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									California State Long Beach Journalism alumni magazine                           Winter 2009

                                                              Mike and Marc
                                                         Altieri are making their
                                                          marks on the lucrative
                                                           Southern California
                                                         sports marketing scene
                                                           Mike Altieri (top) is vice president for
                                                         communications and broadcast for the
                                                          Los Angeles Kings; brother Mark (far
                                                         left) works with athletes and celebrities
                                                                 for Leader Enterprises.
inside                                                                          Winter 2009

          4                                                                                18
  Newsroom                                                                           A talented
  makeover                                                                            faculty
Department chair Raul                                                             The Journalism faculty
 Reis has the details                                                              bring to the classroom

                                                                                  an intelligent balance of
                                                                                       academic and
                                                                                  professional credentials
Election Night
  at the 49er                                                                              20
  Students gather to        Ready to go                                              Where are
cover one of the most
historic stories of their   In the final, anxious moments at General                 they now?

      generation            Motors headquarters in Detroit, the Cal
                            State Long Beach public relations team

                                                                                   Alumni notes to catch
                            waits to present their project to the panel              up with people and
                            of Bateman judges. The team finished in                classmates from your
    Faculty                 second place. From left to right, Taryn Grows,
                            Geoff Kutnick, Monica Bolds, Adrian Marquez
                                                                                     days at The Beach

    partners                and Armando Vazquez-Ramos.

Three professors reach
out and touch the lives
      of students

 Altieri brothers make
  their mark in sports

 Lee Brown
reading room
                            In focus
  Help finance a new
                            Journalism Day 2008 drew a capacity crowd of students and faculty to
reading room and honor
                            Beach Auditorium at the University Student Union. Daily 49er photo
  a favorite professor
Winter 2009                                                                                 Beach Byline / 3
                                                                                                                                  Letter from the Chair
California State Long Beach Journalism alumni magazine                           Winter 2009

                                                                                                      Some good news
                                                                                                      The newsroom is getting new equipment and our PR
                                                                                                      students finish second in a national competition
                                                         Brother!                                     By Raul Reis                                           comes in recognition of the superb
                                                                                                                                                             job being done by our PR instructors,
                                                              Mike and Marc
                                                         Altieri are making their
                                                          marks on the lucrative

                                                                                                          Happy 2009! As department                          and as an acknowledgment that a more
                                                           Southern California
                                                         sports marketing scene

                                                                                                      chair, it’s my pleasure to welcome                     structured public relations emphasis
                                                           Mike Altieri (top) is vice president for
                                                         communications and broadcast for the
                                                          Los Angeles Kings; brother Mark (far
                                                         left) works with athletes and celebrities
                                                                 for Leader Enterprises.

                                                                                                      all alumni, students, faculty and                      will better prepare our students for
                                                                                                      department friends to a new year                       jobs in integrated communications
                                                                                                      at The Beach. We are looking                           and global communications in the 21st
                                                                                                      at some exciting and promising                         century.
                                                                                                      times ahead, and I have some                               Actually, “Global Media, Global
                                                                                                      great news to share with all of you.            Citizens” is also the theme of our upcoming
                                                                                                          The College of Liberal Arts and the         Journalism Day. You will find the coverage
Beach Byline is Cal State                                                                             University administration have reaffirmed       of J-Day 2008 (See page 15), which focused
                                                                                                      their commitment to the Daily 49er and          on “Politics and the Media,” and learn more
Long Beach’s Journalism
                                                                                                      DIG magazine by pledging to purchase new        about our 2009 program, scheduled for
alumni magazine                                                                                       computers, printers, scanners and software      Tuesday, April 28. J-Day will emphasize how
                                                                                                      for the publications. CLA has pledged to        interconnected we all are, and how aware of
Judith Frutig                                                                                         contribute more than half of the $20,000+       international affairs journalists and public
Editor                                                                                                needed to revamp the newsroom equipment,        relations practitioners must be in order to
                                                                                                      with Student Services, Provost’s Office and     succeed in a globalized world.
Gary Metzker and                                                                                      President’s Office committed to help with           As you pencil J-Day onto your calendars,
Danny Paskin                                                                                          considerable amounts as well.                   you can also schedule our upcoming (first
Design                                                                                                    In addition, the Daily 49er recently won    ever) Journalism and Public Relations Careers
                                                                                                      an Alumni Grant that allowed the paper to       Day, which will take place on Monday, March
                                                                                                      purchase new digital video equipment. With      2. Co-sponsored by the Lagrant Foundation
Judith Frutig, Barbara                                                                                the new cameras, digital recorders and now      and Southern California Edison, this event
Kingsley-Wilson, Peter                                                                                new computers, the student publications have    will bring mass media professionals and
Larsen, Joni Ramirez,                                                                                 been able to produce outstanding multimedia     prospective employers to campus to discuss
Raul Reis, Rolando                                                                                    news packages, which are giving our students    job opportunities with our students to show
Rodriguez                                                                                             a much-needed professional edge as they         them the realities of the marketplace.
Contributors                                                                                          prepare to enter the job market.                    Finally, 2009 and 2010 will be very
                                                                                                          In another bit of good news, thanks to a    important years for the Department of
Contact                                                                                               generous $5,000 gift by an anonymous donor,     Journalism’s institutional and organizational
                                                                                                      the Department of Journalism is kicking         well-being. This spring, we’ll be going
Chair: Dr. Raul Reis
                                                                                                      off a gift-matching campaign to transform       through a rigorous internal assessment that
Email:                                                                                our current study room into the Lee Brown       will culminate in the kick-off of our ACEJMC
Phone: 562.985.2257                                                                                   Journalism Reading Room. The facility will      accreditation process in the fall. As part of
Fax: 562.985.5300                                                                                     honor a much-beloved instructor and adviser     our internal assessment, which is conducted
                                                                                                      by providing a well-appointed and well-         by a university-wide committee, we’ll
Address                                                                                               equipped room where students will be able       produce a detailed self-study that will show
Department of                                                                                         to read, study, congregate and meet for group   all the great work the students and the faculty
Journalism                                                                                            projects. (See page 13 for more information).   are doing.
1250 Bellflower Blvd.,                                                                                    You’ll also find on these pages a story         Every member of the faculty is engaged
                                                                                                      about the success of our Public Relations       in the internal assessment and accreditation
                                                                                                      students at the most recent Bateman national    process, and we are proud to be putting
Long Beach, CA. 90840                                                                                 competition held in May 2008. This group of     together a comprehensive report that
                                                                                                      five very talented students won second place    documents the outstanding accomplishments
Web site                                                                                              in this prestigious competition, defeating 75   of our students, instructors and alumni.                                                                              teams from the top Public Relations programs        Remember that the main purpose of
                                                                                                      from colleges and universities across the       this magazine is to keep open channels
Story ideas?                                                                                          country. (See page 6).                          of communication between you and the
Please e-mail stories                                                                                     The success of the Bateman team provides    department. We are always excited to receive
and alumni notes to                                                                                   the perfect introduction to another exciting    your updates, feedback, comments and
                                                                                                      announcement. The Journalism faculty has        suggestions. So, after you finish reading this
Judith Frutig at
                                                                                                      recently approved a proposal to revive the      issue, please take a few minutes to let us                                                                                  Public Relations emphasis. This decision        know how you’re doing!
4 / Beach Byline                                                                                                                                                                        Winter 2009
night at the..
By Barbara Kingsley-              often for its website, www.
Wilson                   Online editor
                                  Mike Plaza began early that
    Editors like to say there’s   day capturing video and
no news in a newsroom. But        photo images for the web.
on Election Night 2008, the           Photo editor Chay Chhuon
Daily 49er was a central          showed up at the Nugget with
hub on the Cal State Long         his Nikon in plenty of time to
Beach campus as its student       capture the anticipation of a
staff geared up to report         college crowd, whose hopes
the outcome of the historic       were clearly pinned on the
presidential race between         man from Illinois. Reporter
senators Barack Obama and         Sandra Siagian, an exchange
John McCain.                      student from Australia, sat at
    Student editors and           a back table and tapped out
reporters rallied to cover one    quotes and reaction on her
of the most historic stories      laptop.
of their generation for the           A few seconds after
10,000 readers of the student-    8 p.m., television outlets
run daily and for thousands       announced one-by-one that
more who turn to the Forty-       California exit polls indicated
Niner on the web.                 Barack Obama would be the
    As so often happens           44th President-elect of the
during monumental news            United States. Adrenaline-
events, journalists’ thoughts     driven 49er journalists
turned to … food. Gary            rushed to record the campus
Metzker and I, the faculty        response.
advisers, remembered from             “The room just erupted
our own election nights at        with cheering,” Siagian
the Los Angeles Times and         recalled. Some people urged
Orange County Register            her to join the party, but she
that well-fed journalists are     stayed on the story, sending
happy and productive ones.        e-mail feeds that were posted
So we brought in pizza and        on the online editions and
barbeque ribs.                    headlined in the print edition
    As the sun set, reporters     of the Wednesday morning
and photographers fanned          paper.
across campus in search of            Editor-in-Chief Colleen                           Daily 49er photos by Chay Chhuon and Michael Yee
student reactions. They went      Donnelly took a quick break        From top, long lines of student voters were a big part
to the dorms, the University      to instant message her sister      of the Daily 49er election coverage; 49er editors watch
Student Union (USU)               in Germany, where it was           election results on CNN; adviser Gary Metzker (right)
and the Nugget grill (as          about 4 a.m. “Obama won!”          works on the front page with a designer.
always the heart of campus        she wrote, urging her sister
entertainment), where big         to wake up her suitemates.        stories, following the waves     and reaction video onto
screen TVs, usually tuned to      “That’s great!” her sister        of reaction to the election      the website until 3 a.m.
football and baseball, were       replied from a continent          news. Donnelly and the           Wednesday before rolling
showing early results as East     away.                             editors hurried to put the       into bed to prepare for
Coast polls began to close.           Minutes later, Donnelly       print edition to bed before      classes, and post-election
    The 49er, like newspapers     and Plaza were on the move        the 11 p.m. print deadline,      stories in another deadline-
worldwide, is increasingly        across campus, capturing          but Plaza’s night had just       driven day in the life of
focused on filing early and       more video, updating their        begun. He uploaded stories       the 49er.
Winter 2009                                                                                                       Beach Byline / 5
  ‘‘This recognition establishes us once
         again as a top program.’’

