NEWSLETTER Big Country HBA by MikeJenny


									August-September 2010            B I G C O U N T RY H B A

                               NEWSLETTER           “The most important thing you build is business”.

     Big Country HBA            President’s Pen by Mark Aldriedge
  4398 Crawford Drive
    Abilene, TX 79602                                                Another successful Clay Shoot this year brings friends and gra-
      325-698-4232                                          cious sponsors to shoot and help raise funds for Habitat and HBA. Our
   FAX 325-692-5844                                         sponsors are such an important life line to us. Thank you Anthony
                                                            McCollum and Karen Mendoza for coordinating. We thank each and every
                                                            one who helped. If you didn’t get a chance to sponsor or volunteer, you
                                                            can do just that with our up-coming Golf Tournament.
    2010 President                                                   A lot is at stake in the November elections. It is important that
    Mark Aldriedge                                          lawmakers and candidates remember the important role housing plays in
  2317 LaCantera Ct         the economy, and that regulatory conditions that hamper home building and efforts to eliminate or
   Abilene TX 79606         weaken important housing tax incentives will have a devastating effect on the nation’s economic recov-
    325-672-1236            ery and future prosperity.
  Cell 325-660-2880
                            Please take this time to set-up a meeting with your Members of Congress and let them know that the
                            housing industry still needs their help getting back on its feet.
                                      When you see/meet a lawmaker or candidate, here are a few questions you could ask:
                             Given the severe credit problems currently impacting all US small businesses, a crisis that is espe-
                            cially acute for the nation’s home builders who are made up of mostly small businesses, what will you
                            do to help the housing industry lead the nation out of our current economic slump?
                             Specifically, will you support legislation backed by NAHB (H.R. 5409) designed to expand the flow
                            of credit for the home building industry and the millions of people it employs each year by establishing
                            a loan guarantee program for lenders who provide construction loans to builders with viable projects?
                                      See you soon as we have a great September lined up for you!

                                                                                    LUNCHEON NOTCE
 President’s Pen
                                                                                  Thursday September 2 , 2010
 PWB                        PWB by Leslie Lee                                       Abilene Country Club
 Luncheon Notice
 Permits Issued
                                                                      Greetings from Professional Women in Building. As you get this news-
 New Members                                              letter, we have all survived another HBA Clay Shoot. The August heat wasn’t too
 Quote of the Month                                       bad and everyone had a fun time. It was nice to see lots of volunteers out there
 Lewis Class Winners                                      to help support Habitat for Humanity.
 Open Bass Tournament                                                PWB enjoyed taking a little vacation during the month of July. Now we
 Golf Sponsors                                            are rested, refreshed and raring to go! This week we will enjoy our Summer Party
 Golf Entry Form                                          for our membership. We will have lots of food, fun and fellowship. It is a great
 Golf Pledge Sheet                                        way for us to network with each other and to get ready for the upcoming events of
 Silent Auction Sponsors                                  fall. In September we will have our annual Membership Luncheon. We will have it
 Shoot Sponsors                                           at The Beehive on September 16 -more details to follow.
 Calendar                                                            If you know a woman that is in the homebuilding industry and would like
 Shoot Photos                to be a part of a wonderful organization please tell her about PWB. We gladly welcome new members. You can
                              contact myself or Mitzi Merchant, our Membership Chair, for further details about joining our great group.

                              Leslie Lee
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PERMITS ISSUED June 16, 2010 thru August 13, 2010

