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									Piracetam (Nootropil)

CVA and cerebral circulatory insufficiency e.g. ischemic or even acute hemorrhagic accidents, chronic manifestation of the above accidents or of cerebral atherosclerosis.

Initial 4.8 g / day deducing to 2.4 g/ day. CVA acute stage. Start ASAP at doses ranging from 912 g/day in adults. Subacute or chronic stages (already established for at least 15 days) 4.8-6 g /day.

Severe renal insufficiency with creatinine clearance or less than 20 ml/min. Cerebral hemorrhage, end stage renal disease.

Thyroid extract (T3 & T4)

Nervousness agitation, irritability, anxiety, sleep disturbance

Cap 400 mg, tab 800 mg, 1200 mg. Gran for oral solution 480 mg/g x 2.5 g, 5 g. Oral solution 33% Amp 1g/5ml, 3g/15ml. Infusion solution 12g/60ml

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