Long Beach State’s ‘‘Survive the Drive’’ team gather around an SUV at Jackie Robinson Academy in Long Beach.
The Bateman team (from left): Geoff Kutnick, Taryn Grows, instructor Joni Ramirez, Monica Bolds, Armando
Vazquez-Ramos and Adrian Marquez.

They combined hard work and a                                   oni Ramirez has taught in the Journalism
smart P.R. strategy. This group                                 Department since 1998 but this was her first time
                                                                as a team faculty adviser. As part of her teaching
of public relations students took second               responsibilities, she was set to coach the five-member
place in the prestigious Bateman competi-

                                                       Bateman team representing the CSULB chapter of the Public
                                                       Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). From the
tion and they showed they were . . .                   beginning of the semester, she saw her students’ potential for
                                                           The annual Bateman competition draws student teams from
                                                       major universities across America. It is a high-stakes rivalry
                                                       created in 1973 by the Public Relations Society of America
                                                       (PRSA) that tests the ability of public relations students to apply
                                                       the analytical skills and tactics they learn in the classroom to a
                                                       public relations campaign for a real-world client.
                                                           “The Bateman Competition is the most important
                                                       national venue for public relations students,” said Journalism
6 / Beach Byline                                                                                          Winter 2009
Chair Raul Reis. “This                                                                            experience that each member
year’s competition included                                                                       brought to the various phases
teams from 76 universities                                                                        of research, planning and
including a veritable ‘Who’s                                                                      execution.
Who’ in higher education.”                                                                            Reis sees their success
    The focus of the                                                                              as an outgrowth of the
2008 competition was a                                                                            Journalism faculty’s
car safety campaign to                                                                            academic expertise and
promote General Motors                                                                            real-world experience. He
and Safe Kids Buckle Up.                                                                          points to the Department’s
The CSULB team created                                                                            ability to draw from a
a “Survive the Drive”                                                                             rich field of professionals
campaign and aimed it at                                                                          working in Southern
‘tweens (teenagers between                                                                        California’s public relations
the ages of 11 and 14).                                                                           community. The result,
    To make it both fun and                                                                       Reis added, is a faculty that
measureable, the university                                                                       “offers students not only
partnered with Long Beach’s                                                                       knowledge, information and
Jackie Robinson Academy           On the grounds of the Long Beach Memorial Medical               real-life experience but the
to create a “Survivor”-           Center / Miller Children’s Hospital, a team member              opportunity to network.’’
style obstacle course, using      holds the doll named Malibu.                                        To Ramirez, these
General Motors vehicles.                                                                          practical skills are among
They set up four stations         Michigan, the University of    said. “To be on the team that    the most important
offering tips for safe driving.   Georgia and the University     brought CSULB back to the        resources CSULB offers
At station one, a Chevrolet       of Florida. We hadn’t placed   top three was very fulfilling.   public relations students.
dealership offered an             in the top three in quite a    I almost didn’t believe it       “Students come out of this
OnStar-equipped vehicle. At       while and we all think our     when I first heard.”             department knowing how
station two, the Long Beach       students really deserve            Vazquez-Ramos said           to write a press release,
Police Department provided        recognition for representing   their success came from          how to develop a media list
a patrol car showing the          us so well.”                   two basic factors. “First,       and all the things they need
importance of sitting in the          For Ramirez, it was        we really thought outside        to know in the field,” she
back seat. At station three,      a smooth ride cushioned        of the box,” he said. “The       said. “Other universities
a trauma nurse from Long          by hard work and a smart       whole team was committed         are more theoretical. They
Beach’s Miller Children’s         public relations strategy.     110 percent to making            learn history, not tactics.
Hospital explained the            “The `Survive the Drive’       our campaign unique and          This recognition establishes
importance of booster seats.      campaign reached ‘tweens       engaging to our target           us once again as a top
At station four, Enterprise       about vehicle safety in        audience. Second, we were        program.”
Rent-a-Car provided two           a way that was fun and         all motivated by our amazing         The Bateman award was
vehicles showing proper           measurable,” she said,         coach Joni Ramirez.”             presented in October at the
seatbelt use.                     “but it also promoted their        Ramirez serves as            annual PRSSA meeting in
    “One reason we were           clients, General Motors        vice president, health, for      Detroit. First place went
recognized,” Ramirez said,        and Safe Kids Buckle Up,       the Los Angeles office of        to New Orleans’ Loyola
“was the way we could             better than any of the other   Edelman public relations,        University; in third place was
measure the before-and-           finalists. I remember one      and she knew about the           Texas Christian University.
after reactions of more than      of the GM judges telling us    Bateman competition from         “Loyola has consistently
300 students and show how         she smiled during the entire   her own experience as an         finished in the top three for
their attitudes changed about     presentation.”                 undergraduate. She was a         the past 10 years,” Ramirez
vehicle safety and GM.                Ramirez congratulated      member of the first CSULB        said, “so we are proud to
Student feedback was very         team members Monica            team to enter – and win – in     have rejoined their ranks
positive.”                        Bolds, Taryn Grows, Geoff      1994, the same year she          after several years of not
    It was so positive that the   Kutnick, Adrian Marquez        earned her Bachelor of Arts      being a top team.”
team was invited to Detroit       and Armando Vazquez-           degree in journalism.                CSULB’s most recent
in May as one of only three       Ramos. To Vazquez-Ramos,           Ask Vazquez-Ramos to         top-three finish came in
teams competing in the            their win was the high         describe the team’s biggest      2001 under the leadership of
finals. “They wound up            point of his undergraduate     strength and he will tell        Professor Emma Daugherty-
taking second place,” Reis        experience. “This is           you it was their diversity,      Phillingane. “The pressure
said, “defeating teams from       something that hasn’t been     in terms of ethnicity and        is on to do even better in
places like the University of     done in quite some time,” he   background, and also the         2009,” Ramirez said.
Winter 2009                                                                                                  Beach Byline / 7
         partners for success
    Hitting your stride at any university
is a challenge for every student and
                                            in the Partners for Success mentoring
                                                                                          personal and academic commitment,
                                                                                          cultural issues, time management, skill
Cal State Long Beach recognizes                 Partners for Success is a campus-         development, career planning – and
this. Since 2004, four Journalism           wide service program that matches             their own, individual sense of what is
professors, Jennifer Fleming (starting      volunteer faculty with new students           Beach pride.
in 2004), Chris Burnett (2006),             who need encouragement and a little              As of December 2008, more than
Emma Daugherty-Phillingane (2006)           boost, and the Journalism faculty is          three dozen journalism students have
and Chris Karadjov (2007) have              recognized for its unusually high rate        benefited from one-on-one relationships
documented more than 1,000 one-on-          of participation.                             with our four participating faculty
one contact hours with first-generation         Faculty members assist mentees            members in the department.
students who have chosen to participate     in finding a good balance between                They all have a story worth telling.

