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									                  Long Beach, California                     Volume 2 Issue 2, May 21, 2007

                                                                                                                Photo by: Neil Rivas

            Participating students, faculty, and staff at the 17th Annual Chican@/Latin@ Graduation Celebration,
                                                           Class of 2006

Celebrating our Struggle                                                      Inhale, Exhale: Reflection from a CHLS
By: Jaime Agredano
                                                                              By: Angelica de la Peña
For many Chican@/Latin@ students at CSULB, students from other
institutions, and the general population, graduating from college is a             With a Cal State Long                   And so I was
personal, or individual achievement. This common belief is most Beach diploma in one hand                       led. I was led to the
commonly held by Americans who do not consider or are ignorant to the and a plane ticket to                     land of the ancient
fact that an individual’s successful attainment of a college degree is due Merida, Yucatan in another,          Maya whose
more so with privilege than intelligence or disposition of character.         I understood that the             indigenous descendants
There are many reasons why Chican@s/Latin@s fair less in the significance of both                               and spiritual ruins
educational institutions of this country than their ‘white’ counterparts but reflected the fluid transition     permeate a subtly
they are all underwritten by privilege. Since their inception the my life was entering, and I                   majestic vibration to
institutions of this country have been develop to cater to the this privilege felt more than ready.             those who are open.
group and although it will be argued that racism in American institutions I needed to step away from            Yet, like most of our
has been dissolved the fact of the matter is that they have not.              my everyday college-life          indigenous people
In the fall of 2005 Chican@/Latin@ students, faculty, staff, and routine, away from the                         around the world, their
administrators collectively defined three main points that fall under the American bubble that we               livelihood is constantly
umbrella of being underprivileged in these institutions; these problems are all so suffocated by, so            compromised and
where noted as financial, lack of information/awareness and alienation.       that my mind and spirit           tangled with a
The historical reality of this country is that the Chican@/Latin@ could revitalize. Five years                  capitalistic agenda and
population does not have the privilege of reaping the rewards of this as a CHLS and Journalism                  an elitist rule. Their
countries institutions because of their history of inequality. These student had instilled the                  government profits
institutions tend to continue these racist trends by continuing to deny or importance of viewing the            from their rich history,
undermine the fact that the advancement of the sciences and the arts is world with a critical and               which draws tourists
due to people like Edison, and the ancient Greeks and nothing to do with creative lens, but it was              from all over the world,
everything they learned and continue to learn from the great people of now time to step away from               yet the Mayans remain
Africa, Asia, and the Americas. These racist trends continue to cater to all that was taught and                the most oppressed.
the privileged in order to maintain the status quo of its hierarchical social allow my intuitive nature to
structure.                                             See Struggle pg 2      fully lead the way.             See Reflection pg 5
     Si Se Puede
Struggle cont. from pg 1
                                                                                 CENTRO OF EXCELENCE
                                                                                                              Mission Statement:
                                                                                                              El Reflejo/Sol Y Canto was
                                                                                                              created as an alternative media
                                                                                                              outlet that covers news politics,
                                                                                                              culture, and the arts of the

                                                                                                                                       SI SE PUEDE
The historical reality of this country is that the        institution.        The high number of
Chican@/Latin@ population does not have                   Chican@/Latin@ students in college is not do        Chican@/Latin@ community.
the privilege of reaping the rewards of this              to the fact that Chican@/Latin@ people have         The mission is to raise
countries institutions because of their history           become smarter but because people like              awareness about these issues
of inequality. These institutions tend to                 educator Sal Castro, key note speaker at the        and to provide a space where
continue these racist trends by continuing to             18th Annual Chican@/Latin@ Graduation               the community can participate
deny or undermine the fact that the                       Celebration and leader/organizer in the “1968       in dialogue and present their
advancement of the sciences and the arts is               East Los Angeles student walkouts that              work.
due to people like Edison, and the ancient                eventually led to significant changes in the        The publication is developed in
Greeks and nothing to do with everything they             city's educational system and a Chicano civil       a joint effort that came together
learned and continue to learn from the great              rights movement.” “Sal Castro transformed           as one. Sol Y Canto was
people of Africa, Asia, and the Americas.                 the lives of thousands of Chicano youth and         developed to provide a space

