CSUB has!                          Luis Ayala, a freshman and     that students do not think
signed and verified to be consid-
                                      go about our day to day          and lock your doors and
                                                                                                           On a daily basis all the      history major, said, “When I     about attending due to disin-
ered for publication and should
                                      business here at CSUB.           windows.
be no more than 300 words in          The better weather invites       - Keep the volume down           sounds heard are mainly of       was in high school it was        terest.
length. All letters may be edited     us to get out and be active.     on the iPod! The warmer          birds chirping and cars driv-    more fun when teachers               Melanie Blake, a junior
for clarity and length.                                                                                 ing around. It seems like this   talked about college – it        and sociology major, said: “I
                                      But the changing weather         weather may even make
                                                                                                        school has no soul. It is sup-   seemed like paradise, but        really make an effort to go
Views and opinions expressed in
                                      should not be an excuse for      you want to get outside and
                                                                                                        posed to be fun and comfort-     here at Cal State it really      to all the activities that take
the Runner are not necessarily        letting your guard down          go for a run. When running
those of the editors, staff or the
                                                                                                        able, but at the same time       feels like a cemetery.”          place but they get dull after
                                      and providing criminals          alone at night, please
Department of Communications.
                                                                                                        about class and study time.         With all due respect it is    half an hour of being there. I
                                      easy access to your belong-      remember to run on well lit
Each quarter’s student staff                                                                            Do not get me wrong, there       understandable that many         am starting to not go and
determines content/advertising
                                      ings!                            paths. Please keep the vol-      are fund-raisers, protests,      students have to go to class     just spend time doing home-
choices, with advice only from        - Remember your car              ume low on your iPod             and sports games, but not        and then to work, or have        work or playing poker.”
the adviser. Writing, editing and     windows! When you are            while you are running day
photo/story selection are all
                                                                                                        everyone goes to them. If a      back-to-back classes, which        I believe one of the many
                                      driving to campus on one         or night. Louder volumes
made by student editors.
                                                                                                        protest takes place there are    does not leave them time to      problems is that increasing
The staff of the Runner reserves
                                      of the nice weather days         can prevent you from hear-       not many students to support     participate when activities      tuition affects everyone with
the right to refuse or omit any       with your windows rolled         ing other people or oncom-       the event to grab enough         take place on campus.            a big impact economically.
advertising or material which         down instead of the A/C,         ing traffic from behind.         attention and make an            Friday is the most aban-         Knowing that tuition is so
advocates illegal activity, which     remember to roll them                                             impact.                          doned day of the whole           high, students begin to build
many be considered libelous, irre-
sponsible or tasteless. The
                                      back before you head to           Whatever the season, we           Individuals need to take a     week – it feels like a holiday   up negative thoughts and
Runner does not accept inserts or
                                      class. Having open win-          here at the CSUB Police          break and enjoy their day.       when there are no classes –      feelings toward their educa-
tobacco-related advertising.          dows on your vehicle is an       Department want to remind        This university is an excel-     and on Mondays, everyone         tion. For now we shall let
COPYRIGHT                             open invitation for crimi-       you to be safe and report        lent place to study, but there   is half asleep in class.         the      silence     continue,
Copyright belongs to the              nals to grab and go!             any and all suspicious           needs to be more activities       So is CSUB a place for stu-     because the only chance of
Department of Communications          - Remember your                                                   every day to lighten up the      dents who just do not care at    revival is the spring time
at California State University,
                                                                       activity immediately.
                                      dorm/office windows! Just                                         atmosphere into a thrilling      all?                             that brings back sunshine,
                                      as driving with your car         Be Safe.                         one with loud music, free          The answer is no! CSUB is      liveliness and positive atti-
                                                                                                        food and socialization.          a great university, but it       tudes to CSUB.
        March 2, 2011                                                                                                                                             Opinions                      3
                     The not-so-miserable Bakersfield
      By Zachary Gonzalez                area provides.                         walls of the San Joaquin Valley.        school out of town.                       birthplace. Regardless, these farm-
          Staff Writer                      Briana Munoz-Flores, who was        Sure, there are quality post-high         "I have no regrets; it was an eye-      town roots have not produced a
                                         born in Bakersfield, said her family   school establishments such as           opener to see the way people are so       miserable life in myself. If any-
  Bakersfield is miserable, but not      two generations before her moved       Bakersfield College, and our home       nice and helpful here," she said.         thing, Bakersfield's "miserable"
that miserable.                          to Bakersfield for the promise of      Cal State, Bakersfield, but the like-   "Yes, I made my kids go to college        qualities have inspired me to best
   Forbes Magazine, a nationally         working on farms.                      lihood of leaving a town like           away, but they love coming home,          that I can be.
recognized and heavily referenced          "It is a farmer’s town, both with    Bakersfield post-college is slim.       and one stayed."                            As for education, I received my
publication,      recently    ranked     farm workers and farm owners,"         Bakersfield, and the colleges it pro-      Munoz-Flores said the people of        high school diploma. I am in col-
Bakersfield No. 20 on a list of          she said. "My family did not           duces, is a self-sustaining ecosys-     Bakersfield are rich in pride and         lege.
America's top 20 most miserable          receive formal education because       tem. The majority of college gradu-     tradition. This, she believes, is a          I do not believe receiving your
cities. Its reasoning: poor educa-       they had to work in the fields to      ates who attend college in              positive attribute to the overall atti-   higher education in Bakersfield is a
tion. Whilst some might say this         provide income for themselves and      Bakersfield do not leave the city       tude of Bakersfield. Munoz-Flores,        bad idea. College is a case-by-case
reason is a problem, it does not         food for the rest of the country."     because their earned education          who comes from a Hispanic family,         situation. Depending on the person,
seem to match up to the other cities         Munoz-Flores graduated from        allows them to work comfortably in      said the mix of cultures is some-         some schools are good and some
ranked on the list who have terrible     East Bakersfield High School and       this city. Those who leave, though,     thing that has taught Bakersfield's       are not. I attend CSUB because,
crime rates and almost unlivable         currently attends University of        quickly learn that more opportuni-      citizens to accept one another.           like many others, I financially
poverty circumstances.                   California, Los Angeles where she      ties are available elsewhere.             "We [Latino citizens] take a lot of     could not start elsewhere. I do have
   The aforementioned publication        is studying music. When she was a        Looking away from Forbes' edu-        pride in our Latino heritage and          aspirations that can only be attained
says that 15 percent of                  child, her father moved her and the    cation statistics, Bakersfield has a    flaunt it every chance we get," she       outside of Bakersfield, and do plan
Bakersfield's residents hold a col-      rest of their family to Santa          lot of positive qualities that are      said. "We reflect the mixture of the      to act accordingly. But getting my
lege degree and 70 percent have a        Barbara, so that he could attain his   often overlooked nationally. As         farm workers within our city.             start here is a comfortable way to
high school diploma. Both of these       college degree. Once he graduated      mentioned, Bakersfield produces a       People from Bakersfield tend to           prepare myself for an educational
statistics rank more than 10 percent     University of California, Santa        lot of agriculture. But aside from      have a wider understanding of dif-        future.
lower than the country's average of      Barbara, the family moved back to      that, Bakersfield is rich in its own    ferent classes and how different             And seeing as our colleges are
28 percent with a college degree         Bakersfield. Munoz-Flores said         culture and pride. The city is also a   people live."                             filled to capacity and growing
and 85 percent with a high school        this is a rarity and believes this     hot spot for those looking to raise a       As a person who has lived in          immensely, I believe these institu-
diploma, according to Forbes.            could skew education statistics for    family in a city with a small-town      Bakersfield from birth, I can say         tions will continue to provide a
These numbers may shock the              this area.                             feel.                                   this city does not provide the fun        quality education to those who
majority of the United States.             "People that go to college outside     JoAnne Brinkley moved her fam-        activities of a bigger city. I hold the   attend them. No, they will not be
      Taking into consideration          of Bakersfield usually don’t come      ily to Bakersfield from Tulare          opinion that this city has a tenden-      able to give the opportunities and
Bakersfield's location, though,          back; don’t plan to stay in            County. She said she was shocked        cy to be ignorant to the rest of the      experiences of schools in Los
these numbers do not surprise the        Bakersfield," she said. "I do not      to realize the city was far more        world. I can attest to the terrible       Angeles, New York or other more
city’s population. The city is locat-    plan to move back not because I        impressive when it came to              summer weather. I believe this city       influential areas of the country, but
ed in the middle of one of the most      don’t love it (Bakersfield) but sim-   schools, shopping and family liv-       does not provide the opportunities        they will provide an education
prosperous agricultural areas in the     ply because my career aspirations      ing. Since living in Bakersfield,       and resources necessary to reach          nonetheless. The statistics will
United States. For this reason           (in the music industry) take me        Brinkley has raised a family of col-    my own life goals. I cannot believe,      soon change, and hey -- at least
alone, many do not come to this          elsewhere."                            lege graduates. She, though, saw        though, that Bakersfield is one of        Bakersfield isn't the first on Forbes'
area of California for the educa-          Bakersfield is not the place to be   the opportunities outside of the city   America's worst. Perhaps this is the      miserable list.
tional benefits, but for the work this   if you wish to excel outside the       and made sure her kids went to          little ounce of pride I have in my

