clarithromycin by dredwardmark



Inhibition of protein synthesis by binding to 50s ribosomal subunit

LRTI, URTI, skin and soft tissue infections, mycobacterial infections due to mycobacterium avium or M. intracellulare. Localized infections due to M. chelonei, M. fortuitum, or M. kansasii, Prevention of M. avium complex in HIV patients w/CD4 lyphocyte count equal to or less than 100/mm3. Eradication of H. pylori in the presence of acid suppression, acute otitis media

250 mg or 500 mg BID for 6-14 days

Concomitant use w/ cisapride, pimozide, & terfenadine

GI disturbances, headache, taste perversion, transient elevation of liver enzymes

Tab 250 mg, 500 mg

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