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									Description of document:                 Previously released US Department of Justice (DOJ)
                                         records regarding DOJ investigations into
                                         “unauthorized disclosure of classified information,” i.e.

Requested date:                          17-March-2006

Released date:                           26-April-2007

Posted date:                             03-June-2008

Date/date range of documents:            2001 - 2006

Source of document:                      US Department of Justice
                                         FOIA/PA Unit
                                         Criminal Division
                                         Suite 1127, Keeney Building
                                         Washington, D.C. 20530-0001

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                                     u.s. Department of Justiee
                                     Criminal Division
                                     Washillglon. D.C. 10j30

                                      APR 2 6 2007

     This is in response to your March 17, 2006, Freedom of
Information Act request for records concerning unauthorized
disclosure of classified information to the press or public as
described in the five numbered paragraphs listed in your request
letter.  Inasmuch as for the time period covered by your request
the Counterespionage Section (CES) and the Counterterrorism
Section (CTS) were components of the Criminal Division
(transferred to the new National Security Division in September
2006), this response pertains to records maintained by those
former sections.

      With regard to paragraph 1 of your request, all such
referrals, with one exception, originated with other government
agencies. The responsive documents will be reviewed by those
agencies who will respond to you directly. The single exception
 (Document 1) originated with another federal government entity
and is being withheld in its entirety pursuant to Exemption 1 of
the FOIA, 5 U.S.C. § 552(b) (1), which permits the withholding of
information properly classified pursuant to Executive Order.

     With regard to paragraphs 2, 3 and 5 of your request, '64
documents (2-65) have been located. These documents are being
released to you, in whole or in part, with the exception- of those
documents listed on the attached "Schedule of Documents Withheld
in Full." We are withholding the records withheld in full and
certain portions of the records being released, as indi~ated,
pursuant to one or more of the following FOrA exempti~ns set
forth in 5 U.S.C. § 552{p):

          (1)    which permits the withholding of information
                 properly classified pursuant to Executive Order;

          (2)    which permits the withholding of information
                 relating solely to the internal personnel
                 rules and practices of an agency;
           (3)   which permits the withholding of information
                 specifically exempted from disclosure by statute.
                 The applicable statutes are the Central
                 Intelligence Act of 1949, 30 U.S.C § 403(g), which
                 protects from disclosure intelligence sour~s and
                 methods as well as the organization, functions,
                 names, official titles, salaries or number of
                 personnel employed by the Agency and Section 6 of
                 Public Law 86-36, (50 U.S.C. § 402 note), which
                 protects from disclosure the organization,
                 functions, activities and personnel of the
                 National Security Agency.

           (5)   which permits the withholding of inter-agency
                 or intra-agency memorandums or letters which
                 reflect the predecisional, deliberative
                 processes of the Department, and/or which
                 consist of attorney work product prepared in
                 anticipation of litigation and/or which
                 consist of confidential attorney-client

           (6)   which permits the withholding of personnel
                 and medical. files and similar files the
                 disclosure of which would constitute a
                 clearly unwarranted invasion of personal

          (7)    which permits the withholding' of recocds or
                 information compiled for law enforcement
                 purposes, but only to the extent that the
                 production of such law enforcement records or
                 information ...

                 (C)   could reasonably be expected to
                       constitute an unwarranted invasion
                       of personal privacy.

     With regard to paragraph 4 of your request--pertaining to
whether the United States engaged in or was aware of the tracking
of a satellite telephone used by.Osamabin Laden, or any leak
investigation in connection with published reports alleging such
tracking--a thorough search of relevant files within CES has been
conducted; however, no responsive records were located.

     In regard to item 38, portions of the material indicated are
also withheld pursuant to the recommendation of the Office of
Professional Responsibility (OPR) under Exemption 2, which, as

previously noted, permits the withholding of information relating
solely to the internal personnel rules and practices of an

     In regard to item 59, please be advised that no "leaks" were
logged for 2003.

     Please further note that in response to your request for
leak tracking databases (paragraph 3), we have located and
processed two such databases (documents 53-64), included, with
minimal redactions, with our released materials.  Please be
advised that we have also identified a third such database which
is classified in its entirety and therefore being withheld
pursuant to Exemption 1 of the FOIA, 5 U.S.C. § 552 (b) (1).

     In addition, we have located documents which originated in
the Office of the Attorney General and the Office of Legislative
Affairs.  Pursuant to Department regulations, we have referred
these documents to the Office of Information and Privacy (which
processes such documents) for direct response to you.

     Pursuant to Department regulations, documents which
originated in the following components or agencies have been
referred to those agencies for processing and direct response·to
you:   Federal Bureau of Investigation, Central Intelligence
Agency, National Security Agency, Office of Professional
Responsibility, Department of Defense, Department of Energy,
United States Air Force, Department of State, Office of the
Director of National Intelligence and another government agency.

     Although I am aware that you have filed a complaint with the
United States District Court regarding this request, I am
required to inform you of your right to an administrative appeal
of this partial denial of your request.  Your appeal should be
addressed to: The Office of Information and Privacy, United
States Department of Justice, 1425 New York Ave., NW, Suite
11050, Washington, DC 20530-0001. Both the envelope and the
letter should be clearly marked with the legend "FOIA Appeal."
Department regulations provide that such appeals must be received
by the Office of Information and Privacy within sixty days of the
date of this letter. 28 C.F.R. 16.9. If you elect to file an
appeal, please include, in your letter to the Office of

Information and Privacy, the Criminal Division file number that
appears above your name in this letter.


                         Thomas J. McIntyre, Chief
                         Freedom Information/Privacy Act Unit
                         Office of Enforcement Operations
                         Criminal Division

   (Refer to Body of Letter for Full Description of Exemptions)

1.    Referral from another government entity regarding
unauthorized disclosure. Withheld in full pursuant to 5 U.S.C.
552 (b) (1) .

42.   Notes Re: Security Working Group Issues, Legislative Group
Issues, Legal Review Group, Litigation Issues, and Interagency
Task.:Force, undated, 6 pages. Withheld in full pursuant to.5
U.S'-C. 552(b) (5).

43. .Arguments regarding the Leak Statute, undated,   3 pages.
Withheld in full pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 552(b) (5) .
44.  friminal Division Proposed Recommendations, February 28,
2002, February 28, 2002, 9 pages. Withheld in full pursuant to 5
U.S.C. 552(b) (5).

45.  Criminal Division Proposed Recommendations, undated, 7
pages. Withheld in full pursuant to 5· U.S.C. 552(b) (5).

46.  InterAgency Task Force Meeting March 27, 2002,   1 page.
Withheld in full pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 552(b) (5).

47.  Litigation Group, Proposed Recommendations, February 28,
2002, 2 pages. Withheld in full pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 552(b) (5).

48.  Analysis of Criminal Statutes Potentially Applicable to
Media Leaks, undated, 7 pages.  Withheld in full pursuant to 5
U.S.C. 552(b) (5).

49.  Draft, Criminal Statutes Applicable to Unauthorized
Disclosures of Classified Information, April 1, 2002, 5 pages.
Withheld in full pursuant to 5 U.S.C. ·552 (b) (5).

50. Report, undated, 1 page.   Withheld in full pursuant to 5
U.S.C. 552(b) (5).

51.  Taskings from January 8, 2002 IATF Meeting, 1 page.
Withheld in full pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 552(b) (5).

52.  Taskings from January 8, 2002 IATF Meeting, 2 pages.
Withheld in full pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 552(b) (5).
                                     THE NEW YORK SUN

    March J7,2006

    Chief, F01AIPA Unit
    Criminal Division
    Department of Justice
    Suite 1J27, Keeney Building
    W~hing1on, D.C. 20530-000]

    Via Certified Mail

    Re: A Freedom ofJnformation Act Request - Expedited Treatment Requested

    Dear Sir or Madam:

   This is a request for DepaJ1ment of Justice records brought pursuant to the Freedom of
   lnfonnation Act ("FOJA"), 5 U.S.c. § 552.

   1 hereby request one copy of the following:

       1. All so-called criminal referrals submined to DOJ since January 1,200] regarding
          unauthorized disclosure of classified information to the press or public.

      2. All responses from DOJ to the referring entity indicating the outcome of
         investigations, inquiries, or legal analyses related to the incidents referenced in
         No.1 above.

      3. All logs, lists, tallies, tabulations. summary rep0l1s, compilati(.'ns, and the like
         pertaining to the referrals described in No.1 above, whether or not composed
         solely of those referrals.

105 CHAMBfR5 STRHT   1'1 V\' YOR)(   on'   lOOO·   TIl. 212406'2000   fAX 2J2'57J'9336   WWW.N)'SUN.COM   L
  FOIA Officer, Criminal Division, Depanment of Justice
  March l7,2006
  Page 2

     4. All records pertaining to published reports in or about August] 998 that the
        United States was aware of or tracking a satellite telephone used by Osama bin
        Laden, the source or sources ofthat alleged leak, all referrals to DOJ in
        connection with that alleged leak, all replies from DOJ ther.eto, and any damage
        assessment conducted in connection with that alleged leak.

     5. All records pertaining to, or prepared or gathered in connection with the study of
        unauthorized leaks of classified information transmined to Congr.ess on or about
        October J5, 2002 by the then-Attorney General.

 This request is directed to records of the Criminal Division, including but not limited to
 records of the Counterespionage Section.

 J ask that aJ~ searches conducted in connection with this request seek responsive records
 created or received through the date the search began.

 To the extent information responsive to this request is classifJed pursuant to Ex.ecutive
 Order J2958 or a predecessor order, I ask that it be reviewed pursuant to the mandatory
 declassification provisions of that order. J ask that any records unclassified in part or in
 whole be disclosed while the review of the classified ponions proceeds.

 J ask that the processing of this request be expedited pursuant to FOJA and 28 C.F.R. §
 16.5(d)(1)(ii) and (iv) because a compeJJing need exists for disclosure of the records
 sought herein. In accordance with DOJ regulations, a copy of this request is being
 submitted to the Director of Public Affairs.

Some of the best indications of the urgency ofpubJic interest in this maner come from the
recent public statements of such officials as the President, the Vice President, and the
Director of Central Intelligence.

 President Bush has complained both about disclosure of a program for warrantless
 surveiJJance and about the aJJeged disclosure relating to bin Laden's telephone.
 Regarding the warrantless surveiIJance program, he said, "My opinion is it was a
 shameful act for someone to disclose this very important program in a time of war. The
fact that we're discussing this program is helping the enemy." Press Conference of the
President, The White House (online), December J9, 2005, accessed at
http://y..''wv.' I2 ] 9-2 .htm! (last aCGessed
March)), 2006). Without any prompting, Mr. Bush raised the aJJeged disclosure
regarding bin Laden's phone. "The fact that we were foJJowing Osama bin Laden because
  FOIA Officer, Criminal Division, Depanment of Justice
  March 17,2006
  Page 3

  he was using a certain type oftelephone made it into the press as the result of a leak. And
  guess what happened? Saddam-Osama bin Laden changed his behavior. He began to
  change how he communicated. We·re at war, and we must protect America's secrets.
  And so the Justice Department, I presume, wilJ proceed forward with a fun
  investigation." Id.

  While the subject has been of intense interest recently, Mr. Bush's record ofpublic
 exhonations about the urgent need to cunail leaks of classified information stretches back
 to the beginning of his presidency. During a joint press availability with ChanceJlor
 Schroeder of Germany, Mr. Bush decried leaks asa grave threat, saying, "This can't
 stand. We can't have leaks of classified information. It's not in our nation's interest.... I
 want Congress to hear loud and clear, it is unacceptable behavior to leak classified
 information when we have troops at risk." German Leader Reiterates Solidarity With
 U.S., The White House, October 9, 200], accessed at
 ht1p://,"''!releases/~OO]/l 0/200] 1009-13.html (last accessed
 March ] ] , 2006).1

 Mr. Bush has also described himself as "outspoken" on the dangers posed by leaks and
 declared, "They can be very damaging:' President Holds Press Conference, The White
 House (online), October 28, 2003, accessed at
 http:/'!,",,",,"·.whitehouse.goY/newslreleases/2003/J0/2003] 028-2.html (last accessed
 March] I, 2006).

In an interview last month, Vice President Cheney said recent leaks of classified data had
harmed national security. "There clearly has been damage done .... One of the problems
we have as a government is our inability to keep secrets. And it costs us, in terms of our
relationship with other governments, in terms of the willingness of other inieJ)jgence
services to work with us, in terms ofreveaJing sources and methods." Interview oftbc
Vice President by Brit Hume. Fox News, The White House (online), February 15,2006,
accessed at http://w\J.'w.whitehouse. gOY/news/releases/2006/021200602 ]5-3.htmJ (last
accessed March 11, 2006).

The Director of Centra] InteJJigence, Porter Goss, has -.expressed concerns in a variety of
venues about the damaged caused by leaks and the need to contain them. See. e.g..

 J This round of alarm about leaks of classified information appears to have led Congress
 to demand a study on the point. See Public Law 107-108 § 310. The resulting review by
the then-Attorney General concluded, "There is no doubt and ample evidence that
 unauthorized disclosures of classified information cause enormous and irreparable hann
to the Nation's diplomatic, military, and inteJJigence capabilities....The seriousness ofthe
issue has outpaced the capacity of extant administrative and law enforcement
mechanisms to address the problem effectively." Attorney General John Ashcroft, Letter
to the Honorable J. Dennis Hastert, October] 5, 2002, accessed at
hnp://www.fas.or.g/sep/othergoY/doileaks.html(iast accessed March 16,2006).
 FOIA Officer, Criminal Division, Depanment of Justice
 March 17, 2006
 Page 4

 Spencer Hsu and Walter Pincus, uGoss Says Leaks Have Hun CIA's Work, Urges
 Probe," Washington Post, February 3, 2006, at A03 (discussing testimony before Senate
 IntelJigence Committee); Brian Ross and Richard Esposito, uEXCLUSIVE: Is CIA Leak
 Probe a Witch Hunt," ABC News (online), February 7, 2006, accessed at
 hnp:/labcnews.go.comIUS/print?id=] 587307 (last accessed March I 1,2006) (discussing
 Mr. Goss launching a major internal probe into media leaks"); Brian Bennen et aI., "The

 CIA Says Shhh...," Time Magazine, January 16,2006, at 2 I (discussing meetings with
 CIA employees). Mr. Goss's recent complaints about leaks have extended beyond the
 discloslp"~ of the National Security Agency's warrantless survejJJance program and have
 included aJleged leaks in books and movies.ld. He has spoken over refening "dozens" of
 leak infractions for investigation by a special CIA unit devoted to the task. )d.

According to a transcript of a Senate InteHigence Comminee hearing last month, Mr.
Goss described the impact of leaks as "very severe" and assened that the CIA has "a
strong internal program" has been developed to combat the problem. Hearing of the
Senate InteJJigence Comminee, Federal News Service, February 2, 2006. The Director of
National InteJJigence, John Negroponte, caJJed leaks during his tenure "one of the
greatest disappointments that I personaJly have had." Id. He also assened, "We're
seeking to investigate them as vigorously as possible and prosecute them, ifnecessary."

In recent weeks, members of Congress have also decried leaks of classified information
and are considering legislation to address the issue. See. e.g.. Walter Pincus, "Senator
May Seek Tougher Law on Leaks," Washington Post, February 17,2006, at A04. There
have also been caJJs for investigation of specific leaks, such as a disclosure about CIA
prisons abroad. See. e.g.• Edward Lee Pins, uFrist Puts Priority on Secret Prison Leak,"
Chattanooga Times Free Press, November) 1,2005, at A I; Jonathan E. Kaplan, "Hastert
Request for Investigation Flouts House Intel Comminee Recommendation," The HjJJ,
November 10,2005, at 4. Referral of possible criminal leaks takes place at uthe rate of
three to four per week." Jonathan Weisman, "GOP Leaders Urge Probe in Prisons Leak,"
Washington Post, November 9, 2005, at AO).

Searches of databases that compile news stories also reveal widespread and exceptional
recent interest in the subject of leaks of classified information. A search of the Nexis
database conducted on March I ), 2006 found 977 news reports in the last 90 days
including the terms, "classified" and ··leaks." Of those stories, 593 referred to some type
of investigation. A search for the terms ··classified" and uleaks" in the Google News
database on March 1I, 2006 found 854 responsive stories in the past approximate 35
days. Of those stories, 246 contained the term uinvestigation."

Some of these stories have raised issues that go beyond the mere question of leaks. One
notable article assened that the underlying leaks were part of a CIA·led war against the

Bush Administration." John Hinderaker, "Leaking at AJI Costs: What the C]A ]s Willing
to Do to Hurt the Bush Administration," Weeklv Standard (online), November 30, 2005,
  FOIA Officer, Criminal Division, Department of Justice
  March I7, 2006
  Page 5

 accessed at
 hnp:/ /\JV\\V•.'. weekh'slandard .com/Content-PubliclAnicles/000/000/006/41 7aldhj .asp (last
 accessed March 11,2006). Other recent accounts have suggested that the leak
 investigations are part of a broader "war" against the press and critics of the Bush
 Administration. See. e.g.. Dan Eggen, "White House Trains Efforts on Media Leaks:
 Sources, Reporters Could Be Prosecuted," Washington Post, March 5, 2006, at AOI. ID
 the days after being published this article was deemed the most discussed on Internet
 blogs by a leading tracking service, See Edward B. Colby, "Story Based
 on Leaks Stirs Up Debate About Leakers and Leakees," cm Daily (online), March 6,
 2006, accessed at
 hnp:// the news/stoT\' based on leaks stirs up l.php (last
 accessed March 11, 2006).

 A variety of recent stories have taken a broad look at the issue of illegal leaks and have
 concluded that the government's efforts to locate and punish leakers have been largely
 ineffectual. See. e.g.. Chris Mondics, "Most Justice Department Probes of High-leveJ
 Leaks Go Nowhere," Philadelphia Inquirer, January 3, 2006, at A03.

 While the alleged leak pertaining to bin Laden's telephone took place some time ago, it
 continues to be the subject of vigorous discussion, some of which argues that Mr. Bush
 and other official government accounts of the episode are flatly \Wong. See. e.g.. Glenn
 Kessler, "Osama Bin Laden and the Leak That Wasn't," Washington Post, December 20,
 2005, at A08; Jack Shafer, "Don't Blame the Washington Times," Slate (online) accessed
 at hnp:// 132975/, December 2 l, 2005, (last accessed March) J,
 2006); Glenn Kessler, "File the Bin Laden Phone Leak Under Urban Myths,"
 Washington Post, December 22, 2005, at A02.

 I believe that the stories (which are attached hereto) and the cited database searches
 establish that widespread and exceptional media interest exists in the subject of this
request. ]n addition, the recent comments of President Bush and other senior officia s
establish beyond any dispute that the issues involved are of acute and significant national
interest. The potential for legislative action further underscores the urgency of this
request. ]n light of the foregoing, this request must be expedited pursuant to FOJA and
the above-cited regulations. ]fyou determine that the request should not be expedited in
its entirety,] ask that you expedite any portion eligible for such treatment.

] a]so ask that, under the fee provisions ofFO]A, this request be-considered as one from a
representative of the news media. As noted above, I am a full-time reporter seeking this
information in connection with news stories] am preparing. ] also request that any fees
that could be assessed in connection \\'ith this request be waived because disclosure of
this information would significantly contribute to public understanding of the severity of
the problems caused by unauthorized of classified information. In addition,
disclosure of the information sought herein will aid the public in assessing the efficacy of
govenunent responses to such disclosures.
 FOIA Officer, Criminal Division, Depanment of Justice
 March ]7,2006
 Page 6

 If the fee waiver is not granted. I agree to pay up to $200 in duplication fees that may
 JegaJJy be assessed in connection with this request. while reserving my ~ht to appeal the

In addition, due to the urgency of this request, 1 ask that you advise me when the records
are available, so that 1 may make arranEement.s to pick it up in person. I can be reached at
(415) 695-0484 to answer any questions about this request.

I hereby certify that aJJ maners stated herein are true and accurate to the best of my
knowledge and belief.

cc: Director of Public Affairs, DOl

                               "~l"   ....". .... .. _.-, ...."If       ......

                                i.      ••    .     8EeR:e'f'~ •
                                :: ¥II\... . .~.....~.: :~_./

                                                                   U~.      Department or Justice

                                                                   National Security DivisiOD

                                                                   Jf'lUlIi"~.o,,.lJ.C   20SlD

                                                                            .t.WI 13 ZXIJ

Office of General Counsel
Central Intelligence Agency
Wasbingwn, DC 20505

       Pf:    CIA Crime Report pIA, (b){3)  I
              DOli CBS Reference No. CR-06-03

      (UIIFODO) If you bave any questions, please feel free to call me at (202) 514-1 187.


                                                                         J~ J. DiaD, Chief
                                                                         Counterespionage Section

                                                                                                 DERlVED FROM: G3
                                                                                                 DECL ON: 20320206

                                              . SEeM"
                                                  ."• •   .... 1
                                                                                                       .'       ,
                                                                  u.s. DepartmeDt of Justioe
                                                                  National 'Security Division

                                                                  JPlU~D.C     2DSJD

                                                                     JAN 24    m
          Office of General 'Co~cl
                                   I                                                     SEGR£GATE
          Central InteI1ig~ AgerY:;y
          wasbi:Dgton, DC 20505
                                            C'SA..   Cit. ( . J


                          .        .
                (U/IFOUO) .lfyou have any questioDS.PJease feel free to.can ~e at {2{)2)Sl4-1187.


                                                                      John 1. Diou..0Iie!
                                                                      Counterespionage ~tiOD

                                                                                       DBCLON: 20310718
                                                                                       DRV FROM: COLS...()6 .

~1iIf! by.:.1Ibt AE~'
. ~      Counsel furIDleU~
                                               .. -.    _.~

         ~:r         ....
                                                        SECRB'f' '

                                                                         U,;s. Department of Justice

                                                                         National Security Division

                                                                         WuhinpRl. D.C lDSJO

                                                                           .NOV 14 2006
     • C'~.

                 II.)   .a,
                              .             I                                                       SEGREGATE
        Office of General Counsel
        Ccntrallntelligence Agency
        WasbiIigton. PC 20505
                                                    caa.. . . . ) •• )

        Deart#~ (6)(3)

           (U) )C lIDs is to advise you oftbe conClusion of the FBI's investigation into the
        unauthoriz.ed disclosure of c1assiDed informationc~C'iiiT·'J.I~bxm·;It.U~Acr.··~·- - - - - - - - - - -
       c .....   1'.),.,& ...

                         (U) lfyou have any questions, please feel ftee to contact me at (202) 514-1187.


                                                                              JobD 1. Dian. Chief
                                                                             Counterespionage Section

                                                                                               DERIVED FROM: 0-3
                                                                                               DECLASSIFY ON: 2SXl

•      .•. ,
                                                                                                             -----     .-    ..•   "   ---.--   -.

                                                  ~H-!Yt ~epartmeDt of Jostiee
                                                                         N~tion~ SecurityDivision

                                                                         11'tuhinrtDII, D.C "20'"

                                                                                 NOV       8    d)OO

, ..
                C'Z&"   cat) IS)

                             Re:         CIA Crime Report :c1A: (b)(3j'       I
                                         DOl/CBS Reference No.' CR.109~
                                         ~~   • • •)ca)a •••
                                   (U)   n etA, (6)(1)1 AC           1-· FBI Media Le~ Investigation

                D~ fiX: <bjOO'

                         (U)M              This is;o advise you ofthe CC?nclusion off!l!~r.~,~y.estieatio~ into the·
                unauthorized disclosure of classified CIA informationC:lA, (bH1)1.4C
               e:aa. . . . . ) ' S J S . . .                                                                 .
               CIA, (bK1}1.4C

                        (U»)Ie Due to the wide dissemmation pfthe classified mfonnatio~FSb,(bXi)tiC
                it is unlikely the source of the leak can be identified. After co~tatioDBwith CIA SClClUity .
                personnel, the FBI now recommends closure of this investigation. The Colinterespionagc Section
                concurs wi1h the FBrs recommendation. . .                                      .

                            (U) have any questions, please feel free to contact me              !U (202) 514-1187.
                                   .,                                         Sin~ely,

                                                                              1~1~ ~on,   Chief'
                                                                              Counterespionage Section

                                                        .. .. '--; ...
                                                      I ~ v...j"" ~;..#',.
                                                                  •.,,; 'J.

                                                                                                    DERIVED FROM: 63
                                                                                                    DECLON: 20310929
                                                                                                                                                     . f--r
    ----                                                              SECRE'f'

                                                                                U.S. Department of Justice

                                                                                National Security Division

                                                                                  IJ'lUllinPJIJ, D.C 20S30

            Offi~ 'of GeperaJ Counsel .
                                                       I                                                           SEGREGATE
            Central Intelligence Agency'
            Washington, DC 20505

                        Re:                        •                        .!.....--------....,
                                         CIA Cnme Report -i#t::-:I::..:,L.>{=b}....,{3:L}
                                                                   A                               --:-       -'

                       1                 DOJ I CBS Reference No. CR-040-04 & cR-041-04
                                       CZA • • • ,
                                       lilA, (b)(111.4C  1- FBI Me a v e sti" gauon     di Leak In      .:

                    caa...   c., ca)
           DearflAl (tiX3)

              (U))C This is to advise you of the conclusion ~f~.~r.~.~~estigatiOD into the
           unauthoriz.ed disclosure of classified CIA informatioDc~I~A~.(l."'b:,a,V. .=.t1l.1.""'4CL.-
                                                                                            ....                                 ---'
           etA. . . .) cs's ....