                                                                                                                                                   Letter to the Editor
                                         The Dispatch                                                                                                   Vehicle vandalized
                         What is suspicious behavior?                                                                                    My car recently got vandalized in Parking Lot E. This
                                                                                                                                       happened on Wednesday, Feb. 24, anywhere from 6 p.m. to
                By Justin Gildner, Sergeant
                                                                                                                                       8:40 p.m. As a result I have to pay my deductible for my
                 CSUB Police Department                          - People abandoning parcels or other items in unusual                 insurance, which is not cheap.
                                                                 locations (i.e. in the lobby or in the elevator).                       I would appreciate any information from anyone that
  Community members are encouraged to report suspicious                                                                                might have seen this happen. I encourage you to call the
 behavior. Sometimes, a person may not know what consti-           When reporting suspicious behavior or circumstances to              campus police with any information at 654-2111.
 tutes suspicious behavior. A general rule of thumb is that      UPD Dispatch (x2111) include as much of the following                   I really encourage a program where we come forward
 anyone who acts unusual or anything that is out of the          information as possible:                                              with any suspicious activity, that way everyone watches
 ordinary should be considered suspicious. Examples of                                                                                 out for everyone and this becomes a safer campus.
 suspicious behavior/activity include:                           - WHO? Identify yourself. Describe who you feel is
 - Unusual noises, including screaming, sounds of fighting,      involved in suspicious activity.                                                                                          - A student
 or illegal activity;
                                                                 - WHAT? Describe the suspicious activity. Indicate if there
                                                                 is an immediate threat to persons nearby or to responding
 - People in and/or around buildings or areas who do not         officers (such as the presence of weapons, hazardous mate-
 appear to be conducting legitimate business;                    rials, etc.)?