 Lantrip’s Custom Homes          2141 Bunker Hill Dr      179,900
 Cornerstone Enterprises         2233 Bunker Hill Dr      150,000
 Texas Pride Quality Home        358 Miss Ellie Ln        95,000
 Worley Custom Homes             7025 Pebbles Pl          217,700                     Regina Davis
 Cordova Construction            7018 Randy Av            200,000                 American Classifieds
 Nick Coates                     2451 John C Stevens St   325,000                      2901 N 3rd
 Sela Builders LLC               4718 Spring Creek Rd     164,995                  Abilene, TX 79603
 Lantrip’s Custom Homes          742 Benelli Dr           239,000         673-4521 FAX 673-4525 Cell 665-3262
 LaVilla Homes                   357 Lollipop Tr          110,000           Email:
 Lantrip’s Custom Homes          858 Running Water Tr     152,900
 Cornerstone Enterprises         2126 Bunker Hill Dr      150,000
 Cornerstone Enterprises         2142 Bunker Hill Dr      160,000                  Jennifer Snodgrass
 Legend Homes                    6605 Maple St            232,000         New York Life Insurance Company
 Mason Trendsetters Inc          7726 Tuscany Dr          155,000                    80 Harvard Pl
 Miller Custom Homes             7034 Pebbles Pl          225,000                  Abilene, TX 79603
 Worley Custom Homes             7017 Pebbles Pl          217,700
                                                                                370-2054 FAX 232-8186
 Universal Design Consortium     2725 Hickory St          125,000
 Mark Aldriedge                  2109 Bunker Hill Dr      160,000
 Legend Homes                    4818 Yellowstone Tr      167,000
 Mason Trendsetters Inc          7910 Tuscany Dr          165,000
 Abstract Construction           1250 Lewis & Clark Tr    140,000
 Sela Builders
 Flying V Homes LLC
                                 4701 Spring Creek Rd
                                 5557 Yellow Brick Rd
                                                                           MENKE, INC.
 Lantrip’s Custom Homes          4702 Yellowstone Tr      172,900
 Lantrip’s Custom Homes          866 Running Water Tr     172,900
 25 SFP issued                                            4,360,995        Showroom: 3142 S. 27TH Abilene, Texas 79605
                                                                           Phone: 325-673-5096 Fax: 325-676-3716
 OUTSIDE CITY LIMIT:                                                       Karen Newcomb         Robert Miers
 Troy Johnston Construction      325 CR 337               Tuscola          Paula Fiel Russ Menke  Jan Menke
 Lee Roy Ramirez                 250 Peach Blossom Dr     Abilene
 Lee Roy Ramirez                 265 Peach Blossom Dr     Abilene
 Lantrip’s Custom Homes          182 Cedar Lake Dr        Abilene
 Lantrip’s Custom Homes          218 Peach Blossom Dr     Abilene
 Lantrip’s Custom Homes          401 Apple Blossom Dr     Abilene
 Lantrip’s Custom Homes          402 Apple Blossom Dr     Abilene
 Odis Gray                       1026 CR 209              Wingate                        ABILENE
                                                                                       Century Plaza II
 Legend Homes                    134 Bear Creek           Tuscola
                                                                                          Suite 100
 Legend Homes                    301 Apple Blossom Dr     Abilene
 Ed Wright                       1298 Ohlhausen Rd        Abilene
                                                                           LISA BOYCE             BETTY GARNER
 Dwayne Sloan                    457 CR 337               Tuscola
 Mindi Qualls                    1309 Scarbrough St       Buffalo Gap
 Austin King                     710 CR 618               Tuscola
 Alan Crowe                      573 CR 332               Tuscola                  QUOTE OF THE MONTH
 Wesley Brown                    1250 CR 174              Ovalo
 Kelly Smith                     173 Deerfield Tr         Abilene       “Good instincts usually tell you what to
 Jeff Atchinson                  7950 FM 89               Tuscola
                                                                            do long before your head has
 18 SFP issued
 43 SF Permits this time frame                                                      figured it out.”
                                                                                                          Michael Burke
                  4th Annual
                                                                                             Page 3
           BCHBA Sporting Clays Shoot                        O OTE
                                                   you   SH
         LEWIS CLASS WINNERS!!               Thank