                       (U) If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (202) 514-1187.


                                                                             --   - JO~~
                                                                                       Counterespionage Section


                                                                                                             DERIVED FROM: '03
                                                                                                             DECL ON: 20310929
                                                     Criminal Division

CoulllerupiDMlge Section                             JJ'ashin~on: DC 20$30

Mr. Vito T. Potenza
Acting General Counsel
National Security Agency
9800 Savage Road
Ft George G. Meade,. MD 20755-6000

         Re:       NSA Crime Report GC/036/04
                   DOJ I CES Reference CR-021-04

Dear Mr. Potenza:

       MThis is to advise Y,?u tbat fol1ovving a thorough investigation oftbe media leak refeual
captioned above, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has concluded that identifying the source is
unlikely due to the wide dissemination oftbe classified information at issue. Accordingly, I have
approved the Bureau's reques~ to close this matter.              .

        (U//FOUO) Ifyou have any questions, please feel free to contact me at {i(2) 514-1 iS7.


                                                   John J. Dion
                                                   Counterespionage Section

                                                                     ClasEified By:   0-3
                                                                     Declassify On:   Xl

                                                                             U.S. Department of Justice

                                                                             Criminal Division

        Counterespionage Seflion                                             Wasl,inpm. DC 20130

                                                                              APR 2 5 2005              SEGREGATE
        Office of General Counsel
        Central Intelligence Agency
        Wasifgton, D.C. 20505 .
                                                   C:La.. . .-.) tal

                   Re:·          CIA Crime ReportEIA. (6)(3)            I
                                 DO] I CES Reference CR-028-03
              C'aA. . . .

        Dear FIAI (bX3

    ___ __   (U)   K TIns is to advise you that following a thorough investigation of the media leak referral
        captioned above, the Federal Bureau oflnvestigatioD has concluded that identifying the source is
        unlikely due to the wide dissemination of the classified information at issue. Accordingly, I have
        approved the Bureau's request to close this matter.

                   (UIIFOUQ) If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (202) 514-1187.


                                                                            \\L~. &~
                                                                            Counterespionage Section

                                                                                            Classified By:   6-3
                                                                                            Declassify On:   Xl


                                                            Criminal Division
                                IlA1IDLE VIAJ]U1\fiNT CHANNELS ONL¥
                                                            1J'ashi"IJIDII. DC 20530

                                                              APR i 3         ~w5           SEGREGATE

               Re:      CIA. Crime ReportpiA, d)')(sf I
                        DOl I CBS Reference No. CR-06l-04 .

  DearpiiC. (bJc.'3j

.......   1"~fS).....                         ..                   •
NSD.{b)(1 U.k                        I we believe that refemng the matter to the FBI for
 investigation was improvident. Accordingly, we are asking the FBI to close its investigation. If
 you are aware of any information that could substantiallynaITow the pool ofpossibJe suspects.
 we will re-consider this decision.             .

               (UIIFOUO) lfyou have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (202) 514-1187.


                                                           ~~. .D~
                                                          10J~.Dion               .
                                                          Counterespionage Section

                                                                   Q.SY:               22542519'
                                                                   CLREASON:           1.4 te]
                                                                   DECLON:             25XI·hlllJJlll
                                                                   DRVfROM:            HCS ~. Multiple s~

                              IIA.'IDLE VIA lJUMINF CII:ANNELS O~

                                                                    u.s. Department of JustiCe
                                                               - Criminal Division
                                                                    WllSntn~OII, DC 20J!O

                                                                     MAR 242005

        Re:             CIA Crime Report CiA·,   lima'"        I.
                        DOl I CBS Reference 0.-09-03
     CZA.   ,~)   ca)
DearflA, (6)(3)

..  (Uj)C This is to advise you that following a thorough investigation of the media leak refeual
captioned above, the Federal Bureau ofInvestigation bas concluded that identifying the source is
unlikely due to the wide dissemination ,of the classified information at issue. AccordintiJy, I have
approvecfthe FBI's request to close ~ matter.

        (UIIFOU9) lfyou have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (202) 514-1187.


                                                                Counterespionage S~on

                                                                                    Classified By:   G-3
                                                                                    Declassify On:   2S-Xl

                                                                            u.s. Department or Justice
                                                                          - CrimiDal Division
                                                                   . :.
                                                                            1J'lJShingtDn. DC 2DJJD

                                                                                                            "   ."                      •
                                                                                                                                      & •••

     C'ZA• • • , cal
                                                                              MAR 2 4        2lJ()5

            "Re:                   CIA Crime RepoItCIA, (b)(3t
                                  'DO] / CES Reference CR-044-03
             c&&•      • ~) fa»
     DearflA, (6)(3)
                                   .                                                 .                                    "

        (U) )C Thi~ is to arlv:is~ you that folloWing a thorough investigation of1be'm~dia'leakr~ferral
     captioDed ahov.e, the Federal Bure~u ofIDvestigatioD has coIlcluded that identifYing tbe'sour~eis
     unlikely due to the wide dissemination ofthe classified infollDatioD at issue. Accordingly, r have
     approved the Bureau's request to close this matter.

                (UifFOUO) }fyou have any questions, please'feel free to Contact me at(202) 514-1187.


                                                                      John J. DioD .

                                                                                           Classified By:       0-3
                                                                                           Declassify.qn:       2S-Xl

                                                     SECRETl125 Xl

                                                                                                                     CO{)OO ....1 "
                    ,                        ..                            .w_                                   .,
                                                               u.s. Department of Justice
                                                               Criminal Division

     Coll1llucspionDge SeaiDn                                                                               '.

                                                                MAR 24 2005               SEGREGATE     ,
    rIA; (Gjas' .                    r
    Office of General Counsel
    CentrallnieJligence Agency           I

    Wasbin~Gn, D.C. 20505
                           .    .'           C&A..   1.I.a.
              Re:       CIA Crone ReportCIA, (6)(3)   I
                        DOJ I CBS Refere~ce CR-040-03

    Dear   ffii. (bkit
         (U) )CTIris is to advise you that foJ.lowing a thorough investigation ofthe media leak refCrraJ
    captioned 'above, the Federal Bureau of Investigation bas co1?cluded that identifying the source is
    unJ.ikely due to the Wide disseniination oftbe classi1ied information at issue. Accordftngly, I have·
    approved the Bureau's request to close this matter.

             (UIIFOUO) If you have any questions. please feel free to.eOntactme at (202) 514-1187.


                                                                ~. ~
                                                              Counterespionage Section


                                                                                 CJas6ified By:   0-3
                                                                                 Declassify On:   2S-Xl


                                                      u.s. Department of Justice
                                                      Criminal Division

Counterespionage SU:liDII                             WfUlJington. DC 20J30

                                                         MAR 23 2005

Robert L. Deitz
General Counsel
National Security Agency
Fort George G. Meade, Maryland 20755-6000

Re:      NSA Crime Reports of Media Leak Investigations

         NSA 3 June 2004 Lerter to DOJ-CBS           DOJ-CES Reference CR-28-04
         NSA GC/1 07/04                              DOJ-CES Reference CR-32-P4
         NSA GC/105/04                               DOl-CBS Reference CR-31-Q4

Dear Mr. DeitZ:

    (U) )C Tbis is to advise you that following in-depth reviews by the Federal Bureau of
Investigation of the three media leak referrals· captioned above, they have determined that
criminal investigations for the unauthorized disclosures of classified infoIIDatioD can Dot be
successfully concluded. Accordingly, we concur with the Bureau in closing these matters since
identifying the original sources is unlikely.

         (U/IFOUO) If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (202) 514-1187.


                                                    Counterespionage Section

                                                                       DERIVED FROM:    Go3
                                                                       OSCLASSIFY ON:   :ZS-Xl

                                               1                                                             F"'~-   "..,-


                                                                                    u.s. Department of Judice
                                                                                                                                               ..     '
                                                                                  - Criminal DivjSiOD
                                                                                                                                        ....          ."                 .~
                                                 ~    ,
                                                      ,                     SECRET                                            .
                                                                                                                                                 . --:

                                                                                                                    ..·it.:~ . . .:. ~ ":.~.'::' .':~\' . : ..
                                                                                                                                                 . . ..                        '

                       .. "

    ,.           fiX; (irx3;'                                  ,
                                                                                                                                                              :. ~ .:" ~.,:~'. .                 .
                  Central Intelligence Agency
                                                                                                                                                  •       ":'.           ; •••••      :    eo.

                  Wwrgton;·D.C.20505                                                                                               ..
                                                                                                                          "                    ....             .': "    .:        .;~.          ."

                                                                                                                                                      .- ...".
                                                                                                                                                  , ....
                                                                                                                                                                         ..:              0"

                                                                                                                                                    .     '

                              Re:               QA Criple. Reports 'ofMedia Leak Investigations

                                              C"%A,   '~l'~l
                                                                      .    DO] CBS Reference CR-13-03 .
                                                                     , "' .:DO]
                                                                                       .                    ~

                                                                               I ~ R~fCfCIl~(;R-08~03(1)·. ."                                  ~•
                                                                                                                                                                     0""                  ..

                                                                    .    : DO] I CBS Reference q-08~03(2)' . :
                        C"&A ..   f~)   fa)

                  D earflAt (~)(3)

                       (U)    )0 This is to ~vise you that following in--depth reviews by the Fedt;ral BUreaU' of'
                   Investigation of the tbr~e media leak referrals captioned above, they have det:errpined that
                   criminal investigations fOJ the unauthonzed disClosUres ofclassified infoIDlanon can ~ot be ..
                   stic~eS'sfully' cODciuded. Accordingly, we CODClp" wi~ the Bureau iD clo$g these matterS since
                 . identifying the original sources is unlikely.                                             . ."
                                               ,                                  .
                           . (UIIFODQ) lfyou have any questions, please fe"el.freeto contact            me
                                                                                                  at'(202) 514-1187.

                                                                                  Sincerely,'     .

                                                                                  ']wQ;~~~            ","
•                                                                                 Chief
                                                                                                            .   "

                                                                                                  DE1uvED FROM: 0.3
                                                                                                  DBCLASSlfY ON: 15-Xl

                                                      u.s. Departm~Dt             of Justice

                                                      crimiDal Division

                                                     Was/JillfJolI. DC 2D5JD

                                                       DEC 20          ", "'~.i
                                                                       ••   0.T

  Richard B. Schiff
  General CounSel
  CQUDterintelligence Field Activity
  U.S. Department ofDefense
  251 ISd! Street
  Crystal Square 5, Suite 1200
 ·Arlington, VA 2220.2

        Rc:     elFA Letter dated 08 December 2004
                DO] I CES Reference CR-030-03 .:

. Dear:Mr. Schiff:

,    (U) )(Thank you for yom recent Jetter requesting that our office and the Federal B~~au of
Investigation discontinue the investigation of the above referenced matter. After carefully
reviewing yom description of the changing circumstances involved. I agree with your assessment
that pursuiIig 'this ~vestigatioD any further would"be a waste of important r~~ourccs.
Accordingly, I have authorized the: FBI to close its investigation of this matter.

        (U//FODO) If you have any questions. please feel free to contact me at (202) 514-1187.


                                                  ~i1,ion "
                                                   Counterespionage Section

                                                                      C1l1SS'i1icd By.    G-3
                                                                      DeclDSSify OIl:     2S-Xl


                                                            U.S. DepartmeDt of Justice

                                                           Criminal Division

 CounurupJOnDge SectiDn                                    H'ILShingum. DC 20SJD


          Re:          AFOSJ Letter dated 25 July 2002
                       DO] / CBS Reference CR-02-329
      It......   n.) fa).   (~)

Dear ~SAF. (6)(6), (6)C7)c

    (U   )CThis is to advise you that following a.thorough investigation ofthe media le.akrefcnal
captioned above. the Federal Bureau ofInvestigation has concluded that identifying the source is
milikely due to the wide dissemination of the classified information at issue. Accordingly. I have
approved·the FBI's request to close 'this matter.                                          .

         (UIIFOUO) If you have any questions. please feel free to contact me at (202) Si4-1187.


                                                         Chief                 .
                                                         Counterespionage Section·

                                                                          Oassified By:     <3-3
                                                                          Decla;ssify On:   2S-XI

                                                          u.s. Department of.Justice
                                                          Criminal Division
                                   SECRETf/HCStfliOFORN, ORCONJ/Xl
                                 HANDLE VIA HUJ\flNl' CHANNELS O?ofIl'l
 CoU1I/eTCSpiofloge Sec/ion.                              Washing/on, DC 20530

                                                            NOV 2 9 :})~~.
Office of the General Counsel
Central Intelligence Agency
Washington, D.C. 20505

     (U) (Sh'HCSI/OC,:HF) This is to advise that due to the broad dissemination of the information
at issue in the media leak referral captioned above, we have concurred in the decision by the FBI
to close its investigation ofthis matter.

          (U//FOUO) If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (202) 514-1187.


                                                      ~~~~                       .
                                                     Jobn J. Dion
                                                     Counterespionage Section

                                                                         ClBY:         2201122151
                                                                         ClREASON:     1..5 IC]
                                                                         DECLON:     . Xl
                                                                         DRVFROM:      HCS4·5I51

                                 SECRETfiHCSIINOFOR:.~,    ORCO~UlXl
                               HA.NDLE VIA IIlJM1N'f CilAN1'fflLS ONLY
                                                                                                          ......                                                 :.t!- ..
                                                                                                                                                                                   . :-.
    f   .:.. :::'.
           -                                                                                                                                                                       ·.h ..
           '   ..                                                                                                                                                                      "

                                                                                                          .'~'"    .
                                                                                                                            Criminal Divisi·
                                                                                                                     .tT·:.....,;=·<7.·.~"';r"T,"::--- - - - ,
                                                                                                                   ~.,....       ..            -
                                                                               TOP       SECRETJ"cIA. (b)(ll1.4C
                                                          C"aA . . . . ,   .a)a .••
                                                         eiA. (b)(1)1.4C
                      CoUllluespionDge SecliOll                                                                             Wasllinpll. DC 20590

                                                                                                                                NOV 2            a~.                .   SEGREGATE
                     Oflic~ of General Counsel
                     Central Intelligence Agency·
                     Wasbi,rigton, DC 20505
                               t                                  .                   ca..   'ko»   ea)
                                 Re:              eJA Crimes RepOI1(#IA. (b)(3)                                             DOl/CES Reference CR·Q2-327

                              C'ZA.   .IIt' ca)
                     pear flA, (6)(3)

                          (u) (XirA', (biti"N.jQhis is to advise you that following a th~rougb investig~tion by the'
                     Federal Bureau of Invesngation of the media leak referral eaptioned above, they have concluded :
                     that identiJYing the source is unlikely due to its wide dissemination. Accordingly, I concur with
                     the Bureau in closing this matter. Attached, please fu;1d 8 copy ofFBI's m~orandum to us
                     detailing this information..

                                (U//FOUO) If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (202) 514-1187.


                                                                                                                        lohnJ. Dion
                                                                                                                       Counterespionage Section

"                   CLBy:                     22]3094
                    CLREASON:                 1.5 [c)
                    DECLON:                  X]
                    DRVFROM:                 MET 30-87


                                                                                                          cz .....      e..) ea)a •••
                                                                           TOP SECRET/tF 1A, (b)(1)1.4O
                                                       cz.a..   Cko).a)a . . . .

                                                      flA, (b)(1)1.4O

                                                       u.s. Depart~eDt of Justice
                                                      Criminal Division

                                             TOP SECREft1Xl
(;{)un'ucspionoge Sec,ion                              "fullingtOIl. DC 20530

                                                        NOV 2 3 _l.,!:~.

           Re:       CIA Crimes Reportt:IA, (b){3)      DOJ/CBS Reference CR-019-o3

     (U)(TS//XJ-) This is to advise you that following a thorough investigation by the Federal
Bureau of Investigation oftbe media leak: referral captioned above. they have :concluded that
identifying the source is W1li)cely due to its wide dissemination. Accordingly, I concur with the'
Bureau in closing this matter. Attached, please find a copy ofFBrs memorandum to us detailing
this information.

           (U/IFODO) If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (202~ 514-1187.


                                                      lohn I. Dion
                                                      Counterespionage Section

CLBy:               2213094
CLREASON:           ·1.5 [c]
DECLON:             XJ
DRVFROM:            COL 8-81

                                            TOP SECRET/IX!

                                                                                                     ;         /'   ,J

                                                                             U.S. Department of Justice

                                                                             Criminal Division

      CDIi1II.respionDg~     Ser:UDIf                                        lI'oslJi"8'oa. DC :JDJJO

                                                                                 OCT 2 7 2DG4 .
      Office of General Counsel
      Central Intelligence Agency
      Wasliington, DC 20505
             •                                      CD.    bl   I

             t Re:               CIA Crime Report
                                 CIA Crime Report
                                                                                  CES Reference No. .cR-080-Q3
                                                                                  CES Reference No. CR-024-03
                                 CIA Crime Report                                 CBS Reference No. CR-081-o3
                                 CIA Crime Report                                 CES Reference No. CR-021-Q3
            C'&&,   •• a   ,.~

     DearEIAJ (6)(3)              )

          (U»)C This is to advise you that following in-depth reviews by the Federal Bureau of
      Irivestigation of the four media leak referrals captioned above. they have concluded that criminal
      investigations can not be opened for the unauthorized disclosures of information as the
      result oftbeir broad dissemination. Accordingly. we concur with the Bureau in closing these
      matters since identifying the original sources is not likely. Attached. please find a -copy ofFal's
     'memorandum to us detailing this infonnatioD.

              (U) lfyou have any questions. please feel free to contact me at (202) 514-1187.


                                                                    John J. Dion, Chief
                                                                    Counterespionage Section
                                                                    Criminal Division


                                                                                   u.s. Depa~eDt of Justice
                                                                                   Criminal Division

                                                                                   IJ'DsIJillgtcm. D.C. 20SJD

                                                                                  November 20, 2002
                fBtCbj3l"                           I
                Office of General Counsel
                Central Intelligence Agency
                Washington, D.C. 20505

                      cza..   ca.) ca:t
                DearflAt (6)(3)

   1                    This is in reference to your lett~r dated September 25•.2002, reporting 8 possible federal
 " ~            crime involving the unauthorized disclosure of classified informatioDc;...,T::.::A:&.I:(.::;bA.'h.u.·;.:.:;:::;:;:4CE..·   ....J

 '<IV.          requesting an investigation ofthe matter by the Department of Justice.
  / \'
\1 \>
                        Because ofthe wide dissemination ofthe information involved, the Internal Security .
                Section has elected not to authorize an FBI investigation of the matter. We have closed our file
                on this matter.                                                                            .... ...-
                        If you have any questions, please contact me on (202) 514-1187.


                                                                                John J. Dion .
                                                                                Chief; Internal Security'SectiOD

                                                                                                         .......           0'0-00021
                                                                                                                   t .~

,   oJ

                                                                Criminal Division


                                                                 WaslllnglD/I, D.C. 20530

                                                                 September 4,2002

          The Honorable Robert 1. Dietz
          General Counsel
          National Security Agency
          Ft. George G. Meade, MD 20755-6000

                  Re: Report of Possible Federal Crime
                      ISS Reference No.: CR-200

          Dear Mr. Dietz:

              (U»)C This is in reference to your memorandum of February 21,2001 reporting a possible
          federal crime involving the unauthorized disclosure of classified infonnation t7SA,(b\mti~', (b'K3j',
         I1sl. (biii)i,i;:(bi(:i)
                             I                                                                                    I
         ABA        I and requesting an investigation of the matter by the Department of Justice.

                     (U) At our direction, the Federal Bureau ofInvestigation (FBI) initiated in investigation.
            of this matter in March 2001. Based on the most recent information provided by the FBI,Nsb '(bili>
          N.~. t~)c.»
         ('lSD, (6)(5)                                                                      r   •
                                                                                             which had been

            approved for release by NSA's Office of Policy and Office of the General Counsel, we have
            concluded that no further investigation is required and are closing our file aD this matter.

                  (U) Please contact me at (202) 514-1] 87 ifyeu have any questions.


                                                               John J. Dien, Chief
                                                               Internal Security Section

                                                                   CL BY: FBI (derived)
                                                                   DRV FROM: FBI memo dtd 812/01


                                                                                                                      /"   /'
                                                                    ..... ,
                                                               Criminal Division

                                                               Washing/em, D.C. 205JO

                                                               September 4-.2002            SEGREGATE

                         Re:cii: (b)(3Y     I
                             ISS Ref. No.: CR·142

    pear piA', (iijc3i       ]
              .          .
.          This is in reference to your letter dated August 2, 2000. reprirtin2 a possible federal crime
    involving the unauthorized disclosure of cJasswed informationPil, (b)'(1W4ir                      I.
    and requesting an investigation oftbe matter by the Departme~ of Justice.

          At our direction. the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) initia,ted..aninvestigation of
 this matter in Ausrost 2000. Based aD the most recent information provided by the FBINSb. (riit1i,.4c
MSD. 1t'd; Ii:# .                                       I we have concluded that no further
 investigation by the FBI is required and are closing our file on this mauer. However:Nm"$!QlDD<-',(n:bn:K;~');~:9~·
RiO, (b)H)tiC                                                       Iwe will consider reopening the
matter at that time.

            If you have any questions. please contact me on (202) 514·1187.


                                                              JohnJ. Dion
                                                              Chief, Internal Security Section

                                                                   u.s. Departmelltof Jestiee
                               _-'""':'r_·_._·· ~ r·o~.  '0   or
                                     :'.,         ~ ~-o       "    Criminal Division

                                                                   Washington. D.C. 20S30

                                                                   September 4, 2002
     . Stephen W .. Dillard, Director
       O~ce of CoUnterintelligence
       Department of Energy
       Washington, D.C. 20585

     Dear Mr. Dillard:

              This is in reference toPUi:. '(6)(6,>: (i;i(7)~e Iletter of January 19,2000, reporting a possible
     federal crime involving the unauthorized disc~o~e of classified informationOOE. Cb)(1)t1C
     poE, '(b)(i')tiC Iand requesting an inve~gation of the matter by the Department of Justice.
           . At ow dfrectioIl, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) initiated an investigation of
     this matter in Febroary 2000. All logical investigation was conducted, but the FBI was unable to
     identilY the source ofthe leak.. Based on 'this most recent information by the FBI, we have
     concluded that DO further investigation is required, and we are closing our fiie on this matter.
             Please contact me at (202) 514-1187 if you have any questions.


                                                                           JOM ]. Dion, Chief
                                                                           Internal Security Section


...   -..                ~.   .. .

               . , ~""""

                                                            ;:;;~ r'tl iiP :-~ril'm' al Oivision

                                                                             IJ'tuhllJltDll, D.c. JD5JO

                                                                            August 1.2002

              The Honorable Robert L. Dietz.
              General Counsel
              Naticanal Security Agency
              Ft George G. Meade. MD 20755·6000

                              Re: Report of Possible Federal Crime. GCl191101
                                   ISS Reference No.: CR-02-01

              Dear Mr. Dietz:

                     This is in reference to your memorandum ofDecember 28. 200]. reportin~ a possible
             fed~ral crime involving the unauth.orized disclosure of cJassified informationNSA. fbi;); :4C;. lbi)
            NSA I and requesting an investigation of the matter by the Department of Justice.
                   The responses to the eleven questions and related enclosures Drovided with vour
            memorandum indicate that the classified information discJosedtWA. ('b)Hi;:4i:: (i;Hir I had been
            disseminated to several govemIT!ent agencies. and likely was reviewed by many individuals at
            each ~ddress.

                    Attempting to identify the source of the leak in the face ofsuch broad dissemination
            would place aD undue burden on the already strained resources ofthc Federal Bureau of
            Investigation (FBI). Accordingly. although we appreciate the damage to the national security that
            was occasioned by this unauthorized disclosure, we have decided not to request the FBI to opeD
            an investigation at this time.

                    We will. of course. reconsider your request in the event information is brought to OlD"
            attention which indicates a likely S~UTce of the leak or otherwise suggests a productive avenue of

                                                                              rsx. .•••••, •• ,
                                                                                     (b){1 )1 .4C, (6)(3)

  (U)   0()     R~:
~.   -.   ~.,

                                                                                                      ~, .
                                                                                   ,                           '-
                                                                               .1 ...~ ...... _. ~_ . ,   _ ...j
                           Please contact me at {2   J :> I       ave any questions.


                                                                  Deputy Assistant Aftomey"GeneraJ

                cc: "David Szady
                     CI Division. FBI


                                                                                . u.s. Depaf'tmeDt of Justiee
                                                                                  Criminal Division

                                                                    ~                                           SEGREGATE
                                                                                  WQshinl"OIL D.C. ]0530

                                                                                 August l, 2002

                       •   I

        r<b)l3r                                      I
             Offie;e1 of General Counsel
             CentidJ Intelligence Agency
             Washington, D.C. 20505
                                                                        ea.a.   ..-) •• )
                    Re: Report ofPossibJeFederal Crime, fiA. (6)(3)
                        ISS Reference No.: CR·02·33

         DemaA: (b}(3j'

                 TIlls is in reference to your memorandum of November 20. 2001, reponin~ a possible
         federal crime involving the unauthorized disclosure of classified infonnationCiA:                       cbidi,:4i
        til 'and requesting an investigation of the matter by the Department of Justice.

