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					Reference Lists     General Education Courses
                    By Category
                    This is a list of courses that will count towards
                    your General Education (GE) requirements if                  REMEMBER . . .
                    you take them this semester. Use the List of                 A class will count towards your general
                    Classes, starting on page LC-1, to choose                    education requirement only if it appears in
                    specific classes from each category.                         the list of General Education Courses in the
                                                                                 Schedule of Classes for the semester in
                    All students:
                                                                                 which you take that class.
                    Go to Know Your General Education Requirements
                    on page 41 and the category headings in the following
                    lists to find out which courses you need to take.

                    Freshmen:                                               Category A:
                    You must complete the Foundation requirements within    Communication in the English Language
                    the first 36 baccalaureate units at CSULB (see page     and Critical Thinking
                    42). These courses are a prerequisite to all GE
                                                                            Complete 9 units:
                    courses at the 200 or higher level.
                                                                            1.    Complete one of the following courses
                    You may use either an Explorations course or a                in written English:
                    Capstone course to meet a category requirement. You                  Asian American Studies 100
                    may use the same course to meet both a category                      Black Studies 100
                    requirement and the Human Diversity or Global Issues                 Chicano & Latino Studies 104
                    requirement.                                                         English 100
                                                                            2. Complete one of the following courses in oral or
                    Transfer students:                                         oral and written communication.
                    If you are GE certified, you can choose Capstone           Purpose: to enhance your understanding of the
                    courses from any category. One of the Capstone             communication process and to increase your
                    courses can be used to meet the Human Diversity            experience in communication.
                    requirement (N). If you still need to meet the Global            Communication Studies 110, 130, 132, 171,
                    Issues requirement, choose one course designated (G).              331, 335, 441IL
                    (N) Courses that meet the Human Diversity               3. Complete one of the following courses
                        requirement (catalog years 1993-1994 and later)        in critical thinking.
    GE Courses:
    by Category
                    (L) Courses that meet the Capstone requirement             Purpose: to develop your ability to reason
                        (catalog years 1999-2000 and later)                    clearly and logically and to analyze the thinking
         N                                                                     of other people.
  Human Diversity   (G) Courses that meet the Global Issues requirement               Asian Studies 190
                        (catalog years 1999-2000 and later)                           Black Studies 150
         L                                                                            Communication Studies 131
      Capstone      Apply each GE class you take to one category
       course                                                                         Comparative World Literature 161
                    only, even when the course is listed under more                   English 102
         G          than one category.
    Global Issues                                                                     History 101
       course       Note:                                                             Philosophy 170
                                                                                      Political Science 105
                    UNIV 300I and 301I are approved General                           Psychology 130
                    Education courses. Specific GE categories                         University Honors Program 100
                    were not known at the time of publication. See
                    List of Classes, page LC-79.

Category B:                                            Category C:

                                                                                                               Reference Lists
Physical Universe                                      Humanities and the Arts
Complete 12 units:                                     Complete 12 units:
1.   Complete at least 6 units of inquiry into the     1.   Complete at least 3 units from the following
     physical universe and its life forms:                  fine arts courses:
       a) Complete one of the following courses in                Art 100, 110
          the life sciences with laboratory:                      Art History 113A, 113B, 115B, 115C, 330ILG
          Biology 153, 200, 200L, 205, 207,                       Asian American Studies 403N
             211A, 211C                                           Black Studies 155, 160, 255, 363
          Microbiology 200                                        Chicano Latino Studies 403N
       b) Complete one of the following courses in                Comparative World Literature 250, 251,
          the physical sciences with laboratory:                     324IL, 412IL
          Astronomy 100 with 100L                                 Dance 101, 102, 103, 104, 110, 373IL,
          Chemistry 100, 111A, 302                                   435IL
          Geology 102 with 104 or 105, 160 with 160L              Design 367, 368, 370
          Physical Science 112                                    Educational Psychology 373IL
          Physics 100A, 100B, 151, 152                            English 205, 206
                                                                  Film and Electronic Arts 310
2. Complete at least 3 units from the following
                                                                  Music 190, 290, 363IL, 364IL, 393,
   courses in mathematics.
                                                                     468IL, 490G
   Purpose: to move beyond basic computation
                                                                  Theatre Arts 113, 122, 324IL, 425IL, 427L
   and enhance your understanding of
   mathematical concepts and quantitative              2. Complete at least 6 units from at least two of
   reasoning.                                             the following areas: Literature, Philosophy, and
         Mathematics 103, 112, 114, 115, 117,             Foreign Languages.
            119A, 122, 123                                  a) Literature
         Mathematics Education 110                              American Indian Studies 340
3. Complete another 3 units from B1, B2, or from                Asian American Studies 260
   the following:                                               Black Studies 140, 205, 343AG, 343BG,
         Anthropology 110                                          346G
         Astronomy 100, 370IL                                   Chicano & Latino Studies 150, 450ILG
         Biology 100                                            Chinese 370
         Chemistry 202                                          Classics 100, 135, 191, 310ILG, 410IL, 421IL    GE Courses:
         Engineering 302ILG, 340L, 370ILG                       Comparative World Literature 100, 101,          by Category
         Geography 140, 150                                        103G, 104G, 232, 310IL, 312IL, 320ILG,
         Geology 102, 160, 163, 190, 191, 300ILG                   334, 336, 342, 350N, 412IL, 414IL,                N
                                                                   415ILN, 422IL                               Human Diversity
         History 400IL                                                                                            course
         Microbiology 101, 300IL, 303                           English 180, 250A, 250B, 270A, 270B,
                                                                   300L, 363, 372ILN, 375N, 382, 385,                L
         Natural Sciences 309IL, 375IL                                                                            Capstone
         Physical Science 331                                      386                                             course
         Psychology 141                                         German 415, 416
         Women’s Studies 309IL                                  History 310IL, 312IL, 346ILG, 407ILG,           Global Issues
                                                                   414IL                                           course
                                                                Japanese 370
                                                                Journalism 315
                                                                Religious Studies 302ILN
                                                                Romance, German, Russian
                                                                   Languages & Literature 346ILG, 450ILG
                                                                Women’s Studies 318ILN, 382