                                                                                                                                        HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE
These racist trends continue to cater to the              ignited a movement that improved education          for the community at large to
privileged in order to maintain the status quo            for Latinos.”                                       engage, true the arts, in an
of its hierarchical social structure.                     In participating in the Chican@/Latin@              expressive and informative
The Chican@/Latin@ Studies department and                 Graduation Celebration we do not celebrate          dialogue.
the high number of Chican@/Latin@ students                our success as individuals but rather our           El Reflejo was created out of
in college is not due to the generous gift of             struggle as a people. A people that must            the Latin@ Dialogues (Fall
Americana and its democratic process but due              struggle to gain an equal piece of the privilege    2005) that where conducted at

to the fact that Chican@/Latin@ people                    that comes with being an American even              CSULB in order to develop
struggle to attain them. In 1968 the first                though the pie was baked long ago without           solutions to improve the
Chican@ Studies program was created at                    offering us even a taste despite the fact that we   retention and graduation rates of
CSULB by a small group of students and their              were willing and offered and continue to offer      Chocan@/Latin@s at CSULB.
supporters through struggle and by demanding              our gifts of human virtue and capacity to this      Out of these talks students
that they be more equally represented at this             world and the American experience.                  faculty and staff decided that in
                                                                                                              order to improve the sense of
                                            Felicidades Clase de 2007                                         inclusion for Chican@/Latin@
                                                                                                              students at CSULB their was a
                                                                                                              need for a representative media
                                                                                                              outlet which these students,
                                                                                                              faculty, staff and the community
                                                                                                              cant use to address important
                                                                                                              issues, and engage in dialogue.
                                                                                                              Contributing Editors:
                                                                                                              Jaime Agredano
                                                                                                              Neil Rivas
                                                                                                              Linda Straley
                                                                                                              Dollie Adaya
                                                                                                              Aldo Gonzalez

                                                                                                              Contributing Writers:
                                                                                                              Jaime Agredano
                                                                                                              Angelica de la Pena
                                                                                                              Nativo Lopez
                                                                                                              Sean Duenser
                                                                                                              Richard Lozano
                                                                                                              Ricardo Gonzalez
                                                                                                              Mariela Barrera