                 The responses to the eleven questions and related enclosures provided with your
         memorandum indicate that the classified information disclosedEii:
               '     .    d··                               raJ
                                       D • • ~) • • ) . . . .       •            •
                                                                                                 I had
         been dIssemmate NSD. (6}(1l1.4C
                 .                                 I In seve government agenCJes,

                 Attempting to identify the source of the leak in the face of such broad dissemination
         would place an undue burden on the already strained resources of the Federal Bureau of
         Investigation (FBI). Accordingly, although we appreciate the damage to the national security that
         was occ~ioned by this unauthoriz.ed disclosure, we have decided not to request the FBI to open
         an investigation at this time.

                We will, of course, reconsider your request in the event information is brought to our
        attention which indicates a likely sOU;fce of the leak or otherwise suggests a productive avenue of

      M .., n '..              [fA; ~lll~'                                                                           lEU       I
      ~ "'-or;.                                                                                                              C000026
·   -                    ,"

                 Please contact me aL(202) 514-2333 if you have any questions.


                                                            Deputy Assistant Attorney General

        cc: vbavid Szady
             CI Division, FBI


                                                         u.s. Department of Justice
                                                         Criminal Division

                                                         JfC!Shillpm. D.C. 205JtJ

                                                        Janumy 24, 2001
  48-64 Virginia Ave.
  AndrfWS AFB, MD 20762
  VIA FAX and MAlL

            Re: Leak Investigation
                AFOSI File NT: DOS l5D34-S92S 119
       Vaal".   (~»   (1.'.   c.)
 DearpSAF. (6)(6), (6)17)c

 .       This is in response to your letter of January I I, 2001, which advised of the possible
 disclosure of classified informatioDN.m"S~"D"·,"*(b:-nii:.o.ije---------------------

[- - - - - - ] :

         Please advise if we may be of further assistance in this matter.·


                                                         ~L\...~ -
                                                       John?$. ~o~ Acting Chief
                                                       Internal Security 'Section

               . _. __• _.-...    • ........ nsal lClJ LWI- {III""""

                                                                         THE mUTE HOUSE

                                                                 Office of tbe Press      Secre~ary

                                                                       (Chappaqua. New York)

                                                                                                November ... 2000

                                                                   S7~7EMENT   BY THE   P~SIDEM'I'

                                 THE HOOSE OF RE:PRJ::SENTATIVES:

                               ·Today. I am disapproving H.R. 4392. the -Intelligence Authori~
                              for Fiscal Year 2001,- because of one badly flawed provision tha
                            ve made a felony of unauthorized disclosures of·classified inforne
                            though well inten-tioned, that provision is ov~rbroad ~nd ~y
                             ecessarily chill legitimate activitie~·that are at the he~rt of •

                               I agree that unauthorized disclosures can be extraordinarily ha
                         to United S~8tes national security interests and that far too many s
                         disclosu~es occur.    I have been particularly concerne~ about their
                            tential effects on the sometimes irreplaceable intelligence source
                            thods on which we rely to acquire accurate and time1y information
                         in order to make the most appropriate decisions OD matters ~f ~.tion
                         security. Unauthorized disclosures damage our intel-ligenc~ relatio"
                         abroad, compromise intelligence gathering, jeopardize lives. and inc
                         the threat of terrorism" As ~ustice Stewart stated in the Pentagon
                         case, -it is elementary that the successful conduct· of international
                       . diplomacy and the maintenance of an effective national defense requi
                         confidentiality and secrecy. Other nations can hardly deal with thi
                         Nation in an a"tmosphere of mutual -trust unles~ they can be assured t
                         their confi~ences will be kept . . . and the development of consider
                         intelligent international policies would be impossible if those char
                         with their ·formula.tion cC'l!ld nr-t; ccmmunicate "wit"..h c:her frec:!.y.
                         Those who disclose classifierl information inappropriately t~u. commi
                         gross breach of the publ ic trust anc:! may recklessly put: o\Or nationa·l
                         security at risk. To the exten~ that existing sanction~ have ~rov~n
                         insufficient to address and deter unauthorized dis-closu.l.".es, they sh
                         strengthened. Wha·t is in dispute is not the gravity of ti~ problem,
                         the best way to respond to·it.                                                 .

                              In addressing this issue, we must never forget that toe free f1
        ..'             information is essential to a democratic society.· Justice Stewart
                        wrote in the Pentagon Papers case that -the only effective restraint
                        executive policy in the areas of ·national defense and international
                        may lie· in an'enlightened citizenry -- in an inform~d and critical p
                        opinion ~hich alon~ can here protect the values of democratic govern

                            Justice Erenaeis reminded us that -those who won OU1· indepen.den
                       believed . . . that p'.1blic discussion is a political duty; and that
                       3hould be a fundamE~tai principle ot the Amprican sovernn~nt.- His
                     - cdution that ....e must always tread carefully when considerin9 measure
                       may limit public discussion -- even when those measures are intended
    )                  achieve laueable, indeed necessary. goals.

                                  As President, therefore, it is my obligation to protect not onl
•••••       .I _.- • • - ' - - ' "   • - - _. _ . _••• - - . -   ....   "':IC:l1 Year   100'- ('"~IOU)

                                                 G·..;vernment,?s vital information frOlll improper disclosure, 1AI~ a1~ to
                                                 protect the rights of citizens to receive the infonnat,10n Decea• •ry
                                                 <i~mocr2CY to 'WOrk.    Furthering these two goals require. a careful..
                                                 balan~ing. which must be assessed                .        .
                                                 in light of our system of claEsifying informat~on over .. raage cr
                                                categories. This legislation does not achieve t.he proper balance.
                                                example, there is II sel"ious risk that: this 1£9is-]atiOll ~4 tend ~
                                                a· chilling effect on those who engage in legitimate activiti... A 4
                                                 to avoid the risk that their good faith choice of worda -- their exe
                                                of judgment -- could become the subject of a criadnar refetT&l for
                                                prosecution might discourage Government official. fro. eng.gtag eVeD
                                                appropriate public discussiOD, press briefing., or other legitimate
                                                official, activities. Similarly, the legislation may und~y restrain
                                                ability of former Government officials to teach, write, or engage in
                                                activity aimed at building public understanding of complex is~ues.
                                                Incurring such ri~ks is unnecessary and ;nappropria~e in • society.b
                                                freedom of expresz;ion and the consent of the governed and is particu
                                                inadvisable in a context in which the rang. of class~fied materials
                                                extensive.      In such circumstances, this criminal provisiou would, in
                                                view, create an undue chilling effect.

                                                     The problem is conqx>unded because this provision was paaBed
                                                benefit; of public hearings -- a particular concern given ·that i~ 1s
                                                public that this law seeks ultimately to prote.ct. The Adnainistratio'
                                                shares the process burden since its delibera-tiohs lacked ~, tborou
                                                this provision warranted, vhicb in turn led to a failure·to·apprise
                                                Congress of th~ concerns I ana expressing today.

                                                     I deeply appreciRtc the sinCere efforts of Members of Congre••
                                               address the problem of unauthorized disclosures and I fully share tb
                                               commitment. When the Congress returns, I encourage i t to send me th
                                               with this provision deleted and I encourage the Congress a. soon .e
                                               possible to pursue a more na~rowly dr~wn Frovision tested in public
        )                                      hearings so that those they represent can also be heard on this impo
                                               issue .
    .   "
                                                     Since the ~djournment Qf the Congress has prevented my return 0
                                               4392 within the meaning of Article I, section 7, clause 2 of the
                                               Constitution. my withholding of approval from the bill precludes .it.
                                               becoming l2w. The Pocket Veto Case, 27~ u.s. 655 (~929). In additi
                                               withholding my signature and thereby invoking my c~nstitutional powe
                                               ·pocket veto· bills during an.adjournment of the Congress, t9 avoid'
                                               litigation. I am also ser.ding B.R . • J92 to the House of Rep.esent:ati
                                               with my objections. to leave no possible doubt that I have vetoed th

                                                                                                         WILLIAM J. CLINTON

.                       ....
                                              THE WHITE HOUSE.
                                                  November 4, 2000.

    )                                                                                                                           ........,..
~j          i. ~E III-GENERAL PROV1SIONS                                                              "(~). TM SOUlte or HOUM of B.'(''l'QCtl.14·~_ltJ~ a",-", com·
                                                                                                m.ittee or .abt;ommittee tn.".,f, or JOint committee thtrrof, 0'
fj (oY Subtitle A-Intelligence Community                                                       any Memb-.r of Ctmgres,.                                         .
                                                                                                      'Y3) A person or perlo"" acting on beh4lf of a foreig;: powe,
                                                                                               (inclutli"j, an ir, orgadZ4tion) if the dUclosure-

          SEC. SOl. INCREASE TN E.lIPLOYBB~OMPBNSAT10N AND BBN'B'ITS AU.                                      rAJ iI mack by an officer orem.pioyeeof tM Unitea
                      THORIZBD BY LAW.   '\                           :-
         . Appropriat:.on.s authorized by this Act for s~laryJ pay, retire.                           States who htu "'en authori%,d to make tM ,",clo,ure; ana
                                                                                                       .     "(B) is within the scope of ,uch.. offiCe"" or ,mployee'•
.,     fnent,. an~ ~the;. benefits for Feckral. tmployeu may' bl! iru:reased by
      s.uch addr.tum-a.. or supplemental amounts as may be necessary for
       increasu in such com.pensation or benefits autlwrized by law.
                                                                                                      ''(4) Any other-person authorized to receive the classified in·
                                                                                                formation .
 ..L. BBt:. ~02:.REsTtucrl0N ON CONDUCT OF Iln'BUlGJUIICB ACTIVITIES.                           "(C).DEFINITIONS...:.In this section.:
  r'         The authorWJtion of appropriations by this Ad 'hall not be                                1t(1) The tenn 'authorized', in the cCJ&e of acces, to classifieti
 :s..  ~~med tt? co~titute author;ity for t~ condUtf orany i~tell.igence aeo
  ~ hv&ty r.s not otherwue authonzed by tM Conlt&tut&on or thf:
                                                                                                information, means having authcrity or permission to have ce·
                                                                                              . cess to tht classified inronnation pursual\t to tlu provisions 01
  ~~ J laws .of the Uni~ed States.                                .                             a statute, Executive order,. regulation, or dirtcnue of the head
           SBC.'·S08. SENSE OF THE CONGRBSS ONlN'rBU.1GBNCR COMMUNIty                           of a"!y ckpartment or age~J' .who i8 empowered ~ clas'i~ .infor-
 _t                     CON'TRACTtNG. . -                                                       mabon, an order or any Un&ted Statu cOllrt, or a provuum 01
...J         I~'" "'1~ is the:·se".se o( tM Congress that the Director of Ce~trallntel.         any Resolution of the Senate or Rule of thft Howe of R.present.
            l&geru:e s!l.Ould conhnue to direct that elements of the intelligence               atives whkh goverm relecue of classified in.{or1M:ion by such
            commumtYi:· whenever compatible with the national lecurity inter.                   House of Congre88.
            e~ts. of thp. United States and consistent with operational and secu.                     "(2) The term. 'classified information' means information or
            r&ty. coru;erTl8 related to the· conduCt of inteUigeru:e activities, and            material properly claBsi/ied and clearly mtJrkec! or represented,
            where /f.scally sound, should competitively award contracts in a                    or tlud the !'trIon know, or has rt480n to believe has been prop·
          . manner that maximizes the procurtment of products properly des.                     erly cltu.ifi.ed by appropriate authori~s, PUrltuJ71t to the proui.
            ignated (18 h~ving been ~ in the United Statu.                                      sions of a statute or Eucutive orckr, t1S flquiring protec~ion
          . SBC. 304; PROHIBITION ON UNAUTBORlZBD DISCLOSURE OF CLASSI.                         against unauthorized disclosure for rea.sor., of 1J4tumal secu·
                 .      FIED INFORMATION.           .                                           rity.                                                        .
                (a) IN.GEN'BRAL.';"Cha.pter 37 oftitie 18, United Sudes Code, is                       "(3) The term 'officer or employee of the United States'
           amenckd -                                .     .                                     meani the following:                             .
                     (1) by recksignating section 798A as section 798B; and                              . . "(AJ Art officer or emplolee (as those terms care defined
                     (2) by iTl8erting after section 798 tM following new aection                      in .ections 2104 and 2106 of titl! 5).
                798A:                                                                                        "(B) An of/ieer or enlisted member of the Ann.t.d Forcea
                                                                                                       (tJ6 those terms are tU/iraed in .ection l()1(b) .of title 10).-.
           "§ 798A. UnGuthorized duclo.uN ofclG..ifNd baformlJ.tiora                           .(b) CLBRICAL AMENDMEN'r. - TM t4ble of Bectioru at· tM begi".
                  "(a) PROHIBITION. - Whoever, being an or employee of the        ning or that chapter is amended by striking the ittm relating to Itc·
             United States, D. former or retired offker or employfe of the United         tion 798A and inserting the foliowi,., new items;
            States, a~)' otMr person with authcrized aCcess to classified infor·          -79M. l1MufM,um ayclMurw o( c_.i~a ~""aIfo".
          . m.atian, or anyotMr person formerly 'with authoriud access to elas·           -798B.r'''''''ra" u,,,,,.,,, o(nc,io"
            sifted information, knowin.gly and rDillfully disclosu, ~r attempts to        SBC. ItII. AVTHORIZATION !!?1!.'lJlAl'1tL ON ANY COMMON CARJUER
            disclose, an.~' information acquired G8 a mult of'uch per·                      FOJ CBRTAtN 1l¥~~'QBNCB          CO~CnON        PIBSONNIL.
            son's authorized access to classilfsd information to a person (other                  IN GENZRAL.-Title I of the S,cur'ity Act of 1947
            than an officer "r employee 01 the United Statu) whc &S not author.           (50 U.S.C. 402 et seq.) is amended by addin; 4t the end tM fol-
            ized access to lIuch cl4s.i{ied info1'm4tiOn, Imowing that tM per,on          lowin.; new slCtion.:
            is Aot authcrUed accas· .to such cla.tsifted information, ,hall be                TMVr.L ON ANY COllMON ~ER FOR CERTAIN IN.'1'8LUG~CB
            /'frNd un.ckr this title; imprisoned ftOt more tJum a yean, or both.

                                                                                              ~               COUllc17oN PUStJNlaL
                  "(b) CONSTRUCTION ", PR01l1BmON.·-Noth.inl ill thtl lection
           ·s1uJ.lI be coMtnU!d to altJblith c7'imiMl U4bility If,r dWclosure .of               "SEC. 116. (a) IN an,)"otMr proui.
           'cU:u!iff,ed Uaformotion in accortltJna with appUciJbl. low to the (ol-         sion of l4w, tM Director of Cen.b'call~mtJ1 aulM". truvtl
           IowlI&I: .               .                    .              .                 .on any common carrier. uilacn ,uch traWl, in eM disCNtihn of the
     .~    -., '. "(1) An.,! justice or judge of a court of 1M United Statu.a-             ~~'or-                                 .
                talJl.ishcd pur,UtW
                Unlted Seo:u.
                                       *' tu'tic" 111 of 1M CcmIdtution. of tM                    . 11(1);" cOnliitent with intaligrn.ce community miI,ion re-
                                                                                              . quiremcnll, or .
                                                                                   /~           I~
                                                                                   ~JJt.(./lbf~                    (J-L-(J J fl-t
                                          CONGRESSlONAL RECORD-H'OUSE                                                             H9057
   The SPEAKER pro t.empore. Under a             ton will come back. But I would think          Mr. Speaker; J yield back the bala.uce
 previous order of the House, the gentle-        tbat this White House, with a president      of my time. hoping we 'will be able too
 woman from Florida (Ms. BROWN) is               from Texas, would have more concern          fix this very unseemly bill.
 recognized for 5 minutes.       .               about passing an economic stimulus
    (Ms. BROWN addressed the HOUBe.              package that would in fact have ez-
 Her remarks will appear hereafter in            tended relief for t.bose Individualll who                     o l8U
 t.he Extensions of Remarks.)                    tragicaJJy, tbrougb no fault of their          The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr.
                                                 own. have lost their jobs.                   SCHROCK). Under a previoua order of
                                                   This trade bill could have been a          the HoUlle. the gentlewomall froID
                                                 trade bill tbat would have included ev-      North Carolina (Mrs. CLAYTON) 1. rec-
                                                 eryone. but. yet. no one was involved        ognized for 6 minutell.
    The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a wbo bad a different perspective. No one                    <Mrs. CLAYTON addressed the BODM.
  previous order of the House, the gentle- was Involved who wanted to see more                Her remark. will appear hereafter ill
  woman from ·Texas (Ms. JACKSON-LEE) labor protections. wanted to see the                    the Extensions of Remarka.)
  Is recognized for 5 minutes.              ,   protocols that incIutle protection of
    MI. JACKSON-LEE of Texas. Mr. human rights, the environment. mak-
  Speaker. through the tenure that. 1 ing sure that there were labor stand-                  H.R. 3365 TO ALLOW BUSINESSES
  have had hE:Fe in this body. I have had ards.                                                TO TEMPORARILY WlTHDRAW
  the opportunity to discuss and to en-            We realize when you have inter-             FUNDS FROM THEIR IRAS WlTB-
  gage in a vigorous df!bate on trade. On national trade that some jobs will be                OUT PENALTY
  many instances I saw fit to vote for lost, but more jobs are lost because the
  some forms of international trade. But, labor standards are diminished. and                  The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a
  at that time. Mr. Speaker, there was many corporations will rush to those                  previou. order of the House. the genU.
  engagement. bipartisan engagement. places overseas in order to pay those                   woman from Hawaii (Mra. MDm) is ~
                                                                                             ognized'for 6 minutell.
  Under the leadership of President Clin- unbelievably diminishing and demean-
  ton. every Issue that was expressed by ing hourly wages. So we do lose good
  a Democrat. at a Republican or an Inde- American job6.·
  pendent was k'iven full airing through-
                                                                                               Mrs. MINK of Hawaii. Mr. Spuk_. For
                                                                                                    Congress h8cI debated vartoua IIC»o
                                                                                             nomic $timuM plans. Meanwhile..... ~
                                                   But I do believe trade can be a boon      omy has continued to dive deeper ~ • , .
  out the procelllS.                            to the economy. How can it be a boo.t
    Today. I believe we disbonored tbe                                                       cession.
                                                to the economy? Only when we Bit                In the third quarter. the economy coIIapMd
  democratic procelllS in this House.
                                                down and negotiate together.                 at an annual rate of 1.1 percenl, lis went
  There was no open discussion. There
  was simply an attempt to get some-               We now face a declining economy.          showing snce 1991. The Comrnen:e 0epeII-
  one's way. and it was evidenced by a and we also are in jeopardy with our                  ment reported that colpOl'8te prdb fel 1.3
  vote of 215 to 214.                           own environment. We still have issues        percent dmng the third quarter and decrea....
    This is because in the Committee on dealing with clean water and clean air.              22.2 percent compared with last ~.
  Rules they would not aJJow a full de- Do we not hold to the premise that                      The economic downlum hea hurl wortdrlg
  bate and allow a very full and adeQuate what is good for the goose is good for             families ttvoughout· the couruy. The ~
  substitute. which many business per- the gander? If we are figbting for clean              of unemployed persons Increased ~ 732.000
  sons supported, authored by the gen- air and clean water and the protection                to 7.7 million In October. The ~
 tleman from New York (Mr. RANGEL); of our water, in light of what we are                    rate rose by 0.5 percentage JlOInI!IID 5.4 ~
  one that expanded trade. opened new going through, would it not be appro-                  cent. the highest level since December 1986.
 markets for U.S. workers. farmers and priate for those countries toO do the                    We need meaningful legislation ID stlmulllle
 businesses; that had effective worker same where those corporatione that                    the. economy. help unemployed workerw. and
 protection.; that protected realisti- carry our name rush to set up their in-               assISt struggllng famlliaa.
 caJJy the environment; and then held StitUtiODlS?                                              On November 28. 2001 I inlroduced • till
 to the constitutional premise that               I am very saddened that the debate         allowing individuals sullerirlg from the fee:.-
 when It comes to protecting the Amer- went to the level it did. that we are all             sion to wllhdraw flM'lds from their IndIviduII
 Ican people as to wbether or not we fighting- international terrorism. We                   Retirement Accounts wilhouI penally untl ~
 would lose thousand. of jobs. there are doing that. So many of us gave the                  tember 12.2002.
 must be Congressional oversight. which authority to our President in unity be-                 My biI temporarily waives the 10 pen:enI •
 the CODlStitution mandatel.                   cause our so11 was Violated, our people       dividual Retirement Account wiIhchw penally
    That. i. what the Rangel substitute lost their lives. I claim and will not in            fee for people who: Have received uneft1llat-
 had. and. Mr. Speaker. the Committee any way take a back seat to my patri-                   ment compensation for 12 consec:uIIve weeIaI.
 on Rule. denied Ull the opportunity to otism.                                               heve at least 10 percent slake In ••maI bull-
 have a full debate on that substltute"a          But this b1ll bad nothing to do with       neu that hes suffered sign,r.cantecollomJc.
 SUbstitute that would protect the patriotism or fighting terrori.m. In                      jury since September 11th. or Ioat • femly
 American people. Instead. wbat we did fact, I am more fearful of this bUl than              member In a terrorist allac:k.
 is brlDB" forth the Thomas b1ll. that had I am supportive of this bUl &II hav:tq               Congreu canncC wal for the ecolloI'II)' ID
 no sense of commitment to some of anytbing to do with helping us fight                      recover on lis own. we cannot WIIIlIor .....
 these very important illlluea.               terrorlstll around the world. I would          uIua plan whole errec:tl may noI been ....
   I believe in what Democratic Prem- much rather shore up this decl1niq                     for rnonIha. We must peu legislation u.t m-
dent John F. Kennedy said. "a risilll" economy and provide the opportunit1ee                 mediately helps woners who hne Ioat . .
tide lifts all boatll." and that we in the for cOnlstituentll to have a bridge••0            JID.
United State. Congrey have a respon- that they can find work.                                  My ~ wII assIat theM who delper8IeIy
sibll1ty to work on behalf of the Na-            Mr. Speaker. I believe we did not do        need our help.
tion.                                         what was right today on behalf of all of         I urge my colleagues to help indIvidueII dur-
   My dlstr.1ct.. in fact. is a district that the American people. I say to my bu.i-         ing this recession by cosponsoring   '*Impor-
has in some instances advocated trade nees community in an open letter. we                   tant legislation.                       .
beca use of the busines. community. have worked together. and I wUl not
But I have many constituents. Mr. again take a back seat to my concern
Speaker, and right now I am shocked about the economy and boosting oppor-                     CONFERENCE REPORT ON B.R. 2B8S
that anybody In ibe businellll commu- tunities for trade. But we cannot do it                  Mr. GOSS. SUbmitted the folJowiDl'
nity is focusing on anything- but the by denying our own constituency;                       conference report and statement on the
thousands of people wbo bave lost their those who work hard. wbo labor. those                bill (H.R. 2883). to authorize appropria-
jobs over tbese last couple of ween. wbo want a cleaner environment. and                     tion. for fiscal year 2002 for intel-
maybe 30.000 in and around tbe 18th those wbo promote the Constitution.                      l1rence and intelligence-related activi-
Congressional District.. I believe Hous- requiring CongTessional oversight.                  ties of the Un1t.ed St8tesGovernment.
       H90S8      .
       ·t.he Community Management Account,
                                                         CONGRESS10NAL RECORD - HOUSE
                                                                    TITLE IV-CENTlI.AL JNTELUGENCE
                                                                                                                                                  December 6, 2001
                                                                                                                       nllmber of personnel emploJ,led In ueea of W
       and t.he Central lnte))jgence Agency                                        AGENCY                              nvmber olilhoriud IInder nch ,ecl1oll maN _ .
       Retirement and DisabiHty System, and                    Sec. 401. Modifications of crnl.ol services pro-        for onJ,l elL'l'flft&t of 1M inlelligence commvnlC..
                                                                                                        uceed 2 percent of 1M nvmber of dviliaft ,.,.
       for other purposes:                                     Sec. 402. Onr-J,leo. eZlension of lnld-         sonrael aVlhori2ed IInder nu:h ,ecticm 1« ftIcll
           CONFERENCE REPORT (H. REPT. 10'1-328)                             ligence AgrflCJ/ VOIVnIOf]! Separa-       element.
         The commJt.tee 01 conlerence on dJa-                           tion POJ,l Act.                    (b) NO'IlCE :ro INTELLJeENCE COMIIIFTED.-
      agreelJll' vot.ea 01 t.wo HouEe6 on l.he            Sec. 403. Guidrlin£$ for ucrllitmml of certainThe Di.edar 01 lfttelligence ,hall no~
      amendment 01 Senate t.o tbe bill (HoR.                            fo.eign ossets.                 promptlJ! 1M Permanent Seled Commit_ 11II Ia·
      2883). to aut.bonr.e apprOprla tJOnE lor fiscal                                                        lelligmce 01 lhe H _ of ReprumCGti_ aIItI
                                                               Sec. 401. F"II .rimbvrsemrnl for profe,sionoJ Ii·
      year 2002 lOT Intelligence and 11lt.elJigence-re-                      obililJl        inl1l,07l«      1M Selec:f Commilta 011 Intellil1mce of the Sa-
      lated actlvJt.les 01 tbe United States Govern-                   cOllntef/rnonsm emplOJ,lfU.           ale whenever tM Direc:for uerciau 1M avUlclr-
      ment., l.he Communlt.y MlUlagement. Account.,         TITLE V-DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE                    ilJ,lgranted bJ,Ilh" ,ecUcm.
      and CenLral lnt.elJlgence Agency Retire-               JNTELUGENCE ACTIVITIES                    SEC. JOf. JNlELUGENCZ COIIIlllNlTr MANA"
      ment. and Disabmt.;y System. and lor ol.her Sec. 501. Alllho.ilJ,l 10 pv.chcue ilems of nomi-                       IIENT ACCOUNT.
      pUTJlOEes. bavj~ met.. after luJl and lree,con-                 noJ vallie for ucrvilmenl pv.-            (a) AIJ'THOIlJUf'JOII OF AI'PIlOPIlJATJOIG.-
      lerence, have agreed &.0 recommend and do                       poses.                                Thne " ovUl0riee4 to be OPJlfopriatcd far W
      recommend t.o t.beir respecUve Houses &E 101- Sec. 502. Funding for inf.oSl.llctll.e ond qval- CommlinitJ,l NanagL'l'Mft1 ACCOVIIl 01 1M DIrec-
        That HOllse recede from iI.E disagree-
                                                                      ilJ,I-of-life  improvemmU          al tM Of Intelligence far fUcaJ Near ltJIII
                                                                      Menwith Hill ond Bod Aibling tM svm of 12(J()~?6.(J(J(J. Withlll ncIa
                                                                                                            fllnu Idmllr_ ill tM clos,lf_ Schell... 0/
      ment to lUIlendment 01 l.he Senate and                    stoliom.
      agree to slUlle wi~ an amendment. &E 101- Sec. 503. Modificolion Of ovtho.ilies .elotiftl/ 10 Allthorizolltnll .e/ened to m ,ecUcm JOl(a) 1«
      10_:                                                           offidol immlinitJ,l jft iftterdictilm 1M odvaftced and develllJJllWl'l __
        III )jell 01 rna Uer proposed to be in-                  of oi.croft engoged in illicit dfVII millee ,1La1l .e:mah& available IIntll September 10.
      serted by Senate amendment., insert. l.he                  /foffick1flll.                        200J.
      loJlowi~:                                         Src. 501. Undl'7g.odvotr /foining program for          (b) AIJ'THOIlJ%ED PEIISONNEL LEYEU.-The lit-
      SECTION J. SHOIlf' f'JrLE; TABU OF CONTE:NTS.                  emploJ,lee, of Ihe NolitnUIJ hrt- menU wilhilltha./nlellignace CommvnlC. N_-
        (a) SHOIlT TlnE.- This Ad' moJ,l be dud cu                          ogffJ,l ond MO-ppfng AgencJ,l.             ogemmt Acccn,," of 1M Di.ector 01 Cm".., 1fI-
      tM "lntd/igena Avthorizotioft Act for Fiscal            Sec. 505. P.rpa.olion ond svbmitlGl of .qKIrU.           lelligmce a.c avllurrUa! U3.tun-,.. , . . r - -
      Yeo.lODI-.                                                            • evirWl , stlldie,. ond plom .elat·       01. fI/ ~ 10. 2OtJI. l'~nOfl'MI ..,..,... ..
        (b) TABU OF CONTENTS.-TM toble of con-
      ten" of this Acl is cu follo_:
      Sec. 1. Sho.' til/e; toble of contenU.
                                                                            ing 10 Depo.,meftt of Defense in-
                                                                              tel/igencr nClivitie,.
                                                              Sec. 506. Enhoncement of SfevritJ,l ovthoriliU
                                                                              of NotionoJ SeevritJ,l AgencJ,l.
                                                                                                                       COliftt Of ,..r,onnel detailed
                                                                                                                       of tM United Stoia Govemfllellt.
                                                                                                                       ,veh elemenU maJf be JlfTJftGnnt cmplOJl_ 1/
                                                                                                                       1M Inlellil1mcz CommvnitJ,l MOnagcmeal . .
                                                                                                                                                        other d - u

