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					                                              RIPPLES        Hurricane Lake Estates POA
                                                                6015 Worth Avenue
                                                              Benton, Arkansas 72019
                                                    Phone: (501) 653-3100 Fax: (501) 653-3101

   Email:      Web:       Office Hours: Mon - Fri 8:30am - 4:30pm

       April 2009
       Inside this issue:             HLE Spring
March 16th                  3-4       Garage Sale
Upcoming Meetings              4

What’s the Buzz?
March Financials
                               2    SAT., MAY 2ND
HLE news                    1-17
                                     8AM - NOON
HLE Classifieds              12
                                       Rain Out Date: May 9th
Payment coupon                 17
                                    $10.00 PER HOUSE
                                       (please pre-pay by April 30th)
HLE Board of Directors:                To participate, please contact the POA office at
  Ron Rivers, Vice President             653-3100 or email
    Jack Barlow, Treasurer           A list of participating addresses & items for sale           will be handed out at both entrances. Please make
      Randy Arceneaux                    sure and get your items added to the list!!
       David Chapman                ** Civitan will pick up left over yard sale items beginning at             2:00pm. Please place items in your yard out by the curb.
                                           Civitan forms are available at the POA office.
         Paul Hazell
           Todd Self
                                        PRESALE - FRIDAY NIGHT, MAY 1ST                             for HLE Residents Only
                                         Shop at your neighbor’s yard sale the night before
                                         (Optional - Just Open Your Garage When Ready for Shoppers)
PAGE 2                                                  RIPPLES                                     APRIL 2009
 What’s the BUZZ in HLE?                                                         $ Financials $
HLE has been buzzing with repairs!!! The Springhill                                  2009 YTD
entrance and Peach Blossom streets were recently repaired.
The damaged trees at the front entrance have finally been
removed and the wooden fence has been repaired. The City
of Benton has also begun several projects within HLE...
                                                                      Total Income                $ 126,791.81
street repairs, storm drains, etc. At times the repairs may           Total Expenses                 (53,859.97)
cause a temporary inconvenience for HLE residents. The                Net                         $ 72,931.84
City of Benton asks for your patience during this time.
               Maintenance of Property                                Account Receivables         $ 186,816.15
The sunshine has finally returned!!! It’s time to begin weed
killing, mowing, trimming shrubs & trees, and sprucing up
the flower beds.
Lawns - Some lawns are not looking so great due to the                Board President Bill Hampton
number of weeds. Please get your weeds under control!                   resigned from the HLE POA Board of
Not only will it make your lawn look much better but it will         Directors effective April 20th. The Board
also keep the weeds from creeping into your neighbors
                                                                   would like to thank Bill for his years of service
maintained yard.
                                                                   on the Board and for his time and contribution
Trees & Shrubs - Please trim all trees that are blocking a
                                                                             to Hurricane Lake Estates.
street light from it’s full lighting potential. Trim back all
shrubs that could possibly block a drivers view when
exiting a driveway or at a stop sign.
Undeveloped Lots - Now’s the time to mow back 10 foot
from the curb! Remember, if you have cleared the
underbrush on your lot - you must maintain the ENTIRE               Mail Carrier Request
As a reminder - DO NOT blow grass into the streets!!!           Due to the number of black widows and
                       Bicycle Lane                                other spiders being found in HLE
         DO NOT PARK IN THE BICYCLE LANE                           mailboxes, the mail carriers have
There is NO PARKING at any time on Westminster &
Worth. Parking in the bicycle lane becomes a safety hazard       requested that you place moth balls in
for children & other vehicles which may not be able to see
past the vehicle parked in the bicycle lane. If additional
                                                                   your mailbox or spray for spiders.
parking is needed, you may use the POA parking lot.
                   Boats, Trailers, RV’s
Please notify the POA office if your boat, trailer or RV will
be at your home for a couple of days.
                                                                  POA Hours - Week of April 27th
       Let’s each do our own part in maintaining                The POA office hours for the week of April 27th
                 the beauty of HLE!!!                                  will be from 9:00am - 4:00pm.
         Till Next Month - Brenda Wells

