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					outrage.                                                                                                      Washable       Quick drying        Strong              Flexible
Outrage! uses carefully selected aluminium alloy for its furniture. The tubing is bent and welded into
frames. High-grade powder coating is applied and then the high-grade plastic Out-tex® material is
fitted to the frame. Despite the fact that Outrage! furniture is strong enough to stand outdoors all
year round, we recommend storing it indoors during the winter months.
                                                                                                                Cool         UV resistant   Weather resistant   Rip-stop properties

periodic maintenance                                  - DO NOT USE ANY aggressive cleaning or                liquid) before they can penetrate the Out-tex®
When cleaning your outdoor furniture, always            abrasive agents, as these can cause stains           material. After that, rinse with plenty of
begin with lots of water (e.g. with a garden hose)      that are impossible to remove.                       lukewarm water to prevent any potential stains.
and a soft brush. This removes sand from your         - DO NOT place objects or leave spills on the        - In the event of defects in the Out-tex® material,
furniture, helping to prevent any scratches. The        table for long periods that might directly or        it is wise to contact your dealer to find out
Out-tex® material is best cleaned with lukewarm         indirectly cause stains.                             whether repair may be possible.
water and/or a gentle cleaning agent (e.g.            - DO NOT place objects on the table that
washing-up liquid). After that, rinse with plenty       are hot (e.g. candles) and that can cause
of lukewarm water to prevent any potential              permanent stains.
stains from the cleaning agent.                       - PREVENT heavy or sharp objects from being
                                                        removed too forcefully or quickly as this can
avoid at all costs                                      damage and/or break the furniture due to
The Out-tex® material is naturally strong and           extreme loads.
durable. However, in extreme conditions,
stains and/or damage are of course possible.          first aid for little accidents
A number of treatments are therefore not              If you do have a little accident, the following
permitted as they can cause permanent stains          measures will effectively limit the damage as
and/or damage:                                        much as possible:
- DO NOT cover with plastic sheeting: Out-tex®        - Clean up spilt drinks as soon as possible with a
  material must be allowed to breath. Covering           moist cloth before they penetrate the Out-tex®.
  it up can cause permanent stains due to             - Remove greasy stains - such as gravy - with
  acidification and moulds.                               warm water and gentle soap (e.g. washing-up

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