                                                                                                                         (c) CLA3SJFlED AIJ'THOllIZAf'/O••-
      Sec. 101. Avthorizatioft of opproprioliom.                   TITLE I-INTEu.JGENCE AC77V1"a
      Sec. 102. Clossified schedvle of ovthorizatiom.                                                             (1) AUTHOIlJ%Af'IOII OF JlJ'PIlOPlIIAf'JO• .-1fI
                                                              SEC. JOJ. AIfTHOlilZATION OF APPROP1IJAnONS.     addiliOTl 10 amolinU allthoriucl to be a,."..
      Sec. 103. Per'OTInel ceiling od;VSlmenU.
      Sec. 101. Intelligence CommvnilJ,l Monogemenl              tvnds o.e hl'7rbJ,l oVlho.ized 10 be OPJlfo-  priated far 1M Inlelligmce CommvnifJI Na,.."..
                     Aecovnl.                                 pnoled fO' fisr:ol J,leo. 2002 for 1M condvd 01  ment Accollnt bJf nlbMdiara (a). lhere are alre
      Sec. 105. Codi/icotion of the COQSt Gvo.d cu on
                     elemenl of the inlelligence commv-
                                                              Ihe intrl/igeftCe ond inlelligence·.eloled Actlvi-
                                                              lies of Ihe fol/owing elements of the United
                                                                                                               allthorized to be oPJlfopriated f« UIe
                                                                                                               ligmce CommvnltJf Management Acc:OV..' /fir
                     nifJI.                                   StOles GOvernmenl:                               ruml J,lea. 2002 ... ch addillonal al1lOll"" 01 . . .
                                                                 (J) The Crnt.ol Inlrlligence AgencJ,l.        'JIfcified in 1M classified SCMdvle 01 Alit         .
                                                                 (2) The Depo.'mrn' of Dr/rft,e.               irotions .efened 10 in $eC1iOTl ]02(a). Such odM-
                                                                 (3) The Defense lnltlligena AgmCJ/.           lioftal amolinU ,hall .emaift ovailable vnlil __
       TEM                                                      (I) The National Seev.ilJ,l AgencJ,l.          tember 30. 200:J.
     Sec. 201. Avthorizotion Of oppropriotions.                 ($) The Deportmrnl of Ihe ArnlJ,I. the Depan-     (2) AUTHOlil%ArJON OF 1'£1iS01iIlEL.-l11 odM-
           TITLE IJJ---4JENERAL PROVISIONS                   menl of the NOV1l. ond Ihe Deportmenl of 1M liara 10 tM per,onnd alilhorized bN ... b,ectiOII
     Sec. 3OJ. JnCT_ hi emplOJ,lft compensotion              Air Force.                                       (b) far elementl of 1M lntelligmt:e Commv._
                   ond benefiu aVlhonzed bJ! law.               (61 The Deportment of SlGte.                   Monagement Accovnl 01 of SeptembcT 30, ZODl~
     Sec. 302. Rest.iction on condvd of intel/igence            (?l The Deportment of the Treasvf)l.           tllne a.e lInebJI avthorl2ed addllfonal ,.,.
                      adivitia.                                 (61 The Depo.tmrnt of Ene'l11I.               'OTInd for nu:h elemenU cu of lhat dare AI . .
     Sec. 3OJ. Seme of Congreu OTI intelligence com-           (9) The Federal BII.eoli of lnvestigotiOll.    'JIfci/ied m 1M classified SCMdvle 01 AvUlclr-
                      mvnilJ,l"",.                     (JD) TM Notional 1I.ecOTlnaissonce Ofli«.      irollons.
     Sec. 301. Reqvi.emenU for 10d¢ftI/ ollolDOncu             (1J) TM Notional lmogffJ/ and MappffIIJ           (d) 1I.EIMBUJlSUlE:NT.-£ZceJJl AI Jlfovided fa
                      in intelligmce commvnftJ,l ossillTl-   AgenCJ/.

                                                                                                              ,ec:fion JJ 3 01 UIe Nalional SecvrifJI Ad 01 JM
                  mf'JIt Jlfogram benefiU.                     (12) TM COOSI Gllo.d.                          (50 U.s.C. lOlA). durinl1 fUml J,leGf 200Z a,.. 01-
     Sec. 305. Modification of .eporting .eqvi.emenU         SEC. JOI. CLASSIFIED SCHEDUU OF AV77IORJU. /if%r ar emplOJ,lcc ollhe United Stala « a _
                  far sillTlirlCOnt anlicipated intel·                    nONS.                               ber 01 tM Armed Farca who " detailed 10 1M
                   lignace octivil1u ond sil1nificont            (a) SI'ECITICA'IlONS OF AMOIJNTS AJlD PEI/-          ,ta/f of    hJtel"gmce ~ IrttmcI.--
                   intelligence foi",.u.                      SONNEL CEIL1NGS.-TM omOllnll ovthDrized to              ment ACCOV..' f t - another e ' - l 01 1M
    Sec. 306. Report OTI implemmtaliOTl of .ee-               be opproprioted IInder ,ection 101. and tM aw-            Uniled Statu Govemmeal ,hall be deCGilecl 011 •
                   ommendotiom 01 the Notional                tho.ized personnel ceiling, cu of September ••           .eimbvflable boIiI. ucept thaI aJQ/ ncIa o/~.
                   Commi,sioft OTI Tenori8m and               2002, for the condlld of tM inlelligen« and hi·          cmplOJ,lcc. ar rncmlrer mcJJ,I be detaflecl 11II a .....
                   ollln entitiu.                             telligL'l'lCf·.e/oled octlvitie, of 1M elemenU lUted     .eimbvflable boIiI far a perifHl 01 lui lhall _
    Sec. 301. Jvdicial .evinD vnder ForeillTl Nar-           In ",ch ,ectiOTl. o.e tho,e ,pecified i. tM clGlli-      J/ea. far tM per/tnmG'ftCC 01 temporaf)l /vftCIIoU
                  cotics Kingpin DesillTlatiOTl Ad.          fied Schedlile of Allthorizatiom prepa.ed to ae-         AI .ep"ecI bJI 1M Dfrec:far 01 Cenaal hdII-
    Sec. 306. Modificatlara of· polititnll .eqviriJIII
                                                             compaJQ/ 1M confermce .eport ara tM ""' HA.              If~                             •
                  consvltatiOTl with Di.edor 01 Cen-         2663 of tM One Hvnd.ed Sewnth COft#f_.
                  t.oJ Intel/igen« m oppointmenU;                                                                        (e) NAT10liAL DRvt1 INTELl.JQE1ICE CDtf'D.-
                                                                (b) A VAILABILlTr OF CLASSIFIED SCHEDVIS ' "             (1) 111 GDlUAz..-o1 1M al1lOll.' alithot'iMll ..
    Sec. 309. ModifictltiOTl Of ovlhoriliu for protec-
                  tion of intel!il1ence commvnifJI em·
                                                             AlJfHOIiIZA'IlONS.-TM Schedvle 01 Awthorila-
                                                             IIOTI' ,hall be mode ovailoble to 1M CommiUea
                                                                                                                      be aJ1l1foprialMl   m ...  blectiOll (0). III,(XJO/lIlD
                                                                                                                      ,hall be available far tM National DruI 111MI-
.                 plOJ,leu who .eport con·
                   cern,  to Congreu.
    Sec. 310. Review of protectiom agoinst tM vn-
                                                            on Appropriotions of thr SenDte and H _ 01
                                                            Represento,tives ond to the Presidenl. The Prui·
                                                                                                                      Ifgnace em_. WUhift nacA amovnl. /vftu ",..
                                                                                                                      vided far ._.cA. clevelopmnl. latiJIII. a_
                                                            dent ,hoJl provide for ",itable diltrihliOll of           nolvation pvrpo,u              umam a_ilable vnUI
                  oVlhol"ized di,closv.e of clossified
                                                            tM Schedlile. ar Of oppropriote PDnltnll of 1M            September 30. 200J. ond fllndl JlfoWled lar ",..
                   infOf'mOticm.                            Schedlile. within the uecvtive bronclL
    Sec. 311. One-J,leo. 61LSJIf'ft1i0ft of .eorgonization                                                            CII.ement pvrpolU ,hall                available _1II
                  of Diplomatic Telecommllnicotitnll SEC. JOI. PERSONNEL C£1LlNG AD.nlSTIIENIS.                      September 30. ZtJf)I.
                  Service Pr ogram Ofli«.                       (a) AIJTHOlilTr FOIi AD1VS'TMENTS.-WiUl tM               (2) TIlANSTEI/ OT FUIIDS.-TM 01 Cell-
    Sec. 312. P.esidential opproval ond I1Ibmislion opproval 01 tM Di.ectar of tM Office of Nan-                      t.oJ Intelligmt:e ,hall transfer to tM Attor1lq
                  to Congress of Notional COllntL'l"        ogement ond Bvdget. tM Di.ecto. of CmtroJ Ia-            GeneroJ /llna available fm tM NotiDftal DnA,
                  intelligmce St.otel11l ond NotionoJ Irl/igenCf moJ,l ovthorize emploJlfftmt of civillall           Inlellignace vnder pa.ograpla (J). The
                Identifjcal10a        ond per,onnel in ucess of the nllmber alltlunized far          Attomt'Jl GmeroJ ,hall IItilUe /111IIiI '0 tralll-
                  Prioritizotion AssessmmU.                fiscal J,leo. 2002 IInder ,eclion 102 when tM Di·         frned fM tM activitie, of tM National DrvI1 111-
    Sec. 313. ReJXi.t on olim tenori,t .emoval pro- 'edar of CmlroJ lftle/ligenot! determine; lhat                   tellil1enee Cmcer.
                  ceedinl/'.                               svch action is necesso'1l to tM perfarmonot! of             (3) L1MJrAT1ON.-AmolinU availoble far tM
    Sec. 311. TechnicalommdmmU.                            impo.tont intelligrftce fllnctioftl. ezcept that lhe      National Drvl/ Inlelligen« Cmter mGJ,I nol be
  December 6, 2001
    ~.ed in contravmtion 01 the provision.
                                                     CONGRESSJON AL RECORD - HOUSE
                                                                ··ID) The distance between the detailed em· SEC. ,os. 1II0D1F1CATION OF POSmONS 1lEQVIJI.
    tion J03(d)(]) 01 lhe National Sen.ritJl Act 01 plOj/ff'S porent agmCJI dutJl station alld tM                                   INC CONSlJl.TATlON WIf'JI D11l1JCJ'Oa
   J!l17 (50 U.S.C. IOJ-3(d)(])).                          hOlt agenCJI dutJl ltation is greaUT than ZO                             OF CENTIlAJ. IN'l"EJUGE:NQ Di AI'-
       (I) AllTHo.JTr.-Notwith.tanding anJl other          mil'l.                                                                   POINTMENI'ti.
                                                                                                                         Section J06(b)(l) 01 the Natiorual SeatrltJI Act
   provi.ion 01 law. the AttornfJ/ General shall re-            "(E) The di,tance betwem the detail,d em- 01 1!/t7 (50 U.s.C. 10U(b)(I)) u ammded ..
    tain full authoritJl over the operations 01 the ploj/ee '. primarj/ Te.idence and the ho.t agmCJI .triking 6Ubparcgraph (C) and
    Nalionol Drug Inl£llige7lce C .... ter.                dutJl .talion U 10 mil,. greakr than the duo lowing new 6Ubparagrap"':
                                                                                                                                                         'uerte""   CAe fill.
   SEC. lOll. CODITICATION OF THE COAST GUARD tance betwetn such primoTJ/ rflidence aM the                                "(C) Th, Di,ector 01 the 0//1« 0/ haUm"e-
                   AS AN ELEMENT OT THE INTEL- emploJlees parmt dutJlllation.                                         01 the Depa1'tment 01 EnerW.
                   UGENCE COMMIlNI7T.                           ..( F) The rate 01 paJl applicable to the d,tailed        "(D) The Diredor 01 the Of/Ice 01 C01&ftc.-
       Section 3(t)(Jj) oj the National Sen.ritJl Act of emploj/ff does not uceed the rate 01 blUfc paJl intelligmce 01 the Deportment 01 EIlerlll/, ",
   J!/t7 (50 U.S.C. 10Ja(I)(H) il amended-                 for gTade GS-J$ of the Gtneral Schedule.".                 ~••tIfI. MODIFICATION OF AU77/01ll'l7a Toa
       (]) bJI Itrikiflll "and" be/ore "the Deportment
   of Enerw"; and                                          SEC. '05. MODIFICATION OF llLPOllriNo ...                                PliOTECTJON OT IN7'E:UJG£NCS
                                                                            QlJJREMEJ\7'S TOll SIGMTICANT AN.                       COlillllVN1J7 El4PWn:DI ",,0 . . .
       (2) bJI inlerting ", and the CoolC GtUlrd" be-                       TICIPATLD 11\7EUJGLNCJ: AC7J1'J.                        PORr lJIlGEN'l' CON~ f'O aw-
   Ion the lemicolon.                                                       nES AND SIGMnCANT IN7EJ,                                GREBIL
   TITLE 11~EN'rRAL INTEu.JGENCE A GEN·                                    UGLNCC TAlLURES.                              (a) AUTHOlllT'S' OF INSPECTOII GENEltAL OF
       cr. RETIREMENT AJIo'D DlSABllJTY SYS· Section 502 of the National S~ritJl Act 01 CENTRAL INTEUJGENCE AGI'NC:'S'........seect. .
       TEll                                                J!l17 (50 U.S.C. IJ3a) il amtnded-                         17(d)(5) 01 the Central Intel/fgma AgmCJI Act
   SEC. 101. AllTHOIllZ.ATJON OF APPIiOPIiIATIONS.             a) bJl inurting "(a) IN GCNERAL....:1 b'I""            of 1919 (50 U.s.C. 40Jq(d)(S)) i. amnded-
       There i. aulliorized to be appropriated for the "To the utent "; and                                              a) in IUbparagraph (B). bJI .trlkf. . tM Me-
                                                                                                                      ond .entence and imertiftg the 10llt1ll1t. . _
   Cmtral Jntelligence AgmCJI Retiremmt and Di.-               (2) bJl adding at the end th, lollowing nlUl .mtnu:e: "Upon making 6UcIa a d,tcrmhaotiola,
   abilff7 l'vnd lor lucal Jlear 2002 the $Um 01 .ublectiom:                                                          the In8pIctor General .hall tra7Ullll' to 'M DI-.
   1212.000.000.                                               "(b) FORM AND CONTENTS OT ·CERTAIN RE- reet", notice of that detennlnati. ., t..,d_
           TITLE I11-GENERAL PROVISIONS                    PORTS.-AnJl report relating to a .igniFlCOftt aft· with th, complc'ftt or infarmatkm. ,.; a'"                 .
   SEC. '01. lNCIli:J.sE IN EMPWYEE COMPLNSA· tic-ipated intelligtnce activitJl or a significant ift·                    (2) in .ubporGgraph (D)(t). bJI .trikhlll "1Ioa
                   nON AND BENUITS AlJTHOlll~ telligtnce failure that is IUbmitted to th, Intel· not tTaM'llltt;- aM an that lollove t h ' "
                   BYUW.                                  ligence committees for purpole. 01 6Ub.ectin "6Ubporagraph iB)." and i7UCl'ti. . "d_ ue
      APJI'opr1atio~ authoriud bJl thi. Act for sal·      (a)a) shall be in writing, and Ihall contain the lind credibl, under .ubporagrapl IIJI • __
   aTJI, paJl, retiT~t. and other benefiu for Fed- following:                                                        plaint or inlomuaticm 6Ubmitted u~ 6Ub)loN-
   eral tmplOJlfU aJl be inCTealtd bJl s"ch addi-              "0) A coneile Jlatement of anJl fOCU perti- graph (A). ", doe. not tran6Tllft the complatllt ...
   tional or 6Upple ntal amounU IU maJl be nec- ntnt to such report.                                                  in/ormation to .he Direetor fft acamaU 1 _
   euaTJ/ lor increuu in IUch compensation or                  "(2) An uplanation of th, signi/icance 01 the under 6UbparagTaph (B)....
   bme/iu authorized bJl lalll.                           intelligtnce activitJl or intelligence lailure cow-            (b) AUTHORITIES OF INSPECTOU GPEItAL OF
   SEC.'01.     RESTlUC770N ON CONDVCT OF INTEL- eTed bJlluch Teport.                                                 THE INTELUCENCE COMMUNlTr.-SecCfn 'N 0/
                   UGENCE ACT1V177ES.                          "(c) STANDARDS AND PROCLDUIlES FOR CEIl- the Inq>ector General Act 01 117' I' U.6~.
      The authorization 01 appropriationl bJl thil TAIN RCPol/n.-The Director 01 Cmtral lnul. App.) u amellded--
   Act Ihall not be deemed to conltitute authoritJl ligence. in consultation with the head. 01 the                       (J) (n lub.ectfcm (II). bJI .trilcf1ll/ tM ICaIIMI
  for the conduct of anJl intelligence activitJl depaTtmenu, agenc-ies. and tntiti" re/ened to .mtence and ifUlerti"" the loll0V1l1ll/ -                               . .-
  which i. not otherwiu authorized bJl the Con· in $1Ibuction (a), .hall £stabli.h Itandardl aM tmce: "Upon making .uch a det_f_ce-, ...
  Ititution or the lawl of the United State•.             pToceduTe. applicable to reporll cover,d bJI sub- ln8p1ctor Gennal .hall tranmtft to tM 1&104 0/
  SEC   .01.      SEND OF CONGlU:SS ON INTEl,                                                                        the eltabli6hment notice 01 that d,CCfmfnatiola,
                  UGENCE         COMI4VNlTY       CON· Itction (b). ".                                               together with tM cornplaiftt ", ift/_tl.....;
                   TRACTJNG.                              SEC. 'IHS. Tl£POIiT ON IMPLEMLNTATJON OF RZe and
      Jt i. the .en.e of Congreu that the "Director of                     OMMEJ\'DATIONS OF THE NATIONAL                (2) in IUb6lcti01l (dXI). bJI .tTiktrtll "d_ Mt
  Central Jntelligence Ihould continue to direct                           g~=:~S=TIr;:. TLRlI01llS11 AND tranmait. and all that 10110101 th,ough .....

  that. elfTMnU 01 the intelligence communitJl,                                                                      .lction (b)," and 'n.nti,., "doa ftot /Iftd
  whenever compatible with the national lecuritJl             (0) IN GENERAL.-Not later thon 120 doJ/'               ible under 6Ub.ection (b) a complamt ", ift/",.
  interuu 01 the United Statu and consiltent              aftn tht date 01 the enactm,nt of thi. Act. the matiOft IUbmW,d to the JnlplClor General u1Id8r
  with operational and ltn.ritJl conCern6 rElated Director 01 Ctntral Jntelligence lhall IUbmft to ·6UbllctiDft (a). CJ1' doa not'" _ _ .
  to the cond1OCt 01 intelligence activitiu, and the Pennanent Select Committee on Intdligma plaint or inlormation to the head 01 tM utab-
  where /ilcallJ/ .ound. Ihould competitivelJl 01 the House of &prelentatiw. and the Select /f.hmmt in accurate 1 _ under 1U"-c:CfoII
  award contrOCU in a manner that maz1mizu th, Committ,e on Intelligmce of the Smat, a rlJlOfC (II)....
  pron.rem,nt 01 product. propff/JI duignalfd u          concnning whether. and to what utmt. the 1ft- SEC. '10. lIEVlEYr OF PIiOrECTJONS AGA1NfIf'''
  having been mod, in th, United Statu.                  tElligtnce CommunitJl hal implfTMnted ,... /                               IlNAVTlIOlUZED DIlICl.OSIIIm tIIf
 Sf:C.'04.     IIEQlJIllEI4ENTS FOil WDGING ALLOW. ommendations relevant to the Intelligence C_· /
                  ANCES IN IN'Tl3.LlGENCE COMMU· munitJl alltt forth in the following:
                                                                                                                                    CLASSIFIED lNTOlIMAnOlt.
                                                                                                                   . (a) REQUlIlEIoIENf'.-The Attomq Gn"" _...;
                  NITY ASSIGNMENT PIiOGlIAM BENE·            (1) Th, report prrpored bJl the NatiOftai C_·. .hall. in couul'atiDft with the Secr~ 01""                        i
                  TIm·                                   mission on Terrori.m eslablilhed bJI .lctiDft $II! I"". Secr,UJ'fJ/ 01 State. Secr,UJf1/ 01 l:IlIrD,                 i
     S,ction 113(b) 01 the National Sen.ritJl Act 01 01 the Omnibus Consolidated and Emergmq; Director 01 Cen,yal Intelligma, alld 1leadI e/
 J!/t7 (50 U.s.C. 101Mb) i. amended-                     Supplemental Appropr1atiom Act. J999 (Pu~ $UCh other depaytJnenU. agmct.l. aU nallll
     (I) bJI inHTti1ll/ "(1)" bel"" "An emploJle,"; Low JO$-277).                                                    01 the lhlited Statu G01lfTllment • CAe Attor·
 and                                                         (2) Th, report prepared bJl the United Statui nq Gennal co"nm. approprlaU. CDffJI lItII •
     (2) bJl addi,., at th, md th, lollowing nelll Commi..ion on National SecuritJl lor the 2llCi c:omprehm6ive YevflUl 01 cunnt protecCioU
 paragraph:                                              Cen/UTJI. Pha.e Ill. dated FebruaTJ//S. 2001.           'agaiut the vnavthoriud df6clolUfC 01 d ~
     "(1) The head 01 an agmCJI 01 an ernploJl"             (3) The IICand annual report 01 the advilOfJl~ in/annation, inclvdm.-
 detailed under 6Ub.ection (a) maJl paJl a lodging pand to I1ISU' domestic rupon" capabflftfu I",                  I    (1) anJ/ rnecho"..... avoUable v..... cftIIl or
 aU010Gnce lor the emploJl" IUbjeet to th, 101- tenorima involving weapom 0 1 _ dunctkm; criminal laID, ", uftm regulatloa, to dctecC eM
 lowing conditiOftl:                                     utabluhed puTltUlnt to IIction UOS 01 the Na-11 vnauthoriud dUclolU1'C 01 nell fJif-aoa;                             1
     "(A) The all010Gnce .hall be th, leuer 01 the tional [HI",., Authorizotin Act lor 1'IIco1, alld
 co.t 01 the lodgi,., or a mozimum amount paJl-
 able lor the lodging 06 "tablilhed jointlJl bJI the note). J999 (Public Lalli 105-261; 50 V .C. U01 ij criminal laID. '" ullder r"",latloa, to deter alld
 DfTedIn 01 Cmtral Intelligence aftd-
                                                                                                     .s            .              .
                                                                                                                       (I) aftJ/ .ancet. . . avoilable Imder dtlll ",

