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									Overview of Social Networks

Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn

Acknowledgements: Facebook Phenomenon Conference at NCSU 2007 and to Fred Stutzman, UNC PhD Research 2005-2006.

Welcome to Facebook
• Founded in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard University. • Late February, half of Harvard had registered.

• April expanded to Ivy League Colleges
• By December 2004, the number of registered users exceeded one million.

Welcome to Facebook
• As of February 2007, the number of registered users had grown to 18 million. • November 2007, 43 million of which 18 million were from U.S.
– 60% Facebook users from U.S. are female

Welcome to Facebook
• Created for college students, but has expanded to networks of companies, geographical regions, high schools, anyone.

Welcome to Facebook
• Users create personal profiles that contain: – photos – lists of interests and personal favorites – private or public messages – groups of friends and networks • The viewing of detailed profile data is restricted to users from the same network, group, or confirmed friends, and now a new subgroup “friends of friends.”

Overview of Social Networks
1. An “online community” is made up of individuals who have created a profile about themselves.
 The profile may or may not be accurate.


The community will have several tools available within the network – privacy controls, groups, messages, notes, friends, photos, viral video, feeds, profile information Many (300+) different sites with their own characteristics. MySpace, Friendster, Facebook, myYearbook


Facebook Incidence
• Fred Stutzman, UNC-CH • Studies on incoming freshmen 2005-06

How is Facebook Used?
• Hang out, play games • They use it as a directory • Making friends, meeting people
– What is a friend?

• Sharing common interests - groups • Coordinate group activities

Privacy Concerns
• Students are comfortable with sharing information. • Photo sharing
– 10,000 to 80,000 in photos in 7 weeks once it was introduced during fall semester – You can tag people in photos – Facebook claims to be largest photo sharing site

Time to Dive In!
• Login: facebook.com • My Privacy - set privacy settings • My Profile - upload photo, write some stuff about yourself • Search for people • Join CYFAR group • Write on a friend’s wall

Today we will make you the newest facebook user!

To begin creating your page Go to the Website:


Click on “Register” to create your account.

Fill in all of the Required Fields

Your account has been created!

Log-In to your E-mail account.

Click on link to confirm your registration. You will return to the Facebook website.

Start Designing your Facebook Profile
1. To find people to add as friends search your e-mail account. 2. If your search finds anyone, add them!

Joining your Facebook Networks
• To join a network you will need to have a valid email address for your company or college. • Your network affiliation is authenticated by that e-mail address. • You may belong to only one regional network.

Your Profile Picture and Verification:
1. Select a photo to represent you. Graphics and images are good choices too. 2. Upload your profile picture, 3. You can skip this step and wait until you have a photo that you want. 4. Verify your account if you choose to do so. 5. Click on “I’m all done”

Start Editing your Page
1. Click on “Edit My Profile”

2. You will now be able to add in your favorite things, quotes, ideas, and personal information that you would like others to know about you.

Editing your Profile

Save Changes and then click the “Contact” tab to continue.

Contact Information
• When choosing what information to put on your profile:
– Keep in mind that with any on-line web-page there are security risks. – Privacy Settings will be discussed shortly.

• Click on “Save Changes” and then the “Personal” tab.

Personal Information
You can add as much or as little information that you want. The choice is yours. Click on “Save Changes”, followed by clicking on “Education” to continue.

Education Information

• What University or High School did you attend? • Click on “Save Changes” followed by clicking on the “Work” tab to continue.

Work Information

Here you can insert your résumé.

Edit Your Profile Picture

You can return to this location whenever you want to change your profile picture.

Finding Your Friends
• Type in your hometown or a friends name and click on “Search”. • Your search will bring up any results. • When you find someone you would like to add click on “Add to Friends”.

Finding Your Friends

• Type in the Security Check code. • Click “Add (Name) as Your Friend”.

You can also add other CYFAR conference participants!!!


Click on “My Privacy”.

• There are many security controls that you can activate on Facebook. • You will be shown the basic security measures that you can take.

Click on “Profile” to begin.

• Here is a small portion of the “Profile” section. • Select which portions of your profile you want to be viewable by choosing:
– Only my friends – All my networks and all of my friends – Some of my networks and all of my friends

Click on “Save” when done.

• Click on each section in “My Privacy” and assign your security settings to levels that you are comfortable with. • Each section has clear explanations for you.

Joining a Group
• There are countless groups with virtually every special interest avenue that you can imagine. • Today you will join the CYFAR group. • Type in CYFAR and click on “Search Groups”.

Joining a Group
Click on “Request to Join Group”. Today you have just successfully started your Facebook profile, added your friends, and joined the CYFAR group!!!

Want to Know More?
For more information! – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facebook • All information given for this presentation was found using Wikipedia and www.facebook.com

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