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									Twitter 101
Christy Hammond

What is Twitter?
 Micro-blogging Platform
 140 character limit in each tweet  Originally started as a “What are you doing” social media platform (think just Facebook’s status updates), but now it’s much more  Over 6 million users  Started in 2006

Twitter Usage
 Median Age: 31  19% of online adults 1824  20% of online adults 2534  Slightly more diverse & more urban than general population

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Basic Twitter Terms
DM - direct message
RT - retweet #topic - hashtag used for threads

@username - reply to another user
 - a website that shortens the URL so you can fit it in your tweet

Twitter and the News
 Great for breaking news & providing unique content
 US Airways crash
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 Mumbai attacks
 Inauguration Day  Presidential Debates

Reporters Using Twitter
 Rick Sanchez - CNN anchor (link)  John A. Byrne - BusinessWeek Editor-in-Chief (link)  Jim Schacter - NYT Digital Initiatives Editor (link)  Julio Ojeda-Zapata - Technology Writer/Columnist for St. Paul Pioneer Press (link)  Colonel Tribune - Chicago Tribune ambassador (link)

Example: Ron Sylvester
 Court Reporter for the Wichita Eagle  Tweets about jury selection, comments made during the trial and more  On Feb. 24, federal judge approved him tweeting during a case  Newspaper website inserted his Twitter feed on his blog (What the Judge Ate for Breakfast)  Follow him @rsylvester  Over 800 followers

Twitter & Social Media Branding
 Comcast Cares (link)
 Customer Service  Giving a personal face (Frank Eliason) to the brand  Resulted in plenty of media attention (link)

 Dell (link)
 Offered a special holiday promotion  Got over $1 million in sales

 Methods: Prize Giveaways, Unique Content (pictures, stories, links), etc.  Top 40 Brands on Twitter (link)

Personal Branding
Make connections with people in your field
Show that you know your stuff

Point you to articles and blog posts you wouldn’t have found otherwise
Gives you an online presence (i.e. if a prospective employee googles you)

Sports & Twitter
 Athletes: Shaquille O’Neal, Lance Armstrong, Natalie Gulbis  Teams: Detroit Red Wings, Phoenix Suns, San Diego Chargers, SF Giants  Leagues: PGA, IndyCar  Schools: University of Iowa, University of Michigan  Super Bowl Twitter Usage (link)

How to Use Twitter Effectively
 Focus on quality, not quantity  Promote your blog posts, ideas  Interact (most important)
 Ask Questions  Retweet other people’s interesting tweets  Share links to articles & blog posts

 Don’t spam people or use auto DM feature  Don’t share too much personal info (avoid stating what you had for breakfast, etc.)

Why should you tweet?
If you want to go into a communications career, knowing social media is becoming increasingly important. Can develop your personal brand Makes you practice writing concisely Opens your eyes to new topics & reading materials

How do I get started?
Go to
Sign up for an account Create a bio, upload an avatar, and select a background Start tweeting After you have some tweets up, start following people

How do I know who to follow?
Search Twitter for names or brands Use directories like to find users with similar interests & hobbies (ie. CNN, hockey, social media, etc.) 50 people to follow to help with your job search You can follow me @ behindthejersey

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