                                                            (b) RECOMMENDATJONS DETEIIMINED NOf' 7'0\ puft"h th, vnauthorized dUe/onne 01 cudt ...
     "(i) with reIPect to detail,d emploJleu 01 the
                                                        BE ADOPTED.-In a ca" in which the DfTector; lannatfon.
 DepoTtment 01 De/trUe, th, S~,taTJI 01 De- detenninu that a recommendation dumbed til'                                (II) PARTICULAR CONSIDEIlATIOIa_hI car-
ItrUe; and
     "(ii) with r£6Pecl to detailed emplOJleu of IUb:ection (a) hG6 not been implemented. the ,e-
 other ageneiu and deportmmU. the head Of port under that .ub.ection .hall indtUk a de- tfcula,-
$1Ich agmCJI or deportment.
maTJI ruidmce lor th, emploJle,·. immediate
                                                        tail,d erplanation of the rtalO7U lor ..ot imple-.
     "(B) The detail,d emplOJl" maintaim a pri- menting that recommendation.
                                                                                                                    TJ!iftg out the rnlieUI Tlquired bJllUNectiOft loJ.
                                                                                                                    the Attomq Gennal .hoIl conndcr, '" JJG1'.
                                                                                                                       (I) wh,ther tI&c adminutrattw ,egulatfou
                                                                                                                    and practieu 01 the intelligence commvRitw aN
                                                        SEC. ~07. .nJDIClAL lIEVIEW lJJ\'DDI FOREIGN ad,quate. ift Iil/ht 01 Che particula, TI~fr_ _                           j

familJl in the locol commuting arlO 01 th, parent                        NAliCOTICS IUNGPIN DESIGNATION 01 th, intellig,nce communif7. to protect agatuC                       I
agenCJI dutJI .tation /Tom IIIhfdl the ernploJlII
regularlJl commut,d to IUch dutJ,l .tation be/or,
                                                           Section 80s 01 th, Foreip Narcotiel Xingpfft mation; aM
                                                                                                                    the unauthorized due/olUTI 01 claui!ied """,.
the detail.                                             Delignalion Act (titl, Vll1 01 Public Lalli 106-               (I)" whdher ,ea'ftt developmnU til tcda·
    "(C) Th, lodging i. within a reasonabl, proz, J20; JJJ Stat. J629; 21 U.S.C. J9Ot) i6 amended II, nolow. and anticipated developmnU '" Cd·
imitJl 01 th, 1Io.t ag,"CJI dutJ,l 6totiDft.            "riking subltction (I).
                                                                                                                -. nolow. ",celiitaU particula' modifjl::otiOftl 01
     H9060.                                                 CONGRESSJONAL RECORD-HOUSE                                                                 December 6. 2001
            ent prolecllon. ogoin.t the IInolllhoTized                (C) bJl 1T0To.Jening Iht .lJb.tction (h) odtU.d         SEC. 4OJ. ONE·Yl:A1l E:XTLNSION OF CEN17lAL IIf.
                                                                                                                               .           TEU.JGLNC£ AGENCY VOUINTAItr
    , ';:::,ol1..e of cla..ified inJonnotion ~n ord~ to'           bJl.tClion 225 oj Iht USA PAUHOT Act (P"blic                            SE.PARATION PAl' AC7'.
      JlJrlher prolect ogoinsl Iht IInollthonored dl.c/o-         Low J07-56: 115 Slol. 295) '0 o•.'0 oppeor of~
      ,lJrt oJ,"ch inJormDlion.                                    (rolher Ihon ~fJOU) Ihe nJb.fclton. (h) re~g-                 Section 2 of the CenlTol lntellfgmc. AgC1lClf
         (e) ll£POIiT.-(J) NOI loIn Ihan MOJl J. 2002.            noled bJl .ecllon 602(b)(2) oj lhe COIIntenntd-             Vo/llnwl'J/ Seporotion POJI Ad (SO U.s.C. 40J-1
      lhe AI/omeJl General .hall .IIbmit 10 Conllress o.           lillen"" lleform Act of 2000 (lille VI o! P"blic           note) U cunmded-
      report on Ihe review corried out lJnder .IIb-:              Low 106-561: 114 SIOI. 2651) ond redulgnotitlll                (J) in I1Jblection (fl. bJl IlTiking "Scptcmllcr
      .ection (0). The report .holl incllJde the fol-;            lhal I1Jb.eclion 01 '0 Iron'Jened eu ,"b.ecUon              30. 2002" ond ift$erting "September MI. 200J";
      lowi",,: .                     . .                .   :.    (i): a n4
         (A) A comprehenrive ducnpuon of Ihe .rnnew.!                 (D) in Ihe .lJb.eclion Iron'J~ed ond redufg-              (2) in ",blectlon (i). bJlllrilcing "fir ZOOZ" ....
      inc/II ding Ihe linding. of the AUorneJ/ Gmero~             noled bJI .lJbparogroph (C), bJI inurting '1or              inserting "2002. or 2003".
      o. 0 re,"/1 of Ihe reuiew.                           •      eleclronic 'lJrveillonce or phJl.ical .earch" be-            SEC. 411I. GIJJDELlNES FOIt IlECIIIJ17'7IiIDtr •
         (B) An Glles_nt 01 the I!I/iCOCJl ond ~de.                                                                                         CERTAIN FOJiElGN ASSE7&
      QUOCII 01 C1lnent 10Wl ond rl!guIOho.~ O~OIU'
      the IInollthorized di,c/o,"rl! 01 clo.n:fl~ In!or~
                                                                  Jore lhe period 01 Ihe end.
                                                                      (3) Seclion J01(4)1D) (50 U.s.C. 1821(4)(D»
                                                                  omended bJl ,'riking "21 hOll"" ond iunti""
                                                                                                                        u         Recognizlftg dillotiafaction  wi'.
                                                                                                                               6I0RI 01 the gllidelinu 01 the Cmnal In""
                                                                                                                                                                        u.. ",..-
      motiOll. inclllding whe/hIT or not m.o~iflcallon~           "72 hOll"".                                                  ligence AgmCJI (promlligoted in l!J1S) 1« AAa-
      of ",ch 10Wl or reglllo!iou, ~r oddUlonol 1011II1              (4) Seclion 304le) (50 U.S.C. J621le» i. ommd-            dling COIU inllO/ving forngn D.,e" « .000rca
      or regulotions. ore adl1l.obll! I~ ordea: to fllrther,.     ed bJl .triking "24 hOlJ"" eoch ploce it OppeGTI             with hllman righu concerlU ou ,ecog1l~
      proled ogoiut the IInolllhonzed dllc/o.lJre of:,            ond in.erting "12 hOll"".                                    thot. olthOllgh thl!fe haw bem Tec:m' modfjIclD-
      IlJch infonnotion.        d t'    'or lenillotive or od. \ (5) Stclion 402 (50 U.S.C, 1642) is omended-                  lion. to tho.e gllidelinu. Ihq do no' 1""" 114-
          (C) AnJl recommen 0 10nl J"                            I · ·                                      d d ....           dr,," the chollmguof both ui.ting au I"":'
      minislTatiw action thot Ihe AUorneJl Gmerol I (A) m .lJb.eellon Ic). o. omen e                           v,    pora-     term Ihrl!O/I to United Stoia ..curl"'.       u..
              'd           0 iote including 0 propo.ed' grop~ (2) ond (3) Of .echon 214(0) of the USA
      ~nj: Je::   :;":11:':    acllon and 0 comprehennve! PATll/OT Acl 1115 Slot. 286), bJl inlertltlll
         ro I 'I ~f Ih- Con"I'IIIiionAl ond legol fOmi-,' "07111" at the end oj parogroph (J)~ aftd
                                                                                                                               redor of CmtrDIlntelligence .han-
                                                                                                                                  (J) ruand the emting gllidelina IfIr AAndlf..,
      ona JIll of onJl IIIch• odion.
                                                               ,       (B)' I'1l b.ecuon
                                                                            In              ...·
                                                                                        (n ;v,'     l'lci    •• ,f court"
                                                                                                     n ng OJ 0
                                                                                                                               nu:h CONI:
                                                                                                                                  (2) isltU nC1D gllidelinu thot more aJlll'o-
I         (2) The report .holl be IIIbmiU~~ in vflCIOlri-j ond inlerling ,"oJ on order i'~ed".                                prlotelJ/ weigh ond incmtivift riMI Ie .....,.
  .   fied Jorm bllt mOJl inclllde 0 elo.n/,ed onnez• .--' .           (6) SIIbltctlon (0) of Ifchon 501 (50 U.S.C.
 ' SEC 111' ONE.YEAR SVSpLNSION OF MOJiGA· 1661). 01 inltTled bJl.eclion 2J5 of the USA PA-                                    that QUolified lield intelligence oflken ca......
I,          •    • NJZATION OF DIpLOMAllC TELE- TR/OT ACI I1J5 Slol. 267), i. omended bJl luert-                               .hOllld••wiftlJl ond directlJ/ gother 'nte/~
 '-                  'C'OlIlIVNJCAllONS 'S£.Jl'll1CE PRO- lng"w obtoin /Off:igfl inldligenee in/OrtN1tlora                    from hllmon .ollrcu In .uch a feuh'ora 01 Ie ca-
                      GJiAAt OTTlC'-                  .            not concerning 0 Uniled Slotu per.on fir" in               .IIre the obi/itJ/ to prowu limer" i",ormcU'ora
          NOlwilhllonding anJl provision o./.lJblltle B 01 parogroph (1) oJler "on inve.,igo,ion".                            thot wollld 01l01D for indicatiou au _"",..,
      litle JlI of the lnlelligence Allthonzollon Ad Jor               (1) Section 502 (50 U.S.C. 1662). OJ in.ertelf bJI     01 p/ou ond intmtiolll of ho.m. GCCiou .,
      F' Yeor 2001 lPublic Low J~567: J14 Slot. .eclion .215 of the USA PATll10T Ad (115                       Sta,.     evenu; ond
      2643; 22 U.S.C. 7301 et '~Q.). rel!Jlmg 10 the rem:- 288). i. omended bJl .In·king ".eclion 402" both                       (3) m,"re that IIIch in/onnotlon II .AAr.....
      goniorotion 01 the DiplomatiC Teleco~IInl- ploce. it oppe01l ond in.erling ".ection SOl".                               o broad ond upeditiou. JOIhion .0 tAA'. '0       ,u
      cotionl Service Progrom OJlier. n~ pr01ll1l0n. of               (8) The loble of con len II in the lirlt .edion iI      atent pOllible. octions to proted America.       n-
      lhat ,"blitle lholl be effeclive dllnng the peno~ omended-                                                              ond interuu con be tokm.
      bellinning o'! the date 01 the enactmmt of Ihll                 (A) bJl inlerlinll ··Sec." ot Ihe beginning of the      SEC. 404. 11JU, JiElMBVIlSEMENT I"OJI PliO,.
      Ad ond endmg on October J. 2002.                            iltm$ reloling 10 Itelion. 40J, 402. 4OJ, 404. 4OS.                      SIONAl. UABIU7Y INSIJRANa " ,
      SEC. 116. pIlLSIDl:NTlAl- APpllOVAl. AND SUBMI5- 406                   d 60J' nd                                                      COllNT£JiTEJiJiOJiISIl EMPLOlTSS.
                     SION 7'0 CONGJiESS OF NATIONAL                     • on      , O.       .            •           •          Seclion 406(0)(2) of the Jnlelligmce A"'....-
                     COIJN77:JilNTEU.lGLNCE STJiATEGY                 (B) bJl .Iriklnll Ihe lIems relollng to .ecllORl        izotiOll Act for F'i.col Yeor 2001 (PubHc Low
                     AND NATIONAL 17lRLAT IDEl\71T1CA· 50J. 502. ond 503 ond in.erlinll Ihe Jollowing:                        J06-567; J14 Slot. 2849: 5 U.s.C. prcc. SHI n...)
                     TlON AND pllI01/JTlZATlON ASSESS·                ··Sec. 501. Accell 10 cerloin bll,inell records         i. omended bJl .trilcing "one-hol/"' au f7uerlf..,
                          , C·
                    .)lENTS          . I lli"ence SITOlew                  for Jorngn intellillence ond intl!rnatiOftGI       "100 percmt".
          The Notlona         ollntenn e • . , .             '             lerrori.m inVt.ligolions.
     ond eoch Notionol ThreQt Jdmtiflcallon ond                      "Sec.502. COnIlTfllionoloverlight....                        TITLE V-DEPARTMENT OF DEFEND
     Priorilizotion Allellmmt, prodllced IInder Pru-                                                                                   INTEU.1GENCE ACT1V1TIBB
     identiol DeciriOll Directive 75. doted,December                 (b) TITLE J8. U':/TED STATES. CODE.-P~ra­               SEC. HI. AIl'THOIU77 7'0 plJ1lCHASZ rrr:JI. ",
     28. 2000. entitled "U.s. COllnlerintelllgmce E/- groph (19) of .ectlon 2510 o~ title 18. United                                       NOMINAl. VAl.VE TOil Il£CIIV1TJIDtf'
     fectivmesJ-COllnterinlelligmce fflr the 21.t Stole. Code. 01 odded bJlltctlon 2OJ(b)(2)(C) 01                                         PV1U'OSu.
     Cmlvl'J/" inclllding onJl modificotion of lhat lhe USA PATR/OT Act (115 Slat. 21JD). U                                     (a) AUTHORITr.-Section 422 01 tUle 10. United
     SlrolegJl ~r onJ/ Illch Alle.nnetlt, mav onlJl take omentUd bJi in.erting ", Jor pllrpo.u Of uc:Uon                     Statu Cou. iI amended bJl oddi"" a' cIIe ....
     tlfect il opproved bJl the Pruiderd. The Slrat- 2511(6) of Ihis litle." Mfore ·'meau".                                  the followi",,:
     ew each Alleummt, ond onJ/ modification                        (c) USA PATRIOT ACT.-Effeclive OJ of the m-                 "(b) PIiOIlOTIONAL JT£IIS FOJi 1UJCltu/TIIDIr
     t~eof. lhall be IIIbmiued to the Permonmt &- oclmmt of IIIch Act ond 01 il inclvded thnrin                              PUJiPOSU.-The SecretoTJ/ of Dr/mN _II _
     led Committee on Jnlelligence of lhe HOII.e of 01 orillinollJ/ enocled, lhe USA PATRIOT .Act                            IIInds omi/able for Oft intelligmce e / _ , -J
     Repruentoliw. ond the Seled CommiUu on In- (Public Low J01-56) i. omended-                                              the Deportment of Deferuc Ie JI1II'~ ",...
     telligmce of lhe SmDte.                                        (1) in Itction 201/b)(1) (115 Stot. 282). bJlltrlk-      motional iteml of nominDl wIlle fflr . . . . . Ck
     Sl:C. Ill. RLPOIl'J" ON ALIEN rERJiOIUST lIE· ing "J05(d)(2)" OM "J605(d)(2)" ond iMer"""                               rl!C1'Vitmmt 01 indiuidllob lor empIOJIflICftC . .
                    IIOVAL pJiOCLEDlNGB.                         "105(e)(2)" ond "1805(e)(2)". reapectiw/J/; au              thot elemen'....
         Section $04 01 the ImmigrotiOll ond Nolion-                (2) in .ection 1003 1115 Slol. 392). bJl irum"'"            (b) CLE1IJCAL AIlEliDIIEJiJ2.-(l) ,.,.. ~
     olitJl Act (8 U.s.C. 15J4) u OrMn~ed bJI oddiKg "of 1918" ofln "Ad".                                                    of IIIch lee/ion i. ommded to read Gl/olI_:
                                                                                                                                     u. offur"b for _ri,,'. ,....,...,., ~
     ofln IIIb.edion (k) the 10110101"" nelD IIII>-
         "(I) Not loin than 3 mOftths from the date oJ
                                                                        TITLE lV-CENTRAL INTEU.1GENCIl
     lhe enactmm' 01 thu ... 1>1«"011. the AUom.., SEC. 401. MODlFlCA770NS OF CENTR.AL SERVlfSB
                                                                                                                               ~     •.
                                                                                                                               (2) 9udI .cdion   u jvrthIT omnod... . . " ' - ' -
    Gmeral .hGlI IIIbmit to C",."... a report con-                               pJiDCRAJI.                                  ing at the bcgfftni"" 01 the ten 01       u..
    cerning the eflect and elliCOCN 01 alim t~orUt                 (a) ANNUAL AUD/T6.-Sub.edion (g)(l) 01 Me-                the 101l01l1i",,:
    remoml proceeding•• inclllding the. reasORl WhJI tion 21 of the Centrollntelligence Agmq Act 01                            "(a) COU1>ITE1l1N'TEUJGENC£ OFFICIAL R.IXSI'-
    proceeding. J7IIrlllont to tllU .ectiOft hove not 1949150 U.S.C. 40311) U omended-                                       nON AND REPJiESENTATION nI'Eli6G.~ •
    Mm used bJi the Altom.., Gmeral in the poIt                    (1) bJI IIn'king "Decembn 31" and i1UmItII/                 (3) The item relo tlng to IIIe11 .ediora .. Ck
    ond the r/fecl OR the lI.e 01 theM proceeding. "JonlloTJ/ 31"; ond                                                       table o/.ediORl at the begiftning ollllbc:ha"""
    ofln the enoctment 01 the USA PATRIOT Ad                      (2) bJlllrilcing "conduct" ond in.erti"" "com-             I 01 chopter 11 01 .IIch title u amm4cd Ie rCllCl
    of 200J (Public LDlII 107-66)....                          pleU".                                                        as lollrna:
    SEC. 114. TECIINlCAJ. AlIIENDMENJ&                            (b) P£RMANENT AUTHOIiITY.-Sub.ection (h)                   "412. UIC 01 fllna for cerlaift incidmfal fIIIT-
        (0) FlSA.-The Foreip Intelligence Sv,m/- of that .«Iion u tI17ICndcd-                                                               1'0_.··.
    lonce Act ':111978 is cunended OIlollDIIII: h                 (1) bJi .trilcing porogroph (1);                           SEC. IOJ. FlJ1'IDlNG FOil mTIIASnUJC7'l11lE AND
        IJ) SectIon 10](h)(4) (SO U.S.C. J8IJ1( )(4)) u           (2) bJl ude.ignoting porogrophs (2) ond (3) GI                           QVAJ.JTY.OF·Un:     1III'1I0VEJlENIS
    amended bJI llriki~ ·.'hom/JI·fvur hOllr." ond parogroph. (1) ond (2). rupectiw",;                                                     AT Ml:NM7TH HIU ANIJ BAD AlBUNG
    in:fJt~';ft;~l":s"!to U.S.C. 11105) U omended-               (~) in ~(nOgrOPh (J) ••~ .0 reduignat~. bJI                              STAllOMl.
                                                                                                                               (a) AU1'HORITr.-
      (A) bJl in.ernlll1 ". il kn01lll\" in ,"b.ection        .tn/dng !"rOgrOph (3) ond Ifng J>CIra-
    (c)(1)(B) Mfore the .emicolOll ot the end;                groph (2) • and                                                  (1) In addition to fund. othervrUe awilablc
      (B) bJl .trilcing "twentJl·/vur hou,,", in ~b-             I~). in ?,:orogroph (2).,~ .0 rede.ignated, bJI             lor IIIch J7IIrJ>OIC. the Secre/oria 01 the A1J/lI/.
    .ection If) each ploce it oppetl" ond In.erUng            linkIng porogroph (2) ond inlerting "J>CIra-                   N01lJ/. ond Air Force maJl eoch trouln or rrpo-
    "72 hOll"";                                               groph (1)".                                                    gram IIIch jvnds OJ ore necellofJ'-
       Decem~er          6, 2001                           CONGRESSJONAL RECORD-HOUSE                                                                              H9061
              (A) 10F the enh!,ncement 01 the copabilitiu oj "1462. Fihoncial o"illontw '0 c~rloill rmp~
          the Menu'ilh Hill Slotion and Bod Aibling Slo-
          tion, including impro~'ement' 01 10cilitJl in/ro-
                                                                       fiE" in BC'qui,i'''on of cr,·',·col .".-.                                                _II.
                                                                                                                               "(3) Nothinll in tlail nblediem ,hoD tie _ .
                                                                                                                            ,/Fued to Jlfeclv•• rrr limit in onJi
                                                                        "The SfC1eIOFJI 01 Delense maJi eltoblilh on thoritJl 01 onJi Federal, Slote. rrr 1«oJ low ft.
                                                                                                                                                                         the ow.