 Champion, Score 98: DAVID PHILLIPS                 HOA Junior, Score 90
 Score 85: TERRY BAILEY                              BRANDON HOBBS
 Score 80: VAN CARLSON
                                                     HOA Lady, Score 72
 Score 68: MIKE HERNANDEZ                            RACHAEL BRYANT
 Score 63: MIKE McLEAN
 Score 61: AUSTIN GARNER                    ROBERT NEWBERRY purchased the
 Score 59: RANDY BURSON                       charity gun (Smith & Wesson
 Score 55: JORDAN WRIGHT                              M&P AR 15).
 Score 51: TOMMY POPE
 Score 48: TODD SLATON                   THANK YOU JOHN MONTGOMERY—
 Score 45: ROGER SHALLER                 paying $150.00 to get your own hat
 Score 41: ROLANDO REYES                               back!
 Score 34: DAN McATEE

                                                         THANK YOU
                                                 BETTY ROSE’S LITTLE BRISKET
                      CONGRATULATIONS                        And
Director “Event”       TO ALL WINNERS!              McCARTY EQUIPMENT
Gun (Browning                                             COMPANY
                       Thank you for your              EXCELLENT JOB!
 Gold SL) was

 purchased by

TERRY BAILEY                            THANK YOU DAVID BISHOP
                                        for the beautiful artwork!

                                                      MILLER APPRAISAL ASSOCIATES

                                                          State Certified Residential Appraisers
                                                         Dina M. Griffin          Conard Miller
                                                           2248 Hollis, Abilene, Texas 79605
                                                                Office 325-692-4031
                                                                  Cell 325-668-5496
                                                                 FAX 325-692-7945
Page 4          Fishing Tournament Sponsors

                            Big Country HBA
                                Open Bass

                                1st Place   $1,000.00
                sponsored by: COUNTRYSIDE HOMES, L.L.C. &
                        LANTRIP’S CUSTOM HOMES
                                2nd Place $500.00
                                  sponsored by:
                3rd Place $250.00
                  sponsored by:         Saturday October 9, 2010
                4th Place $200.00
                                          Hubbard Creek Lake
         sponsored by: ACME BRICK
                5th Place $175.00           $50.00 Entry Fee
                  sponsored by:

                                6th Place $150.00
                                  sponsored by:
                                7th Place $125.00
                       sponsored by: GRANITE INNOVATIONS
                                      8th Place $100.00
                         sponsored by: BLAKELEE BUILDERS
                                      9th Place $100.00
                            sponsored by: SHUTTERS BY J C
                                      10th Place $75.00
          sponsored by: BRIERCROFT FIRE & WATER RESTORATION,
                     CONSTRUCTION & REMODELING
                             Lucky 13th place $100.00
                                  sponsored by:
                          SANDY CREEK MARINA

                 THANK YOU PLACE SPONSORS!

         Call 325-698-4232 for more information
    GOLF SPONSORS, as of 8/18/10                                                  Page 5

             Lunch Sponsor                                        Hole Sponsors
      Kohler & Morrison Supply                                    Acme Brick
                 Title Sponsors                          Hall Air Conditioning
           AEP Texas Grit Smart                             Atmos Energy
             Ingram Concrete                              Binswanger Glass
              Corporate Sponsors                            Ditty Bag Sponsor
                Pest Patrol                                 AEP Texas Grit Smart
       Abilene Lumber BMC Select
            Supreme Security
              Schkade Mines
                                                        Thank you for your
          Security Title Company
                                                         continued support!
Communities of Abilene Federal Credit Union
            First Financial Bank
             Hole-In-One Sponsor
           Hanner Supercenter
             Beverage Cart Sponsor
       Menke Inc/Carpet Warehouse

                          29th Annual BCHBA Golf Tournament
                                      Wednesday September 15, 2010
                                       Diamondback Golf Course

                                            9:00 Shotgun Start
                                             4 Person Scramble
                                  $65.00 Entry Fee (includes cart & lunch)

                           Lunch catered by Betty Rose’s Little Brisket
            Door Prizes, Door Prizes, Door Prizes!
      Call 325-698-4232 or Debbie Hurt 325-690-9245
                  for more information.
Page 6

                                                          29th ANNUAL BCHBA
                                                          GOLF TOURNAMENT
                                                           Wednesday – September 15, 2010
                                                                Diamondback Golf Course

Four Person Scramble/Shotgun Start 9:00 AM

ENTRY FEE $65.00 per person, includes cart, green fees & awards luncheon immediately following tournament. Additional
meal tickets are $15.00 per person.

