High Precision Micrometer Head mm Travel Differential Micrometer by mikeholy


									                        Motion Control
Translation Stages      High Precision Micrometer Head 10mm Travel
Mirror Mounts         The 146-200 is a high precision micrometer head that utilizes a
                      250µm pitch lead screw. The graduated dial and linear scale on
Rotation Stages       the micrometer barrel provide a calibrated readout of                                        146-200

3 Axis Flexure Stages displacement. A spherical tip is provided to ensure a single point
& Accessories         of contact between the adjuster and the mating surface.
4, 5 & 6-Axis Stages    ■   Range: 0-10mm
                        ■   5µm per Division
Drive Electronics
& Auto-Alignment        ■   Sensitivity Better than 1µm
                        ■   Standard 3/8" Barrel Diameter
Actuators &
Adjusters               ■   250µm/rev.

                        APPLICATION IDEA



                                                                                ITEM#       $            £           €          ¥                    DESCRIPTION
                                                                                146-200 $ 76.00       £ 57.00   € 79,80      ¥ 12,920        High Precision Micrometer Head

                        Differential Micrometer Head 0.5" Travel
                        ■   1/2" (13mm) Coarse Travel                                                                        DRV504
                        ■   1 µm Coarse Resolution
                        ■   300µm High Resolution Differential Travel
                        ■   50nm Differential Resolution
                        ■   Ø3/8" Mounting Barrel
                        ■   Coarse Adjustment 500µm/rev.
                        ■   Fine Adjustment 50µm/rev.                                                                                   patended 6,186,016

                                                                                  0µm                        0µm

                        The DRV504 Differential Micrometer utilizes a unique mechanism which converts a relatively large displacement into a relatively small
                        displacement of the center fine adjustment spindle. The design has the additional benefit of providing a uniformly smooth feel that is
                        largely independent of loading.
                        Two large knobs are provided for the coarse and differential adjustment, adding to the overall sensitivity of the unit. The coarse adjustment
                        knob provides 13mm total travel with a 1µm resolution while the differential knob provides 300µm total travel with a 50nm resolution.

                         ITEM#                    $              £               €                ¥                                       DESCRIPTION
                         DRV504               $ 408.00       £ 240.00        € 360,00        ¥ 67,200        Differential Micrometer Head 1/2"(13mm) travel, Ø3/8" Mouting Barrel

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