Plants Suitable for Patio Containers Hanging Baskets by MikeJenny


									      Plants Suitable for Patio Containers & Hanging Baskets
Most bedding plants can be used in           Nemesia       Nebula & Sundrops
containers and baskets, whether mixed                      [Only Containers],
or on their own. Here we have singled                      Sugar & Spice,
out those items which are especially                       Masquerade [Containers
suitable, some commonly used and                           & Baskets]
some less frequently seen.                   Nemophila     Baby Blue Eyes, Five
                                                           Spot, Freckles & Penny
Abutilon      Bella Mixed                                  Black
Agastache     Pink Pop                       Nolana        Blue Bird, Snow Bird &
Anagallis     Monellii                                     Little Bells
Antirrhinum   Floral Showers &               Oryza         Black Madras [Only Containers]
              Bells & Chimes                 Osteospermum Passion Mixed
Asarina       All types                      Pansy         Ultima & Fancy.
Aubergine     Mohican                                      Ultima, particularly
Bean (Runner) Hestia                                       suitable for winter
Begonia       All tuberous types, and Dragon               baskets & tubs
              Wings, Inferno.                Penstemon     All types [Only Containers]
Bidens        Golden Eye                     Petunia       All varieties, Wave,
Brachycome    All types, especially                        Avalanche Series
              Bravo Series                                 specifically for baskets
Browallia     Jingle Bells                   Polygonum     Victory Carpet
Cabbage                                      Ranunculus    Bloomingdale, Magic
Ornamental    Tokyo Mixed                    Rhodochiton Atrosanguineus
Calceolaria   Sunshine, Gold Purse           Sanvitalia    All types
Calendula     Wintersun                      Silene        Peach Blossom &
Cammisonia    Sunflakes                                    Snowball
Chaenarrhinum Summer Skies                   Spilanthes    Peek-a-boo
                                             Stocks        Cinderella Series
Cobaea        Scandens
                                             Strawberry    Fresca & Temptation
Cordyline     All types                      Sunflower     Sunspot, Teddybear, Big
Delphinium    Tom Pouce Series, Blue                       Smile, Munchkin Pacino
              Pygmy & Blue Mirror                          Solita Junior [Only Containers]
              [Only Containers]              Sweet Peas    Cupid, Fantasia and
Diascia       All types                                    Continental Mixed
Dichondra     Silver Falls, Emerald Falls    Sweet Pepper Redskin, Mohawk
Erigeron      Profusion                      Sweet William Noverna [Only Containers]
Fuchsia       Fete Floral                    Thunbergia    Alata Mixed
Geranium      All varieties for tubs,        Thymophylla Tenuiloba
              Summer Showers                 Tomato        Tumbler, Tumbling Tom, Totem,
              Series, ®Tornado
                                                            Garden Pearl
              specifically for baskets
                                             Verbena       Serenity, Imagination, Toronto
Helichrysum   Silver Mist
Helenium      Goldfield [Only Containers]    Viola         All types, especially
Herbs         Basil, Parsley, Sage, Thyme                  spreading varieties
Hot Pepper    Apache, Cheyenne,              Zinnia        Profusion Series
Impatiens     All types
Kale          All ornamental types
Laurentia     Stars Series, Avante Garde
Linaria       Cymbalaria, Fantasy
              Series [Only
Lobelia       Fountains, Regatta and
              Cascade Series, also Monsoon
Millet        Jester, Purple Baron [Only
Mimulus       Calypso
Mina          Lobata Exotic Love
Nasturtium    Peach Melba,
              Alaska, Double Gleam,
              Tip Top Apricot,
              Jewel of Africa,
              Whirlybird, Cherry Rose
              & Sunset Pink
                             Flower Varieties Suitable For Cutting
OF=Outdoor grown, fresh use.
OD=Outdoor grown suitable for drying.
PF= Grown under protection, fresh
A=Annual B=Biennial P=Perennial