ENTRY DEADLINE: September 10, 2010 at 5:00 PM. All team pairings will be selected by committee based on A, B, C and
D handicaps. Please, no requested or pre-selected teams. Mulligan’s available at check-in. Limit 2 per player, $5.00 each.

Complete entry form and mail, along with your check to Big Country HBA,                                4398 Crawford Drive, Abilene, Texas 79602.
Questions, call 325-698-4232.


                               OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM – 2010 (detach & return)


COMPANY:________________________________ PHONE:____________________

HANDICAP:_____________ SCORE:_____________ COURSE:________________

EMAIL ADDRESS:______________________________________________________

Addition meal tickets: #_________ Awards Luncheon $15.00 per ticket

                                                            Limited to the first 144 Entries
                                                                                                                   Page 7

                                                           29th ANNUAL BCHBA
                                                           GOLF TOURNAMENT
                                                           Wednesday – September 15, 2010
                                                             Diamondback Golf Course

                                           SPONSORSHIP PLEDGE SHEET

Yes, please display Our Company as a sponsor for the 29 th Annual Golf Tournament!

SOLD Lunch Sponsor                       $1,000.00        (4 Free Entries)
____ Title Sponsor                       $1,000.00        (4 Free Entries)
____Corporate Sponsor            $500.00 (2 Free Entries)
____Putting Green Sponsor                $350.00 (1 Free Entry)
____Longest Drive Sponsor                $350.00 (1 Free Entry)
____Closest to the Pin Sponsor   $350.00 (1 Free Entry)
____Longest Putt Sponsor                 $350.00 (1 Free Entry)
____Driving Range Sponsor        $350.00 (1 Free Entry)
____Hole Sponsor                         $250.00 (1 Free Entry)
SOLD Beverage    Cart                    $250.00 (No Free Entry)
____Cart Sponsor                         $ 50.00 (No Free Entry)

I understand that by signing and returning this pledge sheet, I will receive an invoice from the Big Country HBA indicating
my pledge amount, and I agree to pay said pledge amount upon request.

Company Name:________________________________________________________
Address:______________________________ City/Zip:_________________________
Authorized Signature:____________________________________________________
Phone:_____________________________ Date:_______________________________
Invoice Company:______ (or pay by) Credit Card:___________________________
Credit Card #:___________________________________________________________
Circle One:                    MasterCard     Visa    Discover
Expiration Date:____________________ V-Code:_____________________________

                                         Big Country Home Builders Association
                                                 4398 Crawford Drive
                                                 Abilene, Texas 79602
                                                   325-692-5844 Fax
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                         THANK YOU!
                                        Page 9
                       u! T hank y
             Th ank yo
 Than k you!
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  September 2010
        SUN       MON             TUE         WED            THU             FRI           SAT

                             BCHBA       1              2 BCHBA         3             4
                             Board Meet- Happy          Noon
                             ing 10:30   Birthday       Luncheon
                                         Paula New      Abilene

   5          6              7           8              9               10 Happy      11  Happy
              Labor Day!                                                   Birthday   Anniversary
              Happy                                                        Jean       Weldon &
              Anniversary                                               Barber;       Debbie Hurt
                                                                        GOLF ENTRY
              Bryan & Lori                                              DEADLINE

   12         13             14          15          16 Happy           17            18
                                         BCHBA Golf Birthday Tim
                                         Tournament Griffin

   19         20             21          22 Happy       23 Happy        24            25
                                            Birthday       Anniver-                   Happy
                                            Jackie         sary Steve                 Birthday
                                          Martinez         &                          Frank
                                                        Debbie Scott                  Langley

   26         27             28          29             30
                                         Janet O’Dell
Big Country Home Builders Association                     PRESORTED
4398 Crawford Drive                                       STANDARD U.S.
                                                          POSTAGE PAID
Abilene, Texas 79602                                      ABILENE, TEXAS
                                                             PERMIT #79

                                           RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED

      “Before You Build – Call Us First”
        James McKee – 325-669-8626

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