                                                                 - WHEN? Indicate if the activity is in progress. Give the
 - Unauthorized people in restricted areas;                      time(s) that the activities occurred.

                                                                 - WHERE? Give your location, the location of the suspi-
 - People who follow immediately behind others into card-
                                                                 cious activity, and the location of the suspect(s).
 access areas or buildings while the door is open;
                                                                 - WHY? Indicate why the activity is suspicious to you. If
 - People driving vehicles slowly and aimlessly around           known, tell what might be the target of the activity.
 campus or parking lots and, at night, without their lights
 on;                                                             - HOW? Describe how the suspicious act(s) were carried
                                                                 out including methods or techniques.

 - People sitting in vehicles for extended periods of time;      - Please include any other information that would aid the

 - People who change their behavior when they notice that        - Weapons?
 they have been detected;
                                                                   IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING! It’s
                                                                 our combined effort that keeps our campus community as
 - People dressed inappropriately for the weather or occa-       safe as it can be.
 sion, i.e., coat on when the temperature is warm;
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    4            News                                                                                                                                                                    March 2, 2011

  Beyond the Veil addresses misconceptions and women’s
                      rights in Islam
[VEIL, from Page 1]
Islam as such of what your
describing ... it is only when
you are attacked is when you
are allowed to defend your-
self,” said Shah.
    Another speaker, Halima
Khalid, also spoke regarding
this topic, explaining that
when you see hate killing
going on, it is not a part of
the religion, but instead a
direct result of the culture
that those people are living
in.                                                                                                                                                                                    Mark Nessia/The Runner
  Shah added: “How do you                                                                                                                   Anna Garcia wipes away tears as she talks about her
know if something is cultural                                                                                                              conversion to Islam Feb. 23 in the Multi-Purpose Room.
or if it’s religion? You go to
                                                                                                             Mark Nessia/The Runner
the source, the Qur’an.”           Jesus Padilla, right, expresses his opinions during Beyond the Veil held Feb. 23 in
  Many questions that came        the Multi-Purpose Room. The event aimed to demystify misconceptions about Islam
from the audience were                                             and women’s rights.
geared toward women’s             gious studies and art major,     women.                             wasn’t.”
rights in a marriage, and         was at the event as a member      “There is a lot of negativity        Garcia briefly broke down
whether or not Muslim             of the Muslim Student            coming from the media,             during the event while telling
women were allowed to be          Association. She briefly said    whether it be newspaper or         the audience how she knew
physically abused.                what the Qur’an has to say       TV. ... About a year after         when it was the right
 Khalid explained that a man      about women’s rights in the      9/11 happened, all I knew          moment for her to convert.
is never allowed to beat his      Muslim religion.                 about Islam was that it was            “She (her teacher) said,
                                                                                                                                                                                       Mark Nessia/The Runner
wife and there is also an          “We want to show every-         negative, it was bad, it was       when you die no one is going          The panel consisted of five Muslim women of different
emphasis on affection and         body what the religion really    hatred, it was fear, it was vio-   with you. Not your family,               backgrounds, experiences and ethnicities. Each
love regarding marriage           says about Muslim women,         lence. That’s all I knew           not your friends. All the stuff        panelist answered a question about Islam as well as
found in the Qur’an. So if        because in Islam women and       because that’s all the TV was      that was holding me back,                       questions from audience members.
there are problems in the         men have equal rights. There     telling me,’ said Garcia.          they’re not going with me            get away from the stigma             insightful.”
marriage, the couples are         not the same rights but they      Garcia also expressed to the      when I die. I’ll be judged           placed upon the Muslim peo-            Wendy Hale, a junior polit-
supposed to talk about the        are equal rights and we want     audience the challenges of         alone and that scared me             ple,”        said         Padilla.   ical science major, said how
issues rather than turn to        to show what their rights are.   converting to the Muslim           because the only thing hold-         “Especially the women                she felt about the event.
physical fights.                  The men, they do have that       religion when coming from a        ing me back was my family.           because they have this whole           “It got a little controversial.
  “A man does not have the        higher power, but it doesn’t     Hispanic background.               So I converted that night and        connotation        that      their   It’s good to just get a general
right to beat his wife. The       mean he can treat the women         “For a long time I was          it was the best thing I could        oppressed, or belittled.             understanding of Islam,
rules of Islam are, when you      badly,” said Alshaif.            scared because here I come         have done for myself.”                  “They want to let people          because there’s so much neg-
have problems with your             One of the speakers, Anna      from a Mexican Catholic              Jesus Padilla, a postgradu-        know that they’re like nor-          ativity in the media with the
wife first you have to talk to    Garcia, was a previous           family, and I didn’t know          ate student gave his opinion         mal women, and they have             way Islam treats women. But
her: you have to remind her       Catholic who later converted     what they were going to say        about the event.                     equal rights. But it got just a      I think the most important
of God, you have to talk to       to Muslim. She first             or how they were going to            “I liked it, but it just got too   little too political. I think as a   point to take away from this