People make                                                                                                               student,
                                                                                                                          who ar-
the place                                                                                                                 rived as a
                                                                                                                          freshman at
By Jennifer Fleming                                                                                                       the age of
                                                                                                                          51. Duke
   Think back to when you                                                                                                 has carved
were at Long Beach State.                                                                                                 a unique
   You might remember                                                                                  Prof. Karadjov niche on
a few interesting courses,                                                                                              campus as
but your most vivid memo-                                                                              the Opinions Editor with the
ries likely came from your                                                                             Daily 49er. It may be out of
interactions and experiences                                                                           the ordinary to mentor some-
with people. Whether they                                                                              one who is older than you,
were fellow students, or                                                                               but I see my relationship
your favorite professors, it is                                                                        Duke more as a partnership
my belief that people make                                                                             between news professionals
the place.                                                                                             than as a traditional teacher-
   Partners for Success                                                      Mike Plaza / Daily 49er
                                                                                                       to-student mentorship. Duke
allows me to be that go-to        Professor Fleming with Partners for Success student                  is committed to everything
person for students, most of      Alfred Garcia, a junior in Chicano and Latino Studies.               he does. We share vigorous
them first-generation college                                                                          discussions about current
students, who would like a        ship opportunities. We also    The non-                              events and news industry
helping hand and open ear         talk about how to balance                                            developments.
as they navigate their way        personal, professional and     traditionalists                           Ivana Karapandzic came
towards graduation.               academic commitments, or                                             to the United States from
   Since 2004, I’ve worked        hot topics in the news, the    By Christopher Karajov                Serbia at the age of 4. She
with more than 20 Partners        latest blockbuster mov-                                              was not the first in her fam-
for Success students from         ies and interesting books         As a mentor since 2007,            ily to attend college – her
a variety of backgrounds. I       we’ve read.                    I have worked with several            mother is an accomplished
meet my “Partner’s students”         As a result, my Partners    students, but two stick out in        biochemistry professor at
several times a semester to       for Success students become    my mind.                              University of California, San
discuss courses, graduate         more than just students to        Duke Rescola is a first-           Diego - but Ivana had a dif-
school strategies and intern-     me, they become friends.       generation, non-traditional           ferent set of challenges. She
8 / Beach Byline                                                                                                      Winter 2009
was interested in theater and                                                                         Looking to life
journalism, which means
she approached a crossroads
                                                                                                      after graduation
in terms of her job search                                                                            By Emma Daugherty-
more than once. When she                                                                              Phillingane
graduated last May, I sup-
ported her decision to move                                                                               Mentoring students is
to New York City, where                                                                               probably the most reward-
she is working as a theater                                                                           ing aspect of my work here
critic and, at the same time,                                                                         at CSULB. The Partners for
auditioning for various stage                                                                         Success Program provides
roles. My mentorship contin-                                                                          an opportunity for faculty to
ues long-distance.                                                                                    work closely with students,
    Two students carving out                                                                          helping them succeed aca-
their own, uniquely creative     Professor Daugherty-Phillingane donated textbooks to                 demically and in their chosen
communication careers, one       public relations students Bree Cahey (left) and Tanya                profession. For me, this
mentor learning from both        Roberts (right).                                                     year has been an especially
of them, three Partners for                                                                           rewarding. Of my 14 student
Success.                                                                                              Partners, four of them – Bree
                                                                                                      Cahey, Sheena Curry, Bruno
Who can measure                                                                                       Guerra, and Tanya Roberts –
the determination                                                                                     are Journalism students.
                                                                                                          Each student in the Part-
to succeeed?                                                                                          ners Program has different
                                                                                                      needs. For some, I attend
By Christopher Burnett                                                                                conferences with their profes-
                                                                                                      sors, help them pick general
    Over the past two and                                                                             education classes, assist in
half years, my participation                                                                          selecting a major, and ac-
in Partners for Success has                                                                           company them to Academic
changed the way I view all                                                                            Advising. Others focus
CSULB students. In my                                                                                 solely on academics, and I’ve
first few years, I was adviser                                                                        arranged tutors and study
to the Daily 49er and Dig                                                                             sessions to help them achieve
Magazine, so in entering the                                                                          their chosen grades.
program as a faculty mentor                                                                               My most advanced stu-
in August 2006, I thought I                                                                           dents are focused on life after
had a pretty good idea of the                                                                         graduation. I assist them
challenges faced by first-gen-                                                                        with resumes, cover letters,
eration students. Little from                                                                         and portfolios; write recom-
those experiences prepared                                                                            mendation letters in support
me for what I found.                                                                                  of their grad school applica-
    I’d like to think I have                                                                          tions; nominate them for
been a good mentor, but who                                                                           awards; and help them find
can measure the determina-                                                  Mike Plaza / Daily 49er   internships and jobs.
tion to succeed? And who         Professor Burnett celebrates Raul Preciado’s election to                 Tanya Roberts, who has
can calculate the role fate      the Associated Student Senate.                                       been in the Partners Program
plays in our lives? In No-                                                                            for three years, is look-
vember, one of my Partners       however, was senseless.         students, I learn from all of        ing forward to beginning a
students, junior civil engi-     Likewise, I’d like to think I   them - not just about their          sought-after internship at
neering major Jose Pacheco,      played a role in helping Raul   hopes, dreams and challeng-          Long Beach Memorial Medi-
20, died in a car crash. He      Preciado in his successful      es, but how all of our lives         cal Center in the spring. My
had spent his first semesters    election to the Associated      intertwine.                          Journalism Partners were par-
here on academic probation,      Students Senate, and Julio          Sometimes we succeed;            ticularly rewarded this year,
and I’d like to think I played   Salgado, a journalism major,    sometimes we don’t. But we           as I was able to gift each of
a role in his rising GPA. The    whose dream is to be a writer   keep moving, and working             them a library of Journalism
truth is that his achievement    and cartoonist.                 to make a difference with the        and Public Relations text-
was his own. His death,             Mentoring my Partner’s       time we have.                        books for their own use.
Winter 2009                                                                                                      Beach Byline / 9
                                                         Cover Story
                                                                                                        and Dr. William Mulligan,
                                                                                                        remember the brothers as
                                                                                                        standouts in public relations
                                                                                                        and Media Law. Mike Altieri
                                                                                                        was quiet, competitive and
                                                                                                        consistent. Marc Altieri
                                                                                                        challenged them in ways
                                                                                                        that elevated the learning
                                                                                                        environment. “It was evident
                                                                                                        to me as a professor that
                                                                                                        these two young men had
                                                                                                        a great deal of drive and
                                                                                                        the talent to make it,” says
                                                                                                        Daugherty-Phillingane. “We
                                                                                                        still use a crisis plan Marc
                                                                                                        developed as a model for our
                                                                                                        public relations classes.” In
                                                                                                        conversations with Beach
                                                                                                        Byline, the Altieris talked
                                                                                                        about their campus days and
                                                                                                        offered a rare look inside
                                                                                                        sports marketing.
Marc Altieri (second from left) briefs hip hop singer Kanye West (third from left) before
a Motorola event at Superbowl XL in Detroit. Marc graduated from CSULB in 1997.

All in the                                                                                              M        ike Altieri is in his
                                                                                                                 14th season with

                                                                                                        the Kings, responsible for
                                                                                                        overseeing all aspects of
                                                                                                        communications, media
                                                                                                        relations, broadcasting and
                                                                                                        Web site operations. On
                                                                                                        game days, he arrives at 8
                                                                                                        a.m. to read the newspapers,
by Judith Frutig                                                                                        and online news about NHL
                                                                                                        teams around the league.
Call them the Beach Brothers. They are two public                                                       Before most Southern
                                                                                                        Californians finish breakfast,
relations alums, who grew up in the South Bay. Both                                                     he has established the Kings’
are making waves in Southern California’s lucrative                                                     story lines of the day.
sports marketing industry.                                                                                  At 10:30, the media
                                                                                                        is already calling. “It’s a

M         ike Altieri (B.A.,
          1992) is vice
president of communications
                                 Taylor Made Golf, Toyota,
                                 and Motorola, but doesn’t
                                 stop there.
                                                                     whether I was paid or not.”
                                                                         Some people go to college
                                                                     for a degree. Some look for
                                                                                                        very social environment,”
                                                                                                        Altieri says. “We get them
                                                                                                        to understand our message
and broadcasting for the              Neither do the Altieris. For   a field to fit into. The Altieri   points and get the message
Los Angeles Kings, and any       both of them, sports are a way      brothers found a journalism-       material,” meaning statistics,
media person who wants to        of life. “My feeling is that        public relations program that,     game notes and a daily
cover this NHL team has to       hockey is the most exciting         as Marc said, “tapped into me      information packet about
come through his office. His     live sport there is,” Mike says,    and what I am.”                    players and coaches.
brother, Marc Altieri (B.A.,     “not football, not baseball, not        Over years of building             After practice, Altieri’s
1997) is vice president of       basketball, but hockey. The         separate, successful sports        staff holds a 30-minute
marketing communications         best thing about my career is       marketing careers, the             session for beat reporters.
for Leader Enterprises, a        that it’s a fun job.”               brothers have stayed close to      “They meet with the coaches
sports public relations firm         “I’m a sports fan by            Cal State Long Beach. Two          and players. We make
in Seal Beach with a client      nature,” Marc adds. “I’m            journalism professors, Emma        sure they’re available for
list that starts with DirecTV,   doing something I’d do              Daugherty-Phillingane              questions and interviews.”
10 / Beach Byline                                                                                                      Winter 2009
                                                         Cover Story
    By 4 p.m., Altieri is at
Staples Center. He doesn’t
get home until 11:30. “It’s
a lot of high level energy,”
Altieri says. “The online
world has changed the pace
of professional hockey. We’re
forging new relationships.”
    New media has opened
digital doors to sports
bloggers. “We’ve created
our own Website to cover
the team,” says Altieri,
who wants Kings fans to
go to to get
information straight from the
source. “Hockey fans know
they can get information on
our site.” It offers immediate
access, “but fans know it’s
from the team. They want
new stories but they don’t
want them filtered.”              Mike Altieri answers questions from reporters at a Los Angeles Kings press confer-
                                  ence. Mike graduated from CSULB in 1992.
                                  trusts that you’re not trying to   shoots. “He and I got to be       and, “people took it as an