                          Speeding and Passing on HLE Streets
   Several complaints have been received concerning speeders and vehicles passing other
             vehicles who are driving the 25mph speed limit along HLE streets.
              For the SAFETY of all residents, lawn personnel, laborers, and visitors...
                            PLEASE ABIDE BY THE SPEED LIMIT OF 25MPH and
                               DO NOT PASS VEHICLES ON HLE STREETS!!!!
PAGE 3                                                RIPPLES                                               APRIL 2009
                                                   Hurricane Lake Estates
                                                Property Owner’s Association
                                                 March 16, 2009 - 6:00 P.M.
                                                   Hurricane Lake Estates
 Call to Order
 Call to order by Board President, Bill Hampton at 6:25pm with 5 members present. Randy Arceneaux and Jack Barlow were
 a. Rod Kirk thanked the Board for the handling the situation concerning his dock and for working for the community. Rod stated
    that Ron Rivers handled the situation very professionally. Ron stated it is very important to get all parties involved to come to
    a solution.
 b. John Parkinson had spoken with Bill Hampton earlier in the day concerning Peach Blossom being a private street. Mr.
    Parkinson was concerned the residents on Peach Blossom would be responsible for the street repairs. David stated that private
    streets are not maintained by the City of Benton. Peach Blossom residents are not charged additional dues to maintain Peach
    Blossom. Ron stated the Board is trying to get the City to take over Peach Blossom. Signatures from each property owner on
    Peach Blossom would have to sign a petition requesting the City to take over Peach Blossom. The POA will have to make
    street repairs to Peach Blossom before the City will even consider accepting the street. Ron stated that 880 feet of Lexington
    will remain private due to the City rules because of the gate. Mr. Parkinson also asked about the easement on a vacant lot on
    Peach Blossom that needs to be cleaned up. David Chapman stated he would check on it. Connie Massanelli asked about the
    Spring Hill gate. Ron stated the Board was working on getting it replaced.
 Approval of Minutes
 Minutes from February 16, 2009 approved.
 Manager’s Report
 a. Delinquent Accounts (27 – 1st time notices, 0 - 2nd time notice, 1 - 3rd time notices, 3 – 4th time notices and 1 sent to the
 b. Pool drains will cost either $800 or $1,000 to replace all four depending on the size needed. Board voted to have them
 c. POA 2008 Real Estate Taxes - $7,757.73. Board stated to wait and pay closer to October.
 d. Social Committee has Easter events planned for April 11th. Neighborhood Watch Committee recently held a meeting with over
    20 in attendance. Preparing for Spring Break. Additional police officers will be patrolling during this week. 6 additional
    Neighborhood Watch signs have been ordered. No soliciting and security cameras in use signs will also be ordered.
 Board Topics
 a. 3 street lights at front entrance are not maintained by the City. We need to add electricity to these lights. Bid from
    Middlebrooks accepted in the amount of $1,805.00 was accepted. The Board would also like to have lighting added to the
    HLE signs at front entrance. Will get additional estimate.
 b. Wooden fence at front entrance is now finished. Bill would like to have the fence stained. He would also like to get volunteers
    to clean up the grass areas around the fence. Discussion concerning power washing and staining the fence took place.
 c. Springhill Gate – After much discussion, the Board accepted a bid from Barker’s Backhoe & Dozer for $21,000. This bid
    would include the street repairs on Peach Blossom. Repairs will take place the week of Spring break. Board voted move
    forward on street repairs. Estimate of $9,053 from Titan Fence to rework the Springhill gate and Door King system. Ron
    Rivers stated we needed to wait on the Springhill gate.
 d. Brick Fence update on quitclaim deeds – Have received 3 back from property owners on Catalina. The Board can’t insure the
    fence till quitclaim deeds received from all property owners.
 e. Phase 5 Gate update – Charlie Best has received the authorization to deposit the additional $20,000 check. Charlie will now
    present new design to the city for approval.
 f. Sand for Beach – No bids received as yet. Should have by next Board meeting.
 g. ID Cards / Access to Boat Ramp – The Lake Committee has been patrolling the boat ramp. 2 ID cards were recently
    deactivated because the HLE residents had loaned out their ID cards. The Lake Committee would like all ID cards to be
    deactivated from use of the boat ramp. HLE residents would then come into the POA office and show their drivers license or
    another source of ID to prove they live in HLE. Their card would then be reactivated. Brenda stated she would need to check
    with Door King to check on the easiest and fastest way to handle deactivating all cards. Ron Rivers stated he would look at the
    software. The Board voted to deactivate the cards once Brenda has researched the best way to handle the deactivation.
 h. Bill discussed the possibility of the POA purchasing the two lots on Springhill Road by the gate. He would like these two lots
    to be cleaned up and landscaped. Still checking on rates and monthly payments.
 i. Ron Rivers stated a letter has been sent to Robert Rhoads to make clear what was agreed upon with Michael and the Board.
    Michael has agreed to move ahead with everything with the exception of the property on each side of Waterfall Way.
Adjournment at approximately 9:15 PM
PAGE 4                                  RIPPLES                                    APRIL 2009