                                                                                                                     The Runner
her nicely,” said Khalid.         addressed how the media has      look at me. What I originally      deep into 9/11 and I think the       whole they presented them-           was that you have to separate
  Paris Alshaif, a senior reli-   now portrayed Muslim             thought the religion was, it       whole thing was for them to          selves well ... it was very          culture from Islam.”

Taco Tuesday fundraiser first of
   many events for PRSSA
[PRSSA, from Page 1]                            public relation officials. The club also pro-
and have a good time. The fundraiser is the     motes networking and encourages others to
first of many upcoming events for PRSSA.        reach out and create relationships that
   PRSSA president Eddie Gonzalez said,         could possibly help with careers in the
“We hope to invite the CSUB community           future. Marc Johns, a CSUB student and
to future events we want to host on campus      PRSSA member, commented on his experi-
in the spring, including the public relations
panel planned for early May.”
                                                ences with PRSSA: “I have met so many
                                                new people through participating in
                                                                                                       Exclusive videos Additional Photos
  PRSSA membership is open to any CSUB          PRSSA events. These types of events can
students from any major. Gonzalez encour-       help people connect with others outside of
ages those who are interested to come to
their meetings that are held on Mondays at
                                                 The main focus of the event was all about
                                                                                                         Archived Issues                                                  Ad rates

4 p.m. in Science III room 213.                 networking. According to PRSSA, net-
  The club’s Taco Tuesday event began at 4      working with the right people can make or
p.m. and ran until closing. The turnout was     break someone’s career. The ability to cre-
small, but those who attended the event         ate these positive relationships is essential
benefited from the drink specials and the       for those who choose careers that depend
$2 tacos. PRSSA wanted people to come           on interacting with others.
out and take some time out of school to          Gonzalez asks students to help support the
relax and have a fun night. Taco Tuesday        PRSSA chapter in the future. The chapter
wasn’t only for having fun, but also for stu-   hopes to put together a concert and raise
dents and faculty to meet outside of class      funds for a non-profit organization. Keep
and network with others they might not be       an eye out for fliers about all the upcoming
able to speak with during school hours.         events; PRSSA can also be found on
   PRSSA stresses the importance of net-        Facebook.
working. Creating relationships is vital for

CSUB student-athletes help give the
          gift of sports
[LEAGUE, from Page 1]                           involvement,” he said. “I have a parent
field with anything they may need from          committee that helps me and they give me
movement to batting to pitching and             their thoughts and ideas as to how we can
catching. Perry is one such volunteer.          improve the League.”
  “CSUB has some student athletes volun-          While they are not the first such organi-
teering as angels. Not only do I think the      zation in Bakersfield, the League enjoys
athletes will have a huge impact on the         better community involvement and
children’s lives by helping to give them        longevity than many who have previously
an opportunity to be the star, but I also       attempted to provide alternative sports
believe when the athletes help these chil-      leagues.
dren they too will be inspired,” Perry            “We are currently about to start the fifth
said.                                           year of League of Dreams and I feel so                                                      Are you a talented writer?
    Students aren’t the only angels.            lucky to be able to help out with this                                                      Do you want to showcase
According to Gutierrez, many parents and        amazing opportunity for these very spe-                                                     fabulous news writing and

                                                                                                                                      JOIN THE RUNNER
siblings of League athletes volunteer to        cial children,” said Perry.
assist on the field as well as coach.            Anyone interested in volunteering, spon-