M        arc Altieri’s mornings
         start at 8:30 in the
Seal Beach offices of Leader
                                  manipulate their story.” She
                                  found “a quack medical guy”
                                  from Stony Brook University,
                                                                     pretty tight,” Altieri says, “I
                                                                     probably should write a book
                                                                     about what went on behind
                                                                                                       admission of guilt,” Altieri
                                                                                                       says. “Now they’re saying
                                                                                                       he’ll never get into the Hall
Enterprises. First order of       who made comparisons               the scenes.”                      of Fame. It’s too bad.”
business: sift through emails     between Power Plate and                Those were McGwire’s
from East Coast clients and       work place vibrations. “You        “glory days” and Altieri
address overnight media
needs, then meetings with key
staff people. “We make sure
                                  know, tractors,” he says.
                                  “She told me she had. I said,
                                  ‘There’s a world of difference
                                                                     fielded phone calls from as
                                                                     far as the Vatican. The Pope
                                                                     asked to meet McGwire
                                                                                                       M       ike was the first
                                                                                                               Altieri to enroll. He
                                                                                                       was 25 and had worked in
the dominoes are set up,” he      between calibrated vibrations      during his American tour          the aerospace industry for
says.                             and a jackhammer.’ ”               and Altieri arranged it. Then     five years. “I made a huge
    At 11 a.m., client               Altieri’s afternoons focus      came the steroid scandal, the     decision to go back to school
conference calls begin. He        on client meetings and new         Senate hearings, and behind-      fulltime. I kept my head
writes press releases and         business; he usually works         the-scenes negotiations.          down and decided to get my
directs projects and every        until 6 p.m. Every month, he       Altieri’s advice to McGwire       degree as quickly as I could.”
day is different. One of his      spends considerable time in        was different from what his          His goal was 18 months.
most frustrating was the day      the field, working with each       lawyers were saying. “He          He carried 15 units a
the Associated Press was          of his clients.                    never told us one way or          semester, and signed up for
interested in a story about          Some of his highest —           another, but we counseled         every summer and winter
Power Plate, a fitness product    and lowest — days came             him to protect his legacy.        session class he could find.
that works with calibrated        earlier in his career, when        Altieri told McGwire,             “I had no idea where I was
vibrations. “I worked with        he represented former St.          “People understand that           going. My goal was to find
the reporter, gave her good       Louis Cardinals slugger            athletes are human and            opportunities to grow into a
information from unbiased         Mark McGwire. Altieri was          fallible.” He warned              career in professional sports.”
doctors,” he says, “- soup to     an account executive for Hill      McGwire that he was in for           In his senior year, Altieri
nuts information, contacts        and Knowlton, and McGwire          “a rugged couple months,”         got to know a fellow student,
who were familiar with            came to them in 1998 during        but implored him, “Don’t          who was interning with the
technology, people who could      the race to break Roger Maris’     plead the Fifth. If you say       California Angels. These
talk about why they liked it or   home run record. Altieri           something positive, you’ll        were the days before the
not.” A good reporter “takes      screened media requests and        come out better.” At the          curriculum included an
time to hear you out and          accompanied him to photo           end, McGuire made the plea        internship class and Altieri
Winter 2009                                                                                                      Beach Byline / 11
                                                          Cover Story
was intrigued. “He opened          “luck of the draw.” He said                                          best friend in the world,”
my eyes to the fact that
internships were available
with major sports teams.”
                                   to himself, “I love sports.
                                   Writing and speaking comes
                                   easy. I want to go back to
                                                                      A     sk either brother and
                                                                            the answer is the same:
                                                                      the big benefit from CSULB
                                                                                                        Marc says. “I can’t even
                                                                                                        express it enough. We are
                                                                                                        different yet very similar.”
    His friend invited him to      school.” He enrolled in the        was learning the principles,      He describes Mike as “easy
a public relations seminar         public relations program.          writing and infrastructure of     going. He doesn’t rustle
and one of the speakers was            John Black hired Marc as       enlightened public relations.     feathers. When you knock
John Black (B.A., 1982), vice      an intern. At Lakers games,            For Mike a major “ah hah”     on his door, you know what
president of public relations      Marc sat with sportscasters        moment came in a journalism       you’ll get. He’s reliable and
for the Los Angeles Lakers.        and beat writers from the L.A.     class. His major was speech       consistent. If he can’t do it,
“I expressed to him that I         Times and Daily News. “I got       communications. “When I           he tells you why. He’s all
was extremely interested in        immersed in the media guys.”       signed up, they said ‘you have    about truth and reality.”
working with the Lakers,”          Like his brother, Marc took        to have a minor.’ I said ‘uhhh,       Mike describes himself
Altieri says. Black surprised      early morning classes and          how about public relations?’      as a “buttoned up” family
him by offering him an
internship. “Mike came
across at first like an average
college student,” Black
recalls, “but in the office, he
really performed.”
                                   worked for the Lakers. His
                                   income came from teaching
                                   drums, and another interest:
                                   He followed regular exercise
                                   regimen and took a job at a
                                   nightclub as a bouncer.
                                                                      and that meant news writing.”
                                                                      In class, “We had a lesson on
                                                                      writing news leads.” He didn’t
                                                                      know what a lead was, but he
                                                                      tried. “The instructor raved
                                                                      about my work. She singled
                                                                                                        man. Marc, he says, “is
                                                                                                        high-energy and passionate
                                                                                                        and a little edgier.” He wears
                                                                                                        tattoos and at 38 is still living
                                                                                                        the singles lifestyle.
                                                                                                            Their collective strength

    Mike Altieri’s strength has        He was an older student.       my assignment out to the          comes from their differences.
always been his performance.       In the Altieri tradition he was    whole class, and said ‘this guy   They don’t collaborate on
In a short time, he was
supervising the intern staff.
His schedule was early
                                                   Michael is my best friend in the world.
morning classes, part-time                          I can’t even express it enough. We
work for the Lakers, and
a full-time job promoting                               are different yet very similar.
special events at the Forum                                               — Marc Altieri
- setting up exhibition            committed,                                                                             projects. “I
games for professional roller      focused and dedicated to           gets it.’ I said, ‘Wow, I can     don’t rely on Mike for the
hockey, indoor soccer and          graduating in 18 months.           do this!’ It really pushed me     Kings and he doesn’t rely on
tennis and volleyball teams.       He remembers the day               forward.”                         me for his clients,” Marc says.
After graduation, he joined        Daugherty-Phillingane said,            Marc’s biggest influence      “The coolest thing comes
the Kings at an entry-level        “‘I just got a call from Todd      was a class in public relations   from people we meet in the
position and rose quickly to       Brooks. He’s calling from          campaigns. “It all came to        industry. Not a week goes
the top.                           Hill and Knowlton, looking         life in that class,” he says.     by that someone says, ‘Mike
                                   for an intern in the sports        “My grandmother was               Altieri, is he your brother?
                                   division.’ Sure enough, I          active in Catholic Daughters      He’s the best PR guy in

M        arc Altieri, five years
         younger, followed the
path Mike forged, at the same
                                   went in and got it.”
                                       He graduated in May
                                   1997 and went to work the
                                                                      of America,” the nation’s
                                                                      largest Catholic-women’s
                                                                      charity. “They wanted to
                                                                                                        town.’ I gain more credibility
                                                                                                        because of who he is.”
                                                                                                           They’re on the phone at
age and under remarkably           next Monday as an assistant        build greater awareness for       least once a day. Their private
similar circumstances.             account executive at Hill and      the organization, and they        times come on the golf course
Marc came from a world             Knowlton (H&K). His career         wanted to keep themselves         and they’re both involved in
of music. In high school,          path is a direct trajectory from   contemporary.” He wrote a         a fantasy sports team. A few
he played drums and wore           H&K to DirecTV’s various           public relations plan. “That      weeks ago, they took a trip to
long hair. His day job was         sports services, back to H&K,      was my case study. It let me      the Harbor Town Golf Course
at an airfreight office, but       still handling DirecTV, then       work with my grandmother,         at Hilton Head. “Playing
at 5 p.m. he headed to the         on with Todd Brooks to             who I admired and loved.          golf at Hilton Head is like a
music, which was “great fun”       open the West Coast offices        And it was a real business.”      baseball fan going to Yankee
until he turned 22 and began       of Leader Enterprises, a                                             Stadium,” Marc says. Mike
“seeing the same guys at 45        marketing firm based in                                              brought his wife and son.
still working the counter at
a guitar center.” He knew
the industry was all about
                                   Georgia with a reputation for
                                   creating PR campaigns with a
                                   news component.
                                                                      I  n the end, their success
                                                                         comes in shared
                                                                      experiences. “Michael is my
                                                                                                        Marc brought some friends.
                                                                                                        And memories of their 49er
                                                                                                        days at the Beach.
12 / Beach Byline                                                                                                       Winter 2009
                        Lee Brown Reading Room

              Honoring a popular
                                                                                      Mike Plaza / Daily 49er
                                                                                              A popular,
                                                                                       highly regarded
                                                                                          instructor and
                                                                                      advisor, Dr. Lee
                                                                                           Brown will be
                                                                                      honored by hav-
              By Raul Reis                       of the Lee Brown Reading               ing the reading
                                                 Room. The facility will be a              room named
                  As department chair, I’m       place where students can study,               after him.
              pleased to announce the            read, congregate and meet for
              kick-off of a gift-matching        group projects.
              campaign to honor Journalism           The donations will allow us
              professor and adviser Lee          to purchase new equipment,
              Brown for his many years of        furniture and books, and to
              dedication to the students and     renovate our current reading
              the program.                       room.
                  Dr. Brown, who is now a            If you want to donate to this
              professor emeritus teaching        cause, please use the envelope
              Media Law, is a popular            enclosed with your copy of the
              instructor who has taught          magazine, write a check to the
              and advised generations of         CSULB Foundation and write
              journalism students.               “Lee Brown Reading Room”
                  An anonymous donor             in the memo line, or include a
              pledged to match up to $5,000      note assigning your donation to
              in funds to finance the creation   this campaign. Thank you!
Winter 2009                                                                          Beach Byline / 13
                                             Journalism Day

                                                                                                              Daily 49er
Students sit in on a panel discussion about politics during last year’s Journalism Day at Beach Auditorium.