                            BOARD MEETINGS
                                       May Board Meeting
                             will be held on Monday, May 18, 2009
                                       June Board Meeting
                             will be held on Monday, June 15, 2009
                                at 6:00pm at the HLE POA office
                     Board meetings are held at the POA Management office
                           and are open for Property Owners to attend.
                    If you have a topic you would like to present to the Board,
              Please call or email the POA to have your topic added to the agenda.

                              References Requested
The POA office periodically receives calls from residents requesting references for several different
 types of services. If you have had a good experience with someone you have hired to do repair
        work, house sit, dog sit, house keeper, mowing, landscaping, selling your house,
                       computer services, birthday party rentals, bands, etc…
            Please notify the POA office so we can start compiling a list of references.
                             653-3100 or

                  Springhill Gate
        The Springhill Gate will be closing within
                 the next 30 - 45 days.
                To enter or exit the gate you
                 MUST USE a REMOTE
The POA office is in the process of ordering additional remotes and need an idea
 of how many remotes to purchase. Please contact the POA office if you would
like to get on the list for a remote. You will be contacted by email & through the
    Ripples once the remotes have arrived. The new remotes and previously
            purchased remotes will work on the gate and the boat ramp.
                          The cost for each remote is $38.00.
                   The hours of operation for the gate will be:
       Monday - Friday 6am - 6pm            Saturday & Sunday Closed
PAGE 5              RIPPLES               APRIL 2009

         HLE Resident, Mark Johnson - Owner
PAGE 8                                    RIPPLES                                        APRIL 2009

                                    Cakery Affairs
                      Now offering on-site Birthday Parties in our new Party Room
                       Decorate cupcakes, cookies or customize your own party!!
    Call 847-6000 to book your party!!                    Website:
        **Please note - we have moved a few doors down in the same shopping center
                    5407 Hwy 5 North, Ste. 20 (Behind Letta’s Flowers)
              **High on the Hog is now offering catering only (located inside Cakery Affairs)

          A special “Thank You” to Cakery Affairs for their
            donation of cupcakes for the Easter Activities!!!
              Thanks goes out to all the HLE Residents
          who donated candy, eggs, drinks, money or their time
                to make the Easter Activities a success!

                                 Terry’s Waste
                        Twice a Week Service Began April 2nd
  If you are a current customer and would like to go to twice a week service for $25.80 a month, please
       email the POA office at or contact Todd Self at
                 or 519-2205.
              For those wishing to remain with once a week pick up,
           the rates will remain the same and you need not do anything.
          Yard waste collection resumed on March 3rd (every Tuesday)
                          for an additional 50¢ per bag.
      “New” customers - Please contact Terry’s Waste directly at 794-0529
PAGE 9                                       RIPPLES                                    APRIL 2009

                      MARK YOUR CALENDARS
     4TH OF JULY                                                                SAT.
    CELEBRATION                                                              JULY 4TH
   Cash Donations Needed ~ The More Funds Collected, The Bigger The Fireworks!
            We are once again asking each household to make a
                $20.00 donation towards the fireworks show.

                                                         Work Day at Front Entrance
 Boat Ramp Gate Deactivation
                                                             Sat., May 9th at 10:00am - ???
       As of Monday, May 11th,                                     (Meet by the guard house)
   ALL ID cards and remotes will be                              Bring your rakes, trash bags,
   deactivated for access to the Boat                            trailers and other yard tools!
 Ramp Gate. Beginning on Wed., May                        A work day has been scheduled to clean
  13th you will need to come into the                     up and haul off debris/trash at the front
    POA office to reactivated your                        entrance by the wooden fence and areas
        ID card and/or remote.                             where the trees were recently removed.

