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Aloette Hostess Rewards Just For You_


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									                       Aloette Hostess Rewards Just For You!
    You’ve called all your friends and planned a Fabulous party…
    Now let’s see what YOU get for being a very special Aloette Hostess.

    Hosting a party is so easy! You simply invite people you know—family, friends,
    co-workers, neighbors– for an exclusive Aloette Show.
    Plus!, You’ll earn fabulous rewards. Here’s How!

    Shopping Spree!
    (For Qualifying Shows of $300 Retail or more)

    The higher your total retail sales, the higher your Glamour & Body
    Products Shopping Spree!

            Guest Purchases        Shopping Spree          Hostess Pick
                $300 - $399          $150 for $19.95            1
                $400 - $499          $200 for $22.95            1
                $500 - $599          $250 for $29.95            2
                $600 - $699          $300 for $34.95            2
                $700 - $799          $350 for $39.95            2
                $800 - $899          $400 for $45.95            3
                $900 - $999          $450 for $51.95            3
                  $1000+             $500 for $59.95            4

    Booking Rewards!
    Extend your Shopping Spree Opportunity! The more Shows that are booked at your show, the more
    your Glamour & Body Product Shopping Spree.

                    Booking            Shopping Spree
                       1st                $50 for $12.50
                       2nd                $75 for $16.95
                       3rd               $100 for $19.95

                                                                          Ready to get started?
                                                                          Call your Aloette Beauty Consultant today to
                                                                          schedule your Show. Find out how you can take
                                                                          advantage of these fabulous hostess
                                                                          benefits….and let the fun begin!
                                                  Hostess Picks


    Party in Pink – A soft touch compact containing a full size
    lipstick in a tube, three eye shades and one blush. The Party
    in Pink shades are fun, flirty and feminine. $14.95
                                                                                                         7pc-Brush Set
    7pc-Brush Set - Tools for the perfect application are at
    your fingertips. $14.95                                             Party in Pink

    Organic Sugar Scrub - A revitalizing full body therapy
    that penetrates skin cells with essential oils of sunflower, lav-
    ender, jojoba and organic orange oil. $14.95

    Lumitone HP– This skin brightening serum is enriched
    with multiple peptides bringing luminescence to your skin.

    Laced in Beauty – Six elegant eye shades and two comple-
    mentary blushes, talc free and vitamin infused, encased in a            Organic Sugar Scrub
    sophisticated black lace compact $14.95

    Cellular Correcting Complex (C-3) - This anti-aging
    breakthrough contains Retinex, a patented vitamin A peptide
    brought to the market by Aloette. This serum will reduce
    wrinkles, improve skin smoothness and enhance skin tone
                                                                                                     Lumitone HP
    without irritation. $14.95

    Micro Mini-This soft touch compact with mirror contains
    six eye powders for shadow and liner and two brick blushes.

                                                                                           Laced in Beauty

                                          Micro Mini                          C-3

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