  Politics, media                                                             talked with faculty members
                                                                              Judith Frutig and Barbara

  and the future of                                                           Kingsley-Wilson.

  local news
                                                                                With all the talk about newspaper
                                                                              layoffs, declining circulation and
                                                                              advertising, and general financial
                                                                              troubles, it’s no wonder so many

                                                                              journalists and informed American
                                                                              readers are questioning the future
         ournalism Day 2008            of local news. Scott Martelle,         of the newspaper industry. But are
                                                                              they asking the right questions? It
         drew a capacity crowd former L.A. Times political                    seems to us that the real questions
                                                                              are: What kind of journalism we
         of students and faculty       writer, blogger and author,            will have among the newspapers
                                                                              that manage to stay alive? Will we
to Beach Auditorium for                delivered opening remarks              have rich, hard-hitting, shoe leather
                                                                              journalism? Or will the surviving
speeches and panels about              and shared stories from the            newspapers downplay serious stories
                                                                              in favor of softer news that panders
politics, media and the future         campaign trail. Afterwards, he         to advertisers?
                                                                                MARTELLE: That’s the big
14 / Beach Byline                                                                                     Winter 2009
                                                 Journalism Day

                                     “Global Media, Global Citizens” will highlight 2009 Journalism Day
   . . . get com-                          ave this date: Journalism Day 2009 will convene
  fortable work-                           Tuesday, April 28, in the USU Ballroom, from 9 a.m.
ing with digitial                          to 3 p.m.
   video, audio                       Our theme is “Global Media, Global Citizens” and we’re
 files, etc., They                 looking forward to the wit and wisdom of international
    are the new                    correspondents, who will analyze the challenges and
     bricks and                    opportunities for overseas correspondents in an era of
     mortar of                     shrinking media budgets.
 telling a story.                    The program will be followed by a student awards reception

                                   in the Karl Anatol Center at 5 p.m. Journalism alumni and
                                   parents are encouraged to attend.

question. The old model of advertisers     interest outlets, and something like       is broken, then blow it up — maybe
supporting the journalism has              Politico targets a specific audience.      kill off comics, sports section, etc. and
crumbled. Whether journalists can keep     The L.A. Times has its political blog,     see what the slashed overhead would
up that wall as everything moves to        which tries to hit the same audience,      be, and whether they can rebuild to
the Internet will be key. We’re already    but remember Politico is also a print      make their basic mission sustainable.
seeing new models, like the local San      publication. In essence it’s a hybrid      In Detroit the papers are about to stop
Diego site that focuses on city news,      of an old-style trade publication, like    home delivery except for Thursday,
and the Pro Publica folks, but they rely   Congressional Quarterly, but also a        Friday and Sunday, saving millions in
on foundation money. I’m not sure how      new web entity.                            the process. It’s unclear whether that’s
well that will work for the long term,        As for HuffPo — is that making          business suicide or the kind of radical
and whether they’ll have to move to an     money? I think HuffPo’s viewership         change that will save the journalistic
Internet-ad model. But the less money      says more about the power of celebrity     mission. We’ll see soon enough.
there is in the system, the less solid     and the pandering that I mentioned            Lots of young people are looking
shoe-leather journalism will get done.     before, articles targeting an audience     for journalism jobs. What advice can
Journalists need to eat, too. Pandering    receptive to a specific political take.    you give them about the practical
though, likely won’t be to advertisers,       It reflects the fragmentation of        and personal skills they need?
but to readers. Few advertisers put        politics, building on the “us v. them”        MARTELLE: Be creative, adaptive
money into sites because they like what    mentality that has ground meaningful       and collegial. Understand that the
the site says. In theory, advertisers …    national discourse to a halt. I also       basics of reporting are the same across
are more interested in who the readers     haven’t seen much original reporting       the media — informed skepticism,
are — gravitating affluent folks with      by them, mostly opinion built around       broad curiosity, and wide exposure
pocket money who might be enticed to       current events — which is not a bad        to the various strata of modern
buy their products. So a bigger risk is    thing, but its not likely to replace a     American life. This is not high-tech
pandering to readers, and we already       good D.C. bureau by a newspaper…           engineering — it’s a craft and the tools
see some of that in blogs.                 It may become a model for crowd-           are intellectual. On the skills side, get
                                           sourcing journalism but so far it seems    comfortable working with digital video,
   The Internet has opened up a            to be more of the moment.                  audio files, etc., and looking at different
whole new audience for online media                                                   ways to use narrative structure. They
outlets. Why didn’t newspapers                What else should newspapers be          are the new bricks and mortar of telling
like the Los Angeles Times start a         doing to use their clout to serve the      a story, whether it’s on the printed page
Huffington Post or Politico-style          public in ways they’re not being           or in a hybrid of media.
popular Web site before Arianna and        served at the moment?
the folks at Politico did?                    MARTELLE: Staying alive is the            Martelle, a veteran journalist, was
   MARTELLE: This is a bit outside         biggest thing at this point. And cut the   one of 140 editorial employees laid off
my area — I never spent much time          fluff ahead of the coverage that is its    last summer by the Los Angeles Times.
in executive suites — but I have a few     civic responsibility. They keep trying     During 2008, the Times announced
thoughts. Newspapers are general           to shrink in broad stokes. If the model    layoffs of 250 employees.
Winter 2009                                                                                                 Beach Byline / 15
                                         Scholarships and Awards

Journalism students honored
By Judith Frutig
                                            Vasquez awarded top Toyota Scholarship
   In 2008, the Department
awarded 11 scholarships to     by Rolando Rodriguez             able to study Chinese for a        the Center for Disabled
more than a dozen deserving                                     few years now. It is really        Students help you?
journalism majors. The value       Pursuing a double major      fun to learn a whole new               Vasquez: Technology
of these scholarships ranged   in Journalism and Chinese        language, with its history and     plays an important role.
from $250 to $4,400, for       Studies would challenge          its culture. And being the first   I find what books my
a combined total of more       any student, but Anthony         student in the United States       professors are going to use
than $12,000 in scholarship    Vasquez does it hands-on and     that can read Chinese Braille      next semester and get them
funds. In recent years,        without his sight.               is really neat. I have done a      through the bookstore…They
Toyota Motor Sports has            Vasquez, 21, is a senior     few stories for the 49er. The      take the book, scan it, and
generously supported the       with congenital glaucoma.        latest thing I am looking to       put it on a CD or on a flash
department’s most valuable     He lives on campus, listens      expand on is podcast — talk        drive. They convert the book
scholarship, the “Toyota       closely and excels at almost     to people, record them and         from a scanned image to
Motor Sports/Shaw Glick        everything he does. Since        post the interview online.         text that I read on my laptop
Award,” worth more than        arriving in 2005, Vasquez            I have studied abroad          computer.
$4,400.                        has been a stand-out in all      twice. I went to China for             How does the screen
                               aspects of student life at Cal   two weeks in January. It was       reader work?
SCHOLARSHIPS                   State Long Beach.                one of those things where it           Vasquez: It’s a program
• Toyota Motor Sports/             On Journalism Day 2008       was like, “How am I going          that reads anything out loud
Shav Glick Award               he won his most recent laurel    to do this?” But I succeeded.      on the screen. It can be
($4,400): Anthony Vasquez      for outstanding scholarship,     Then in the summer I went          online, any website, or my
• Phyllis Jackson              the $4,400 Toyota Motor          to Nanjing (China). It tested      current work file.
Memorial Scholarship           Sports/Shav Glick                my independent skills. It was          How has your condition
($1,000): Janice Blanco and    scholarship.                     like…“Yeah, its cool, let’s        made you the student and
Rosaura Figueroa                   Toyota Motor Sports          see what else I can do.” I am      the person that you are
• Robert A. Steffes            established the scholarship      constantly looking for new         today?
Photojournalism                in 2007 to honor the late Los    limits. As for my difficulties,        Vasquez: It has a lot to
Scholarship ($500): Martine    Angeles Times sportswriter       I really have not had any that     do with it. I am aware of
Cajucom and Michael Plaza      Shav Glick, the “dean” of        any normal college student         everything around me more.
• Bobit Business Media         motor sports and racing, and     deals with. But as far as          When you do not see, your
Scholarship ($500): Dale       to support an outstanding        challenges, I think I am ok.       other senses get sharpened
Johnson and Brandi Perez       student journalist during his        Why did you choose             up because you have to use
• Gail Savitz Barfield         or her senior year. Vasquez      Journalism and Chinese             them more. It has also made
Scholarship ($500):            will use the award to cover      studies as a double major?         me a little more ambitious in
Brittany Hanson                all his education-related        What made you want to              life...It makes you appreciate
• Edison Institute             expenses – tuition, fees         learn Chinese?                     everything.
Endowment (Energy)             books and supplies - for two         Vasquez: I wanted to               What do you want to do
Scholarship ($500): Anna       semesters.                       try something not common.          after you graduate?
Mavromati and Margaret             Before the ceremony,         I was thinking Arabic,                 Vasquez: My ideal thing
Sharpe                         I talked to Anthony about        Chinese, and Japanese. It was      would be to get into the news
• Beach Charities              his life here at CSULB, the      one of those things where          industry, to do something
Scholarship ($500): Julio      challenges and opportunities     I put a lot of thought into it     with radio reporting.
Salgado and Fernando           he faces, and where he wants     and they say [Chinese] is          Something like what NPR
Romero                         to go from here.                 one of the hardest languages.      does. I can also see myself
• Don Brackenbury                 Tell us about your            Lets see how hard it is, if I      teaching English or Spanish.
Scholarship ($300):            experience here on campus.       can do it, good - if I can’t, at   I do not want to rule anything
Geoffrey Kutnick and           What are some of your            least I can say I tried.           out, exactly. Something with
Monique Spencer                difficulties and some of             What role does                 either news or education.
• Copley Scholarship           your accomplishments?            technology play in your            Most likely I would like to
($250): Esmeralda Gonzalez        Vasquez: I have been          scholarship and how does           go to graduate school.
• Richard Cross
16 / Beach Byline                                                                                                  Winter 2009
                                      Scholarships and Awards

               ...Being the first student in the United States
                that can read Chinese Braille is really neat.