     Lake Committee - Work Day Update
The Lake Committee held a work day on April 11th. Thanks to the many volunteers, several projects were
completed. Buoys & signs were replaced and LOTS of trash picked up. The Lake Committee is asking for
your assistance in keeping our lake clean. If you see trash on your property, along the banks, in the lake,
parking lot or grass areas - please pick it up! This would be a tremendous help in maintaining the beauty
of the lake and surrounding areas.
While many hours and hard work went into this past workday, there is still
work to be done. A Lake Work Day will be held approximately every 60
days. As soon as the date is set for the next Work Day, an email will be
sent out to notify residents.
Please be courteous by abiding by the “No Wake” zones located by the
swimming area and the Boat Docks. Please make yourself familiar with the
Lake Rules which can be viewed at
For more information please contact:
Tracy Harmon at or 517-1055
PAGE 10                                    RIPPLES                                        APRIL 2009

              HLE Resident Crowned
             Mrs. Saline County America
       Congratulations to Amberlee Hayman
       who was recently crowned Mrs. Saline County America.
        Amberlee will compete for Mrs. Arkansas American on
       June 13th at 7:00pm at the Hot Springs Convention Center.
  Amberlee would love to have your support through sponsorships,
     ad pages in the program, attendance and continued donations of family packs.
  Ticket prices are $14.00 in advance, $16.00 at the door, and children 10 and under $8.00.
                      For tickets, please contact Amberlee at 840-3661

        Barracudas Summer Swim Team
  Sign Up Now by contacting or 316-0170
                     Part of Central Arkansas Swim League
              Home meets are held at Longhills Swimming Pool
   Practices held at Longhills Swimming Pool & Brand New Midtown Pool

                      “New” Hurricane Lake Walking & Running Group!!!
                        Get a GREAT start to your workday! Walk or run with others at your pace on the
                         safe and friendly streets of Hurricane Lake Estates! All walkers & runners, from
                           beginners to experienced are invited to meet on a weekly basis at 5:30am at the
                      Hurricane Lake Boat Docks beginning the first week in May (exact weekday (s) to be
                          announced). Pair up with others going at your pace and distance. There will be
                      water and bathrooms available along with plenty of parking! Maps will be available
 for difference courses from 1 to 7 miles, all with-in our community. This is open to all interested walkers
      and runners, and it is totally FREE with support from the Saline County Striders Running Club.
   The only requirements are a commitment to a zero trash policy and to be respectful of the community.
  Contact Allan Woiwood at 816-210-6627 or email, or Pete Ireland at
 315-9252 or for dates and details. When finalized, the schedule will be posted on the
         POA website at and the Saline County Striders running club website at
  This is a great opportunity to get in the shape you want, train with others and experience a fun and safe
                               weekly group walking and running experience!
PAGE 11                              RIPPLES                                            APRIL 2009

                   Husband & Wife Team - HLE Residents

                        Mary Kay Consultants - Neighborhood Residents
                     Darlene Nelson 501-366-5124 Kimberly Hill 501-909-1013
                      First 15 people to call and place an order or book a skin care
                            makeover party gets 10% off of their total order!!

                                                                       My Lawn Service

                                                     We are here to take care of all of your lawn needs,
                                                                   at an affordable price.

                                                     Walks and patios      Mike Schleiff    •    Mowing
                                                        built out of        Cell 580-5841   •    Trim Bushes
                                                    stone / brick pavers    Fax 794-1309    •    Mulch Beds

