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					                                  ALLIE EAGLE

1969          Auckland Secondary Teachers College, graduated Division C.
1966-1968     Canterbury University School of Fine Arts, taught by Rudi Gopas.
              Graduated DipFA (painting).
1962-1965     Hutt Valley High School, Wellington.


2007          ‘The big Picture: A Working Process’ Corbans Estate, Waitakere City. The
              collaborative working drawings, photographs and research of Allie Eagle,
              Anabelle Cameron Lewis and the project Atelier.
*2005         ‘Night and day’, Centre of Contemporary Art, Christchurch with Wendy
              Grace Allen, Glenys Brookbanks, Tim Brown, Jessica Crothall, Tim
              Croucher, Anne Fountain, Janet Joyce, Mark Lander, Stefan Roberts,
              Gareth Williams, Don Binney, Kees Bruin, Helm Ruifrok.
*2004         ‘A Turn in the Gardens, your Grace? Walking Past Each Other: On Location
              with the Bishop’, The Bishop Suter Gallery, Nelson, with Michael
              Parekowhai, Derek March, Pippa Sanderson, Stephanie Ross with essays
              by Cushla Parekowhai, Benedict Reid and Jonathan Mane-Wheoki.
2003          ‘Ranges of Inspiration’, Corban Estate Arts Centre, Auckland, with Don
              Binney, Gretchen Albrecht, Derek March, Juliet Batten, Stanley Palmer and
              Richard Killeen.
2002          ‘Here/There’, Signal Gallery, Swanson, Auckland, with Don Binney, Derek
              March, Tony Ogle and Mary Taylor.
*2002         ‘120 Years of Canterbury Painting’, Canterbury Centre for Contemporary
              Art, Christchurch.
*2000         ‘Spiritual Themes in Art: Reformation’, St George’s Presbyterian
              Church,Takapuna, with Laurence Aberhart, Wellesley Binding, Christopher
              Braddock, Peter Cleverley, Rowan Crawford, Garry Currin, Liam Davidson,
              Susan Dunster, Robert Ellis, Scott McFarlane, Mary McIntyre, Lois McIvor,
              John Madden, Joanna Paul, Helen Pollock, Claudia Pond-Eyley, John
              Reynolds, David Sarich, Jill Sorensen, Terry Stringer, Pauline Thompson.
*1999         ‘The Body Inscribed’, George Fraser Gallery, University of Auckland, with
              Lionel b., Stella Brennan, Jacqueline Fahey, Margaret Dawson, Robyn
              Kahukiwa, Mary McIntyre, Fran Marno, Samantha Mitchell, Alex Monteith,
              Carole Shepheard, Keum-Sun Son, with guest exhibitor Judy Chicago.
1999          ‘Landscape Painting’, Art Station, Auckland and Uxbridge Centre, Howick,
              Auckland, with Ruth Cole, Margaret Elliot, Hamish Foote, Russell Hollings,
              Gerda Leenards, Scott McFarlane, Richard McWhannell, Stanley Palmer,
              Johanna Pegler.
*1999         ‘Taonga Mauri; objects of our affection’, Art Station, Auckland, curated by
              Cushla Parekowhai.
1998          ‘Common Ground’, Drawings Gallery, Auckland with Richard McWhannell
              and Martin Ball
1998          ‘CoMITted Artists’: Lecturers of Manukau Technical Institute School of Art
              and Design Auckland, Pakuranga Community Centre, Auckland.