Achillea P                               OF/OD     Euphorbia Marginata P              OF              Sweet William Check Description A/B OF/PF
Aconitum Newry Blue P                    OF/OD     Freesia P                          PF              Trachelium P                        OF/PF
Acroclinium A                            OF/OD     Godetia Grace A                    OF/PF           Veronica [Tall Types] P             OF
Ageratum Blue Horizon A                  PF        Gomphrena A                        OF/OD           Xeranthemum A                       OF/OD
Alstroemeria Ligtu Hybrids P             OF/PF     Grass Ornamentals check cat description            Zinnia [Tall Types] A               OF
Amaranthus Caudatus A                    OD        Gypsophila elegans A               OF/OD
Ammobium A                               OF/OD     Gypsophila paniculta P             OF/OD
Anaphalis P                              OF/OD     Helenium P                         OF
Anemone Mona Lisa A                      PF        Helichrysum tall types A           OF/OD           Foliage
Antirrhinum Rocket A                     OF/PF     Heuchera Firefly P                 OF
                                                   Honesty [Lunaria] B                OD              Asparagus Plumosus Nanus
Armeria Joystick P                       OF/OD
                                                   Jasione P                          OF/OD           Cordyline
Aster [Callistephus] A                   OF/PF
                                                   Larkspur [Delphinium cons] A       OF/OD           Eucalyptus
Aster [Benary’s Composition] P           OF
                                                   Lavatera Beauty A                  OF              Euphorbia Icicle
Astrantia P                              OF/OD
Bells of Ireland [Molucella] A           OF/OD     Liatris P                          OF
Bupthalmum P                             OF        Lonas Inodora A                    OF/OD
Bupleurum A                              OF/OD     Lupin Sunrise A                    OF
Campanula tall types P                   OF        Monarda Lambarda P                 OF/OD
Candytuft Iceberg A                      OF        Nigella A                          OF/OD
Canterbury Bells Champion A              OF        Physalis [Chinese Lantern] P       OD
Carnation Floristan A                    OF        Physostegia Rose Queen P           OF
Carnation Hardy Border P                 OF        Pyrethrum [Tanacetum] P            OF
Carthamus A                              OF/OD     Rudbeckia occidentalis P           OF/OD
Catananche [Cupids Dart] P               OF/OD     Saponaria vaccaria A               OF
Celosia Flamingo A                       OF/OD     Scabiosa Stellata A                OF/OD
Centranthus [Valerian] P                 OF        Scabiosa Caucasica P               OF
Chrysanthemum Fanfare P                  OF        Sidalcea P                         OF
Cirsium P                                OF/OD     Statice A                          OF
Clary A                                  OF/OD     Statice Tatarica [Dumosa] P        OF/OD
Cornflower Cut Flower A                  OF/OD     Stocks Check cat Description A/B        OF/PF
Cosmos Daydream A                        OF        Sunflower A                             OF/PF
Craspedia A                              OF/OD     Sweet Pea A                             OF/PF

                  Vegetables Suitable For Retail Young Plant Sales
Artichoke          Violet De Provence            Cucumber        Euphya, Camilla
                   Green Globe, Rosa Bianca                      Riches, Passandra               Squash          Ambassador, Eight Ball
                                                                 Femspot, Pepinex 69                             One Ball, Zuchini
Aubergine          Mohican, Black Beauty                         Telegraph Improved                              Long Green Trailing
                   Baby Belle, Farmers Long                      Burpless Tasty Green                            Green Bush, Goldrush
                                                                 Marketmore                                      Munchkin, Gold Fever
Broad Beans        Bunyards Exhibition                                                                           Jack Of All Trades
                   The Sutton                    Herbs           Most (see section)                              Sunny, Mammoth
                                                                                                                 Atlantic Giant
Climbing French                                  Leek            Musselburgh                                     Waltham Butternut
            Beans Blue Lake Stringless                           Lyon 2 Prizetaker                               Baby Bear, Mars
                                                                                                                 Snowman, Uchiki Kuri
Dwarf French      Tendergreen                    Lettuce         All
            Beans The Prince                                                                     Sweet Corn      All
                                               Melon             Sweetheart, Ogen
Runner Beans       Kelvedon Marvel                               Angel, Jade Lady                Tomato          Mini Charm,
                   Achievement, Hestia                                                                           Sun Baby, Supersweet 100
                   Streamline, Scarlet Emporer Onion             Utah Jumbo White                                Sungold, Gardeners Delight
                                                                 Ailsa Craig Prizewinner                         Golden Gem, Sakura
Borecole           Dwarf Green Curled                            Bedfordshire Champion                           Sun Belle, Summer Sweet
                                                                 Red Baron                                       Juliet, Jolly
Broccoli           Early Purple, Late Purple                                                                     Shirley, Moneymaker
                                                 Parsley         Champion Moss Curled                            Ailsa Craig, Alicante
Brussels Sprout    Bedford Darkmar 21                            Plain, Bravour                                  Mountain Pride, Matina
                   Red Bull, Evesham Special
                                                                                                                 Sparta, Super Marmande
                                               Peas              Feltham First, Onward                           Golden Shine
Cabbage            Derby Day, Durham Early                       Hurst Greenshaft
                   Greyhound, Primo (ii)                                                                         Micro Tom, Tiny Tim
                                                                 Kelvedon Wonder                                 Tumbler, Tropical Ruby
                   Golden Acre Earliest of all
                   Spring Hero, Red Drumhead Hot Pepper                                                          Tumbling Tom Red
                   Best Of All, Ormskirk                                                                         Tumbling Tom Yellow
                                               Sweet Pepper      Bell Boy, Luteus                                Garden Pearl, Season Red
Calabrese          Marathon, Green Sprouting                     Poseidon, Phoebus                               Roma Vf, Totem
                                                                 Mohawk, Redskin                                 The Amateur, Rosada
Cauliflower        All Year Round, Snowball                      Marconi Red ...Marconi Yellow                   Sweet Olive, Azriel
                   Igloo, Autumn Giant                           Sweet Banana
                                                                 Californian Wonder

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