                                                                                                                                           Comm 214 or Comm 414
Alternatively, they are welcome to just sit     soring the organization, or registering a
in the stands and watch the games.              child to play can visit www.ourleagueof-
  “I’m fortunate to have a lot of parental
        March 2, 2011                                                                                                                       Entertainment                           5
          Bette and Boo’s twisted marriage
      By Christina Ramos              ing parents only to drop it on the     and then she’ll dwell on it even        I’m not too sure what the theme     difficult to figure out what time
         Staff Writer                 floor and reply “It’s dead.” Or        after she has been forgiven multi-    of the play is or what exactly the    period of the story we were in
                                      when a woman wishes she could          ple times. Also one of the married    meaning behind it was. Perhaps        because it would jump around a
   “The Marriage of Bette and         have 100 dead babies to shove          women, Soot, was oblivious of         the moral of the play was to “be      lot.
Boo” was performed in the Doré        down her husband’s throat to shut      her husband’s mental abuse most       thankful for what you have”             Although the play was difficult
Arena Theatre multiple times this     him up. Other strange aspects          of the time; she just chalked it up   because Bette is always talking       to understand the actors and
past weekend. A small ensemble        included “furniture” that was          to him “teasing” her. The two         about having lots of children. She    actresses all did their part in put-
made up the cast that performed       shaped like a sperm and egg. I’m       main characters Bette and Boo         has one son first and then ends up    ting on a great show. The doctor
the play in a small, intimate set-    not too sure I understand why it       got married just because it           giving birth to four stillborn. The   and Paul were my favorite charac-
ting with no set or costume           had to look like that and I thought    seemed right to; they weren’t         woman kept trying and trying          ters even though they only spoke
changes.                              I just had a dirty mind but clearly    even in love really. In fact the      even though her babies were           or appeared a few times. Because,
  I’ve seen a lot of plays before     that was the intent. This play was     only character who actually           dropping dead left and right, and     call me a sadist if you must, but
but this one has got to be one of     very bizarre because all of the        appeared normal to me was             her son who was alive was being       that doctor coming out and beck-
the strangest. It was filled with     characters had deep-pitted issues.     Bette’s father, Paul, whom the        neglected. I don’t know maybe I       oning the father over only to
dark humor; such as when a rather       Such as the youngest girl in the     audience couldn’t understand          just didn’t read into the play hard   shake the dead baby by his ear
uncaring doctor walks out ever so     play Emily, who apologizes for         because it seems he had suffered a    enough but the “start-and-stop”       and say, “It’s dead,” then drop it
slowly to deliver a baby to wait-     things that aren’t even her fault      stroke.                               style of the play made it rather      on the floor is just too funny.

                                Rhythm, rhyme and poetry
    By Rhianna Taylor           expressed it well: “Is she                                                                     ence members were respect-      scheduled to go from 6:30
     Managing Editor            Arab? Is she Indian? Really                                                                    fully quiet during presenta-    p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and by
                                what’s the difference, any-                                                                    tions, applauding after every   6:45 so many people had
    Wahoo’s saw a packed        way? Many have asked,                                                                          poet, and were very encour-     shown up that it was stand-
house for CSUB’s first ever     many have wondered, but                                                                        aging.                          ing room only. Halfway
Poetry Slam on Monday           what difference would the                                                                         For example, when one        through the show, students
night.                          answer make? Blood, flesh                                                                      student was reciting a poem     were asked to only read one
  Students of various styles    and bones, a body holding                                                                      from memory and faltered a      poem because there was
and skill levels were encour-   my soul, never tame but                                                                        few times, many audience        such a full roster.
aged to sign up and read        well in control.”                                                                              members gave applause and        Co-hosts Angelo Lapuz and
poetry that they or others           She got a round of                                                                        cheered him on as he started    Akadius Asby were excited
had written. All topics were    applause – or rather, snaps –                                                                  over.                           to see such a large turnout.
allowed; poets were not cen-    when she finished. She said                                                                     Poetry Slam was presented      Lapuz, who is a senior busi-
sored from using explicit       that she has done open mics                                                                    by the Student Union and        ness major and acting pro-
language or talking about       before and was happy that                                                                      co-sponsored by Student         gram manager for the
sex, violence, politics or      CSUB was finally hosting                                                                       Involvement               and   Student Union, said he had
race. Many works expressed      one.                                                                                           Leadership. As the hosts        no regrets about the event,
the positive and negative           “It’s been really awe-                                                                     announced at the start of the   “I didn’t expect it to be this
feelings associated with        some,” she said. “I’m really                                                                   event, it also featured CSUB    packed,” he said.
love and relationships.         glad they put this together.                                                                   Housing and the Omega Psi         With the high level of par-
                                                                                                     Mark Nessia/The Runner

    Anysa Saleh, a senior       Students don’t usually have                                                                    Phi fraternity, the latter of   ticipation in mind, Lapuz
                                                                   Junior English major James Penarejo reads "The
                                                                Princess and the Jokers and Jesters," a poem he wrote
majoring in psychology and      things to look forward to –         himself, during Poetry Slam Feb. 28 at Wahoo's.            which had members cheer-        added that the Student
art, read her original poem     or at least anything cre-       of the lights except for the   replace them with electric      ing and hollering at the        Union will definitely plan
about her frustrations with     ative.”                         ones surrounding the stage,    candles, and brought in         mention of their name. The      on having another Poetry
people’s ignorance about           To set the mood for the      put on music to play           additional seating.             first 50 students to show       Slam next quarter.
her ethnicity.                  evening, students turned off    between readers, pushed           The atmosphere in the        were offered free tacos from
  A few lines of her poem       the televisions, dimmed all     aside table condiments to      room was relaxed as audi-       Wahoo’s. The event was

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  6          Photos                                                                                                                                March 2, 2011

                                                                                       Students storm CSUB to
                                                                                      protest rising tuition costs
                                                                                           and budget cuts
                                                                                             Information courtesy of

                                                                                     On Feb. 23 from 1 p.m. until 2 p.m. CSUB students gathered
                                                                                    outside the Student Union to protest cuts to the CSU and uni-
                                                                                    versity schools. According to, students
                                                                                    stated that their reason for holding the protest was to make
                                                                                    people aware of how the state budget cuts will affect education
                                                                                    and talk about “what they consider the declining quality of
                                                                                    their education.”