Allie Eagle                          Curriculum Vitae                                       1
*1997         ‘Being Human; Artists Looking at the Human Figure’, PAGE 90, Porirua,
              curated by Helen Kedgley and Joanna Margaret Paul with Craig Collier,
              Michael Haggie, Richard McWhannel, James Molnar, Anne Munz, Greg
              O’Brien, Joanna Margaret Paul, Janet Paul, Roger Peters, Terry Stringer,
              Hariata Ropata Tangahoe, Liz Price, Robert Cross.
1997          ‘PaperW/eight’, Archill Gallery, Auckland with Bronwynne Cornish, Deborah
              Crowe, Virginia King, Sofia Tekela-Smith, Jim Viviare, Jimmy Thompson,
              Hoana Stachl.
*1997         ‘Rudolf Gopas and His Pupils’, Canterbury Centre of Contemporary Art,
              Christchurch, with Rudi Gopas, Philip Trusttum, Warren Feeney, Warwick
              Brown, Colin McCahon, Philip Clairmont, Tony Fomison, Kura Te Waru
              Rewiri, Dick Frizzell, Philippa Blair, Quentin McFarlane, Tony Geddes, Ross
              Gray, John Parker, Tom Kreisler.
*1996         ‘An auction of women’s art’, Suter Art Gallery, Nelson.
1996          Common Ground with Richard McWhannell, Allie Eagle, Martin Ball,
              Drawings Gallery, Auckland.
1994          ‘Drawings’, Drawings Gallery, Auckland, with Marte Szirmay, Charlotte
              Fisher, Pat Hanly, Nigel Brown, Murray Grimsdale, Delyn Williams, Alistair
              Nisbet-Smith, Richard Adams, Paul Radford, Greer Twiss, Cliff McPherson,
              Simon McIntyre, Geoff Tune.
*1993         ‘Alter/Image’, Auckland City Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki, Auckland, and
              Wellington City Art Gallery, Wellington.
1993          ‘Combings’, photographs by invited artists, Lopdell House, Titirangi,
              Auckland, with Patrick Reynolds, Christine Hellyar, Carole Shepheard, Don
              Binney, Geoffrey Short, Gavin Hipkins, Maureen Lander, Jennifer French,
              Haru Sameshina, Peter Siddell, and Jennifer Tomlin.
*1993         ‘I AM: KO AHAU: Lesbian and Gay identity’, Dunedin Public Art Gallery,
1990          ‘Various Thresholds’, Betty Wallis Gallery, (curator and exhibitor), Auckland,
              with Alistair Nisbet-Smith Chiara Corbeletto, John Eaden, Bronwyn Taylor,
              Charlotte Fisher and Joanna Paul.
1989          ‘Two Landscapes’: Allie Eagle, Te Henga Watercolours – Joanna Paul,
              Kakatahi Drawings & Watercolours Ecologies, Proba, Auckland
*1988         ‘White Camellias’ A Century of Women’s Artmaking in Canterbury, Robert
              McDougall Art Gallery, Christchurch.
*1988         ‘Women Paint the Land’, curated by Jane Zusters, Titirangi, Lopdell House,
              with Gerda Leenards, Jan Nigro, Emare Karaka, Margaret Eliot, Jane
*1988         ‘Faith + Works’, curated by Joanna Paul, Manawatu Art Gallery, Palmeston
              North, with Deidre Airey, Wailin Elliott, Peter Ireland, Paul Mason, Joanna
              Paul, Alison Thomas, Pauline Thompson, Julia Van Helden, Mervyn
*1981         ‘Self Image’, Women’s Gallery, Wellington.
*1981         ‘Mothers’, Women’s Gallery, Wellington and toured nationally and to
1980          ‘Opening Show, Women’s Gallery, Wellington.
1980          ‘Diaries’, Women’s Gallery, Wellington
1979          Installation of ‘Empathy for Rape Trial Victim, Exhibition of Feminist Art’,
              Come Out ‘79 Arts Festival, Maidment Arts Centre, Auckland.
*1979         ‘Women Artists Project’, Auckland University, Auckland.

Allie Eagle                           Curriculum Vitae                                       2
*1978         ‘Eagle/Zusters/Keir’, CSA Gallery, Christchurch.
1977          ‘A Season’s Diaries’, Victoria University, Wellington, with Joanna Paul,
              Heather McPherson, Bridie Lonie, Anna Keir, Gladys Gurney, Marian
*1977         ‘Women Artists Exhibition’, Freemans Bay Community Centre, Auckland.
*1977         ‘Women’s Art Environment’, CSA Gallery, Christchurch

*2006         ‘Post Modern Wetlands: We never owned the view’ Signal Gallery,
*2005         ‘Te Puna Rere (the spring waterfall)’, Signal Gallery, Swanson, Auckland.
*2003         ‘The Sudden Imperative’, Lopdell House Gallery, Titirangi, Auckland
*1995         ‘Waxes, Watercolours and Drawings’, Drawings Gallery, Auckland.
*1990         ‘Concord/Discord and the principle of inner necessity’, Aberhart North
              Gallery, Auckland.
*1989         ‘Recent Works 1978-1989’, Janne Land Gallery, Wellington.
*1988         ‘A Survey 1984-1988’, Aberhart North Gallery, Auckland.
*1986         ‘A Survey of Works 1979-1986’, Janne Land Gallery, Wellington.
*1985         ‘The Rue of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill, Heart on Trial series’, Govett
              Brewster Gallery, New Plymouth.

