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					              Korean Culture and History: Korean Food

Instructor:             Jaiseon Lee

Course description:     This course consists of two periods; morning
                        lecture and afternoon practice. In the morning
                        class, Korean food and related culture will be
                        introduced with a visual aid. In the afternoon
                        class, Korean food preparation experience will be
                        given to the participants. Students will be
                        encouraged to participate in a group discussion
                        and will be required to cook and/or participate in
                        the preparation of meal events.

Objectives:             At the end of this course, students should have
                        an understanding of Korean food including
                        cultural aspects and students will engage in
                        hands-on experience with Korean food.

Contents:                  Types of Korean food and drinks
                           Kimchi and Korean seasoning
                           Korean Festival food
                           Korean Table Manners
                           Preparing and tasting Korean food
                                   - Bulgogi
                                   - Yaksik