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					                           Compound and Complex Sentences

I. Complex sentences have one independent and one or more dependent clauses.

Dependent clauses are introduced by subordinators. Common subordinators are:

Common subordinators are:

Time             Contrast              Cause                  Condition
when              although             since                   if
while             even though           because                unless
before            while
as soon as
ever since

1. After the sun dipped below the horizon, the clouds began to turn pink and purple.

2. Plants are important because they turn the sun’s energy into food.

3. As soon as Claudia finished her test, she met her friends in the cafeteria.

II. Compound sentences have two or more independent clauses connected by a
coordinate conjunction or a transition word.

The coordinate conjunctions are: and , but , so, yet, for, nor, or.

Common transition words are:

Contrast /opposition           Cause/effect           Addition        Example
however                         therefore             in addition     for example
nevertheless                    consequently          furthermore     for instance
on the other hand               as a result           moreover

1. My neighbors were not able to pay there mortgage; as a result, they had to sell their

2. It was a cold , rainy , windy day, but we decided to go to the beach.

3. San Francisco is a beautiful, exciting city; however, it is a very expensive place to