                                                                                                              Contributing Artist:
                                                                                                              Neil Rivas
                                                                                                              Dollie Adaya
                                                                                                              Richard Lozano
                                                         MI CASA ES SU CASA                                   Abel Rodriguez
                                                                                                              Jaime Agredano
                                            Class of 2007
                                     Graduate Student Participants
                     18th Annual Chican@/Latin@ Graduation
Mayra Aguilar                Patricia Fernandez         Vanessa Lomeli                Adriana Rivera
Monica Alarcon               Christiane Ferret          Crystal Della Lopez           Edwin Rivera
Claudia Lizeth    Alvarez    Josadac Flores-Perez       Daniel Lopez                  Eberardo Rodriguez
Ines Amaya                   Andrea Del Hoyo Fuentes    Jocelyn Lopez                 Josefina Rodriguez
Ruth Anguiano                Sofia Fuentes              Maria Lopez                   Martin Rodriguez
Felix Angulo                 Ana Priscila Fuents-Rios   Osvaldo Lopez                 Christina Rodriquez
Peter Araiza                 Nicolas Galvan Jr.         Richard Lozano                Wendy Rodriquez
Lydia Arbizo                 Victor Garcia              Hortencia         Luevano     Jade      Rosado
Mario Arechiga               Alicia Garcia              Griselda Luna                 Evelina Rosales - Aguilar
Andrea Arellano              Daisy Garcia               Peter Lupercio                Alicia Saez-Betancourt
Jessica Arteaga              Socorro Garcia-Soria       Jenny Maciel                  Jose      Salas
Perla Arvizu                 Dennise Garibay            Maria Guadalupe Magallon      Maxine Salcido
Sitlaly Avena                Claudia Nazaret Gonzalez   Nicholas Magana               Cesar Salgado
Daniela Ayala                Israel Gonzalez            Juancarlos Mariano            Anna Sanchez
Janet Alicia Baez            Karina Gonzalez            Rochelle Leanne Martin        Jeanette Sanchez
Cristian Paola    Banuelos   Marisa Gonzalez            Anabel Martinez               Jessica Sanchez
Lorena Barajas               Perla Gonzalez             Efrain Martinez               Laura Sanchez
Vanessa Barajas              Veronica Gonzalez          Jennifer T. Martinez          Marco Sanchez
Karen Barragan               Noemi L. Guevara           Rick     McCarthy Jr.         Mario Sanchez
Virginia Navarro Beas        Francisco Gutierrez        Enedina Medina                Yessenia Sanchez
Celina Benitez               Jose Alejandro    Guzman   Rebecca Medina                Elmer Sonco
Sofia Bernabe                Nancy Guzman               Judy     Mejia                Irma Julieta Soria-Garcia
Rosa Esthela Campos          Coral Hernadez             Nancy Mejia                   Linda Straley
Alberto Campos               Lorena Fabiola Hernadez    Maria Mejia- Hall             Eduardo Sumaran
Ulises Carbajal              Rene Joel Hernadez         Margarita Mejorado            Amir Hossein Taleghani-Nia
Jaqueline Cardoza            Jesus Hernandez            Cindy Melendez                Luis      Tapia
Ana Carrillo                 Krystle Linda Hernandez    Rocio Melgar                  Christina Marie Tetrick
Mariel del Carmen Cepeda     Oswaldo Hernandez          Julissa Mendoza               Zaira Tinoco-AcuÒa
Fermin Cervantes             Nehemias Hernandez         Manuel Meza                   Ericka Michelle Torres
Carol Chacon                 Irma Yanira Herrera        Maria Miranda                 Mario Alberto Torres
Nayeli Merino     Chavez     Rafael Herrera             Guillermo Morales Mondragon   Monica Torres
Cynthia Chavez               Eva Huerta                 Luis Alberto Montes           Nhordia Torres
Otto Cifuentes               Julie Huerta               Vanessa Montes                Yeana Torres
Daisy Cisneros               Victor Hugo                Mariza Natalia    Moran       Yadira Tovar
Griselda Contreras           Nancy Huizar               Denise Moreno                 Mayra Uribe
Naomi Cruz                   Perla Huizar               Yadira Moreno                 Juan      Vaca
Mayela Cuevas                Victor Hurtado             Carolina Moreno               Judith Edith Valle
Heidi Cuevas                 Jesus Iniquez              Wendy Jacqueline Moreno       Alma Vargas
Hortencia Cuevas             Elizabeth Iribe            Veronica Marybel Muniz        Lesley Vasquez
Angelique De Alba            Karla Karina Iribe         Brenda Navarrete              Vanessa Vasquez
Diana De Dios                Susana Jacinto             Berenice Nunez                Alma Vega
Gilberto Del Rio             Johana Jaime               Christian Alberto Olmos       Beatriz Vega
Abigail Aguilar Delgado      Judith Jaramillo           Oscar Olmos                   Brenda Velazquez
Gabriela Delgado             Celia Jimenez              Salvador Ortega-Ortiz         Adriana Vergara
Olga Lucia Delgado           Mayra Jimenez              Alejandro (Alex) Padilla      Sonia Verino
Julie Teresa Diaz            Rosalind Jimenez           Jorge Alberto Paz             Alejandra          Villalobos
Vanessa Dorado               Evelyn Jovel               Leticia Anabel Perez          Leopoldo Villalobos
Lileana Duarte               Marcela Juarez             Blanca Lizette Quintero       Francis Villalpando
Cristina Guadalupe Duran     Klaussnew Kleopatra        Rebecca Quiroz                Cynthia Villanueva
Victoria Echeverria          Joe Leiva                  Desiree Rose Ramirez          Monica Viramontes
Irma Vanessa Enriquez        Ana Isabel Lemus           Ana      Ramos                Jose Zarate
Wendy Veronica Escobar       Lizett Leyva               Margarita Ramos               Miguel Zuniga
Gabriel Arturo Espinosa      Raquel Liceaga             Nancy Edith Ramos
Briana Beatrice Fernandez    Rebecca Liceaga            Wendy Ramos
Joe Edward Fernandez         Melina Llamas-Meneses      Maira Roxana Razo