                             Brady Cabe/The Runner
Students protest fee increases at a rally held on
           CSUB’s campus Feb. 23.

                                                                                                                                                Brady Cabe/The Runner
                                                            CSUB President Horace Mitchell looks on as CSUB students protest his salary hikes and our increases in
                                                                                                      tuition over time.

Beyond the Veil comes to CSUB to set the record straight about society’s
            view of the world of Islam and Islamic traditions

                                                                                                                                      Taylor Gombos/The Runner
                                                                                          Hena Zuberi answers a question from an audience member during
                                                                                                             Beyond The Veil Feb 23.

                                                           Taylor Gombos/The Runner
      Anna Garcia gets emotional while explaining how she converted to Islam.

                                                                                                                                         Mark Nessia/The Runner
                                                                                                   Hena Zuberi answers a question regarding Islam.

                                                           Mark Nessia/The Runner
A standing-room-only crowd gathers in the Student Union Multi-Purpose room to
                    listen to the panel speak about Islam.
        March 2, 2011                                                                                                                                                Sports              7
                            ’Runners lose on senior night

                                                                                                                                                              Photos by Taylor Gombos/The Runner
                                               Left: Senior guard Donavan Bragg puts up a shot against Seattle University Feb .26.
                                 Center: Senior center Cory Brown walks with his parents to center court before his last home game as a ’Runner.
                                                   Right: Junior Rashad Savage goes up for a layup against Seattle University.

                      By Steven Gaede                             and had good tempo and good presence defensively,” coach            The Hawks came into the second half up by nine and they
                        Staff Writer                              Keith Brown said.                                                 would fall one point short of tripling this lead at one point
                                                                    Despite a valiant performance by Bragg, he could not get        during the half. Johnson could not get into a rhythm the sec-
 The CSUB men’s basketball team got dismantled on senior          the win for the ‘Runners on senior night. Bragg went 6-for-       ond half; he went 1 of 5 from behind the line; his field goal
night by the Seattle Red Hawks 73-54 on Feb. 26, at               17 on the night and managed to lead the ‘Runners in total         percentage on the night was 25 percent. CSUB was able to
Rabobank Arena.                                                   points scored. He tallied 17 points by the end of the night and   score the first points of the half thanks to a layup by fresh-
  Saturday night’s game at the Rabobank Arena marked a            managed to come up with four rebounds and two assists in          man guard Ivan Matip, but CSUB’s deficit would only grow
three-game home losing streak, the second largest attendance      his 35 minutes of playtime. Senior center Cory Brown did          over time.
(2579) at the Rabobank Arena this year, and the last time the     not have a ton of points, but he chipped in on the ‘Runners        Seattle reached its largest lead of the night (26) when soph-
‘Runners will set foot on the Rabobank court; they are mov-       ball movement and he was able to convert on his only shot of      omore forward Chad Rasmussen converted on a 3-pointer at
ing back to the Icardo Center for their next season.              the night for three points.                                       4:59. CSUB ended the night by going on a 9-2 run, but it was
  CSUB won the opening tip, but the Red Hawks were able            “It was a good crowd; unfortunately, we did not hold up our      too late.
to get a layup for the first points of the night. Senior guard    end of the bargain and finish off strong,” said Bragg.             Rasmussen was clearly the best player on the court Saturday
Donavan Bragg responded shortly after by sinking the first 3-      Neither team could seem to get the ball to go down the first     night. He led the game with 24 points in his 33 minutes on
pointer on the night.                                             half - there were 44 total rebounds. Bragg led CSUB in total      the court; he went 8-for-10 from 3-point range. Senior for-
  The ‘Runners played well the first nine minutes, but they       points the first half with seven points. Returning junior guard   ward Alex Jones contributed to Seattle’s attack by scoring 12
were not able to keep up the intensity throughout the whole       Alex Johnson could not get into his groove the first half; he     points and by coming up with nine rebounds.
game. CSUB’s largest lead of the night was nine, and it came      went 0-for-4 from 3-point range. As a team, the ‘Runners            With the loss, CSUB’s record is now 10-17 and Seattle’s
off of a layup by junior forward Rashad Savage at the 14:08       shot 25 percent during the opening half, while the Hawks          record improves to 12-17. The loss also brings CSUB’s los-
mark during the first half. The Hawks were able to reacquire      shot 33.3 percent.                                                ing streak up to six.
the lead by going on a 19-5 run in the final 11:42 of the first     “We just got a little stagnant offensively, we did not have a     “It has been a rough stretch,” Brown said.
half.                                                             whole lot of ball movement or people movement,” Cory                CSUB will play Gonzaga University on Feb. 28 and then
  “Disappointing. We started out well. We made some shots         Brown said regarding the last 11 minutes of the first half.       play Boise State on Mar. 2 to end the season.

