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news release - 2011 cruise ship schedule


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									                                       NEWS RELEASE
                         2011 Ogden Point Cruise Ship Schedule Goes Live


Victoria, BC, Tuesday, January 25, 2011… The 2011 cruise ship schedule for Ogden Point is
online at The first ship of the year is first-
time caller Crystal Symphony. This is Crystal Cruises first regular caller in Victoria since
2005. The Disney Wonder is also making its inaugural call to Ogden Point. “This is the first
time that Disney has called Victoria,” said Acting CEO Sonterra Ross. “With all the family-
friendly activities, we’re confident that Disney will keep bringing people to the City.”

22 different ships are scheduled to call Victoria 210 times between April 16 and September
26, 2011 representing 11 cruise lines. Despite a reduction of 18 scheduled calls from 2010,
Ogden Point continues to be an ideal port-of-call. “The Victoria cruise industry brings
significant economic benefit to the region. 210 cruise ships this year translates into an
economic impact of more than $150 million,” said Ross. The cruise lines adjust their
schedules frequently to remain competitive.

Local businesses will benefit from the more than 550,000 passenger and crew visits this year. These
short visits from cruise passengers represent an opportunity to showcase what Victoria has to offer.
“Many of these visitors will get a taste of Victoria on the cruise ship and will return for a longer stay,”
Ross said. GVHA and Western Stevedoring are preparing for the arrival of the 4,000,000 passenger to
Ogden Point in midsummer. This significant benchmark represents Victoria’s strong position in the
cruise market. Ogden Point remains the busiest port-of-call in Canada.

Greater Victoria Harbour Authority (GVHA), a not-for-profit society, owns and operates deep
water, marina and upland holdings throughout Victoria’s harbour including the large vessel Ogden
Point port facility, Victoria’s renowned Fisherman’s Wharf, and the inner harbour’s luxury yacht
and marine tourism facility at Ship Point. GVHA’s vision is a harbour where people live, learn,
work and play; a spectacular gateway into Victoria’s past and into its future, monumental in look
and feel, linking communities and all people together. GVHA is governed by a board of directors
representing key stakeholders and the community at-large.

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For more information:

Rebecca Penz, Manager of Communications, Greater Victoria Harbour Authority
Phone: 250-886-8035

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