          ,tFuctuFe and quolitJl 01 lile progroml 01 tho,e undergradvote training program with rerpect to lorcemmt ogt7\CJl. rrr onJi other Federal polfcl",
          in'lo/lotionl; o'nd                                       civilian I.'771plo1/eu 01 Ihe National lmalJtf'J/ OM Fednol Jlfotective ,ervier.
              (B) ot the opp.op.iole lime, fOF CO'U "-',oci·        MappinlJ AlJent:1/ thaI i, ,imilo. in PV7po•• COll-        "(4) The FViu and Fegvlollo,.. n&!rnced . .
          oted with the c/o'UFe 01 Ihe Bod Aibling Slo- dition" con lent, and odmini$lrotion to the
                                                                                                                 "'0-       ,uch pe7,oftnel ,hall be the 1'1Il.. and re"'"
                                                                    gram e$lobli$hed bJi Ihe Secretof'JI 01 Del""e tiOft, prucribed bJi the Di,ectM olld ,hoD .....
             (2) The o"thoFitJl provided in porogroph (1) under $eclion 16 ollhe Notional SecvritJl Agen- be oJIPlicoble to the OFeoa "len. .. f. ....
          maJl be ezerciced, notwithllonding onJl olher CJI Act 01 1959 (.50 U.S.C. 102 note) IOF civilfon porOgToph (A) 01 poFOgTOpla fJ).
          provirion 0110111.      .                                                                                            "(5) Not lour than JvlJl 1 eocIa Jlear. the DI-
                                                                    emplo1/ee, ollhe Nalionol SecvritJl A9eftCJl....
             (b) SOURCE OF FUNDS.-J'undl available lor                 (b) CLERICAL AMENDMENT.-The table ollte- rectOF ,hall '"bmte Co the PcrmoJICIIC . . . .
          onJf 01 the militof'JI depoFtmenU 10F operolion lion, at the beginning 01 ",ch ",bchopUF iI Committee em Intelligeracr 01 the HIlUM 01 " .
          and maintenance ,hall be available to corrJl out amended bJl adding at the end the 10llo""fIII relentatiw,'ond the Select Commit. 011 " ' .
          ,ubltdiem (o). .                                                                                                  ligena 01 Che Senate a 'tPtIft Chol dum           ,.
                                                                    new item:
             (c) BUDGET REI'ORT.-The Secretof'JI 01 each                                                                   derail the ezerci.e 01 the o"thmtJI "Oft ted ..
          militof'JI depoFtment , hall en"'F_                          "462. Financial o$$i,tonce to certain emplOJl- thil ",bltelioft au the vnder~ locu ~
             (J), thot the 07171"01 b"dget Fequelt 01 lhat                  etl in ocqui,ition o/criticol ,kilil.".        poFting the ezercile 01 ",cia ovClamCl/. dvm..
          militof'JI depOFtment Fe[lecU onJl lund, tron,· SEC. $o!>. PREPARATION AND SIlBM1TTAL OF lIE- the precedlftll Iileal Jlea,. The DiFecaor ,1aOIJ
         lened OF FeprogTomml!d under thi, $tclion JOF                             PORTS. RXl'lL"WS, STUDIES, AND make each ",ch Feprnt available Co the lrupecl«
          the preceding li,col JleoF; OM                                          PUNS REU77NG TO DEPA1l71lDn' General 01 the Notional SecvriCJI.AgtftCl/.
             (2) that a COPJI 01 the pOFtion 01 the budget Fe-                     OF DETENSE INTEUJGENCE AC71VJ.             "(II) The DirectM 01 the Notional SeanfCl/
         quut ,howing each    nu:"     tFon'/er OF reprogram·
         miflll iI nOnlmitted to the Pennonenl Select
                                                                                  TIES.                                    AgeneJ/ i, o"thorired Co elUZbn." JItftOltfa I",
                                                                      (0) CONSUL1'ATION IN P/1X/'ARA1'ION.-The Di· violoti07l$ 01 the FVleI rrr FeguloCfOU pramW
         Committee on Intelligence 01 the HOUle 01 ]Up- reclor 01 Cenlrol 1nlelligence 'hall """Fe that bJi the DirectOF "ndD ",b,ectiem (o). SUCIa JICII-
         Fuentativu and the Select Committee on 1ntel- onJl repoFt, review, ~ludJl. or plan required Co be oltiel ,hall not ezcud thflle ~ hi au
         ligena 01 the Senate.                                     prepared or conducted bJi a provirion 01 thU lovrth "diem 01 the Act ,#en. .. hi ....
             (d) STATUTORY CONSTllUCTION.-Nothing in Act, including a Jlfovirion 01 tlae clol6i/iefl section (0) (10 V$.C. 311e).
         thi, lection moJl be con,tFued to modi/Jl or obvi- Schedule 01 Au Ihorizo tionl rrr a clo$li/ied OftftU              "(c) AgeftCI/ J)e7"Oftftei duignolMl tal CM Df-
         ate w,ting laID OF proctia with FegoFd 10 the to thi, Act, that involvtl the intelligence ftr Ift- rectrrr III the Notional SecvntJI AlltftCI/
                                                                   telligence-reloled oClivitiu 01 the DepoFtment 01 ,vb,tetion (0) ,hOU be cleo'lJI fdenCf/Ioll1e ..
         troufer OF Fe~rommi"g ollundl/rom thE .De-
         portment 01 ,--h~ AnnJl, the DepoFtment 01 the Delense 'hall be prepared or condvcted ift con- United Statu Govemmmc                            ,ecvn"        per,em'"
         NoVJI, OF the DepoFtment 01 the AiF Force to the ,ullolion ""th lhe SecreroFJ/ 01 Del"" OF Oft while engaged In the per/twmOracr 01 CM Ju-
         Menwith Hill Station at the Bad Aibling Sto-             oPJlfopFiote ol/iciol 01 the Depoument du- tiOM to whlcla ",b,ection (0) relnt.".
         tion.                                                    ignoled bJi Ihe SecretoFJ//oF that pvryolt.                 ADd Senate alf1'ee to ......
        SEC. HI. MODIFICATION OF AUTHOIll71ES RE.                    (b) SUBMI77AL.-AnJl repOFt, Fevino, ,tvdJl. rrr From Pennanent. Select. CommJt.,," _
                        LA71NG TO OFFICIAL IMMlJN1TY IN plan relened 10 in ,ublection (0) ,hall be nb-
                        lNTEllDlCTION OF AlRCRAFT EN. milled, in oddilion to onJi other committee 01 JD1.eJUreDce, lor consideration 01 \he Ho_
                        GAGED IN IUJClT DRUG TRAF. CongTe" $1JeClJied 10F ,ubmiual in the provirioft bUl and Senate amendmen'. aDCI modi-
                        TICKING.                                  concerned, 10 lhe lollowing committeu 01 Con- fleatloDE conuntt.1.ed to confere_:
            (0) CEliTITICATION REQUIRED FOR IMMU- grel':                                                                                      PORTER J. Goee.
        ",/T)'.-SUb,ection (0)(2) 01 ,eetion 1012 of the                                                                                      DouOLAEB~
                                                                     (1) The CommiUee on Armed SenJica, the
        Notional Delenlt Authorizolion Act IOF lUad Committee on APJTTopriotioft', OM the PtnrIG-                                             :MJCHAEL N. CA~
        YeoF 1995 (Public Low 103-337; 22 U.s.C. 2291- nent Select CommiUu on Inte/lfgence 01 the                                             SHERWOOD BO~.
       I) is amended bJI Ilrikift6 ", be/rrre the interdic- HOUle 01 Reprelentotiuu.                                                          JIM GJBJlOMa.
        tion OCCVF', hGl determined" in the matter pre-                                                                                       RAy LAHOOD,
                                                                    (2) The CommiUee on Armed Servica, the
       cediflll subporogToph (A) and in,ertin, "hoi, Commillee on AppropriOlionl, OM the Select                                               DUlCE CUNNJNoHAM,
       during the 12·month period ending on the dote Commiuee on 1ntelligence 01 the Senate.                                                  PETE HoEKS'J'RA.
                                                                                                                                              RJCHAJIJ). BURR,
       01 the interdiction, cerlified to CongFUI".
            (b) ANNUAL REI'ORTS.-Thot lection il/uFtheY
                                                                 SEC. $06. ENHANCXMENT OF SECURITY AIJTHOIlJ.
                                                                                 TIES OF NATIONAL SECIJRlTY AGEN·                                  CliAMBU-.
       omenMd-                                                                   CY.
           (J) bJI Federignotiftll ",blectiem (c) GI ",b-           Seclion 11 01 the NotioftOl Secvrit" AgtftCI/                             SANFORD BJSHOP.
       lection (d); OM                                                                                                                        JANE HAJiMoN.
                                                                 Act 0119.59 (.50 U.S.C. 102 note) iI amended Co
           (2) bJI iMerting alter "'blection (b) the 101- read 111 lollow,:                                                                   GARY CONDIT.
       lowing nelD I1lbltetion (c):                                 "SEC. 11. (0)(1) The DirectOF 01 the Notfcmol                             TIM RoENI:R.
           "(c) ANNUAL REI'ORT.-(l) Not 10UF thaft Feb- SecvFitJl AgenCJI maJi outhon.e ogenCJI per-                                          ALCIZ L. HAIl'J'INDa.
       FUOf'JI 1 each JleaF, the helident ,hall ",bmft to ,onnel within the United Slotu to per/ama U&e                                       LEONARDL. B~
       CongTUI a Feprn1 Oft the l1I,i,tana provided 'ami! Ivnctionl a' ~peciol policemen 01 the Gm-                                           CoLLJN C. PE'J'EIl.8QII.
       "nder ",blectiem (b) duriftll the preadlflll cal-
                                                                erol Servicu Admini,trotion per/ama vftdeJ U&e                          Monge" em the 1'011 01 Che No.-.
       endo, Jlea,. Each Feprrrt ,hall iftcl,," IOF the /i"t lection 01 the Act entitled 'Aft Act .. 01'-                                     BOB GRABAiI.                  -
       calendaF Jleo, covered /l.JI ",ch Feprn1 the 101- thoFize the Federal WOFIu Admifti'notOF OF G/fi-
           "(A) A lilt rpecihling each CO"fttf'JI/OF 1IIhfcla ciol, 01 the Federal WOFlu Agmt:1/ d"lJI ovC""'-                               DIANNE Fl:lNS'nDI.
      a cmi/icatlon Felerred to ift ",b,ectiem (0)(2) ized bJi him to oppoiftC IJ)eCioI policemen 1M                                         RON WYDI:II.
      1IlOl ift e/led IOF pvryo,u 01 that ",II,ectiem           dutJl upon Federal propenJi vnder the jurildfc-                              RJCHAJIJ) DuJIBIII.
                                                                tion 01 the Federal Wrrrlu AgeneN, oftd IOF oC_                              EvANBAYB.
      duriftg onJi poUion o/,uch colenda' Jlea,. Ift-
      c/udirag the ftot,,;e 01 the illicit dFVg nO//icJcmg     PVFPOIt" (40 U.s.C. 31') witla the WlOIerI Nt                                 JORNEDwAm..
                                                               10Fth in that lection, ezcept that ncla per,emul                              BARBAJlA NDnJJ..8I.
      threat to each ncla countf'JI.
           "(B) A deUZUed uploftOtfon 01 the praced",.. ,hall per/orm ",ch Ivftctiou au uercUe                nc"                            RJCRAJII) SJD:UII'.
      Felened .. 1ft ",bltctlem (0)(2)(B) 1ft C/lect 1M powtT_                                                                               JONXYJ...
      each covftlf'J/IiIUd "nder ",bpoFOgTOpla (A). Ift-          "(A) at the NotioftOl SecvriCJ1 Agmt:1/ Head-                              JAMJ:81NJ1cB1s.
      c/udirag onJi noining OM other mechaftimu 1ft quoUer, complu oftd at oftJl/ociKtlU au ",..                                             OJUUN O. HA'nlB,.
      ploa to """" adheY~e to IUCh praced",...                 tected JlfopertJl whicla ore ,olelJl vftdeJ the ad-                           PAT ROIIERTlI.
          "(C) A complete tU,cnptioft 01 OftJl Glliluzracr    mlni,trotion and contFol 0/. M OFe vied udw-                                   NIDDEWDs,
     Jlfovided vftder ",b"ction (b).                          IivelJl bJl, the Notional SecuritJI AI1tftCI/; allll                           FRED 'J'H0MPIIClII.

'.        "(D) A "'mmGf'JI dtlcnptlon 01 the owcrolt              "(B) in the ,neet,. ridnuollu. OM the opera
     iftterception octivitJl/OF which the Uralted Slotu area' within the zo~ beginniftg at the ovUfde
     Government provided OnJf lama 01 Glri,tafta boundof'JI 01 ruch locilitiu              0'
                                                              and eztending outword.soo led.
                                                                                                     protected propcrCJl
                                                                                                                                             RJCHAJIJ) O. Lucua.
                                                                                                                                     MOftogeF' em the 1'011 01 Che Snoae.
                                                                                                                           JOJNT EXPLANATORY STATEMENT OF
     vnder ",b,tetion (II).                             '                                                                      THE COMMJ"JTEE OF CONFERENCB
          "(2) Each reprrrt vnder parogToph (J) ,hall be         "(2) The perloFmGrace 01 Ivractionl OM ~­                 The manqen on \he part. 01 \he HoaN &lid
     ,ubmitted ift vracll1lrijied lorm, bvt maJi inclvde      cile 01 power, under :rvbporOgToph (B) 01 paFO- Ule Senat.e a' the conference ClID the die-
     a cla$li/ied Oftna:'.                                    gToph (1) ,hall be limited to tholt ci'CVlflltaraca agreetnc vo... 01 \he t.wo Hoaa. ClID \he
     SEC. 604. I1NDEliGRADUA7T TRAINING PROGRAJI wheFe ,vch per,onnel caft identi/Jl rpeci/ie au amendmen' 01 the Sena1.e to Ule bJII 01....
                      FOR LMPLO'YLES OF THE NA710NAL oFticvloble loct, giving 6Vch per,onftel 'ecuem Co 2883). &0 authorbe approprJatlona lor n~
                      IMAGEliY AND MAPPING AGENCY.           believe that the per/onnorace 01 ",cia Ivractiou year 2002 lor JnteJUceJlce aDd tn1.eJU,enee-n-
         (0) AUTHOIllT)' TO CARR)' our TRAINING 1'11.0- and uercise 01 such power, I, reGlOftobie ..          "'0-       la1.ed actlvttlea of t.he United Saw Govena-
     GRAM.-Svbchapter 111 01 chapter 22 01 title 10. ttet ogoinlt phJl,icol damage OF iraiuf'JI. M ment.. the Communit.y Nanaremg' Accou'.
     United Slotu Code. i, amended bJl oddiftg at the threou 01 phJl:icol damage or in;vf'JI, to ogmeN and the Central blt.eJUcence Acenc:y Reure-
     end the lollowiftg new Itetiem:                         in,tollolioft', propertJl, or emploJleu.                    ment. and Dt_bJUt.y SYI1.em. aDd lor oUier
  ~-J9062.                                       CONGRESSJONAL RECORD- HOUSE                                                       December 6, 200i
  purposea. Eubmit the following joint Etate-               dealing with the exploaion of technolCCJ', at ben, If tbere la not a paralJel ellor\ kI
  ment to tbe Houn and the Senate In expla-                 both u collection tools and u potenUaI change the 6t.nJcture of the Communllo7
  nation of the effect of the action agreed upon            threa1.l&. These Indivlduale mUEt be able to where appropriate. Today'a IntelUreJIce
  by the managen and recommended In the ac-                 opera te efrectively In tbe many placel& ..tructure la not aultable to addreu cUlTent.
  companying conference repon:                              around the world. To do that, the CIA muet and futuTe cbaJlenrea. and the conferea Jook
    The Senate amendment atrock a]) of the                  place even f're6ter fmpbaela on tbe dlveral~ forward to wc;>rklDl' with the Admlnlat.raUOD
  House bl]) after the enactlnc clause and In-              of tbe new recrult.a. Am Importantly. the em- on thlE luue &II welJ.
  serted a eubi&tltute text.                                pbaEla of our buman collecUoJl muet cbange              Trn.E J-1N'n:LL1oENCE AC'J'1VrJ'11C8
    The Houee recedee from 11.1& dl&agreement              In aucb a way that placea a priority on belnr
                                                           able to acceaa tbe typea of InformatloJi that        SEC. 101. A\1THORIZATJOtI OF APPIIOPRlATJONIl
  to the amendment of the Senate with an
  amendment that 115 a eubi&tltute for the                 reveal the planE and Intentlona of thoee who         Section 10J 01 the conference repor\ 1Ia&.8
 Houae bill and the Senate amendment. The                  woold barm U.S. IntereE1.I&. The buman Intel- the depart.lnen.... agenda. and ot.ber: eJe-
  dlfferencee between the HOUEe bm, the Sen-               ligence EYEtem 61150 muet be Intef'Tllted more men&.8 of the UlI1ted Stata GovernmeJl' lor
  ate amendment. and the EUbEtitute agreed to              closely with our other collection capablll- 'WhOlle IntelUcence aDd IntellJrence-rela\ed
  In conference an noted beloW. except for                 tlea.                                              actlvltlea the Act authoril.ell approPT1atlOll8
 clerical correctlona. conformlng changa                      As we do a better job Of collectlnr Intel- lor nacaJ year 2001. Section 10J la IdentlcaJ kI
 made necel&l&ary hy agreemen1.l& ruched by                ligence, we also mUEt enbance our ablllty to aectlon 10] of the HOuae blll aJld aect.lon lQJ
 the confereu, and mlnor drafting and cler-                undenund thlE Inform6t1on. The pereen....e 01 the Senate amendment. except lor ad-
 lcal changa.                                              Of the Inte]Jlf'ence budf'et devoted to proc- dition Of the Cout Guard, aee aectlon JOli,
    The managen agree that the congrel&l&lon-              eselng and analYEla har been decllnlng Etead- Inlra.
 a))y dlrected actlone described ln the Houee              Ily elnce 1990. Althouf'h collectloJi Eyeteml&             SEC. 102 ClASSIFIED 6CHEDULE"
 bUl. the Senate amendment, the reEpecUve                 are becoming more and more capable. our SJI-                            AlmIORIZATJotIIl
 commlttee repor1.l&.' and cla.sslfled anne:lea           veatment In analYele contlnuea to decJSJle.
                                                          The dlEparlty threatena to overwbelm our              Section 102 01 the conference repon maJr.
 accompanying H.R. 21183, Ehould be under-
 taken to the extent that Euch congreselon-               6bUIty to effEctively uee tbe InformaUon clear that the detaJla Of the amount.a author-
 a))y dlrected actions are not amended, al-               collected. To i>ddreea thJf problem, the COD- bed to be appropriated for Intelllrence aud
 tered, or otherwlae epeclfica])y addrel&l&ed ln          fereea have added fundE to finance promll&llll Intelligence-related actlvlUa and appllcabJe
 either thle Jolnt Explanatory Statement or               all-Eouree 6nalyela Inltlatlvel! aCTOIII& the penonneJ cdUup covered under Wa Ut.Ie
 ln the claSl&lfIed annex to the conference re-           Community. Over the next flve yean, the lD- for nacal yea.r 2002 an contained SJI a clual-
 port on the bUl H_R. 2883.                               telllf'ence Community must rebuild U.. aU- fled ScheduJe 01 Authorlll.llUoDII. "nIe clual-
                                                          eource an~I.)'tlcal ci>p6blllty. creating a fOnle ned Schedule 01 Authorill.atlou Sa IDCOr-
   Rebuildinl1 rhe Norion', /nreJliI1t71ce Capotilitiel ' that can truly preEent a global coverage ca- parated rn1iO tile Act by thia wct11J11. TIle
      The confereea note that the nEcal year 2002 p6blllty.                                                  Scbedule or Authorlll.aUODII aball be made
   budget requut Eubmltted by the Preeldent                  The confereu' fourth priority, a etronr n- available to U1e Commltteea on Approprla-
   Includer a eubetantlal for programa fearch and development program, euppor1.l&                  tlone Of the Senate and Houae of RepreaeJI....
   funded In the National ForelgD lntelJlgence all of the otber inlt16lJvu and more. Over tlva and to the Prealdent.. The dauJned
   Program. Thla authorh.ation bl)) further en- the paet decade, agenclee bave allo_ed re- annex provide. the detalla 01 the SChedule.
  hancel! that Invutment. The confereea be- Eearch and development accounta to be the Section 102 I. Identical to aecUon J02 01 the
   lieve thla funding Increaee ehould npreeent "blll payer" for funding shortfalla, and have Houae bllJ and aectlon 102 01 the Senate
   the flnt Inatallment of at leut a five-year aacrlflced modernl:r.atlon and Innovation In amendment.
   effort to correct seriouE deficiencies that the proceu. The confereea believe that over                      SEC. IllII. J'&J\SOI'QfEL CEILlNO AD.7U1lTMDf'n
  have developed over the past decade In the the next five )'ean, there muet be a review 01                    Section 103 Of the confereJice report au-
  Intelligence CommUIllty. The confereu rec- aeveral emfrf'ing technolof'lea to determine thorir.ea the Director Of Central Intel1lreDOe.
  ognize that theae deficiencies exleted prior what will provide the beat long·term retlU'll with the approval of the Director Of the Of.
  to the eventa of September 11th and, lndeed, on InveEtment, while enEurlng that aufflcleJit. flce Of Management and Budret., ,In Ilacal
  they have been conEiEtenUy hlghlightlng Incentlvu for "riEk" are promoted IJI order year 2002 to authorize employment 01 chll-
  theae Ulortfa])E for the put seven yean. Put to bring R&D to the "cutting edge." Aa part Ian Jltnonnel In exceu of the peraoJlDel cell-
  elmply, although the end Of tbe Cold War of Euch an effort, tbe confereea continue to Inga applicable to the component.a 01 the 111-
  warranted a reordering Of national prlorltlea. fupport and encouraf'e a Eymblotlc relatloJl- telllrence Communllo7 under aect..lon 102 b:J
  the Eteady decline In intelligence fundlDlr Ehlp between the lnteJllf'ence Comm11JlJ~ an amount not. too eXceed two percent 01 the
 dnce the mld-l99Oa left tbe nation witb a dl- and the private aector uElng Innovative a~ total of the celllnp applicable under aecUCIII
  mlnlEbed ablllty to addreN the emerging proacbu euch u tbe Central Jntelllrence 102. The Dlrect.or of cent.ral lntelllrence mQ
  threat.a and technological cba])engeE of the Af'ency'a In-Q-Tel.                                           exerelae thl. aut1lorlty only II neceaaar:v kI
  21 at Centu!7.                                            Altbougb the confereea believe that thta the performance Of Important Intelllrenoe
     In We budget, the confereee aeek to lUgh- authorl2.atlon reprefenta a "down payment" funcUoDII. A~ exerclae of thSa author1lo7
  light four priority areu tbat muat receive for a five-year effort to rebuild ODT Intel- muat be report.ed to the Intelllrence commlt.-
  Elplflcant attention In the near term If In- Ilf'ence capabllltiea. they alao believe that, tea Of the ~OngreM.
 telllgence 115 to fuUm 11.1& role In ODT naUon&! In lIgbt Of the borrible and tragic t.error1lt.              The man....en emphulll.e that. the auth....
 aecurity Etrategy. Thoae are: (]) revitallll.lnr attacka, tlUa year'E authorlll.atlon reprel&ent.a I~ conferred by aectlon 103 la not Intended
 the NaUonal Security Agency (NSA); (2) cor- onJy a EnaJll&bot In time, and doea Jlot nec- to permit wboleaaJe IJicreuea In penODDel
 rectlnr deflclencla In buman Intelllgence; el&l&arily repruent the critically needed 10111- atreDl't.b ba .&117 JJ1LellJrence component,
 (3) addreaalng the Imbalance between Intel- term Inveetmenta Eufflclent to bolater na- ' Rather. the section provlda the Director 01
 ligence collection and analyala; and (t) re- tlonal aecurlty obJectivea. In fact, t1Ie COD- Cent.ral bltelUrence with nexlblllt,)' to ad-
 buUdlng a robuet re&earch and developmeJlt fereu belleve that thla authorill.llUon Ia only juat peraonnel leveJa temporariJy lor conUJt.
 program.                                                the beglnnlnc of wbat muet be a eublitantlaJ genclea and for oveTa6ee cauaed b:J aD Imbal·
     The confereu' top priority lut year wu Inveatment If the nation 115 to have the IDteI- ance between hlnlll 01 new eJD))lo:v_ UIII
 the revltallll.llUon of the National Securlty Ilgence capabllltiea required to protect _                   att.rlUon or CUJTeJI' employe•• "nIe _
 Agency. Thla contlnuee to be the confereea' tlonal aecDTlty and to provide the nret U_ acen do not. expect the Director 01 cenuaJ
 number oJle concern. Within the next flve of defenae agalmt terrorism and ot.ber lDtelllrence t.o aJlow heada 01 IntelJlc_
 yeara, the NSA muat have the ablllty to col- tranenationalIEllu• .                                         componen&.8 t.o plaD 1.0 exceed JeveJa 1M' SJI
 lect aJld e:xplolt electronic alpala In a vut)y           Beyond the fODT priority are.. meJlUoned Schedule 01 Authonr.aU_ exceJJ', Iw
dlfferenct communlcaUona envlronmeJlt. above. algDlncant attention 115 needed elM- the aaUaracUon 01 clearJy IdenUned bIrIDr
Alolllr with EIgnlncant Inveatment In tech- where .. well. For example. derlgnllll and needa that are conalatent wlt.b aut1lor1la-
nology, Wa meana cloeer co]Jaboration with procurilllr the appropriate capablllU. lor UOJl Of peraollUlel atreDJrt,b8 In Wa blll.lD_
clandertlJle human co]JectoTl&. The computer tecbDlcal collection to replace our arlnr .,.... cue la Wa aothont,)' to be uaed to proYide
and telecommunlcatlona EyEtema that NSA tema moet alao be 6ddre6l&ed. AddltionaJJ:v. for poelUou denled b:J Wa bill. SecUon lOll
 employea uae to accompllah their work there are areu that the AdmlniatraUon la Identical t.o aectlon J03 of the HOllH blll
muat be Etate-of·the-art tecbnology. ADa- muat addreaa that are beyond IlnanclaJ SJI- and aecUoJl]03 01 the Senate amendment,.
lyata muat have sopbhtlcated aoftware toola veEtment. aDd fO to Imtlllllll, wlthtn the lD-                         SIlC. 101. IN'1'EIL1GENCE 00NNU1UTI'
to allow them to exploit fully the amoUDt Of telllgence CommunltY, a focua on enaurilll
                                                        anticipatory accue. 150 u t.o be abJe 1.0 0b-                        NANAGENEJfT ACCOUJIT
data available In tbe future.
    CorrectlDlr de n cl encla IJI the area Of tain Information on plaDl& and Intentlona ID                     SecUon JM 01 conference repor'L aa·
human Intelllgence 115 critical for the Intel· order to prevent criaa. The Jntelllrence thorill.ea aJlPToprlaUona for the CommUJIltJ
lIgence Community If it la to meet the IJI- Community muat create a "culture" that.. la Management. Accol1Dt (CMA) 01 the Dlredor
CTeulngly complex and rrowlng aet Of col- IeeE rlak averae.                                                 01 CentraJ IntelUgence (DCI) aDd aet.a lobe
lection requlremen1.l& wlthlJl the nellt five             Finally, the confereeE believe that. aD)' el- penonneJ end-Etrenl't.b lor the Intelllrence
)·ean. The Central Jntelllrence Agency (elA) fort to Inveat In and expand Intelllgence ca- Community management aWl for nac:aJ year
wUl need to blre caae offlcen capable 01 pabllltleE wlll onJy be marginally aucceuluJ, 2002.
  pecember 6, 20(J]                               CONGRESSJONAL RECORD - HOUSE                                                                             H9063
      Subsection (a),authorlzeE approprlatlom; of       SEC. 30!1. MODlnCATION OF JlEPOJl.TING ~                        SEC. al•• 'JECIOOCAL AMENDMII:Nft
   1200.276,000 for fi5cal year 2002 for \.be actlvJ-     MENTS FOJl. SlGl-"ITlCANT ANTIClFATED IN'J'Elr        £~ten6ioft   01 Time to Seele FlSA Rorf/icatrOtl 01
   tie6 of the CMA of tbe Del.                            lJGENCE ACTIVITIES AND SlGNlnCA,",         nnur           Atlofnq Gene-rol-ovthorized Eleetf'Oftfc SlIf-
      Sub6ectloil (b) autborlzelS 343 full-time per-      lJGENCEFAILlJJU:S                                          veillonce and PhJl6icol Seofd...
   ocnnel for the CommunitY ManagemeJlt                   Section 30S iE identical to SectJon 305 of              Under caTTeDt law. \.be At.tomq OeD.....
   Staff for fi .. cal year 2002 and provldelS tbat     tbe Senate amendment. The HoulSe bill bad              may autbonze electronic EarvelllaDCe or •
   lIucb personnel may be permanent employeelS          no £imllar provlflon. The HOlllSe reced• .             lSearch wlthoat. a court order wbeD be COD-
   of the Staff or detailed from varlOUE ele-                                                                  cludelS. nnt.. that. \.be factual bullS lor ITUI'"
   menU of tbe United State6 Government.                  SEC. 306. JU;P()Jl.T ON IMPLI:ME:NTATION OF JaIl-
                                                                                                               llIlr Elleb an order exlISu and. _Dd. Ua.t. aD
      Sub5ectlon (c) autbonzeE additional appro-             OMl\olE!'o'DATlONS OF THE NATIONAL COMN1&-
                                                                                                               emerlrency e:aIIS" reQulnlllr .CUOD belore.
   prlatJOJl6 and penonnel for \.be CMA as fpeC-             S10N ON TERMJUSM AND 0THEJl ~
                                                                                                               court. order may be Obt.a1Ded. IiO U.8.C.
   lfled In \.be claulfied Scbedule of Au\.borlza-           Section 306 Is fimilar to Section 30'/ of the U18~f). 182t(e). Current. I.w requ1n8
   tJonE and permlU tbe5e additional amounu               HouEe blll, wblcb requlreE a report from the GoveTJJ1llent. to prepare a complet.e FlSA .~
   to remain available tbrougb SeptEmber 30,              Director of Central Intelligence concemllllr pllcatloD .nd preEeDt. It. Lo tJae FlSA coart
   2003.                                                  wbetber and to wbat EXtent, tbe Intelligence for approv.1 within 2t bonn "after Uae At.-
     SublSectloJi (d) requlre5 tbat, except a£ pro-       Community bB.E Implemented \.be applicable Lorney General" .aneUlaDOe
   vided In SectJoJl U3 of the National Security         recommendationE Eet fortb by the Natlonal or lSearch. Failure Lo do ISO ruaJ.. ID tbe .up.
   Act 'of 1!lt'1. peTfonnel from anotber element        Comml5Elon on Terrorifm (Bremer Comml.· prelSElon of InformaUOD from I5w-veIJ-
   of \.be United State.. GovernrneJlt be detailed       flon). The Del report, wblcb ISball be due 120 lance or lSearch.
   to an element, of tbe CMA on a relmbuTEable           daYE after enactment of thiE leglslatlOll.               Given the length and complexlt;7 01 maIIY
  ba£IIS, or fot' temporary ISltuatlonlS of 1e61S        [ball include a dEtailed explanation from the nSA appllcatlonlS. the need to ven!) tbe ac-
  tban one year OJi a non-TElmbuTfable bullS.            DCI &£ to \.be rehEonE for not ImplementJlIlr cllracy of eacb nSA declaration by review ID
     Sub5ectlon (e) autbonzeE 144.000.000 of \.be        IntElligence            Community-related      rec- the field. the requirement. that. tJae 00"_
  amount autbonzed In £ubsectloJi (a) to be              ommendations' contained wi\.bln the t.hTee meDt obt.aID both • wrlt.teD CertJncaUOD
  made available for tbe National Drug Intel-            comml6fion reporU. The Senate amendmeDt. from the director of the FBl (or • •lmll",·ol-
  ligence Center (NDIC). SubEectlon (e) re-             bad no flmllar provlflon. The conferee! agree nel.1) and the wntten approval of \.be At.tor-
  quinE \.be Del to t.Tander tbeEe flIDd6 to tbe         to expand tbe DCl'E reportlnlr reqlllrement.Lo ney GeJ)eral. It. often lIS e:at.remel7 dllftcalt.