                                               In photos: CSUB sports

                                                                                                                                                                          Mark Nessia/The Runner

                                               Taylor Gombos/The Runner

                                                                                          Taylor Gombos/The Runner

                                                                                       Clockwise from top left: Freshman
                                                                                         Tyonna Outland drives past a
                                                                                             Northridge defender.

                                                                                    Donavan Bragg shoots on senior night
                                                                                         against Seattle University.

                                                                                       Junior catcher Jeremy Rodriguez
                                                                                      reacts as he steps on home plate to
                                                                                        give the ’Runners the lead over
                                                                                       Washington State Feb. 18 at Hardt

                                                                                     CSUB's Tyonna Outland (44) goes up
                                                                                     for a shot against SIU-Edwardsville's
                                                                                      Allyssa Decker Feb. 26 in the Icardo

                                                                                     The men’s baseball team looks on to
                                                                                       support their teammates against
                                                                                           Washington University.
                                                         Brady Cabe/The Runner                                                                                            Mark Nessia/The Runner
   8            Sports                                                                                                                                                            March 2, 2011

                                    Manny Beltran/The Runner                                                             Mark Nessia/The Runner                                 Brady Cabe/The Runner
                                             Left: Freshman shortstop Oscar Sanay tags out Washington State’s Cody Bartlett.
         Center: University of Washington's Spencer Rogers, left, gets hit with the ball while diving back to second base as shortstop Tyler Shryock awaits the throw.
                                        Right: Junior Mick Gaston slides home during CSUB’s victory over San Francisco University.

              Baseball wins four straight, improves to 5-2
    By Manny Beltran                Mick Gaston. Then in the          Oscar Sanay and Gaston.          final two batters to end the      enth and eighth to put the       home run blast by Gaston
      Sports Editor                 bottom of the third the           From that point Montoya          series against Washington         game out of reach. From that     that opened up the flood
                                    ’Runners added three more         kept the Huskies scoreless       with as sweep.                    point it was up to the reliev-   gates.     Catcher    Jeremy
 After a slow start to the sea-     runs to pad their lead to 5-1     through six innings as the         “Today was a challenge for      ers to make sure that there      Rodriguez and Sanay had
son, the CSUB baseball team         after the Huskies scored a        ’Runners piled on eight more     us especially against a Pac-      wouldn’t be any USF come-        RBIs in the inning as well as
improved to 5-2.                    run in the top of the third.      runs.                            10 team. To get a sweep           back.                            Gaston as he saw his second
  The ’Runners have a four-           The Huskies came back to          It was more of the same to     against them is big for our        “The bullpen really shut the    at bat in the inning. Legg
game win streak after defeat-       pull within one run after six     start the third game for the     program. Mike pitched a hell      door today; I threw up five      also homered in the inning.
ing the University of San           innings. In the top of the        ’Runners as senior pitcher       of a game and I let the team      zeros and the bullpen came        Washington State kept chip-
Francisco and sweeping a            eighth, with runners on first     Mike McCarthy pitched six        down a little bit and that’s      in and got the job done,” said   ping away at the CSUB lead
three-game series against the       and second and one out, the       strong innings and left with     my fault, but I tightened it up   Van Dam.                         and was down 11-10 in the
University of Washington.           Huskies looked to tie or take     the ’Runners up 4-0. In the      and got the win,” said               The ’Runners opened the       ninth but Medina came in
   The three-game sweep of          the lead, but Hoenshell got       seventh inning Medina took       Medina.                           season with a three-game         and was able to get the save
the Huskies seemed to put all       out of trouble by getting the     over on the mound but found        The victory over USF is the     series against Washington        after striking out two in the
the components together for         next batter to fly out and get-   himself in trouble giving up     first win against them in four    State on Feb. 18. Washington     ninth.
the ’Runners. Dominant              ting a strikeout to end the       two earned runs and two          tries. CSUB had lost the pre-     State took two of the three         In the last game of the
pitching and big hits were          Washington threat.                unearned off an error by         vious three meetings against      games against CSUB, but all      series Washington State took
the reason the ’Runners                 Junior Martin Medina          third baseman DC Legg.           them including two last sea-      were close contests.             a 4-3 victory over the
outscored Washington 23-9           moved from first base to the       In the bottom of the seventh    son by the scores of 2-0 and        In the first game Hoenshell    ’Runners. A three-run fourth
combined in all three games.        pitching mound to close out       Medina helped his own            3-0, but this year’s team         took the 4-2 loss as he gave     inning put CSUB up 3-1, but
  CSUB opened up the three-         Washington in the ninth           cause by hitting a single that   looked to change things.          up just eight hits and three     it wasn’t enough as
game series Feb. 25 on Hardt        inning.                           would bring in Kevin             Junior pitcher Brandon Van        runs in eight innings pitched,   Washington State scored
Field and sent junior college         Junior lefthander Jonathan      Younger to regain the lead. A    Dam pitched five solid            but the CSUB bats couldn’t       three runs of their own in the
transfer Tommy Hoenshell to         Montoya pitched a complete        sacrifice fly by Sanay added     innings allowing just four        convert as they left seven       top of the seventh inning to
the mound. The ’Runners             game in the second meeting        another run in the inning to     hits and no runs as took a 2-     runners on base.                 take a 4-3 lead. The score
took an early 2-0 lead to the       of the series and allowed just    give the ’Runners a 6-4          0 lead into the sixth.             The CSUB bats came to life      stayed      that    way     as
bottom of the second inning         four hits in the 11-1 victory.    advantage. An RBI by               USF scored a run in the top     in the second game of the        Letourneau grounded into a
when      freshman       Tyler      CSUB came out swinging            Andrew Letourneau put            of the sixth before the           series as the ’Runners posted    double play to end the game
Shryock hit a double that           the first inning, scoring three   CSUB up 7-4 and Medina           ’Runners added four more          eight runs in the bottom of      in the ninth inning.
brought in DC Legg and              runs with RBIs by Medina,         was able to strike out the       runs in the bottom of the sev-    the second started off by a