                             Felicidades Clase de 2007
  The Revenge of Zorro on Immigration Reform
By:   Nativo   V.   Lopez,             sponsored and subsidized by the      border     agents,    local   law
National    President   of             very corporations that clamor for    enforcement collaboration with
Hermandad        Mexicana              the low-wage contract- labor         the Immigration and Customs
Latinoamericana, and the               program contemplated by the          Enforcement      (ICE)    agency,
Mexican American Political             proponents? And they are even        streamlined     legal    removal,
                                       referred to as the "stakeholders"    criminalization of future non-
Association (MAPA)
                                       by some of the legislators.          inspected entrants, and rapid
                                                                            expansion of detention facilities.
  Are you ready for the Zorro
                                         Degrees of vulnerability and       And, we thought we defeated
visas? I mean Z, as currently
                                       uncertainty in this modern era       Sensenbrenner.
being hammered out in the U.S.
                                       labor management experiment
Senate, a bipartisan effort to craft
                                       can be observed in the details of     The surnames of the authors may
new       immigration       reform
                                       the debates - six years versus       be different - Gutierrez, Flake,
legislation before Senate Majority
                                       eight prior to qualifying to apply   Reid, Specter, and the bill
Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev)
                                       for permanent residency, touch       numbers      changed,     but    the
imposes his arbitrary deadline to
                                       back and return or adjust status     parameters of the deal are within
introduce legislation similar to
                                       within the U.S., varying steepness   the    same       ball   park     of
that approved by the Senate last
                                       of multiple fines, learn English     comprehensive reform. No matter
                                       and civics, criminal background      how many times comprehensive is
                                       checks, a tortuous point system      repeated in the press releases of
  The essence of the current
                                       premised on levels of education      the advocates of this type of
immigration debate, in fact raging
                                       and skill set, proscribed from       "reform," it will never make it fair,
for the past fifteen years,
                                       receiving any social safety net      humane, or rational.
essentially is the management of
                                       benefits, go to the back of the
an amble, but vulnerable, labor
                                       visa wait line and wait some            While President Bush and
supply for corporations, large and
                                       more, pay all back taxes, contract   Attorney General Alberto Gonzales
small, urban and rural, and on
                                       workers recycled out of the          were conducting immigration raids
their terms. At the heart of all the
                                       country after completing the term    throughout the country to whip all
proposals this is the bottom line.
                                       of their contract or allowed to      parties into line to accept their
And, this can be observed in the
                                       remain and stumble onto the path     version       of   "guest-worker"
initiatives submitted by both
                                       to permanency, and much more.        servitude, thousands of grassroots
Republicans and Democrats.
                                                                            immigrant activists, attorneys,
                                        These are all punitive messages     and immigrant organizers were
  The general framework of all
                                       and measures directed against        working to forge a consensus on a
legislative proposals to surface on
                                       acknowledged         hard-working    fair immigration overhaul. They
both sides of the aisle are heavy
                                       immigrants for having entered the    call it the "Unity Blueprint for
enforcement        measures      in
                                       U.S. without inspection. Their       Immigration Reform." And, while
exchange for some form of
                                       penance, notwithstanding that        it may not have a legislator-
regularization of the estimated 12
                                       they were drawn by the ever          author, it is an honest reflection of
million undocumented already in
                                       increasing demand for their labor    the aspirations of the humble
the U.S. and a massive contract-
                                       and expelled from their countries    immigrant worker. In fact, the
worker program as a way to enroll
                                       of origin, particularly Mexico and   document was not completed until
future flow entrants. The quibbling
                                       Central America, due to the          it had a broad hearing amongst
between the two parties as they
                                       failures of neoliberal economic      the immigrants themselves.
work to reach a deal is more
around      the   edges    of   the
                                                                             The blueprint proposes a rational
framework - the specific terms,
                                         And, the proposed restrictive      allocation of visas on an annual
the parameters of each measure,
                                       enforcement measures will only       basis based on both the need for
and the "triggers." But the
                                       heighten the tenuousness of the      labor and the desire to reunify
equation of onerous enforcement
                                       immigrant's existence in the         families     -    relative      and
for regularization has never been
                                       future. For example, enhanced        employment derived visas. The
in question, and the Washington-
                                       employer sanctions for hiring        government knows with all
based lobbying groups that
                                       persons    without   documents,      certainty what these numbers
pretend to represent the interests
                                       mandatory verification of all        look like, but allocates a far
of    immigrants,     have    never
                                       prospective employees based on a     inferior number of visas, thus,
questioned it either. Why wouldn't
                                       federal centralized database, a
they find this Faustian deal
                                       border wall, a steep increase of                         See Zorro pg 6
acceptable when they are actually
 Reflection, cont. from page 1.
      I was immediately conflicted             Constantly humbled and at peace
  with the dual realities. I traveled to       with the energy exchanged between
  the Yucatan in search of personal            every person I encountered to every
  and spiritual answers. I had never           cool breeze that refreshed my skin. I
  traveled alone, but I felt the               felt so alive, so awake and grateful
  importance of allowing myself the            for all that was manifested. I soon
  time and space to reflect. Being             met amazing people who reveled in
  faced with a new environment, my             the same emotions. The art of
  pocha Spanish, and nobody readily            consciousness, fully embracing
  to share or express my conflicting           every moment with child-like
  sentiments, left me indulging in             curiosity and openness, enabled
  moments of loneliness. So with my            each of us to see that we are all one
  headphones, backpack and journal,            in the same no matter how the
  I wandered around Uxmal, the                 borders try to define us.
  ancient Maya ruin that holds the                  I now understand that
  sacred feminine energy. An                   worrying about the future will only
  immediate sense of peace and                 hinder my ability to see the sanctity
  humbleness pulsated throughout               of each moment that the universe
  my body. I was no longer lonely. I           bestows upon me. What really
  was no longer conflicted. I was no           matters in life is having true peace
  longer anxious to discover personal          within and with others. So here I
  and spiritual answers for I had              am, transitioning through this life
  already found them by simply                 with my past in one hand and the
  being graciously present.                    future in the other, releasing both to
      I carried those feeling with me          the wind as I allow my intuitive
  throughout the rest of my journey.           nature to lead the way.