                                                                 The following ads are purchased
                                                             advertisements and in no way a testimony
                                                                       from the HLE POA.
                                                         * There is limited space for advertisements. All
  Frank Tombrello gets you back where you belong.         artwork must be provided to HLE in a format
                                                         compatible with Microsoft Publisher and all ads
      * Life * Auto * Home * Business *                        are due by the 15th of each month.
 Bus. (501) 568-6477    Res. (501) 847-5538                          Business Card size = $25.00                                         1/4 page = $50.00
                 HLE Resident                                              1/2 page = $75.00
                                                                           Full page = $100.00
          Get the service you deserve
                                                              Color inserts must be provided by client
         from an agent you can trust!                             and the cost is $75.00 to insert.
PAGE 12                                         RIPPLES                                           APRIL 2009
                                        HLE Resident Advertisements
                                      Experienced Sitter (Children, Houses, Dogs)
 20 year old college student available for babysitting, house sitting, dog sitting and more. Call Amanda at 416-1702.
                                                 Experienced Babysitter
   Experience 14 yr. old female, available days and evenings. Will babysit at your house if preferred. Will take to
    neighborhood pool or park if requested. Call Ashley Collins at 303-8006 or 653-2429. References Available.
                                                 Responsible Babysitter
     Responsible 16 year old would like to babysit. Please contact Courtney Campbell at 551-4030 or 847-4694.
                HLE Resident, 18 years old, has own car, can take kids to the pool. Lots of experience.
                                      Call Bonnie Stroud at 529-0139 or 847-7612
                                                  Bass Boat - For Sale
    2006 Pelican Bass Raider 10' molded fishing boat with trolling motor and battery. All new last September….
                                 $600.00...Got a bigger boat. Doug Andrews, 847-7710.
                                         Miscellaneous Work - Kyle Nossaman
  Kyle Nossaman, age 16, is ready to do miscellaneous work for you. Call for mowing, raking, laying sod, moving
       furniture, running errands, clean-up at construction sites, etc. Please call Kyle at 847-2407 of 517-0976
                                              Pet Sitting by HLE Resident
    13 year old seeks part-time employment as "pet whisperer". Call Harley Burks at 993-3856. Loves animals!!
                                      Professional Therapeutic Swedish Massage
              Licensed therapist, HLE resident, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Hot Stone Therapy,
               Medical Massage Certification. Gift certificates are available. Doris Childress 653-2155
                                         Investigations & Consulting Services
              Investigations & Consulting Services, LLC. For more information, contact Michael Smith
                         at 847-0778 or 681-4602 or email Michael at
                                             Mary Kay Beauty Consultant
            Contact Sandra Tracy for a “Free Mary Kay Facial”, Place order on-line for quick delivery at
     , Sandra Tracy - Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, 590-7280
                                                 Affordable Handy Man
 For odd jobs, tile work, painting, sheetrock, roofing, gutters or any general repairs, Please call Jaime Arguello (HLE
             resident) at 909-6278 or 847-3696, Experience, honest & reliable…….FREE ESTIMATES
                                                      Items For Sale
    Dining table and 4 chairs with matching hutch. Table has a beautiful glass top with beveled edge. China has 2
adjustable glass shelves and lights. Uniquely styled with a bamboo look on the legs and trim. Table and chairs $300.00
                               China Hutch $250.00. Contact 847-7566, 7404 Palm Beach
                                            Misc. Lawn Care & Maintenance
   20 year old college student is available for any miscellaneous lawn care and maintenance: mowing, weed-eating,
                          landscaping, raking leaves etc. Contact Jordan Mountjoy at 681-8326
                                                   Sailboat - For Sale
         21 ft Santana Sailboat, $2,500 OBO. Comes with main sail, jib sail and trailer. Call Les at 658-8547
                                                      Items For Sale
     Computer desk & printer table (like new) $45.00, Kenmore Upright Freezer 150# capacity (like new) $75.00,
Westinghouse Roaster Oven, dinner for 8 $75.00, Walnut Chest of Drawers (5) $35.00, Left Handed Set of Ladies Golf
                                          Clubs & Bag $45.00. Call 847-6355
                                            Wanted!!! - Thomas Train Pieces
                    If you have Thomas Train pieces and/or a train table for sale - I am interested!!!!!
                                             Please call Michelle at 680-9120
PAGE 13                      RIPPLES                            APIRL 2009

             Full Service Plumbing - Residential - Commercial
             Drain Cleaning - Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling
Price Quotes Over the Phone - No Service Charge with Repair - Free Estimates
                  No Extra Charge for Nights or Weekends
                           15 % Discounts For:
HLE Residents - Senior Citizens - Fire Fighters - Police - Teachers - Handicap
             Vicente Hernandez - Owner & HLE Resident
PAGE 14                                   RIPPLES                                         APRIL 2009
                                     Tennis Court Lighting
  There is a light switch in between the two courts. The lights will not come on unless the light switch is
                turned ON. It takes a few minutes for the lighting to reach it’s full potential.
           The lights on the tennis courts are set to automatically go off at 10:30pm each night.
                   When you leave the courts, please turn the light switch OFF.

                                        SWIM LESSONS TO BEGIN JUNE 1ST
                                           Swim lessons will be given by HLE resident,
                                                  Gayla Arendt again this year.
                                     To register, please contact Gayla directly at 786-1261

                     Pool Opening!!
       The pool is currently scheduled to open on
               Friday, May 15th at 9:00am
                       Pool Hours
                Mon - Thurs: 9am - 9pm
                    Fri: 9am - 10pm
        Sat: 10am - 10pm        Sun: 10am - 8pm

 “Tornado Shelter Systems, Inc. has installed saferooms and shelters for many satisfied customers in
                          the Hurricane Lake and Hurricane Meadows area.
 Let us help you protect your family from severe weather, home intrusion and loss of valuable prop-
PAGE 15                           RIPPLES                                APRIL 2009

              Neighborhood Watch Update
   The Neighborhood Watch Committee met on the 16th with 12 members present.
  Block Captains were assigned but several streets are still in need of Block Captains.
   You will soon be contacted by a Block Captain who will request information from
  you that will be helpful in the event it is needed. If for some reason you wish NOT
        to participate in giving information to your Block Captain, please let the
                 POA office know so your Block Captain can be notified.