                           b) Philosophy
                                                                           Category D:
Reference Lists               Asian American Studies 380
                              Black Studies 498ILG
                              Classics 310ILG, 410IL
                              History 371
                                                                           Social and Behavioral Sciences and
                                                                           Their Historical Backgrounds
                                                                           Complete 15 units:
                              Philosophy 100, 100W, 160, 160W, 203,
                                204, 306, 307, 330, 351, 352IL, 361,       1.   Citizenship
                                362IL, 381, 401L, 403IL, 405IL, 451ILN,           a) Complete 3 units from the following
                                452IL, 461ILN, 482IL                                  courses in U.S. History:
                              Psychology 382IL                                          History 172, 173, 300
                              Religious Studies 212, 301, 302ILN, 308G,           b) Complete 3 units from the following courses
                                331ILG, 337, 341IL, 343, 344, 351, 352G,             in U.S. Constitution and American Ideals:
                                353IL, 383ILG, 391IL, 472IL, 482IL, 485                 Political Science 100, 391
                           c) Foreign Languages                                         (Political Science 326 - State
                              Arabic 101A, 101B                                         Government - required of all students who
                              Black Studies 170A, 170B                                  have met the U.S. Constitution
                              Chinese 101, 102, 201, 202                                requirement but who must meet the
                              French 101A, 101B, 201A, 201B                             California State and Local Government
                              German 101A, 101B, 201A, 201B                             requirement)
                              Greek 101A, 101B                             2. Additional Social and Behavioral Sciences
                              Italian 101A, 101B, 201A, 201B                  Complete at least 9 units from the following
                              Japanese 101, 102, 201, 202                     courses in at least two disciplines.
                              Latin 101A, 101B                                  Students under the 1985 and 1993 GE patterns
                              Russian 101A, 101B, 201A, 201B                    must complete at least 3 units from the following
                              Spanish 101B, 201A, 201B, 250                     courses designated as a Global Issues course (G).
                     3. Complete another 3 units from C1, C2, or from           All courses with a G in this category meet the
                        the following:                                          category D.2.a. requirement for students following
                              Asian Studies 300ILG, 393ILG, 495ILG              the 1985 and 1993 GE patterns.
                              Black Studies 353ILG                                     American Indian Studies 105, 106, 319N
                              Communication Studies 300, 442IL                         Anthropology 120G, 140, 170, 305IL,
                                                                                           307ILG, 311IL, 313, 314G, 329N, 412ILG,
                              Comparative World Literature 124G, 451IL
                              English 318IL                                            Art History 330ILG
                              Film and Electronic Arts 318IL, 486IL                    Asian American Studies 200N, 220,
    GE Courses:               German 380IL                                                 221, 319N, 335ILN
    by Category               History 303IL, 313, 404IL                                Asian Studies 300ILG, 301ILG, 310G,
                              Religious Studies 100, 103, 202, 210, 311,                   393ILG, 495ILG
                                                                                       Black Studies 110, 120, 121, 200G, 201,
                                 312IL, 322, 362IL, 375, 376IL,                            304, 319N, 332, 337, 400, 430G
   Human Diversity
      course                     425IL, 471IL                                         Chicano & Latino Studies 100, 101, 105,
                              Russian 310, 410IL                                           300, 319N, 335ILN, 350, 390IL, 450ILG,
         L                    Women’s Studies 365ILN                                       470IL
       course                                                                         Classics 110
                                                                                       College of Liberal Arts 314ILG, 315ILG
         G                                                                             Comparative World Literature 310IL,
    Global Issues                                                                          312IL, 414IL
                                                                                       Criminal Justice 101
                                                                                       Dance 373IL
                                                                                       Economics 100, 101, 300, 306ILG, 309IL,
                                                                                           360IL, 361ILG, 365G, 368G, 369G,
                                                                                       Educational Psychology 360IL, 373IL
                                                                                       Engineering 302ILG, 375IL
                                                                                       Environmental Science & Policy 300ILG
                                                                                       Family & Consumer Sciences 228G,
                                                                                           309IL, 312IL, 319ILN, 321N, 450N
                                                                                       Film and Electronic Arts 316
                                                                                       Finance 309IL
       Geography 100G, 100WG, 120N, 160G,
                                                       Category E:

                                                                                                                  Reference Lists
          301IL, 306, 307ILG, 308ILG, 309ILG,
          313ILG, 314ILG, 315ILG, 316G, 319ILG,        Self-Integration
          320ILG, 326G, 355ILG
                                                       Complete 3 units from the following self-
       German 380IL
       Gerontology 400ILN                              integration classes.
       Health Care Administration 202N 422ILG, 470IL   Purpose: to enhance your understanding of the
       Health Science 420ILG                           human being as an integrated physiological, social,
       History 131G, 132G, 211G, 212G, 303IL,          and psychological organism.
          308IL, 310IL, 312IL, 314, 337G, 339G,                   Anthropology 150, 315N, 353
          341AG, 341BG, 346ILG, 362, 364G, 370,                   Asian American Studies 370
          371, 382A, 382B, 383A, 383B, 400IL,                     Biology 309IL
          404IL, 407ILG, 414IL, 474IL, 485A, 485B                 Black Studies 410
       Human Development 180, 300IL, 307IL,                       Communication Studies 411L, 412
          357ILN                                                  Communicative Disorders 330
       International Studies 317ILG, 318ILG,
                                                                  Dance 373IL
          319ILG, 355ILG
                                                                  Economics 309IL
       Journalism 110, 312ILG
       Kinesiology & Physical Education 156, 332IL,               Educational Psychology 191, 357, 360IL,
          338ILN, 339IL                                             373IL
       Linguistics 101G                                           Engineering 375IL
       Military Science 101                                       Family & Consumer Sciences 132, 223,
       Natural Sciences 309IL                                       226, 251, 309IL, 312IL, 319ILN
       Nursing 481ILN                                             Finance 309IL
       Occupational Studies 417ILG, 457ILG                        Gerontology 400ILN
       Political Science 201, 210, 215G, 220G,                    Health Science 210, 420ILG, 425ILN, 427
          225, 301, 321, 322, 323N, 328, 353G,                    History 309IL
          371G, 388ILG, 395IL, 412, 450LG, 461ILG,                Human Development 180, 300IL, 307IL,
          482G, 494ILG
       Psychology 100, 300IL, 339IL, 346IL,
                                                                  Kinesiology & Physical Education 157, 338ILN,
          350ILN, 351N, 356, 361N, 370, 375ILN
       Recreation 141                                               339IL
       Religious Studies 312IL, 353IL, 362IL,                     Linguistics 363IL
          383ILG, 471IL, 472IL, 482IL                             Natural Sciences 308L
       Romance, German, Russian                                   Nursing 481ILN
          Languages and Literature 346ILG, 450ILG                 Occupational Studies 388IL
       Social Work 220, 350, 351, 491                             Psychology 150, 339IL                            GE Courses:
       Sociology 100, 142, 317ILG, 318ILG, 335IL,                 Recreation 220N, 340ILN                          by Category
          340, 346N, 350G, 372IL, 374IL, 376IL,                   Social Work 330, 331
          410IL, 441IL, 449IL, 466G                               Sociology 461IL, 462, 466G                            N
       Urban Studies 301IL                                        University Honors Program 150                   Human Diversity
       Women’s Studies 102, 307ILN, 309IL, 318ILN,                                                                   course
                                                                  Women’s Studies 101, 338ILN
          319N, 338ILN, 365ILN, 401ILG, 424G,                                                                           L
          485A, 485B                                                                                                 Capstone

                                                                                                                   Global Issues

For Students Following the 1985 and 1993 GE Patterns
   Your GE pattern requires that you take a course from Category D.2.a. There are two ways to
   identify courses that meet that requirement:

I Look for courses under Category D2 in the General Education Courses By Category reference list
  that have (G).
I Look for classes with a D2 Global designation in the List of Classes, LC-1 - LC-80.