Merida’s Political Prisoners: The Remnants of Bush’s Latin American Tour
By: Angelica de la Pena
           On March 13 2007, President     todo joven?” wrote an anonymous                committed to raise funds and awareness
George W. Bush concluded his Latin         political prisoner, “Por favor gente mayor,    about the political prisoners, informed the
American tour in Merida, Yucatan Mexico    padres de familia, ayudenos a seguir           public that the state judge lowered
as he was greeted with fury by hundreds    construyendo nuestro camino; Ponemos           Texeira’s bail. Yet, her family and friends
of youth activists, community organizers   nuestra inocencia en sus manos y lejos de      still struggle to pay for her release.
and concerned citizens. People chanted     las manos de la ‘justicia’ que en verdad es
“Bush understand this: Mexico does not     injusta.”                                      Merida is not the only place where Bush
want you! No more War! Calderon is a                                                      left tainted traces of social upheaval. At
lapdog of the imperialist!” With                        Recounts of being physically      almost every Latin American country he
passionate and peaceful marches, rallies   and mentally abused have been reported         visited there was “civil unrest.” More than
and theatrical performances throughout     to the public. Frantic families, friends and   6,000 Brazilians held a largely peaceful
the day, the night climaxed with tension   community organizations have been              march through the center of Sao Paulo
between several protestors and state       struggling to raise money for the              before police fired tear gas at protesters
police. A crowd of people strayed away     expensive bail that the state police have      and attacked them with batons. In
from the march, breaking windows and       placed. Two months later, six political        Columbia, students and demonstrators
spraying anti-Bush slogans at the          prisoners are still in jail because their      violently clashed with police. The tainted
Governor’s Palace. Within minutes, about   families cannot afford their release.          traces that President Bush led were strong
two hundred Yucatan State police rushed             Viky Texeira, one of the              enough for a few Mayan priests in
the crowd using brutal force towards       prisoners still in jail wrote a letter to      Guatemala        to   purify     a     sacred
many innocent bystanders and youth         Yucatan’s Indy Media stating, “Tengo           archaeological site to eliminate "bad
activists.                                 miedo, quiero llorar, gritar, ver el mar…y     spirits" after President Bush’s visit.
         Over sixty people were arrested   unos muros no me lo permiten. Me da
                                           miedo pensar que no voy a poder luchar,        For more information about Merida’s
and charged with vandalizing the
                                           que dejarÈ de creer en la magia, que me        political prisoners and how you can help,
Governors Palace. Majority of the
                                           rendirÈ y bajarÈ mi puÒo, que botarÈ           check                                out
political prisoners were youth activists
                                           todas mis creencias a la basura.”              http://www.bushsulfur.lunasexta.org/ and
who claimed innocence to the charges.
“øCÛmo puede ser tan f·cil para ustedes             Just recently, Comite 13 de
autoridades destruir con muchas mentiras   Marzo,    an organization in Merida
la vida de gente sana, inocente y sobre
Cowardice Police Fire on Non-Violent May
1st Cultural Immigration Rally
By: Sean Duenser Thursday, May. 03,             grassy area as numerous motorcycle cops         retaliatory quagmire down 6th street as the
2007 at 1:38 AM                                 drove up and a helicopter circled overhead      once      peaceful     protestors    became