  Department. of Ju£tlce to be used for NDIC             InclUde applicable provlfionlS of the US com· Lo meet. the 2t-boar deadllDe. Tbla I. espe-
  actJvlt.leE under tbe autborlty of \.be AtLor-        mlEElon on National SecuT1t)' for the 2l.t. cially t.TOe wbeTe-&lS often wUl be til. caM-
  ney General          .Eubject Lo 6ectiUl J03(d)(1)    Centllry and \.be Eecond annu.l report the emergency com. In ~
  of \.be Natlona Secunty Act. SubEection (e)           Eo-called Gilmore CommlsElon. The Senate mldlSt of • larger emer,ency reQalrl... Uae
  16 61mllar to E bISection (e) of the HouEe blll       ..mendment bad no Elmllar prOVIEIOII. The penonal attenUon of the At.tome:r Oen.....
  and EubEectJon (e) of the Senate amendment.           Senate recede'.                                        and \.be Director of UJe FBI. Tbe eme.... eJIC)'
     The manalren note tbat 61nce FIEcal Year                                                                  authorlzat.lon provision of Utle m wlreta...
                                                             SEC. 30'/. JUD1ClAL REVIEW UNDEJl FOJlEJOJl
  J997 \.be Community Manalrement Account                                                                     ]8 U.S.C. 12518('1). lSeu a deadlln. of tl-boan.
                                                               NAJl.COTICS KlNGPIN DES1GNATlON Ar::r
 bu Included authorizatJon for approprla-                                                                      and EtaTt.Il the 48-bour clock not. ... UJe U_
 tlOnE for tbe NatJonal Drulr lDtElIIgence Cen-             Section 30'1 If identical to SectJon 303 of of authonzat.lon. but only once the IDt.en:ep.
 ter (NDIC). The commltteeE periodically
 bave expreued concern about \.be effectlve-
                                                        tbe SenatE amendment. The HOlllSe bill bad tlon "bu occurred. or belrlns Lo
                                                        no fimllar provlfion. The HouEe reced• .
                                                                                                                 The confereer; alrTeed Lo a JD'O,,1aIOD to a.
 nelSE of NDIC and Iu ablllty to fuUlII tbe role        SEC, 3IllI. MODlnCATION OF POsmONS REQUIRDlO
                                                                                                              tend the t.lme for judicial raUncaUOD of aD
 for wblch It wu created. The managen aTE                  CONSULTATION \\TTJl DffiECTOJl. OF CI:N'J'J\AL
                                                                                                              emergency nSA Eurvelllance or.earcb " -
 encouraged by the NDIC'IS recent perform-                 IN'Tt:LLIGENCE IN APPOINTMENTIl
                                                                                                              24 Lo '12 boUl'll. That. wOllld rl"e tile 00"_
 ance and by the refoculSed role for orga-                                                               ment adeQaate time to ulSemble aD appl1oa-
 nb.atJon. The confereeE requeEt tbat tbe DI-              Section 308 if Identical to SectJon 30t of tlon wi \.boat. requlnnc extraonUnaJ7 enon
 recLor of \.be NDIC provide a fpendlng plan           the Senate ..mendment. The HouEe bill bad by official. reEpOnlSlble for the preparaUOD oJ
 for flECal year 2002 Lo the Intelllgence com-         no fimllar proviElon. The HouEe reced••                thOISe appllcat.lona. Tbe addlUonal tl honn
 mltteeE and to \.be appropnatlom; commit.-            SEC. 309. MODlnCATION OF AtrrHOJllTlE8 FOR for FISA appUcaUons lIS approprl."
                                                                                                              their comple:alty aDd tbe need for blrb....
 teeE wlt.hln IlO daYE of enactment of \.bIE Act.         PJl.O'TECTION OF IlOTELLJGENCE COMMUNlTJ'
 SEC. 10!1 CODIFJCATION OF THE COAST GUARD AS             EMPLOYEES wHO REPOJl.T URGDIT CONCERNll             level approv.1 for FlSA appllcaUODll thaD I .
 AN ~ OF TIlE IN'J'EI.LlGENCE COMMUNJTY                   TO CONGJU:55                                        appllcat.IODIS ander Utle m. 'J"be addlUOD&J
                                                                                                              tlme lIS alISO appropriate given that. &lie d....
    Section JlI6 lIS Identical Lo Section JlI6 of         Section 309 If Identical Lo SectJon 306 oJ IIDe far Ellbmlulon, of app11caUoDll aDd_
 \.be HoulSe bill. The Senate amendment bad            tbe SEnate amEndment. The HOIlBe bill bad nSA be,lDIS wbeD the A tLoTDe)' GeDeraJ au.
 no ISlmllar provllSlon. The Senate TEcedell.         no flmllar provldon. The HouEe rece• •                  thonzell the r;urvelllance ar narda. raUaar .
    'TJ'n.E IJ---CEJorrRAL 1NT£LLlGENCE AGENCY        SEC. al0. JU:VlEW OF PJl.O'TEC'nONs AGADlBT 11m than wbeD the lSuTVeUlance ar aean:Ia ac....
       RI:TJREJ'4E:NT AND D1SAlllLTJ'Y SYETEN             UNAtrrHOJUZED D1SCLOS\lJIE OF C'LASSJTJBD ally OCCW"lS. as lIS the cue ander UUe m.
  SEC. 1lII. AUTHORIZATION OF AJ'PJU)PJ'lATlONS           INFOJlMATlON                                        Mvltipoiftt WiferaJil
    Section 20I 18 Identical to Section 201 of            Section 310 IE Identical Lo SectJon lIO'I of           Tbe mulUpolDt. wiretap ameDdm.t.' to
 \.be Senate amendment and Eectlon 201 of \.be        \.be Senate amendment. The HoulSe bill had FlSA ID the USA PATRIOT AcI. (MCUOD JlII)
 HoulSe 'bill.                -                       no Elmllar provision. The HOIlEe reced•• 'J"be allow. the FISA court. Lo wae....-tc ~
         'TJ'n.E lD-GENI:RAL PROVlSlONS               confereeE expect a report no later \.baD May of a.IlISllStaDce to UI)' commaD1caUcma . . .
                                                      ].2002, from tbe Attorney General provld1lll' vlder or ISlmU.,. penon. InlSt.ead 01 &0 • ~
      Subtitle A-1J1telll'eDce Commonlt.y
                                                      a comprebenElve review of cllTTent. prot.eo- Ucal.,. commaDlcaUcma                          )lI'OVi....       'na1a
 SEC. 1lII. INCREAS& IN EMPLOYE!: COMPENSATION        tlonE agalnEt tbe unauthorized dleclDlSare oJ cbance pennlt.8 the GoveTDJDe:llt. &0 Imple-
        AND :BENEfTJ'& AUTHORlZED J!Y LAW            clasEifled InformatloD.                                 ment. Dew lSunelllance Imme4I."17 11 Uae
   Section 30J lIS Ident.lcal Lo Section 301 of                                                              FlSA t.arlret. chancelS provJderalll aD enon &0
                                                     SEC. 311. ONE-YEAJI SUSPENSlON OF RIlOJIOA-             thwart. 8l1J"Velllance. Tbe aJDeDdmen' . . . dI.
\.be Senate amendment. and lSectlon 301 of tbe           NlZATlON OF DIPLOMATIC TJ:LIlCONNUNJ- rected .t. penoDa wbo. far e:a:ampIe••t....,.
Hou6e b11l.                                              CATIONS SEJlVlCE PJtOGRAM OFFlc.'                   to defe.t. ISlIJ"VeJllaDCC by ebana1Jla wIre'-
      SEC. llIJ2 JlESTJIlCJ"JON ON COND~   or            Section 311 IE Identical to SectloD lI08 oJ telepbone providen or alSlDr»>o)' pb.-.
           INTElLlGENCE ACTJVlTJBIl                                                                             CUJTenU)'. FleA reQalree tJae court. to
                                                     \.be Senate amendment. The HoalSe bUi had
   Section 302 lIS Identical Lo Section 302 of       no Elmllar provlElon. The HouBe reced••                 "lSpecl!)" tJae "nat.are and locaUOD oJ eacll 01
\.be SeDate amendmeDt. and lSect.lon 302 of                                                             the f.c1IlUn or p1.c. .t. wbJeb t.Iae de.
HOlllle bill.                                       SEC. a12. PJlESIDENTIAL APPROVAL AJG) 8U1lNJ&o           troDlc lSarvelllaDce wiD be" ID
                                                        S10N.TO CONGJlESS OF NATIONAL CXJUI"J'D-            U.S.C. I ]8l16(c)(1)(B). Obvloaa1:r. :II cert.aIII
                                                        INTE:LLlGENCE ETRATmT               Ah"11 NATKIJUL ISIt.aat.lou aDdu CUI.So, 'Il.", po.,:l. ~ 1S;..e1-
                                                        TIiJIEAT m~CATlON A1Cl PJUOJUTJl,ATlCIN    lIS Ilmll.ea. ;"'01' ":..l:~_.i... :. .... ,'leoco
   SectiOD 303 lIS Identlcal to Section 303 of          A5SI:5SMENTS
\.be HoulSe blJl. The Senate .mendment. bad                                                                 pboDe bas no n:aed IOcaUOD aD4 elellt.roll1c
no Elmllar proVIElon. The Sen.te recedelS.              Section 312 IE IdentJcal Lo SecUoD 31D oJ mall m.y be .cceued from .D)' Dumber oJ 10-
                                                    \.be Senate amendment.. The HoalSe b1ll bad catloDll.                          '            '
SEC. 301. Jl.EQIJJJlEMENTS J'OJl LODGING ALLOW-     no Elmllar provi£lon. The HouEe rece• •                     To avoid an,. amblgalty aD4 c1arJl) CoD-
  ANCES IN INTELL1GENCE coMMUNJTY ASS1GN-                                                                   gre.' InteDt.. \.be confereeE agreed to. proyl-
  M&NT PJl.OGJlAN JlENETn'S                         SEC. ala. JU;P()Jl.T ON ALlEN T&JIJIOJUST REMOVAL
                                                                                                            r;loD whleb adds the ~ . "11 kDo-trD." to
  SectJon 30t lIS Identical Lo Section 30t of                                                               the end oJ r.o U.S.C. 118«l(c)Cl)(B): 'l'be "11,
tbe HoulSe amendment.. The Senate amend-               Section 3]3 1£ Identical to £ectlon 312 of the kDOWU" lanca. .e. wbleb folio. . the model
ment bad no £Imll.r provlllion. The Senate          Senate amendment. The HOlllSe bill. bad DO of r.o U.S.C. I 18«l(c)(J)(A). I. delSlped kI
recedelS.                                           Eimllar provlElon. The HOlllSe nced• .                  a void any ancert.a1nty aboat. the klDd 01
       .              .
     Epecification required In a multipoint wire-
                                                                               CONGRESSJONAL RECORD-HOUSE
                                                                                       TrrLE IV-Cc<TRAL INTELLIGENCE AGDlCY
                                                                                                                                                                          December 6, 2001
                                                                                                                                                  SEC. flOI. \DIDERGJlADUATE TRAlNDIO PROGRAM
     tap case. wbere t.he faclllt.y t.o be monitored                                 SEC. 401. MODlnCATIONS TO CENTRAL IN'JZl.-                   . FOR EMPLOYEES OF 'THE NATIONAL JMAGJaT
     iE t.ypically not. known In advance.                                              UGENCE AGENCl"S CENTRAL SERVlCE PRO-                         AND MAPPING AGENCY
                                                                                       GRAM                                                         Section f>Ot Is Ident.lcal 1.0 SecUon 60t of
     Non-confonnitJl of TISA SlAbsections 5O/(a}(/}                                    Section 401 IE identical to Section 401 of                 the HouEe bill. The Senate amendment. had
        and 50/(b}(Z}                         .
                                                                                     the House hill .. nd Section 402 of the Senate               no Elmllar provialon. The Senate nced••
        Section 216 of USA PATRIOT Act of                                       amendment..                                                  SEC. !III!l. PREPARATION AND SUBMJTJ'AL or R&-
     2001 amended t.ltle V of FlSA, adding a                                    SEC. 402. ONE·YL\R EXTENSION OF CENTRAL IN-                    PORTS, REVIEWS, STUDIES, AND PLAJ'fS 1IEl.A'J'-
     new EecUon bOl. Sect.ion bOl(a)(l) now authOr--                                   TEu.JGENCE AGENCY VOLUNTARY SEPARATION                       ING TO DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE Drn3r
     bea the dlrect.or of the FBI 1.0 apply for a                                      'i'AYACT                                                     UGENCE ACTJVJTDIS
     court order 1.0 produce certain reCOrdE "for                                     Section 402 IE Identical to SecUon t02 of                     SecUon r.os la Ident.lcal 1.0 Section au of
     an InveEUga t.lon 1.0 protect. agalnEt. Inter-                                 tbe House hill and ~ectlon 401 of the Senate                  the Senate amendment.. The Houae buf had
     nat.lonal teTTOrllSJ11 or clandutlne Intel-                                    amendment..                                                   no Elmllar provision. The HOUEe need••
     ligence activlt.lea... SecUon bO)(b)(2) dlrecta                                    SEC. 403. GUIDELlNES FOR RECRUlTMENT OF                         SEC. 606. ENHANCEMENT OF 61lCURJ'JT
     !.bat. !.he appllcaUon for EUch recordE Epeclfy                                              CERTAIN FOREIGN ASSET6                            A\TTIIORTJ'IES OF NATIONAL 6ElCURJ"JT AGENCY
     tbat. the pUTJlOEe of InveatigaUon IE 1.0        Section 403 ..ddressee tbe CIA 'E 1996 guide-
     "obtain foreign Int.elllgence Information not.                                                                                                    Section 606 authorlzea NaUonal Seca-
                                                        lines on recruitment of foreign aaseta and                                                  rlt.y Agency (NSA) securlt.y pJ'OtecUve olD-
     concerning a Unlt.ed St.ateE perEon." How-         Eources. Tbe House hill noted the concern
     ever, Eection bO)(a)(l), wblcb generallY au-       !.bat e:l<CeEElve caution and a bW"densome                                                  cen 1.0 exercise t.helr law enforcement. fuDO-
     thonzeE the applicatlonE, doeE not. cont.aln       vetting prOCeEE resulting from tbe 1996 guide-                                               tlons flOO feet. beyond the confinea of NSA fa-
     equivalent. language. Thus, EubEectlonE (a)()      lineE have undermined the CIA'E ablUt.y and                                                 clUtlea. At. present., NSA'II protect.lve June-
     and (b)(2) now appear l,nconEIEtent..              wlllingneu to recruit .... ~el.E. eEpeclally t.bOM                                          diction do.. not. e:xt.end beyond the teni-
                                                        wbo would provide Imigbl.E Int.o t.errorlst. or--                                           t.orlal bounds of Ita perimeter fenc., AddJ-
       The confereea agreed 1.0 a provldon wbleb                                                                                                    tlonallY, NSA baa 1.0 rely on several federaJ.
     adda the phrase "1.0 obt.aln foreign Intel-        ganlr.etlonE and otber bard tarretE.
                                                           Tbe confereeE believe tbat the concenus e:x-                                             state, and local jurlEdlcUona 1.0 reepond t.o
     ligence InformaUon not. concernlng a United        preEEed In tbe HouEe bill are jUEUfled and                                                  t.breata that. occur JUEt. outalde Ita fence JiJae.
     Stat.ea penon or" to EecUon bOl(a)(l). TbIE        !.bat., despite !.be cbanges t.6 1996 guide-                                           With EO many jurlEdlCt.lona Involved. t.bere ..
     would make language of Eectlon 5O)(a)()       lineE t.bat. Director of Central lntel-                                                a chance that. a neCeEE&J'3' reaponEe could be
     conElstent. with leglElat.lve blEtOry of Eee- IIgence made In September. the current.                                                     Elowed and thDII Ineffect.lve. In addlUOD.
     tion 216 of the USA PATRIOT Act. (see 147         guldellnee must. be reEclnded and replaced                                                   under current. law (Section 11 of the NaUonaJ
     Cong:Rea: Sll1lOll(dal1y ed. Oct.. 25. 2001) (tlec-
                                                       wit.b new guldellnu. Tbe confereea Intend                                                    Securlt.y Agene)' Act. of 19MI) the Admlnie-
     Uonal analyEIE» and with the language of          !.bat a new balance be struck bet.ween poten-                                                trat.or of General· Serv:lcea, upon the applJca-
     EecUon 2H1 of !.he USA PATRIOT Act (au-           tial gain and riEk, a b.. lance tbat. recognl_                                               t.lon of the Dlrect.or of NSA, may proVide for
     !.bonzlng an application for an order to UEe      concernE about egregiouE buman rlgbta be.                                                    the protection of thoae facmU. that. an
     pen reglEten and t.rap and trace devlceE 1.0      bavlor ..nd law breaking, wblle provldlnc                                                    under the control of or use by t.he Nat.lonal
     "obtain foreign Int.elllgence Informat.lon not.   mucb needed flexibility to take advantage of                                                 Security Agency. The General Servlcea Ad-
     concerning a Unlt.ed StateE penon").              opportunltleE t.o gather import.ant. Infonna-                                               mlnlEI.Tation baa delegated thla authOrl~ 1.0
                                                       tion U !.bose opportunities preEent. them-                                                  NSA. Tbls amendment. 1.0 t.he Nat.lonal Seca-
    Clarification of Intelligence Ezception            eelveE. Moreover, the conferees believe that.                                               rlt.y Agency Act. would provide NSA with the
       SecUon 203(b)(2) of tbe USA PATRIOT Act.        tbe goalE &nd prioritieE for buman collection                                               orranlc authority needed 1.0 protect. Ita fa-
    added a definlt.lon of "foreign Int.elllgence In- mUEt be welgbt.ed I.ow&rd collect.lng the t.ype                                              clUUs and penonnel Without. bavlnc 1.0 ob-
    formaUon" t.o ll9 of title 18, United of Information t.hat will provide plana and                                                     tain a delegation of authorlt.y fTom the Gal-
    StateE Code. The exlEt.lng Int.elligence excep- IntentionE of tboEe wbo would threaten                                                         eral Servlcea AdmlnIEt.raUon. Thla aecUOII
    Uon from cert.aJn cbapt.en of tlt.le J8--I.e., American national Hcurlty, In a timeframe                                                       parallelE a u!.borlt.y Central lnt.elUgence
    cbapt.en U9, 121, and 206--Is contained In !.bat will allow maximum opportunlt.y to pre-                                                       Agency currently bu In Eect.lon 16 of the CIA
    cbapter ll9 (at. 18 U.S.C. 1251)(2)(0) and UEeE vent actlonE againEt American IntereEta. The                                                   Act of 1949 (bO U.S.C. 4030).
    the term "foreign Intelligence informat.lon" confereeE acknowledge tbat. It. may not. al-                                                          Tbe at.tacka of Sept.ember 11_ 2001 dem-
    to define the scope of tbe excepUon..AE are- waYE be poulble to collect sueb Information                                                       onEI.Tat.ed gTowing threat. of terrorlam In
    Eult., the new deflnlt.lon of "foreign Intel- In every CREe, but thlE mUEt be a foeua for                                                      the United Stat.ea. The confenea believe the
    ligence InformaUon" added by EecUon planning fut.ure HUMINT collect.lon effort.E If                                                            NSA 'a authorit.y 1.0 bave a protecUve det.a1J
    203(b)(2) could pot.enUally be read to IImJt. Eucb collection IE going to be preventative In                                                   Ebould be clarlfied and enhanced flOG feet. be-
    the     Intelligence     exception-particularly nat.ure ratber tban reactive. The Senate                                                       yond the coDfln.. of NSA-. racJUt.I•• bat.
    wben compared t.o the NaUonal Security Act. amendment. bad no Elmllar provision. The                                                           were EenEltive 1.0 the publlc'a react.lon 1.0- all
    definlUon of "forelgn Int.elUgence" (50 U.S.C. Senat.e recedea.                                                                                unUmJted grant. of law enforcement. JuriedJo-
    UOl(a».                                           SEC. tOt. FULL REIMBURSEMENT FOJl. PROFES-                                                   lJon outalde NSA'a borden. Therefore.
                                                                                     SIONAL    UAllILJ'JT  INSURANCZ                       OF     exercise of Wa new aut.borit.7 S. e:llJlTeEEl~
    Other Technical AmendmmU                                                         COUNTERTERRORISM EMPLO)'EES                                   Umlted 1.0 only thll6e cJrcumst.anc. when
                                                                                    SecUon 404 IE Identical to Section tot or                     NSA aecurlty protecUve officen can SdenUt)'
        The confereea agTeed 1.0 provisions cor-                                                                                                  apeclfic and artlcD.lable facta WlvJD&' them
     recUng several drafUng problemE In the t.e:xt.                               tbe HouEe bill. Tbe Senate amendment. bad
                                                                                  no Elmllar provlElon. Tbe Senate nced...                        reuon 1.0 beUeve that. the exerclae of W . . . .
     of the USA PATRIOT An. Flnt., Eect.lon                                                                                                        thorlty la neceuary 1.0 protect. qalnet. ~
    20'l(b)(1) of the PATRlOT ACT refen to E~                                          'TITLE V-DEPAR'TMDlT OF D&J"ENU
                                                                                                INTELLIGENCE AcnvrJ'JEII                          lcal damqe or Inj'llJ'Y 1.0 NSA lnat.alJaU_.
     lJon Illfl(d)(2) Inatead of EecUon JObCe)(2) and                                                                                             property, or employe... ThJa provlaSon alMI
     to 60 U.S.C. U80!>(d)(2) InEt.ead of 60 U.S.C.                                  SEC. flOl. A\TTIIORJTY TO PURCJlASE ITENS or
                                                                                    NOMINAL v ALlIE FOR RECRUTJ'MENT P\JRPOIIS8
                                                                                                                                                  expreuly stat.ea that. the rulea and repJ...
    U80b(e)(2). Second. EecUon 216 (creat.lng new                                                                                                 tiona preacrlbed by the Dlnctor or the NIIA
    aect.lon 602 of nSA) refen 1.0 "EecUon 402"                                     Section bOlla Identical to SeclJon 601 of                     for qene)' property and Snst.allaUone do n .
    lDEtead of "EecUon bOl" In the lut. line of                                   the HouEe bill. The Senate amendment. had                       extend Int.o 600 foot. area eat.abUahed II)'
    new aecUon 602<a) and In the Jut. line of new                                 no Elmllar provision. The Senate reced.,                        Wa provlalolL Thua. there wSlJ be no reatrio-
    aect.lon 602(b)(1). Third, secUon 225 adda a                                  SEC. eIJ2. FUNDING FOR INFRASTRUCJ'UU .AND                      uone. for example. on the takJnc of Jlhot.o-
    new EubEeclJon (b) Immediately following 60                                     QUALlTY-OF-un:         JIICPROVJXEN'J'        1.'1'           gTApba wlWn the 600 foot. nne.
    U.S.C. IIBllfl(g), but. It. Ebould add a new aub-                               MENWlTH HIJ..L AI'lD BAD AIlIUNO IBTA'J'JOMII                     The contereea do not. envJalon a weneral
    aecUon (I) Immedlat.elY following 60 U.S.C.                                     Section 502 IE slmllal' to Section 602 of Ule                 graDt. of poUce authority In the flOG foot. ~one.
    UBllfl(b).                                                                    HouEe bill. Tbe proVision la Intended 1.0 fa-                   but. do envision NSA seeDJ1t.y protecUve olD-
"      Fourth, Utle of EecUon 225 IE "Jmmu-                                  clUtate the t.ranEfer or reProgTarnrnlnc of                     cera foncUonlnc aa federal poUce. for UmJt.e4
    nlt.r fe:' '~rnJ;ll-\nce '''I!.h FJIO.A ',VI:-etar-" f ud                     h.tlds from !.be DenaJ1.J:':p.nta ['f the Ann7.                 pu.."'P"'5ea, wiWn the 600 foot. nne wlUl alJ a'"
    St, J! ~" ~ :.~~-::..-•...".to 'oIJ r'') U ..:: .c. ~ 13h.•. l""i .. " ,;)~
    \·.~""'4 t·     ,;"'.,:. ·:l'·~t A~ :.~~)j.:, ....,.jy .'           "..,
                                                                                  ~~. ~.:' ~~,~.~;.:~~~~~'~"~f'~.;~~t!r~:,;.s.~~::.;·.~~~~;~~~    :"'10_....t autborlUa. •• ~bjJjt.lea. ImmanJ-
                                                                                                                                        , and UabUJt.!es..,.. ." c"nfereea e:lJMl<:;
    tronlc EUTV~illanCto and not. 1.0 pLyEleal .:>,enwith Hj]) and :ball AH.hl:1; Et.aCODE. The                                                  Dlnct.or of NSA 1.0 coordinate and eat.abUeb
    searchs or other acUvlt.y aut.borlzed by Senate amendment. bad no Elmllar provision,                                                         Memoranda of Undentandlnc wJUI all fed-
    nSA. However, the te:xt. of EecUon 225 refera Tbe Senate recedea.                                                                            eraJ, atate. or local law enforcement. qen-
    to court orden and reQueEta for emerrency SEC. M3. MODlnCATION OF A\TTIIOJUTIES RElA'J'-                                                      clu with wbJch NSA wJll e:xerclae concurrent.
    aEEIEtance "under thlE Act.," wblch makea        DIG TO OFnClAL ~'JTY DI INTERDJcrJON                                                        jDJ1EdlcUon In the 600 foot. zon•• The Dlrec:-
    clear that. It. appllea to pbyslcal Eearcbea     OF AJRCRAF'J' ENGAGED IN JLLJCJT DRUG TRAP-                                                 t.or of NSA sball Eubmlt. EUch Memoranda of
    (and pen-trap reQueat.E-for JIl'bJch there al-   nCXJNG                                                                                      Undentandlng 1.0 the Select. Commlt.tee on
    ready ex.lEta an Immunity provision, 60          SecUon fl03 iE identical to SecUon 603 of                                                   lntelligence and the Anned Servlcea Com-
    U.S.C. IJB42<t}-and Eubpoenu) u well u 1.0 tbe HouEe bm ;ond Sect.lon 30B of the Senate                                                      mlt.tee of Senate and Pennanent. &e-
    elect.ronlc aurvelllance.                      amendment..                                                                                   leet.       on     lntelUeence
 December 6. 2001                                  CONGRESSJONAL RECORD-HOUSE                                                                          H9065
 •   I   •    ~