                                                                                                     Victoria Sanchez
Toyota Motor Sports/Shav Glick scholarship winner Anthony Vasquez, left, expresses appreciation to graduate
student Brett Everett, who assisted him in converting this Chinese text into Braille.

Journalism Scholarship      PRINT                        • Outstanding                 Nguyen, Rebecca Weiss-
($300): Monica Bolds and    • Outstanding Print          Achievement: Edward           Wilhite
Tiffany Rider               Graduate: Bradley Zint       Hernandez, Samantha           ONLINE
• Associate Students Gift   • Professional Promise in    Kercheval                     • Excellence in Online
Card ($150): Elizabeth      Print Journalism: Colleen                                  Journalism: Monica
Spurbeck                    Donnelly, Tiffany Rider,     BROADCAST                     Sullivan
                            Lauren Williams.             • Outstanding Broadcast       • Excellence in Media
DEPARTMENT                                               Graduate: Kendra Fujino       Design: Allison Baldwin
AWARDS                      PUBLIC RELATIONS             and Ashley LaFerriere         and Andrew Franks
                            • Outstanding Public         • Outstanding Broadcast       • Excellence in Online
OVERALL                     Relations Graduate:          News Writing: Karen           Journalism Project
• Outstanding Journalism    Armando Vazquez-Ramos        Burrola, Michael Mazzarino,   Development: Bita Hodaei,
Graduate: Jennifer          • Professional Promise:      Ricshan Rankins               Samantha Kercheval, Peter
Stockdale                   Katherine Shepard,           • Professional Promise:       Nguyen, Duke Rescola,
                            Elizabeth Spurbeck           Bowe Fertig, Aini Gu, Twee    Stephen Sabetti
Winter 2009                                                                                    Beach Byline / 17
   Faculty at a glance

                                                                                                                                   Carol Perruso
The Journalism faculty kicked off the 2008-2009 academic year on Sept. 5 with its second annual faculty retreat.
Nineteen full-time and part-time professors and lecturers discussed the Department’s upcoming re-accreditation
process. High on the agenda were issues that included: How best to advise our students, our presence on Beach-
board and Facebook, accreditation efforts and the internal self-study assessment process now underway and our
internal assessment process set to begin in a few months. This CSULB-defined project will evaluate how well the
Department is doing in areas such as advising, curriculum, diversity, resources, and faculty scholarship. We will use
AEJMC’s nine accreditation standards as our blueprint for our own internal assessment and self-study report.

The Department of Journalism          of Journalism. He taught at         and the Newswriter’s Handbook        Contributions to the Public
offers a talented faculty, who        Syracuse University’s S.I.          (2006), and has published            Relations Profession and to the
bring to the classroom an             Newhouse School of Public           numerous articles in academic        Community” by the Orange
intelligent balance of academic       Communications, and was             journals. His most recent            County Chapter of the Public
and professional credentials          founding chair of AEJMC’s           scholarly article is “Determinants   Relations Society of America.
appropriate to our mission. In        Media Ethics Interest Group,        of Electoral Support for Anti-       She has also taught at California
an uncertain budget year, the         now the Media Ethics Division.      Gay Marriage Constitutional          State University, Fullerton;
university is fine-tuning the class   Babcock also directs AEJMC’s        Amendments: An Examination           Chapman University; Michigan
schedules, but as we go to press,     annual media ethics teaching        Of Ballot Measures in the States,”   State University; and Carlow
here are brief profiles of the        workshop. His professional          in the Journal of Homosexuality      College in Pittsburgh, and has 10
full-time and part-time teaching      experience includes working for     (2009).                              years of professional experience
faculty for the upcoming spring       the Christian Science Monitor.      • Emma Daugherty-Phillingane         in nonprofit and agency public
semester.                             • Dr. Christopher Burnett is a      is a tenured professor who has       relations.
                                      tenured professor who joined the    taught in the department since       • Jennifer Fleming is a tenured
FULL TIME                             faculty in 2001 after 20 years of   1990. Daugherty-Philingame is        professor and has taught in the
FACULTY                               professional experience in print    accredited by the Public Relations   Department since 2002. Fleming’s
• Dr. William Babcock is a            journalism and public relations.    Society of America. She was          professional experience includes
tenured professor and former          He co-authored California           awarded the “2001 Distinguished      working as a writer and producer
Chairman of the Department            Political Almanac 2007-08 (2007)    Service Award for Outstanding        for some of Canada’s highest-

18 / Beach Byline                                                                                                              Winter 2009
rated national news and current        International University, where       served as a former Chairman of       ADJUNCT FACULTY
affairs programs. She has been         for three years she coordinated       the Department of Journalism,        • Dr. Lee Brown has held tenure
published in New Media Literacy:       the only Spanish-Language             former publisher of Forty-Niner      and advanced academic rank at
A Volume in the New Agendas            master’s degree program in            Publications and CEO of the          Cal State Long Beach, San Diego
Book Series, Encyclopedia of           investigative journalism in the       California Intercollegiate Press     State University, the University
Journalism, UCLA Journal of            U.S. She a veteran journalist in      Association. Mulligan also taught    of Maryland, and Buffalo State
Education & Information Studies,       her native Brazil with experience     at the University of Missouri        College (SUNY). He is the author
MC & News, Journalism &                as a reporter and editor of the       Journalism School, and at Stephen    of one book, co-author of another,
Mass Communication Quarterly,          daily “Estado de S. Paulo”            F. Austin State University.          and of several chapters in books.
Journal of Broadcasting                and “Nova,” the Portuguese            Mulligan has extensive               His professional experience
& Electronic Media, and                version of Cosmopolitan. She          newspaper editing experience         includes serving as metropolitan
Business Research Yearbook:            was a Fulbright Scholar at the        from Kentucky to Beijing,            editor of the Long Beach Press-
Global Business Perspectives,          University of Florida, where          China. He was the curriculum         Telegram, as a reporter for the
International Journal of               she earned her Ph.D. in Mass          development coordinator for the      Long Beach Independent and the
Learning. Her entry on Fox             Communications in 2000.               Certificate in Journalism Program,   Orange County Evening News.
News will be published in the          • Dr. Christopher Karajov is an       co-sponsored by Cal State Long       He also has served as a copy
upcoming Encyclopedia of               assistant professor who joined the    Beach, and China Business            editor for the Washington Star and
Journalism (2009).                     faculty in August 2005. He has        Media Conglomerate (CBMC),           the San Diego Union.
• Judith Frutig joined the             also taught at State University of    Beijing. He published Project        • Brant Burkey has more than
faculty in 2005 as an instructor,      New York (SUNY) at Oswego.            Forty-Niner: A Feasibility Study     10 years of professional media
and serves as editor of Beach          Karajov became a journalist in his    on Re-Vitalizing the Daily Forty-    and journalism experience. In
Byline. Her professional               native Bulgaria in 1989 when the      Niner and Dig Magazine, Cal          addition to lecturing at Cal State
experience includes three decades      Berlin Wall fell, and he worked as    State Long Beach (2008).             Long Beach, he is a social science
in the related fields of print and     a senior government reporter for      • Dr. Danny Paskin joined the        teacher and journalism adviser for
broadcast journalism, corporate        Bulgaria’s largest daily, 24 Hours.   faculty in 2008 as an assistant      the Norwalk-La Mirada Unified
communications and political           He received a Washington-based        professor. Paskin was born and       School District, where he created
public relations. She worked for       fellowship as an international        raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,    a newspaper program at John
The Christian Science Monitor          journalist in June 1996 and spent     where he earned an associate’s       Glenn High School.
(her 10-part feature series            six months as a reporter for the      degree in Data Processing            • Lisa Cox produces the Prime
“America’s Ten Most Livable            Dallas Morning News.                  and a bachelor’s degree in           News Weekend broadcast at
Cities,” was nominated for a           • Barbara Kingsley-Wilson             Communication. In 1998, he           KTLA, the Tribune Company’s
Pulitzer Prize), Detroit Free Press,   joined the faculty in 2004 as         migrated to Florida to pursue        Los Angeles flagship station.
and Newsweek magazine (while           an instructor and also serves         graduate studies at the University   She is president of the Black
earning her bachelor’s degree at       as publications adviser to the        of Miami. His master’s degree is     Journalists Association of
Wayne State University). She was       Daily 49er and Dig Magazine.          in Journalism and his Ph.D. is in    Southern California, the Los
a press secretary for two statewide    Her professional experience           International Relations. Paskin      Angeles affiliate chapter of the
campaigns, three regional              includes 20 years covering courts,    worked for the Miami Herald          National Association of Black
initiatives and numerous city          crime, education and sports for       as a graphics designer, and was      Journalists. She began her
council races. She also worked         the Orange County Register,           awarded three prestigious awards     journalism career more than 18
as a speechwriter and spokesman        Cleveland Plain Dealer and            from the Society for News            years ago as a news apprentice
for the Irvine Company, and as a       Rochester (N.Y) Times-Union.          Design (SND) for coverage of         at KABC. She has been an
communications consultant for          She spent the summer of 1995          the 2006 FIFA World Cup. He          executive producer, desk editor,
clients in real estate development     in Amman, Jordan, as part of a        also worked at the Fort Myers        associate producer, writer, and
and municipal government. Her          Near and Middle East Research         News-Press as a copy editor/         producer at CBS News and NBC
writing skills have been honored       Training Program grant to study       page designer.                       News in New York, E! News,
by the Detroit Press Club, and         women and sports. She also wrote      • Carla Yarbrough joined the         WNBC, KCBS/KCAL and
the Orange County chapter of           sports for USA Today and worked       faculty as an assistant professor    several local stations in Miami,
the Public Relations Society           as an intern with the Associated      in 2004. Yarbrough worked            Boston, Washington, D.C., and
of America and International           Press in Tel Aviv, Israel. During     in broadcast television for 15       Birmingham, Ala. Cox has
Association for Business               10 years at the Register, she won     years. She was the director of       earned several Edward R. Murrow
Communication.                         an Orange County Press Club           special programs and community       and NABJ awards, an Emmy
• Dr. Heloiza Golbspan                 Award and wrote two stories as        outreach for WTNH in New             nomination, and an Associated
Herscovitz is an assistant             part of the Pulitzer Prize-winning    Haven, Conn. On-camera, she          Press award.
professor who joined the               coverage of a fertility scandal in    was the host and producer of         • Holly Ferris is president of
department in August 2006.             1996.                                 “What’s Goin’ On,” a community       Ferris Communications, a public
Herscovitz taught at the School        • Dr. William Mulligan is a           affairs program focusing on          relations and marketing consulting
of Journalism and Mass                 tenured professor who joined the      education, business and culture in   firm founded in November 2003.
Communication of Florida               faculty in August 1986. He has        Connecticut for four years.          Before launching her business,