May       1st   celebration    and              calling for the peaceful crowd to disperse      legitimately infuriated civilians. Young
observation of immigrant and labor              without any given reason. The force lined       teens threw WMD water bottles in
rights in MacArthur Park, crashed               up along the park efficiently and began to      frustration as they splashed 10 feet away
by terrorist LAPD.                              sweep down towards the audience. Several        from the terror squadron, almost sprinkling
                                                officers began firing on the crowd and          on an officer's pants in frightening fashion.
During the Mayday rally at Macarthur            shoved reporters to the floor as they Billy     The police again began sweeping up 6th
Park in Los Angeles, the LAPD surge into        clubbed a young man waving an American          street towards Rampart, firing back on
formation and cowardly shot on civilians        flag. Aimless rubber bullets flew as fast as    mostly children. As one kid revealed his
as they fled a jovial community gathering.      they were randomly and indiscriminately         wounds to a camera man and others were
Just as a crowd of some 5,000 plus              fired. An elderly man attempted to get out      trying to interview with independent
non-violent demonstrators enjoyed a day         of their way but was unable to lift his bike.   media outlets, the police ran at them and
for observance of immigrant and labor           Three squad men surrounded him                  fired on them to prevent any such
rights with their families, several children    screaming at him to move. One picked up         interaction from occurring. The kids
ran up the hill away from the main stage at     his bike and threw it into the grass telling    created a garbage can blockade in the
the rally in an attempt to catch a glimpse at   him to leave it and "move in 5 seconds or       street out of fear and in resistance of the
a disturbance up towards Alvarado and 7th       I'll beat you with my stick!" I suppose that    proceeding oppressors; while behind me;
street. Suddenly, dozens of people began        was his way of saying, 'I'm trying to           several undercover white-shirts swarmed
running into the park as shots of tear gas      protect you', kind of like the boyfriend that   an unarmed man, tackling him against a
and rubber bullets flew behind them. As I       beats his girl for her own good. As I           palm tree. Officers on the scene pointed
ran to get a closer view, multiple black        photographed the incident, they scolded         their guns viciously at anyone who
suits appeared wearing vests, headgear,         me and continued to advance on the              attempted to intervene on behalf of the
and holding guns in order to protect            crowd. I began taking pictures of the           beaten individual. By this point, the police
themselves from consciousness. The              empty stage and sand area which had been        had cornered the other side of the street
terrorists had arrived in LA and they were      completely abandoned with the exception         and there was nowhere to run. These are
prepared and organized for a full assault.      of a few photographers. As I took a photo       simply a few actual events that occurred
The LAPD shot at the backs of individuals       inland, the same cop who assaulted the          May 1st, 2007 in Los Angeles. Such
running in my direction then climbed            elderly man shot me in the stomach.             actions are not uncommon, unbecoming,
around the tunnel which links the park          Luckily, the round ricocheted of my arm         or unsurprising of the LAPD. After all,
together while others ran through in order      and hit me in the gut. Others were not so       these are the same monsters that
to advance on the rally. They pushed the        lucky. The LAPD rushed the stage in one         shoot†children of color and deal cocaine.
crowd to the sidewalks and made it to the       final victorious push but got caught in a

