LEASING BONUSES by steph1028


									LEASING BONUSES Initial Lease: $50 for 12 month lease $25 for 6 month lease Leasing bonuses will not be paid if the physical occupancy is under 90%. The exception is new construction lease up. Renewals/Recertifications: $50 for 12 month lease* $25 for 6 month lease* *Renewal bonuses are split to include all maintenance and housekeeping staff. New Lease Ups $100 for 12 month lease for the first qualified resident in the unit. All files must be checked and approved by the property supervisor prior to bonuses being paid. OCCUPANCY BONUS $200 per office employee if the property closes the month 100% occupied. DELINQUENCY BONUS $100 per office employee if the property closes out at the end of the month with $0 delinquent.

SAFETY BONUS Each of the staff will receive one paid day off each quarter as long as all safety meetings are held and documented and there are no injuries. * Management will not pay bonuses to any employee terminated for cause prior to payment.

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