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									                         Leaky gut syndrome is a proposed
                         condition of an altered or damaged bowel
                         lining. It is an increase in permeability of
                         the intestinal mucosa to luminal
                         macromolecules, antigens, and toxins
                         associated with inflammatory
                         degenerative and/or atrophic mucosa or
lining. In simple words, large spaces develop between the cells of
the gut wall, allowing bacteria, toxins, and food to leak into the
bloodstream. Now, what are leaky gut syndrome symptoms?

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As we all know, the gastrointestinal tract serves a number of
functions in the body. For one, it digests food. It also absorbs the
products of digestion so that they can be converted into energy
and proteins. It carries nutrients like vitamins and minerals
across the intestinal lining into the bloodstream. It contains a
major part of the chemical detoxification system of the body, and
it contains antibodies that protect the body against infection.

When a person has leaky gut syndrome, the intestinal lining
becomes inflamed and the microvilli becomes damaged or altered
so that it cannot anymore produce the necessary enzymes and
secretions that are essential for a healthy digestion and the
absorption of nutrients. Therefore, the most obvious problems
that result from a leaky gut include digestive symptoms such as
bloating, flatulence, and abdominal discomfort. Nutritional
deficiencies may also arise because the carrier proteins of the
body are damaged with inflammation. The nutrients that we are
supposed to get from food can’t get across the intestinal wall.

In addition, the gut’s immune function is impaired. Due to the
inflammation of the gut wall, the antibodies that protect the gut
are adversely affected and the gut’s ability to fight off potentially
pathogenic bacteria, parasites, and yeast is reduced. In fact, the
bacteria that usually reside within the intestine are able to pass
across the gut wall and into the bloodstream, from where they
can cause infection anywhere in the body. This leads to other
symptoms including fevers of unknown origin, recurrent bladder
infections, recurrent vaginal infections, recurrent skin rashes,
swollen lymph glands, and chronic fatigue.

These are just a few leaky gut syndrome symptoms that you
have to watch out for.

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