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Buying a used car

Second hand cars are also called ‘used cars’. They cost much less than brand
new cars.

You can buy and sell used cars online and get a good value for your car. Buying
and selling used cars has become an integral part of the automobile market. A
second-hand car is much more economical. One needs to find out the source of
the second –hand car before
buying it. That will ensure that
you get your money’s worth.
Before buying a used car, do a lot
of research and even take
professional guidance about the
same. A mechanic will be able to
inspect the car carefully and list
all the faults in that used car you
are planning to purchase. When
you are absolutely sure that the
car is worth your buy, only then
must you go ahead and buy it. Sometimes, you may be in a hurry to buy a used
car only because it is being sold for a very low price and is meeting your budget.
Bear in mind the fact that the car may be in a state that it requires so much
repair and maintenance that the cost actually goes up when you start repairing it
later. So, take your time to get an expert to review the car well and do your
research properly before you actually buy the used car.

                                               Most used car buyers are aware of
                                               the lemon laws for brand new cars.
                                               These laws allow consumers to get a
                                               refund or replacement if their car
                                               turns out to be defective. There is
                                               no such law for used cars however.
                                               In most places, the dealer sells a
                                               used car and the car becomes the
                                               responsibility of the used car buyers
                                               immediately on purchase. The used
car is sold on an ‘as is’ basis. If anything goes wrong with the car after it is sold,
it becomes only the buyer’s problem.

When we buy used cars, we must realize that although we are buying a car for
much less cost than the actual market rate, we are actually buying a second-
hand car that the person who used it before, did not want. When we buy used
cars, we must be aware of the fact that we may actually end up paying a lot
more for the car in terms of repair and maintenance. A good deal of thought
should accompany our decision.

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