 Zorro cont from pg 4

 the creeping growth of the undocumented                                making change is to join an organization that
 population over the past twenty years. Why not                         pursues the change we desire. We welcome you to
 meet the demand with a corresponding number of                         our ranks.
 permanent resident visas? But, that would be too
 reasonable and rational.                                               Other organizations leading this movement include:
                                                                        Hermandad Mexicana Latinoamericana, Mexican
  The permanency of the visa guarantees the worker                      American Political Association (MAPA), MAPA Youth
 a better prospect of protection under federal and                      Leadership, Liberty and Justice for Immigrants
 state employment statues, and makes him less                           Movement, National Alliance for Immigrant's
 malleable in the eyes of the employer. This would                      Rights,   and    immigrant's     rights coalitions
 be the real revenge of Zorro, though.                                  throughout the U.S..

   Join us in this prolonged campaign for driver's                       Nativo V. Lopez, National President of MAPA (323)
 licenses and visas for our families. The first step in                 269-1575
  By: Richard Lozano
           The book Pedagogy of the Oppressed, takes on
the difficult task of identifying the different aspects of
oppression. The author Paulo Freire sees the now inherit
problem of the sense of “other” and how it leads to
dehumanization the oppressed, while supposedly
humanizing the oppressor (dominant group). The logic
behind his argument is that while the dominant group tends
to define itself, it does so in comparison to other groups
(the other), hence it uses itself as the model group or most
prestigious group therefore creating an oppressive
hierarchy. The model group (oppressor) defines itself as
well as the other groups (the oppressed). A big problem is
that the oppressed accept their oppression as an inevitable
truth, but only the oppressed can liberate both themselves
and the oppressors. The oppressor uses conquest, divide
and rule, manipulation and cultural invasion in order to
maintain and perpetuate an oppressive cycle. According to
Freiri, oppressed must engage in praxis, which he defines
as being both “authentic” reflection and action through
critical thinking and using authentic dialogue not only
amongst themselves but with the oppressor as well. The
goal is to get the oppressor and the oppressed to
understand their relationship and through praxis
problematize and recreate their world.
          Through his writing the author formulates the art of
oppression and ultimately offers problematizing as a tool to           invasion and its affect on the media. Our own community has
achieve reflection and action as a solution to achieving freedom.      accepted the terms and labels applied to us by the oppressors;
This formula articulated in the book is the framework for not only     therefore we portray ourselves in an oppressive way and accept it
education, but all institutions. A framework that seeks to dissolve    as a part of our identity. Our people need to work to define
the rules of the advantaged few, in order to liberate to the           themselves. The Chican///2/Latin@ Studies Department of
devastated majority. The author is quick to note that there cannot     CSULB is currently engaged in a project of creating a gateway
be a successful mental revolution with only reflection or simply       course which will grant the students the opportunity to develop a
action; rather it must be a praxis which involves critical thinking    critical state of mind challenging them to engage in reflection and
through true dialogue. These readings reminded me of another           action early on in their studies. Establishing a cooperative union
book called Culture and Imperialism by Edward Said who wrote           of the student and teacher relationship and the understanding that
about the creation of others. This creation of others is what leads    they are a part of the department will make them reevaluate
to oppression in the first place, any reason can be used and the       themselves and their actual power within not only this institution,
inferiority of the “other” is supported by the mere fact that ‘they’   but all institutions. This will help to further develop an authentic
are different and ‘we’ are superior. Said speaks of labeling by the    educational department through student participation, authentic
oppressor (conqueror) of the oppressed (conquered) and how the         dialogue and action, this includes participation within the
oppressed’s imposed reality is shaped by the conquerors labels.        department and dialogue between students and teachers. Being
Said argues that in order to make a positive difference in this        that the department currently has the problem of little student
socialized reality, the oppressed must accept the new changes and      participation, this class will help alleviate that problem by
embrace their developing culture. Through this, it is possible to      challenging the students early on. This state of mind is the most
work with the people and fight for something together rather than      important message any oppressed peoples need to understand, to
fight against your own people trying to live the way the natives       challenge the system, the teacher/student relationship, which is the
did and therefore alienate themselves. It is better to deal with the   oppressive framework, as I mentioned earlier, of all institutions
present reality than try to work to change the past.                   and is the ultimate denier of humanity/humanization of both the
          After reading this book I began to understand cultural       oppressed and the oppressors.
           Delirio Lejano.                            A dios viejo mio
                                                       A dios el padre
   A travez de los llanos de nuestra                A dios tierra madre
  conversacion, surgen imagenes de                 A dios a mis suspiros
una civilizacion olvidada y casi difunta.      A dios a mis batallas perdidas
                                                  Hoy me despido de voz
   Un retrato tan real e ineludible                                                    Disfruta tu
                                                        Voz no supiste verme
  que aun en esos ultimos momentos                                           Pues fue la sangre de mi gente
                                                           Ni escucharme
  evoca en nosotros sentimientos de                                              La que fue derramada
                                                    A dios al bienestar
         belleza y desdicha                                                  Fueron los suenos de mi madre
                                                                               Las cosechas de mi padre
                                                    -Mariela Barrera            Mira tu que puedes ver
  Fascinados, y a la vez conmovidos,
   nos atrevemos a pensar que esta                                               Escucha tu que puedes
    es solo otra mentira de nuestra                                                     Escuchar
          volatil imaginacion.                                                    Danza tu que puedes bailar
                                                                                 Pues hoy por hoy so lo
    Sin embargo, casi sin pensarlo,                                             Soy lo que no fui nunca
 rapidamente interpretamos nuestro                                         Hoy por hoy soy un rey danzante
   error. Y es precisamente en esos                                          Que goza los logros de su gente
     culminantes momentos que,                                       Hoy por hoy derramaria mi dangre por verte asi
                                                                              Hoy por hoy perdi mi batalla
       gracias a una perspicacia                                                    Pero aun asi mi corazon
 recientemente adquirida, finalmente                                                 Danza y palpita al son
  comprendemos que tambien somos               Preterito Imperfecto.                      De la livertad
         lo que hemos perdido
                                            Just before going back to their            -Mariela Barrera
                                           quiet lives, amid little tendrils of
          -Ricardo Gonzalez
                                     fake attachment, their eyes hung on an early
                                         childhood memory from yesteryear.