*1977         ‘Facing Ourselves’, watercolour on paper, Robert McDougall Art Gallery,
*1977         ‘Heather McPherson’, watercolour Alexander Turnbull Library.
*1977         ‘We Still Are, We Still Are’, watercolour on wooden panel with encaustic
              wax, Suter Gallery, Nelson.
*1976         ‘Self portrait’, pencil drawing Alexander Turnbull Library.
*1976         ‘This Woman Died; I Care’, watercolour on paper, Auckland City Art Gallery.
*1976         ‘Old Chair, Getting Older’, watercolour on paper, Robert McDougall Art
              Gallery, Christchurch.

1990          ‘Various Thresholds’, Betty Wallis Gallery, (curator and exhibitor), Auckland,
              with Alistair Nisbet-Smith Chiara Corbeletto, John Eaden, Bronwyn Taylor,
              Charlotte Fisher and Joanna Paul.
1977          3 women artists: Allie Eagle, Jane Zusters and Anna Keir, C.S.A.
              Co-curated ‘A woman’s art environment’ at the CSA Gallery, Christchurch.
              Olivia Spencer-Bower retrospective: Robert McDougall Art Gallery,
              Christchurch. Exhibition toured Auckland and other regions.

Allie Eagle                           Curriculum Vitae                                     3
1975          Six women Artists: Robert McDougall Art Gallery, Christchurch.
1974          A survey of New Zealand Women Artists, Robert McDougall Art Gallery,

2006-2007     ‘Jesus in the Temple: a community parable for the City of Waitakere’ Water
              colour and pigment impregnated encaustic wax on gesso panel. 7 meters
              by 2 meters. Painting installation for the foyer of the debating chamber at
              Waitakere City Council Building in Railside Ave. Henderson.
2003          ‘Artist on the Beach’, Piha Beach. Installation and performance.
2003          ‘Art on the Beach’, Piha Beach, Auckland. Sculpture - Ben’s Potato Couch.
2002          ‘Memento mori for Massey; Remembering Pukewhakataratara’, Massey
              Public Library & Community Centre, Waitakere City Council, watercolour on
              wooden panel with encaustic wax.

1970-1972     Art Teacher; Upper Hutt College, as well as practising as an artist from a
              rented studio in Paekakariki.
1973          Art Teacher; Papanui High School, Christchurch.
              Exhibitions Officer; Robert McDougall Art Gallery, Christchurch.
1974          Curator; A Survey of New Zealand Women Artists, Robert McDougall Art
              Gallery, Christchurch.
              Conference Speaker; United Women’s Convention, Wellington.
              Archivist; Women’s art movement.
              Co-founder; Christchurch Women Artists’ collective.
              Curator; Woman’s Art: An Exhibition of six women artists, Robert McDougall
              Art Gallery, Christchurch.
              Researcher; Russell Clark 1905-1966 - A Retrospective Exhibition
              Catalogue. Curator: Michael Dunn.
              Researcher; New Zealand Painting 1920-1940 - Exhibition Catalogue.
              Curator: Gordon Brown.
1975          Artist from studio in St Albans.
              Co-Editor/writer; Spiral magazine.
1977          Co-ordinator; Women’s Art Environment, Christchurch, C.S.A Gallery in
              conjunction with 1977 United Women’s Convention.
              Fulltime painter; Te Henga, Auckland. Homeschooled Karl Severs until
1979          Speaker; United Women’s Convention.
1980          Converted to Christianity, which changed focus of my work.
              Head of Art Department and Art Teacher; Liston College, Henderson,
              Youth and children’s worker; Waitakere Christian Fellowship and Elim
              Church, Kumeu, Auckland.

