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					                         Motorcycle Dealership Compare and Contrast

                                 Superbike Shop and Big 4 Cycle

       “Be aware. Motorcycles are everywhere.” There are TV and radio commercials along

with bumper stickers that promote this saying. A person who is not a motorcyclist may hear or

see this and wonder why this saying is being promoted. The reason is that there are a great deal

of motorcycles on the road and many accidents in which a person driving a vehicle hits a

motorcyclist where they claim they did not see the person on the motorcycle. With many

motorcycles on the roads today, they must come from somewhere, which will be the comparison

in the report along with description and diagram of the servicescape based on my perception. In

this report, I will compare and contrast the servicescape of the Evansville Superbike Shop and

Big 4 Cycle.


       Both businesses are located off or near Morgan Avenue in Evansville, Indiana. Big 4

Cycle has an easier location for customers to reach as it is directly off Morgan Avenue. The

Superbike Shop is actually on Oak Grove Road, which is a frontage road that runs parallel with

Morgan Avenue. To reach the Superbike Shop, a customer must turn off Morgan Avenue and

take Oak Grove Road to the business. The Superbike Shop appears to be located directly off

Morgan, as other businesses or trees do not hide the business. But as consumers drive closer,

they can see it lies along the frontage road.

       These two businesses are located within a cluster of motorcycle dealerships in a small

region that creates a cumulative competitive attraction. There are three motorcycle dealers along

Morgan Avenue including Bud’s Harley Davidson, Big 4 Cycle, and Tri-State Yamaha. Located

directly across the street from Big 4 Cycle is the Superbike Shop. With the exception of Bud’s
Harley Davidson that only sells motorcycles, the other three dealers sell motorcycles, ATV’s,

side-by-sides, and watercraft. Big 4 Cycle and the Superbike Shop definitely possess

competitive compatibility as they offer similar services.

Outside Appearance

       Neither business has a building that jumps out at the consumer such as a vibrant color or

distinctive shape. The Superbike Shop has a large header on their building displaying their name

with motorcycles and ATV’s in action that helps to get the consumer into the mood of thinking

about Powersports. In addition, the Superbike Shop has promotional images on the front and

side of the building to aid in this attention getter. In comparison, Big 4 Cycle has only one

banner on the side of their building and a light up sign on a post that displays their name and the

couple brands they sell but not in very vibrant colors. In reference to entering the building, there

is a door on the front of Big 4 Cycle but that one is not used. The consumer must use a door on

the side of the building to enter, which could be confusing for some. At the Superbike shop, the

front entrance is apparent with two big glass doors on the front of the building with the “open”

sign lit up right next to the doors and a concrete ramp leading up to the entrance.

Inside the Facility


       As a consumer walks into Big 4 Cycle, there are many products that jump out to catch

your attention such as ATV’s, motorcycles, and the apparel even though it is somewhat hidden

behind all the models. On the other hand, accessories and TV’s to watch are noticeably absent

upon entering. As the consumer looks around, they will notice the lighting is very dim which

makes it difficult to see the different colors of each model. The building also smells of rubber,

which may or may not be a bad odor in a motorcycle shop depending on who the consumer is.
       When the consumer walks around the building of Big 4 Cycle, they will notice the all-

concrete floors through which the few, small isles they have to choose for their paths. There is a

noticeable lack of any videos or music in the building to get the consumer into the exciting mood

of the Powersports Industry. In addition, very few banners hang down from the ceiling or along

the wall to promote any manufacturer’s models, accessories, or clothing line. Big 4 Cycle does

have a good selection of off-road riding apparel even though the design and patterns are dated.

       Big 4 Cycle does not utilize their servicescape to their advantage as a differentiator.

While their location is prime, their building lacks characteristics to draw the attention of their

target market. Their only attention grabber is their motorcycles in the showroom, which does not

help to promote the accessories and apparel they also sell. With the building not being very

large, the dim lighting, and few characteristics to really grab one’s attention, a consumer could

walk the building, see everything, and leave all within about a 10-15 minute timeframe.

       Upon entering the Superbike Shop, a consumer can immediately see a lot going on.

There is a display coming down from the ceiling that says “Polaris” with four TV’s coming

down to show a video to get one into the high-energy mood of the Powersports Industry.

Actually, the consumer will see seven visible TV’s in different sections of the store from the

front entrance. Not to mention, two models sit on each side of the door with lots of accessories

installed to grab even more attention. The lighting of the Superbike Shop is bright to display all

the beautiful colors of the visible models with tile running all over the floors of the building that

stretches far back. As far as the smell is concerned, it is more similar to that of a department

store than a motorcycle shop.