Winter 2009                                                                                                                  Beach Byline / 19
Ferris spent 12 years at Toyota       • Gary Metzker is the design           magazines and as managing editor     of Sullivan & Associates, a
Motor Sales.                          and production adviser for the         or associate editor of three. She    healthcare communications
• Greg Hardesty is a feature          Daily 49er and content adviser for     also has worked as a writer and/     agency in Huntington Beach.
writer and a general assignment He has been in          or editor of consumer magazines,     Sullivan serves on the board of
reporter for the Orange County        the newspaper business almost 40       including Orange Coast, Long         the Southern California Chapter
Register, which he joined in          years. A University of Missouri        Beach Magazine and Natural           of Healthcare Businesswomen’s
1997 as a business reporter. He       graduate, Metzker has worked           Health. For a decade, Nye was the    Association, an organization
has taught journalism classes at      at newspapers in Delaware,             English editor for a Taiwanese-      dedicated to furthering the
Cal State Long Beach for three        Missouri, Florida and California.      based nonprofit that published       advancement of women in
years and also teaches at Cal State   For the last 24 years, he has          books and journals aimed at          healthcare. She also provides
Fullerton. Hardesty started his       been at the Los Angeles Times          introducing traditional Chinese      public relations assistance to
professional career as a reporter     working in positions from sports       medicine to American audiences.      several nonprofit organizations,
and editor for business lifestyle     news editor, metro news editor,        An adjunct faculty member            including the Junior League of
monthlies in Orange County.           page one editor and most recently      since 1987, Nye also has taught      Orange County, and the Center
After four years, he moved to         senior editor. Metzker was part of     journalism at Cal State Fullerton,   Dance Alliance, a support group
Tokyo to teach English for a year     four L.A. Times’ teams that won        public relations at Long Beach       of the Orange County Performing
and stayed five more years as a       Pulitzer Prizes for breaking and       City College, and philosophy         Arts Center, where she has held
copy editor for the Japan Times,      spot news, and was the designer        and writing at the University of     a board position. Sullivan has
an English-language daily. He         for stories that earned Pulitzer       Phoenix.                             served on the editorial boards
returned to Southern California       Prizes for photography and best        • Joni Ramirez serves as vice        of PRSA’s Health Academy
in 1995 and worked as a page          feature. Metzker also has won two      president, health, for the Los       Newsletter and QRC Advisor,
designer and copy editor for the      Los Angeles Press Club awards          Angeles office of Edelman public     formerly a leading publication for
Glendale News-Press and The           and two Medals of Honor from           relations, the world’s largest       healthcare risk managers.
(Newport Beach-Costa Mesa)            the Society for News Design.           independent public relations         • Donna Wares is a book editor
Daily Pilot before joining the        • Ron Milligan’s professional          firm, and has been on the adjunct    who specializes in nonfiction
Register.                             career spanned television,             journalism faculty for more          projects, and an award-winning
• Peter Larsen is a reporter at       radio and print before he began        than 10 years. Before joining        journalist who has worked at
the Orange County Register,           teaching in the California State       Edelman, she was director of         the Los Angeles Times, Orange
and currently covers pop culture      University system in 1986. As a        marketing and public relations       County Register, and Miami
such as TV, music, movies and         broadcast journalist he worked as      for Miller Children’s Hospital/      Herald. She joined the adjunct
books. He also writes a pop           a national network television and      Long Beach Memorial Medical          faculty in 2001. Wares is a former
culture blog at www.ocregister.       radio correspondent at ABC and         Center, overseeing a $3 million      national weekend editor at the
com/pedrowatcher. In 14 years         for nearly three years as a war        internal and external marketing      Los Angeles Times, and also
at the Register, he’s also covered    correspondent covering Vietnam         and communications program.          served as deputy city editor in the
government, politics, and             for Westinghouse Broadcasting.         Ramirez also spent eight years       Times Orange County edition.
general-assignment stories. He        At the local level, he worked for      in agency public relations with      She was a project reporter and
has worked as a journalist for 20     WTIC in Farmington, Conn. As a         clients in the biotech, medical      legal affairs editor at the Orange
years.                                print journalist, Milligan worked      device, health information,          County Register, where she won
• Suzanne Mapes is a freelance        as a foreign correspondent for         managed care, provider and           a series of national awards for
photojournalist and has worked        the Reuters and United Press           pharmaceutical industries.           investigating corruption and drug
as a professional photographer        International bureaus in Madrid,       • Nicholas Roman is the senior       trafficking at the nation’s largest
since graduating from University      Spain, and as managing editor of       news editor for KPCC public          women’s prison. She is editor of
of California, San Diego in           the English language magazines         radio and directs the work of        Paper Tigers, a book editing and
1992. Her teaching career             Guidepost and later Tab, serving       nine reporters, four anchors, two    writing firm, and is co-founder
began at Long Beach City              the large American and British         producers and a deputy news          of She
College in 2000. Her career in        communities in Spain at the time.      editor. He has worked in Southern    recently authored Great Escapes:
photojournalism started at the        He worked in print before going        California public radio for 27       Southern California, a collection
Orange County Register where          overseas for the Las Vegas Sun as      years. Since 1992, he has taught     of exceptional Southern California
she worked on the community           a general assignment and police        more than 250 broadcast students     road trips, from San Diego to the
and daily editions. She left the      reporter and at a different time       how to research, write and           Gaviota Coast and from Catalina
Register in 1997, and spent three     as sports editor. He also worked       produce radio news. Among his        Island to the Mojave Desert.
years in New York City working        at the Torrance Daily Breeze as a      top students are KPBS education      Wares is the editor of the best-
for the Associated Press as a         copy editor.                           reporter Ana Tintocalis (B.A.,       selling anthology My California:
photo editor, at Time Magazine’s      • Heidi Nye has worked in              2001), freelance reporter Jeff       Journeys by Great Writers.
“Time For Kids” Edition and           print journalism, primarily            Malanca (B.A., 1995), and KPPC           — For complete biographical
in her own freelance business.        in magazines but also with             reporter Susan Valot (Cal State,             sketches of the Journalism
In 2000, Mapes returned to            newspapers and newsletters. She        Fullerton, 1997)                           faculty, please visit our Web
California.                           has served as editor-in-chief of six   • Barbara Sullivan is president       site:

20 / Beach Byline                                                                                                                  Winter 2009
                WHO’S &
                                                       Class Notes

                 doing WHAT
1974 Neyman has                                                        Juan Suarez awarded posthumous
                                  can never remember them
                                  all! What I can tell you is
Russell Scott                     that the place is addicting,               degree in November
relocated to Western Puget        and I feel as though I have
Sound in Washington State.        about 12,500 pets (fish and        By Peter Larsen
He’s just completed his           otherwise)! Also, I still enjoy
second book, Shadows of the       photography and gardening,            Journalism major
Mast.                             and getting together with my       Juan Manuel Suarez,
                                  now college-age niece and          who worked to finish his
                                  nephew. I haven’t been to          degree despite a two-year

1977 writes, “I’m                 Italy, where I have family and     battle with cancer, died in
                                  friends, for many years, but       September. He was 23.
Josie Cabiglio                    enjoy talking to my contacts          He graduated in May
on disability because of a        using Skype and a Webcam,          one class short of his
back problem, but do some         and I just love it!”               diploma, and was awarded
freelancing, when I can, and                                         a posthumous degree last
also some translating from                                           month, his father Jaime