           ’Runners crush Matadors in annual ‘Pink Zone’ game
                                                                                             By Chris Davis
                                                                                              Staff Writer

                                                                         The CSUB women’s basketball team did their part on
                                                                      Wednesday night to combat breast cancer with the annual
                                                                      “Pink Zone” game; in the process, they eradicated the
                                                                      Matadors from Cal State Northridge 71-46.
                                                                        The game was personal for at least one ’Runner – junior
                                                                      Kristine Herman has had breast cancer hit her family twice.
                                                                        “This game really meant a lot to me because both of my
                                                                      grandmas have suffered from breast cancer,” said Herman
                                                                      after the game. “So I came into the game thinking about
                                                                      them. I’m glad we had a game to help to both support and
                                                                      help the fight for breast cancer.”
                                                                        Sophomore Amber Williams echoed those same thoughts.
                                                                         “We loved the fact that we were able to support all of the
                                                                      women that had survived breast cancer,” she said.
                                                                         Each starter from both teams was introduced and then
                                                                      escorted a breast cancer survivor to center court where pic-
                                                                      tures were taken prior to the game.
                                                                         As far as the game is concerned, the ’Runners (17-11)
                                                                      scored the first three points on a Nikki Leon bomb. But then
                                                                      Northridge went on a 13-6 run over the next 11 minutes to
                                                                      take their largest lead at 13-9 with 8:39 remaining in the first
                                                                      half.                                                                When it gets to this time in the season – the ’Runners only
                                                                        At that point the ’Runners took the game over.                   have two games left – it is time to start looking at postseason
                                                                        Over the final eight minutes of the first half, CSUB went on     tournaments.
                                                                      a 26-9 run to take a 35-22 lead at halftime.                         This win over the Matadors on paper looks like it might be
                                                                        The second half was the ’Runners putting it in cruise con-       hurtful to the team’s chances, after all Northridge is now 4-
                                                                      trol as they outscored the Matadors by 12.                         23. But when you look at the smaller picture, which the
                                                                        “We generated a lot of our offense off of our defense in the     NCAA tournament committee usually does, this was a really
                                                                      second half,” head coach Tim La Kose said after the game.          good win.
                                                                      “Turnovers were the key.”                                            “They won three of the last four, and they just beat the top
                                 Photos by Mark Nessia/The Runner       The win improved the program’s record when holding their
   Above: CSUB guard Kristine Herman shoots over                                                                                         team in the Big West,” La Kose said.
                                                                      opponent under 60 points to 90-0.                                   The team and the nation will find out on March 15, one day
 CSUN's Anna Simmons Feb. 23 in the Icardo Center.
                                                                        “Whenever we hold a team under 60, we’re pretty good,”           after the men’s tournament field is announced, if the
 Right: CSUB guard Breana Fields drives past CSUN's
                    Haley White.                                      La Kose said.                                                      ’Runners will be in the “big dance” or not.

                       Male Athlete of the Week                                                                             Female Athlete of the Week
                                     Freshman second baseman Oscar Sanay                                                                  Junior right fielder Ashley Nahale went 4 for
                                     went for a combined 6 of 16 with five RBIs                                                           7 with four runs scored in the Roadrunners’
                                     and three runs scored against the                                                                    first two wins over the season. Nahale went 2
                                     University of San Francisco and University                                                           for 3 with one run scored in a 5-3 win over
                                     of Washington. Sanay went 1 for 4 with                                                               Idaho state and followed that up with a 2 for
                                     two RBIs in a 6-2 win over USF Feb. 21,                                                              4 outing with three runs scored in a 9-7 win
                                     and went 5 for 12 over the three-game                                                                over Weber State. The ’Runners host double-
                                     series against Washington, including a 3                                                             headers against Utah State March 8 and 9,
                                     for 3, two RBI performance in the final                                                              with the first pitch set for 1 p.m. both days.
Courtesy of Sports Information
                                                                                                        Courtesy of Sports Information

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