Allie Eagle                           Curriculum Vitae                                      4
1986          Head of Art Department and Teacher; Liston College, painting evenings and
1989          Part-time teacher; Liston College, job-sharing with Derek March. Queen
              Elizabeth II Arts Council Grant recipient.
              Part-time teacher; Liston College.
              Workshop facilitator; groups of artists at Otaki, Waipukurau, Pakuranga and
              at home at Te Henga, until 1995.
              Part-time teacher; Pakiri Summer School, Nelson.
              Participator; Winter School Embroiderers’ Symposium, Unitech Auckland.
              Outreach (Auckland), Otahuhu Primary School, St Cuthbert’s College and
              other secondary schools. Seminar (videoed) for C.A.T.
              Speaker; Auckland City Art Gallery. Floor talk on.Olivia Spencer Bower.
1992          Committee member; Te Henga/Bethells Community Group.
              Part-time lecturer; Elam School of Art, University of Auckland, until 1994.
              Chair; Te Henga/Bethells Community Group.
              Facilitator; Co-ordinating community, Council and environ-mentalists at Te
              Henga (until 1999).
              Co-ordinator and Works Manager; Te Henga/Bethells Design Group.
              Contributor; Art Auctions, Mount Albert Women’s Memorial Committee and
              the Friends of Epsom Girls’ Grammar School Trust.
              Speaker; Auckland City Art Gallery, on art work in Alter/Image; Panel
              Member, Panel discussion on ‘Moving forward: feminist art and politics in
              the 90s’ with Carole Shepheard, Jane Zusters, Kura Te Waru Rewiri.
              Part-time Teacher; Outreach, Auckland.
              Lecturer; Manukau Institute of Technology, School of Visual Art. Otara,
              Contributor; Friends of the North Shore Women’s Refuge fund-raising
              exhibition, Auckland Cathedral Auction, Selwyn Library, Muscular Dystrophy
              Association exhibition.
1996          Part-time Lecturer; Manukau Institute of Technology, School of Visual Art,
              Otara, Auckland.
              Part-time Teacher; Outreach, Auckland.
              Guest speaker; Auckland Art Union AGM.
              Workshops Facilitator; Pakiri and Hastings Summer School.
              Part-time Lecturer; Manukau Institute of Technology, School of Visual Art,
              Otara, Auckland.
              Part-time Teacher; Outreach, Auckland.
              Guest Lecturer; Women’s Studies Department, Victoria University of
              Guest Lecturer; Department of Art History, University of Canterbury,
              Master Workshop Lecturer; Whitireia Polytechnic.
              Workshop Facilitator; Elam Summer School, University of Auckland.
              Guest Lecturer; Certificate in Women’s Studies, University of Auckland.
              Workshop Facilitator; Senior College of Education, Auckland.

Allie Eagle                           Curriculum Vitae                                      5
              Part-time Lecturer; Manukau Institute of Technology, School of Visual Art,
              Otara, Auckland.
              Workshop Facilitator; Whitireia Polytechnic.
              Workshop Facilitator; Elam Summer School, University of Auckland.
              Workshop Facilitator; Senior College of Education, Auckland.
2000          Tutor; Elam Summer School, University of Auckland.
              Contributor; Daughters’ Education Programme.
              Contributor; New Zealand auction to benefit youth in Thailand. Workshop
              Facilitator; Senior College of Education.
              Workshop teacher; Tairawhiti Polytechnic, Gisborne.
2001          Tutor; Elam Summer School, University of Auckland.
              Workshop Facilitator; Senior College of Education, Auckland.
              Summer Workshop Facilitator; Centre for Continuing Education, University
              of Auckland.
              Tutor, Corban Estate Arts Centre, Auckland.
              Speaker; Women Out West (WOW), Waitakeres, Auckland.
              Part-time Tutor; Whitiriea Polytech, Porirua.
2004          Tutor; UCol Summer Arts School, Wanganui. Part-time Tutor. Whitireia
              Community Polytechnic. Two months
              Fulltime artist-in-residence; NMIT School of Art and Design and The Suter
              Art Gallery, Nelson. (three months).
2005          Speaker: Dunedin Polytechnic “Art and Faith” seminar.
2007          Speaker at Waikato Art Museum Keeping Faith: religious trends in the

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Allie Eagle                            Curriculum Vitae                                    6
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Allie Eagle                           Curriculum Vitae                                        7
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Allie Eagle                            Curriculum Vitae                                          8
              September. B4 (Elam R/N 12948)
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2008          Art School: 125 years of the School of Fine Arts at the University of
              Canterbury. Exhibition at the Christchurch Art Gallery 9 Nov 2007 – 17 Feb
              2008. Curated by Lara Strongman

Allie Eagle                           Curriculum Vitae                                      9

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