                                  1978 is living in
                                                                                                   Juan Suarez (B.A., 2008)
English into Italian for a                                           Suarez said.
project that hopefully will                                             Suarez lived with his      two years, he stoically
result in the sainthood of a      Joseph Blume                       family in Irvine. He loved    endured rounds of surgery,
now-deceased priest (I can’t      Stanton.                           soccer, traipsing around      radiation and chemotherapy
say more, because I have to       Victoria Sorensen Gammer           the world (his parents        treatment. “Once I asked
keep that project confidential;   lives in Long Beach with her       were from Switzerland and     him if he was mad with
suffice it to say that the        husband, Steven, who was a         Colombia, and he grew up      me or God or the world,”
translated letters ultimately     pre-med student during the         in both countries), and had   his father said. “Juan said,
will be going to the Vatican      1960s. She works as a free-        an eclectic taste in music    ‘Why should I? This could
for review).” During free         lance writer. She is working       that ranged from Bob          happen to anyone.’ To the
time, “I volunteer at the         on a children’s travel series      Marley and Manu Chao to       last minute he was brave.”
Aquarium of the Pacific in        book project and looking           Radiohead and Eric Satie.        In addition to his father,
Long Beach, where I’m a           for a publisher or agent. If          In July 2006, Suarez       Suarez is survived by his
day captain for the Education     interested, contact can be         collapsed with severe head    mother, Christine Suarez,
Department (I’m in charge         made through my e-mail” at         pain and was diagnosed        and two sisters, Nina and
of the exhibit interpreters on                 with a brain tumor. For       Vanessa Suarez.
Tuesdays, and for putting         Roderick James Lyons is
together the volunteer            living in Sherman Oaks,           in Reno, Nevada. Last          and accounting services to
schedule for the day), and        California                        September, he joined Rand      Northern Nevada for 20
am also on the all-volunteer                                        & Associates as a senior       years. Gostin is a former
Speaker’s Bureau and Green                                          marketing strategist. Rand     photojournalist with the

                                  1985lives and works
Team, and occasionally blog                                         & Associates is a CPA and      Associated Press. He taught
for the Aquarium. I wear                                            business advising firm that    photojournalism for five
so many hats there that I         Ira Gostin                        has provided tax planning      years as an adjunct professor
Winter 2009                                                                                                 Beach Byline / 21
                                                                                                     marketing representative
                                                                                                     for Long Beach Memorial
                                                                                                     Medical Center.
                                                                                                     Jodie Marissa Rowland
                                                                                                     is living in Mountain View,
                                                                                                     Tiffany Lenaeus Seibert
                                                                                                     lives in Long Beach with her
                                                                                                     husband Robert.
                                                                                                     Lesley Nickus Valadez
                                                                                                     lives in Stuttgart, Arkansas,
                                                                                                     with her husband Gabriel,
                                                                                                     and works as managing
                                                                                                     editor of the Stuttgart Daily
                                                                                                     Leader, owned by Gatehouse
                                                                                                     Media. When tornadoes
                                                                                                     swept through Arkansas last
                                                                                                     May, Stuttgart’s business
                                                                                                     district took a hard hit and
                                                                                                     the National Guard came
                                                                              Lesley Nickus Valdez
                                                                                                     in to maintain order. “We
The scene at Stuttgart, Arkansas, after it was hit by a tornado in May 2008. Lesley
                                                                                                     are OK,” Lesley wrote in an
Nickus Valdez (B.A., 2005) lives in the city and submitted the photo. She wrote “We
                                                                                                     email message to Professor
are OK” to Lee Brown, professor in the Department of Journalism, when it happened.
                                                                                                     Lee Brown. “Gabe and I live
                                                                                                     on the opposite side of town

                                1988                     1993 lives in
at the University of Nevada,                                                                         from where it hit, but the
before changing careers,                                                                             whole city has been affected
and continues to mentor         Paul M. Moromisato lives Diana Sanchez                               because it hit all the places
photojournalism students        in Victorville, California,      Canyon Country and works            where we get our food.”
and young professionals. In     with his wife Kristine Marie.    as the public & community           Gerry Alan Wachovsky
2008, Gostin received the                                        relations director for the Van      is living in Lakewood,
ACE award from the Reno-                                         Nuys Airport.                       California.

                                1989 Shirley is living

                                                                 1997 lives in                       2006 is
                  of the        Eric Robert
                  American      in Tipp City, Ohio, with his
                  Marketing     wife, the former Staci Ann       Karen L. Ingram                     Jennifer Frehn
                  Association   Burgus. He works as vice-        Long Beach and works as a           working as city editor of
                  for           president & general manager      nurse practitioner at the VA        the Huntington Beach
                  outstanding   at the Midmark Corporation       Medical Center, just a few          Independent.
Gostin            marketing     in nearby Versailles.            blocks from the CSULB               Alexandra Valle Varela
                  strategy.                                      campus                              is living in Bakersfield,
After graduating with                                                                                California, with her husband

                                1991Beaudry lives
a bachelor’s degree in                                                                               Steve.

                                                                 1999 lives in
photojournalism, he earned
an MBA from the University      Kimberly

                                                                                                     2007 lives
of Phoenix.                     in Murrieta, California, and     Ricca Silverio
                                works at Kaiser Permanente       Irvine and is working as an
                                in Riverside as a board-         account director for Bock           Christina Fumia

1987 lives in                   certified physician assistant.   Communications, which is            in Huntington Beach and
                                “I switched careers into         conveniently headquartered          is working as marketing
Rolando Otera                   medicine after graduating        on Red Hill Ave. in Irvine          coordinator for El Pollo
Deerfield Beach, Florida, and   CSULB ” she says. “I am                                              Loco at their corporate

is currently working at the     doing very well and am                                               offices in Costa Mesa.
South Florida Sun Sentinel as   happy in my field.”                                                  Donna Williams is living in
a photo editor.                                                  Sandra D.                           Norwalk, California.
                                                                 Gruner lives in Lakewood,
                                                                 California, and works as a
22 / Beach Byline                                                                                                  Winter 2009
 Former 49er editor was “fun loving                                              We’d like to know
 guy” who took journalism seriously
                                                                      what you’re up to
                                                                  Please let us know what you are doing these days.
                                                                  Send us an e-mail to
                                                                  Or you can also mail your informationt to
                                                                  CSULB Department of Journalism,
                                                                  1250 Bellflower Blvd., SS/PA 024, Long Beach, CA

                                                                  Please include the following information:

                                                                  •   Name / Maiden name
                                                                  •   Address
                                                                  •   Home phone / Bus. phone #
                                                                  •   E-Mail address
                                                                  •   Graduation Date / Option / Advanced degrees
Robert Judge, former 49er editor, died in May.                    •   Employer / Length of employment / Position
                                                                  •   Special comments / Awards
 By Judith Frutig                where he was responsible
                                 for employee and dealer

                                                                 2008 has joined
     Robert Judge (1975),        communications. He later
 editor of the Daily 49er in     worked for Northrop-                                           work. Danielle is taking a
 the 1974-75 academic year,      Grumman.                        Monica Bolds                   one-year MBA program
 died in May at Long Beach           Judge and Palke served      the Los Angeles office of      at CSULB and is set to
 Veteran’s Hospital. He was      in Vietnam, but their bond      Edelman Public Relations       graduate in 2009.
 59 years old.                   was sports. In the ‘70s         as an assistant account
     Judge is remembered         and ‘80s, they attended         executive.

 as a “fun-loving guy” who       Dodgers, Angels, Kings          Her classmates, Armando
 took journalism seriously.      and Lakers games, often         Vazquez-Ramos and

 “Those days at the Daily        sitting in the cheap seats      Adrian Marquez, also
 49er were busy,” said           with Tommy Farmer,              are working at Edelman
 fellow journalism major         Cabiglio and other CSULB        as winter interns. All three   Former Department
 Ken Palke (B.A., 1975),         alums.                          December graduates were        Journalism chairs Wayne
 “with stories to cover, term        Cabilgio remembers          members of the 2008            Kelly and Frank Wylie got
 papers to write, classes to     Judge as “a good, loyal         Bateman Team, which won        together in June at Wylie’s
 attend and an occasional        friend with a great sense of    second place at a national     ranch home north of Santa
 visit to the off-campus 49er    humor, who was a loving,        competition held in Detroit    Cruz. Wylie, who headed
 Tavern for a cold beer.”        caring and proud husband,       last spring. (See Bateman      the public relations option
     Judge was legendary for     father, and grandfather.”       story on page 6. They were     for several years, is now a
 stunts that included a cross-   He was stricken with            coached by CSULB Adjunct       retired “gentleman farmer”
 campus streaking party of       progressive supranuclear        Lecturer Joni Ramirez, who     who, along with wife Judy,
 journalism majors. Palke        palsy, a debilitating disease   serves as vice president,      tends a large orchard whose
 and Judge worked together       that rendered him reliant       health, at Edelman’s Los       bounty they sell at local
 for a year at the Palos         on care that was selflessly     Angeles office. Said           organic markets. He also
 Verdes Peninsula News.          provided by his wife,           Armando: “Networking           serves as photographer for
 “The hours were long            Debbie Bolten Judge, and        pays off.”                     travel writer wife Judy on
 (harder on Bob with a wife      two sons, Erick, 18, and        Stephanie Thara lives          many of her globe trotting
 and daughter), the pay was      Kevin, 15. “Bob Judge was       in Cerritos and sends          assignments.
 low (hard on all of us), and    a man of integrity,” Palke      this message to all of her     Kelly, who founded the
 the deadlines were constant     said.                           fellow Journalism alumni:      Photojournalism Option in
 – but we had a ball!” Palke         “He had a keen wit and a    “Go Beach!”                    1976 and was its head for
 said.                           wonderful sense of humor.       Danielle Thomas lives          23 years, was visiting Wylie
     Judge moved on to           Bob was a dear friend and       in Blythe, California.         during one of his frequent
 Toyota Corp., said Josie        I am a better person for        Her minor concentration        trips to San Jose to visit a
 Cabiglio (B.A., 1977),          knowing him.“                   was marketing and she is       son, who teaches at West
                                                                 currently pursuing graduate    Valley College in Saratoga.
Winter 2009                                                                                              Beach Byline / 23
DAY                  20     AT
                            CAL STATE
                     09     LONG BEACH

                                          MORE INFO:

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