                                         Late December, outside a small town,
                                        two kids bathe in the sunlight between
                                    three and seven pm. Surrounded by shadows of
                                       mango trees, the scent of gasoline lingers

                                       as motorbikes zip by, sometimes leaving a
                                    smokescreen for selfish desires and the colorful
                                      stores that spell out the entrance into town.

                                       That winter, every night, they'll always
                                     remember laughing and wishing on pointless
                                     manners just behind the blinking Christmas
                                                       lights. .

                                                  -Ricardo Gonzalez
                                             Artist: Jaime Agredano

              The Center

     Excellence is found in the center
             Revolution unfolds
         Where the fire is kindled
 Generations will trace their descendents
   In the midst of the colors we all exist
            The center unites us
  It nurtures our struggles, our dreams,
   And the understanding of our power
  Power to change, to continue…to love
From the center we expand our endeavors
   Flow into the expanses of our world
 Our community will grow and proceed
   When we our grounded in the center
 The roots hold on with a grip too strong
    Too full of magical love to succumb
 We will return to protect and remember
                 The center.

           -Jaime Agredano
                                Dollie Adaya

                          “Fag is the New Nigger”

**I was encouraged to send this to you ...hoping it will reach people that are
homophobic* in hope that they realize the oppression and power they carry
                      out on the LGBTQ community.
           (* whether verbal or physical bashing, it is still hate.)

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