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					Dear (Client Name),

RE: At last, Insurance that just makes sense

As you know, insurance is crucial but can be complex. We all want to protect ourselves and our
families from the financial consequences of illness, injury or death. Traditionally that has involved the
need to choose between four different types of cover:

       Life insurance
       Total & Permanent Disability insurance
       Trauma insurance
       Income protection insurance

It can be hard to know which of these insurances you need. It can be even more difficult than knowing
how much insurance you need.

A new product called Macquarie Life Active addresses these problems and provides an alternative

It is based around the idea that you buy a single lump sum of insurance cover. This insurance
provides a lump sum not only in the event of Death or Terminal Illness but also provides cover for a
whole range of Health Events (ranging from accident injuries to long-term illnesses and fatal
conditions). You can also add Income cover to the package.

What that means is that you have one simple policy – and the knowledge that you will receive
payments in line with the seriousness of your Health Event. As a condition, such as cancer,
deteriorates, or if you have a different Health Event altogether, Macquarie Life Active can continue to
pay more funds.

This kind of insurance offers broader coverage and can often be simpler and cheaper than traditional
cover. We would always want to discuss your needs and your situation before recommending it to
you, but if you think this kind of protection makes sense to you and your family, then please read the
enclosed flyer and give us a call.

Kind regards

(Adviser Name)
Financial Adviser

PS: Don’t think you need to worry about insurance? Consider this: the children in 20 per cent of
Australian families will endure the death of a parent or watch accident or illness render a parent
unable to work.

Source: (Lifewise)