       As the consumer begins to take steps forward, the walls on each side are lined with casual

apparel, riding apparel, and helmets. One side is clearly seen as off-road with the opposite side
lined with street apparel. As the consumer walks down either of the two wide main isles, they

will see banners for manufacturer’s promotions and apparel lines. Accessories are seen hanging

down from the ceiling, up on the walls, and on grid wall hanging over the parts counter that is

clearly visible as soon as the consumer steps into the building. As the consumer walks further,

they will notice a whole back half of the building that could not be seen from the front entrance.

As they continue their journey to the opposite end of the building, they find two more TV’s

playing a video to promote the ATV’s and side by sides in the back showroom including one

with two couches. This back room is not quite as inspiring as the rest of the building with its

concrete floors and boxes that line the walls making it difficult to see what accessories are

displayed near them. With better organization, the backroom could be greatly improved.

       The Superbike Shop does a good job of utilizing the servicescape to their advantage to

draw the attention of their target market. With all the eye-candy and TV’s inside the walls of the

Superbike Shop, a consumer could easily spend at least 30 minutes looking at all the models,

accessories, apparel, and watching the TV’s.

Inside the Facility


       Consumers who enter Big 4 Cycle and the Superbike Shop will notice a difference

between the levels of service provided at each business. The Superbike Shop uses its employees

as part of the servicescape to provide an optimum level of service. Within about 30 seconds

upon entering the door, Superbike Shop employees greet consumers. The opposite is true with

Big 4 Cycle. Consumers may walk around the store and leave without ever being greeted by

personnel even though a Big 4 Cycle employee will clearly see the customer but never initiate

         The Superbike Shop utilizes its employees as part of the servicescape to create an

enjoyable environment to purchase models, accessories, and/or apparel. Big 4 Cycle must not

see the advantage of this tactic but really needs to implement it if they want to stay competitive

in the Powersports Industry environment as customer service has been pushed hard the past few


My Servicescape

         The location of my Powersports company named Powerhouse Industries would be along

the east side of Burkhardt Road, where lots of new businesses are developing. This is a prime

location with easy access directly off Burkhardt Road. A large, light-up sign on the front of the

building stating “Powerhouse Industries” will greet consumers as they enter the parking lot. In

addition, the brands I sell will be in the form of light up signs that are smaller and below the sign

proclaiming the name of the company. Along the front of the building, glass windows will

display models, accessories, and apparel. The facility will not be a warehouse style building, but

a brick building that looks professional.

         As consumers enter the store, they will be greeted by an employee who can direct them if

they need assistance. A sign above the employee will point in the direction of different areas of

the store to also assist consumers. The consumer will not smell tires, gas, or oil but more like

they would find in a department store. Near the doorway, special edition or highly accessorized

models will greet consumers to get their minds thinking about Powersports. The floors will be

tiled to continue the professional appearance observed from the outside. Consumers will notice

lots of windows (even ones in the ceiling) to provide natural light to show the real colors on the

models. Consumers will find an area of casual apparel as they initially walk in with a TV

playing a video of riders on all types of motorcycles and ATV’s. As consumers walk further into
the building, they come into an open area that is organized based by motorcycles, ATV’s and

side by sides. Each of those is further divided up by the different brands making it easy for

consumers to find the model they wish to look at. Each section will have TV’s playing videos to

promote the brand and brochures will be neatly arranged on the wall behind the models.

Accessories will also be neatly displayed behind the models with fitment and pricing. Low-

pressure, well-trained sales associates will be present to answer any questions consumers may

have about different models and/or OEM promotions. In addition, a service counter will be at

the back of the room with a knowledgeable service employee for consumers with service

questions or to drop off their models for service work. This counter will be clearly marked to

make it easy to find. In addition, hanging down from the ceiling is another sign to point

consumers in the direction of various sections of the store.

       As consumers make their way to the next area, they will come upon the parts,

accessories, and riding apparel area. This area will also contain the cashier/parts counter with

employees and will be clearly marked so consumers can easily find it. This area will contain a

couple of TV’s playing videos of different aspects of the Powersports Industry to capture the

attention of consumers. In addition, there will be changing rooms for consumers to try on

apparel, and knowledgeable employees will be present to help consumers with any questions

they may have on parts, accessories, and apparel.

       My competitive advantages for Powerhouse Industries will be a prime location, well-

trained staff that is very customer oriented, building layout that makes products easy to find, and

attention grabbing characteristics such as TV’s and banners. As the Powersports Industry drives

more towards a customer-oriented industry, these competitive advantages will help to distinguish

Powerhouse Industries from the competition.
Building Layout

   Cashier &                      Fitting              Service
  Parts Counter                   Rooms                Counter

               Parts,                        Counter
             & Apparel

     Casual Apparel Room




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