  You can be a part of the Neighborhood Watching Committee as you are:
     Taking your morning or evening walk ~ Driving through the neighborhood ~
        Fishing ~ Riding your bike ~ Walking the dog ~ Mowing your lawn ~
     Working in your flower beds ~ Visiting with neighbors ~ Sitting on you patio

            Neighborhood Watch is Easier Than You Think!!
         Please contact the POA office if you would like to be a part of the
   Neighborhood Watch Committee. The more eyes and ears we have, the better!!!!

                  Helpful Hints To NOT be a Victim of Crime
                          LOCK your vehicles at all times
                      DO NOT leave valuables in your vehicle
      Always set your house alarm when not at home and before going to bed
              DO NOT leave your garage door opener in you vehicle
             Notify your Block Captain when you will be out of town
               Hire someone to house sit while you are out of town
  Have neighbors get your mail and newspapers / or stop delivery when out of town
  DO NOT leave a purse, wallet, cell phone, keys, credit cards, paperwork with your
               SSN # or account #’s in your vehicle at ANY TIME

      Please report any and all suspicious people or activity to the Benton Police
          non-emergency # 778-1171. In case of emergencies, please call 911.

       Neighborhood Watch ~ We Watch Out For Each Other!!!
PAGE 17                                    RIPPLES                                         APRIL 2009
                                      Hurricane Lake Estates POA
                                    ~ Payment Coupon - May 2009 ~
The payment of dues is how the POA operates. As a nonprofit, every penny counts and one account in arrears
effects new projects and future planning. If your account has been paid in full or you stay current with your
account then THANK YOU. However, if you know you have an outstanding balance, then please get your
account caught up, pay on time, and avoid late fees!!!
     Please make checks payable to HLE POA. Please write your Phase, Block & Lot # on your check.
                    If you have any questions regarding the status of your account please
                               call 653-3100 or email
Payment coupon for:          May 2009
To be submitted by:          May 1, 2009
If received after:           May 31, 2009 **** ($10.00 late fees will be applied June 1st) ****
Property Owner Name:___________________________________________________________
Property you are paying dues on:___________________________________________________
Please check the box that applies to your payment:

                                          ***** 2009 dues *****
                   Phases 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 and Quail Valley:  Monthly dues = $ 44.00
                  Phases 5 and 6:  Monthly dues for Phase 5 and Phase 6 = $ 66.00
*** 2009 dues are billed to all property owners in December. You have the option to pay the
    2009 dues all at once in January, or choose a payment option of Monthly, Quarterly or Semi Annually.
Please remit payments to: Mail to HLE POA ~ 6015 Worth Ave. ~ Benton, AR 72019
Or you may drop off your payment and utilize the drop-slot in the sliding window of the management office
If your information has changed or you are a NEW Property Owner, please take this opportunity to update
the following Information. This information is for POA Management purposes only.
                                           All HLE Residents
            Please fill out the form below and return to the POA office so that we may
                                 confirm, add or update our records.
Are you a new property owner?     YES       NO              Lease or Rent?        YES       NO

Property Owner Name(s):_____________________________________________________________

HLE Address:______________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address if different:___________________________________________________________

Home Phone:________________ Cell #(s):_______________________________________________


Children’s Names: ___________________________________________________________________
       6015 WORTH AVENUE
         BENTON, AR 72019

                                ** Post office - Deliver between 4/22/09 - 4/25/09

                      ** Please Deliver to Addressee or Current Resident/Homeowner

                                                   RIPPLES                                            APRIL 2009
Ripples is the official newsletter of Hurricane Lake Estates. Contributing articles, comments, and advertisements should
be directed to Material to be included in Ripples must be submitted no later than the 2nd
Thursday of the month in which you wish your information is to run. Late entries will run in the next issue.
The Ripples staff consists of Volunteers who make a reasonable effort to verify the accuracy of information presented.
The Staff does not assume legal responsibility for the data provided to it. The editors reserve the right to edit articles to
accommodate space or maintain journalistic quality. Comments and suggestions are welcome and encouraged.

 Any material to be included
       in the Ripples,
  must be submitted by the
 2nd Thursday of the month
  in which the information
          is to run.