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					                                  CARDEN SCHOOL OF FRESNO 6901 N. MAPLE AVENUE, FRESNO, CALIFORNIA 93710

                                           The Carden Lion
                                                                   January 5, 2011

             IMPORTANT DATES                                                  PEACH BLOSSOM AUDITIONS
                                                           Students in grades one through six are encouraged to try out for the Peach
Parent Club Meeting                           Jan. 7
                                                           Blossom Festival to be held at Fresno State on March 18. Students may
  th   th    th
6 , 7 & 8 to host Bake Sale                 Jan. 12        perform individually, in duets, in trios, or in groups, but they may not enter in more
                                                           than one category. Evaluating factors are as follows:
Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday             Jan. 17
                                                                 The poem should be age appropriate in length and difficulty
Peach Blossom Auditions                     Jan. 19              The poem should be appropriate in content by promoting positive
                                                                     character traits
5th grade to host Bake Sale                 Jan. 19
                                                                 The poem should be new and not part of the Carden curriculum
Board of Directors Meeting                  Jan. 19              Presentation skills: eye contact, volume, enunciation, pronunciation,
                                                                     expression, pace
Peach Blossom Auditions                     Jan. 20
                                                                 The poem should be memorized at the time of auditions
4th grade to host Bake Sale                 Jan. 26              Bring three copies of the poem to the audition—the teachers will keep
                                                                     two and you will keep one
Lincoln Birthday Holiday                     Feb. 7
                                                                 State your name, the name of your poem, and the author before you
   “Learning is not compulsory…neither is                            begin reciting your poem
                     survival.”                            Mrs. Patel and Mrs. Rohlfing will hold auditions in Mrs. Rohlfing‟s classroom on
              -W. Edwards Deming                           these days:
                                                                 January 19—1:45                   Grades 4 & 5
              HOT LUNCH                                          January 19—2:00                   Grade 6
If you are interested in purchasing Hot                          January 20—2:00                   Grades 1, 2, & 3
Lunch from our outside vendor, Campus                      We look forward to hearing your poetry.
Cuisine, be sure to go to our website at to get
information. Just click on the „Hot Lunch‟
tab and follow the directions. It‟s as easy
as 1-2-3 to have a delicious hot lunch
delivered to your child any Tuesday -
Thursday of your choice.
                                                                                          CASH PAYMENTS
 PARENT CLUB MEETING                                       We will no longer be able to take cash payments for anything. All
            DATE CHANGE                                    payments must be made by check, money order or cashiers‟ check. This
Friday, January 7, there will be a Parent                  includes payment for anything, including tuition and field trips.
Club meeting in the school library. We
                                                           Thank you for your expected cooperation!
have a lot of great things planned for 2011,
so please come and see what you can do to                     PHONE (559)323-0126     FAX (559)323-0980 WWW.CARDENSCHOOLOFFRESNO.COM
help and have fun!
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From: Madame Lavoisier-Curnyn, French instructor

To: Carden Parents and Students

Subject: Kings Day Cake Party – January 6, 7, 10

       Meilleurs voeux de paix, bonheur, santé et prospérité pour la nouvelle année!
             Best wishes for a peaceful, happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

I appreciate your interest in the French language and culture, and I am pleased to teach such eager young people.
Learning a foreign language takes considerable effort, but it can also have some fun and sweet moments. We will start
the New Year with one of those memorable moments.
To celebrate Epiphany (January 6) and throughout the month of January, French people gather with family and friends
to share a special cake called a “galette des rois” (Kings Day Cake). A little porcelain figurine is hidden inside the cake,
and the person who finds it becomes the “king” or the “queen” for the day.

Students in grades 2 through 8 will partake in the fun and delicious French tradition of “la galette des rois” depending
on their French schedules:
                  Thursday 6:    grades 2 and 4
                  Friday 7:      grades 5-8
                  Monday 10:     grade 3

The school graciously provides the galettes. They are made by La Boulangerie in Fig Garden and are as authentic as the
ones sold in the Parisian region this time of year.

Warning! The pastries contain wheat, eggs and almond paste and are prepared in a local where other types of nuts are
processed. Students with such food allergies should not eat the galettes. If you have reported the allergy on the school
emergency form, your child will not be served. Please, let me know of any other dietary restrictions. You may send a
substitute treat for your child on that day.
If you have questions, please contact me ASAP.

Thank you ! Merci !
The Carden Lion                                                                                Page Three

                         Win $2000 for a Trip to France!
                  HERE’S HOW:
                  • Contact Madame Curnyn at
                  • Buy Tombola tickets for $5 each .
                  • Hope and pray your lucky ticket is drawn on Sunday, January 30, 2011.


FIRST PRIZE: $2000 Toward A Trip To France
Two tickets, Fresno Grand Opera’s Wicked
Two tickets, Fresno Philharmonic concert
Two season tickets, Keyboard Concerts
Two season tickets, Orpheus
Six tickets, Fresno Filmworks
Archival print from Rebecca Caraveo

Dinner for two, Café Rousseau
One spa treatment by Tatiana at The Spa in Fig Garden Village
Tuition, Alliance Française French course
Elegant gift basket of almond products, chocolate and wine, Campos Bros. Farms
One $50 gift certificate, The Ripe Tomato
One $25 gift certificate, Trader Joe’s

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