 Dnd the Armed· Services Commll.lee of the               Ms. BROWN of Florida. for !I minutes.               Repre6enLaU v el. and the six Concreuional
 House of RepruenLat.lves. The Director of             today.                                                IllEt.rumentalltJea Uld for I.belr covered em-
 NSA is also elIpected to develop a training                                                                 ployees. Accordlngl)':
                                                         Ms. J"cxsoN·Lt:E of 'Texas, for !I min-               (J) Senate. It JI proposed t.hat. reguJaUolI8
 plan to fai'nlllarize Alency's EecurJl.y         utes. today.                                          u deKrlbed In this Notice be Included In the
 protecLlve o/ncen with I.helr new auLborlt.leo;         Mrs. CLAYTON. for 5 minutes. today.
 and reEponsibllit.ieE. The Director of NSA                                                                  body of rei'u1a UODII t.ha I. sba)] app17 to U1e
 shall submJI. 6uch plan to the SelecL Com-
                                                         Mrs. MJNX of Hawajj, for !I minutes,                Senate and employeu of Senate, and t.hJe
                                                       today.                                                propo"aJ rel"ardJ~ the Senaw and ita em-
 mittee on 1ntelllience and the Armed Serv-
                                                                                                             ployee8 Ia recommended b)' Olnce 01
 Ices CommlUee of the Senate and the Per-                                                                    ComplJance'. Deputy EucuUve Director lor
 manent Select Committee on lnulllgence                                                                      the Senaw.
 and the Armed Services Committee of !.be
 Hou8e of Representat.Jv·e8 not laLer t.han 30
                                                         ENROLLED JOlNT RESOLUTION
                                                                      SlGNED                                   (2) Ho.... 01 kprtsenCoCiva. Jt         'a
                                                                                                             propoo;ed that. rei'Ula Uona . . dambe4 111
 days alter the enactment of this provisIon.            Mr. Trandahl, Clerk of the House. re-                thJs NoUce be included In the bod)' 01 re«ula-
   SecUon &06 :also Include8 a report.ll1l' re-       ported and found truly enrolled a joint                Uon8 that. shall appl)' to the HOUM 01 ~
 Quirement 80 that the lnl.elll,ence commit.-                                                                resentaUvee and emp)oyea 01 U1e HOUlle of
 teeE may C108e)y scrutinize the e:xerclse of         resolution of the House of the follOWing
                                                      title. which was thereupon signed by                   Repre6entaUvell. and t.hls propoaaJ regardi.
 this new authont)'.
                                                      the Speaker:                                           the HOUM 01 Reprelientatlves and         ,tEl
 II~ NoC Included                                                                                            eee Is recommended by the Office 01 Compli-
  SecUon 306 of tbe House bfll conl.llined a            H.J. Res. 76. Joint re~olutlon maklnr far-           ance" Deput.)' Ezecut.Jve Director lor U1e
                                                      tber contlnuinr &ppropriatiollE for the n_l            House of Reprelentatlv• .
provision estl'blilshlllB. wH.h reEpect. to tbe
teJTOrist at.tacks 01 September 11.2001. a fed-       year 2002. and for otber purposelS.                      (3) CerUlin CongressiOnDl fnsC",menColidu. It
eral commlsElon on ,t.he naUonal security                                                                    Is further proposed that rei'ulatlona . . de-
readlneM of the United StaLes. The Senate                                                                    sCl1bed In tbJs Notice be Included In the bod7
bill bad no similar provision. The House re-                      ADJOURNMENT                                of relulatioDII that shall appl)' to the Capitol
cedeE.                                                 Ms. JACKSON-LEE of Texas. Mr.                         Gllide Servi•• the CapJto) Police, t.he COD-
                                                     Speaker. I move that the House do now                   JTeulonaJ Budget Ornce, Otnce of U1e
From Permanent Select Committee on                                                                      Archlt.ed CapJtoo1. ornce 01 t.he At-
1ntelUlence. for conslderaUon 01 the House           adjourn.                                                teDdln, PhysiclUl. and the oroce 01 Compli-
bJl) and the Senate amendment. and modi-               The mot.ion was agreed to; accord-                    ance. and thea em)lloyeee; and thi. propwaJ
fications comlflLted t.o conference:                 ingly (at 6 o'clock and 1!1 minutes                     relardinr thelie El:lt ConlTeulonal In"t.raJnell-
               ~ POJ\TER J. GOSlS,                   p.m.). under its previous order,                   LaHUe. i. recommended b)' lJle Otnce or
                 DOUGLAS BEREUTER.                   House adjourned until Monday. Decem-                    Compliance'l EzecuUve Director.
                 MICHAEL N. CASTLE.                  ber 10, 2001, at 2 p.m.                                   Doles: Interested parUea rna)' aubJnJt com-
                 SHEIlWOOD BOEHLERT,                                                                         ment! within 30 da;,e alter dat.e 01 pabl!-
                 JIM GmBONB.                                                                                 caUon 01 tbJ. NoUce 01 PJ'opoeed RDI..
                    RAy LAHOOD.                                NO'TlCE OF PROPOSED                           makil1l' in the COJlJTessionaJ Record.
                   DUKE C\1NNINGHAN.                                                                           Addresau: Submi& Written commenta (all
                   PETE HOE:KSTJlA.                                RULEMAKING                                onglnal and 10 copies) to ChaJr 01 t.he
                   RlCHARD BURR.                                              U.S. CONCRESS.                130ard 01 Directol'll, Omce 01 CompllaDOe,
                   SAXSY CHAMllL16S.                                     Orncr or CoMPLIANCE,               Room LA 200. John Adams Buildilll', UO Sec-
                   NAI"cr PELoOBl.                               Il'a>hi"glon. DC, November 13. 2001.       ond Sueet. S.E., Wuhingtoll, DC 2«>t....1_.
                   SANFORD BISHOP.                   Hon. J. DENNIS fuSTERT.                                Tho"e wishi. to receive noUncatlon of re-
                   JANE HAIlMAJ'l.                   Speaker 0/1 he Hov.e. Hou.e 01 Repre.tnIOCilJCS.       ceipt. 01 comment.ll 8ft reQueated to illclude.
                   GARY ColfDlT.                        Wo,hinglon. DC.                                     self-addre6sed. stamped poEt canS. Commen'"
                   TlM RO&MER.                         DEAR MJ\. SPEAKER, PUTEuanL to secUon                may aJlO be t.r&nsmltLed b)' laCliimUe ma-
                   ALCEE L. HA5TJJ'lGfl.             1(c)(1) of tbe VeteranE Employment Opportu-            chine to (202) t26-]813. This il not a toll-tne
                   Lrol"ARD L. 13oSVo'ELoL.          nities Act ·of 1998 ("VEOA") (2 U.S.C.                 call. Copi. 01 commenU submitted II)' the
                  COLLIN C. P£TER.SON,              03]6a(4» &nd EEct.lon 301(b) of \.be Congne·            public will be avallabJe for reviewal. Law
             Monogera on Ihe Pori 0/ Ihe Ho'Use.    E10nal AccounL&blJlty Act of ]!l9li (2 U.S.C.           Library Reading Room, Room LN-2Dl, Law
                                                    • ]361(b». 1 am Eubmlttlnr on behalf 01 the             Library 01 Conrreu. James MallJson Memo-
                                                    Office of Compll&nce. U.S. Congrell. thi8 n~            naJ 13undi., Wuhlnet.on, DC. MondQ
        LEAVE OF ABSENCE                            Uce of proposed rulemakll1l' for publlcaUon             throulh Frld87, between t.b. hoDJ'a 01 .:10
                                                    in the CongTe6610nal Record. TbJI noUce                 a.m. and t:oo p.m.
  By unanimous consent. leave of ab-                seeks comment on subetanUve reguJaUona                     Fur f't,rC1a#:r In/ormoCion ConCGd: DecuU•• ·
sence was granted 1.0:                              belnl propo.ed t.o implement ncUon t(c) 01              Director. oroce 01 Compliance at (202) .,...
  Mr. McNULTY (at the request of Mr.                VEOA. whlch dfords to covered employea 01               B250. Thll notice il aJso available 111 the 101-
GEPiJARDT) for today after 4:30 p.m. on             the leglElative branch \.be rllhU aDd          10WiDl fonnata: luye priDt.. Bnllle, audJ~
account of personal business.                       tlons of Eelect.ed providoD6 of veLer8llll' Jl]"el-     Lape, aDd eJectronic nIl' on dJu.
                                                    erence law.                                             ReQueat.ll lor thla noUce ill _ altemaU. .
  Mr. GREEN filf Texas (at the request of
                                                           Very uuly youn.                                  fonnat. should be made to Director, Cell-
Mr. GEPHARDT) for today after-6:00 p.m.                         SUSAN S. ROBJ'OGJIL,                        tral OperaUoDl Departmen\. Umce of UIe
on account of personal busine88.                                     Chefr oj CM Boord.                     Senate Sel'l'eant at Annl, (202) 22~27••
  Mrs. MORELLA (at the request of Mr.                                                                         StApplemenUlf1/ Injormocfoa:
                                                      OTT.lCI: oT CONPL1ANCK
ARNEY) for today until 12:00 noon on                                                                        Bocqrou,",
account of attending a funeral.            The VeteraJll Employment OpportnnJU.
                                          Act 01 ]998: EJltensloD 01 RlibU and                       Tbe Veteranl Employment OpportanJU.
                                                    Uon6 Relatlnl to VeteT&D5' PrefereDce Ullder            Act. of lMI "8t.rengthen(l] and bnlacl_" s
                                                    Title S. United State" Code. too Covered Em-            the nlht.ll and remediu available to miUt.u7
     SPECIAL ORDERS GJ:iANTED                                                                               vetel'foDll who 8ft eDUt.led, under t.he Vet-
                                                    Ployeu of the Le,islaUve Branch
  By unanimous con&eJ1t. permission to                                                                      eraDI' J>relerellce Act. 01 lett. (8IIlJ ,ta
                                                           NOTICE aT PROPOSED Jll1l..ENAXlNlJ               amendment.ll), to preferred conaidenUOII ..
addre86 the House, following the legis-
                                                       Summof}/: The Board of Directoon 01 01-         appolDtment. to Federal cJvtl Mnice 01
lative program and any spedal orden;                 nce of Compliance ("13oard") il publl8hJ.              the e:aecuUve braIlch and ill retenUon dDJ1Jlr
heretofore entered, was granted to:                 proposed regulaUoJll to ImplemeDt. lecUon               redocUona iD loroe ("JUFa"). III addiU.,
  (The following Memben; (at the re-                t(c)(t) of the VeteranE EmploymeDt Opport.a-            and most relevant. to WI NPR, VEOA ai-
Quest of Ms. JAcxsON-LEE of Texas) 1.0              nltlu 'Act of 1998 ("VEOA"). Pub. L. 1~,                rordl to "covered emplo)'ea" 01 the lepala-
revise and extend their remarks and in-             112 Stat. 3]86. codIfied at 2 USC 13316&, U a~          Uve braDch (u denned b)' secUolI 101 01 UIe
clude extraneous material:)                         pIJed 1.0 covered employees of the Hou... 01            COIII'"'_ional .... ccoUDtability Act. ("CAA") (I
  Mr. DAVIS of llUnoia, for !I minutes.             Representatives. the Senate, and certa1ll               USC 11301» the n,hta and protecUona 01 . .
today.                                              Congressional inEuumentall tia.                         Jected provisioDI of veteraDII' prefereDDe law.
                                                      The VEOA appIJeo; to the lei'lslaUve branch           VEOA It(c)(2). The selected ItatUt.or;y -.0-
  Mr. FlLNER. for !I minutes. today.                the rl,hU and protecUom pertalDi. too vet.-             UODa made applicable 110 lach lel'lslaU.e
  Mr. SHOWS. for !I' minutes. today.               eraIlE' preference eEtabIJshed under secuon
  Mr. UNDERWOOD. for !I minutes. today.            210ll. EecUOJll 3309 thro~h 3312. and lub-
  Mr. HJNOJOSA. for !I minutes. today.                                                                • P1Ib. L. 1~. ))2 Sla'. '1M IOC\. 'J, J - .
                                                   chapter ] of chapter 36. of tlUe 6. United         •seD. RePL lllfo.34G. 10& CoDl.. :Ill se•• at 1. l6ep&..
  Mr. SANDERS, for 5 minutes. today.               Stateo; Code ("USC").                            lJ.l_).
  Ms. SANCHEZ. for 5 minutes. today.                  Thll Notice propo6el that Identical regula-     • Act Of JaDe 2"1, lttt. cll. ZI'I. fill SLat. 11'I. ameDded
  Mr. CONYERS, for 5 minutes. today.               tion6 be adopted for the Senate. the Hou... of .nlll collliflell In "arlo". provioloDS of TlUe I. UK.

   (a) REQUIRKMENT- The Attorney General shall, in consultation with the Secretary of
Defense, Secretary of State, Secretary of Energy, Director of Central Intelligence, and heads of
such other departments, agencies, and entities of the United States Government as the Attorney
General considers appropriate, cany out a comprehensive review of current protections against
the unauthorized disclosure of classified infonnation, including-
      (1) any mechanisms available under civil or criminal law, or under regulation, to detect the
unauthorized disclosure of such infonnation; and
      (2) any sanctions available under civil or criminal law, or under regulation, to deter and
punish the unauthorized disclosure of such infonnatioD.

    (b) PARTICULAR CONSIDERATIONS- In carrying out the review required by subsection
(a), the Attorney General shall consider, in particular--
       (1) whether the administrative regulations and practices of the inteJJigence community are
adequate, in light of the particular requirements of the intelligence community, to protect against
the unauthorized disclosure of classified infonnation; and
       (2) whether recent developments in technology, and anticipated developments in
technology, necessitate particular modifi~ations of current protections against the unauthorized
disclosure of classified infonnation in order to further protect against the unauthorized disclosure
ofsuch infonnation.

    (c) REPORT- (1) Not later an May], 200, e Attorney General shall submit to Congress
a report on the review carried out           section (a). The report shall include the fonowing:
       (A) A comprehensive description of the review, including the findings of the Attorney
General as a result of the review.
       (B) An assessment of the efficacy and adequacy of current laws and regulations against the
unauthorized disclosure of classified infonnation, including whether or not modifications of such
laws or regulations, or additional laws or regulations, are advisable in order to further protect
against the unauthorized disclosure ofsuch.infonnation.
       (C) Any recommendations for legislative or administrative action that the Attorney
General considers appropriate, including a proposed draft for any such action, and a
comprehensive analysis of the Constitutional and legal ramifications of any such action.
   (2) The report shall be submitted in unclassified form, but may include a cJassified annex.

Amendment to Title 18, Chapter lIS-Treason, .
Sedition, and Subversive Activities

"Sec. 2391. Disclosure of Classified Information to the
Detriment of the United States.

     '~(a)Whoever, having authorized access tab or
formerly ,having had authorized access to,] information
classified pursuant to statute, regulation, or executive
order, intentionally discloses, or attempts to disclose, such
classwed information, acquired as a result of such
persoh's authorized access to classified information, to
another person without authority to receive classified
information, knowing .or having reason to believe that-

     "(1) the person receiving the classified information is .
          not authorized to receive classified infonnation;

    "(2) the disclosure of such classified information to
         the other person could result in injury to the
         national security interests of the United States or
         to the advantage of any foreign nation;

shall be fmed under this title or imprisoned not more than
ten yeats, or both.                              .

    (b)   Notwithstanding any other provision of law,
          section 2 and section 371 of this title shall not be.
          charged in connection with this section.
Amendment to Sec. 104 of the National Security Act of
1947, as amended:

     In subsection (g), strike all after the words "United
States." through the end of that subsection;

     Insert at the end, a new subsection (h), to wit:
        ,   I

"Sec. 104(h). Termi~ation of Employment        o(
Intelligence Community Employees.

     "(h) Notwithstanding the provisions of any other law,
each head of a department with authority over an element
of the intelligence co~munity may, in the discretion of that
department head, terminate the employment of any officer
or employee of such deP8!tment intelligence community
element whenever the department head shall deem such
termination necessary or advisable in the interests of the
United States."
                                                Calendar No.            ---
          20 SESSION.
                                 S.        'r'\ 59 "":l.
                                           a.         J

                               [Report No. lO&-d:t-)\

           IN THE         SE~ATE       OF THE- UNITED STATES
                      _     (legislative day,                l, 2000
    ~r.   SHELBY, from lhe Select Conuniltee on Intelligence, reponed the CoJ.
          l'lwing original bill; which WaB read tWice and pJa~ed on the calendar .

                                 A BILL
    To authorize appropriations Cor fiscal 'year 2001 tor intel-
       ligence and -intelligence-related actiVities or the United
       States .Govenunent, th~ Community Management ...e\c-
       count, and the Central Intemge~ce Agency It.etirement.
       and Disability System. and for' other·pUrposes.

     I         Be it en.acted by the Senate and H01J.Se 0/ RepresenltJ-
     2 ti-vu 0/ tM United Siatts f)f .·lmerica in        C01Igres3   assembl«l, .

    .4      . (a) SHORT TITLE.-" This Act may be ci~ed as. the
     5 "InteJligence AuthorizHtilJIl Act for Fiscal Year 2001".

;AR.\-I AR.\tuO,?J 17

             1               (b) TABLE OF         C'ONTENTS.-The table of contents for
             2 this Act is as f{)IJows:
                   See. 1. Short title; table of contents.
                                       TITLE I-INTELLIGENCE ACTMTIES
                  Sec:. 101.   Authorization of appropriationa.
                  Sec. 102. Classified schedule of authoriltationa..
                  See. 103. Personnel «iling ~dju6tmentl.
                  See. 104. Communit;y )fanagernent Account.

                                      DISABILITY SYSTEM
                  See. 201. Author·jzation of appropriationa.

                                         TITLE IJI-GENERAL PROVISIONS
                ~_ 301.     Increase in fmplo~·et! (-ompensation and benefiui authorized by law.
                See. 302.   Restriction on condUC!t of intelligence activities.
            ~. ,Sec. ;)03. Prohibition on unauthorized disclosure of classified inf'ormatioD.
           -' 'Sec. 304.   POW/MlA analytic capability Within the inteUipuCle communiQo'.
                Sec. 305.  Applicability to lawful United Siatet iDtelii,eoce activities of Federal
           ~                       laWl irnple~enl ing international treaties and qreeDlenu.
                Sec. 306.  Limitation on handljng, retentioD, aDd storace otcertain classified
                                  materiall by the Department of State.
                 Sec. 307. Clarification of standing of United Statei citi%.en& to' challenp certaiD
                                  blocking of' usetB.
                 Sec. 308. Availability of certain fundi tor admiDiatratne coeta of CounterdNc
                                  InteUigence Executive Secretariat.

                               TITLE lV-:-CE:-."TRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENcr
                 Sec. 401. Expan&ion of Inspector General actiooa           requiriDc·. repo~ to Coo·
                             ,greu.                         .
                 Sec. 402.   Subpoeoa auth.ority 01' the InspectA;)rGeneral.
                 Sec. 408.   Improvemeotand ~:oension of C!enual ~ program.
                 Sec. 404.   Detai1a of employeet JO the National RecoDDaiaaUlCle <>moe.
                 Sec. 405.   Tranafera of tUnJ. to olher ~cie. tor ACquilition of 1aDd.
               Sea. 4ot.     ElisibilifiY of additi\)nal t'mployeea 'fbr rWnbw'aemeot tOr professional
                                     Iiabili\)' in$ur8m.~.

              See. 501. Two-year extensl()n ..( 1Il1thorit)' to enpp iQ. commercial activitie. ..
                              security Cor Il1l..'lIll't'nce collection aet.iviti-.
              Sec. 5.02. Nuclear tert moru.t"I"li11f "'jllipment.
              Sec. 503. Experimental pers'IIII1..1 management prosram tor technical 'penonnel
                                , f'or certain .. 1 III.. nl.A 'Ii the int.eJliseoee communiq,.
·\f{.\(I)'J.:')       l;-                                                      , I. •

          _                          OF CLASSIFIED INFORMATION.

             3               (a) IN GEl'-TERAL.-Chapter 37 of title 18, United
             4 States Code, is amended- ,
          5                       (1) by redesignating se,ction 798A as section
          6      I           798B; and
          7                       (2) by inserting after section 798 the following

          8                 new section 798A:
          9          "§ 798A. Unauthorized disclosure of classified         infor-
         10                         matioD

         11                 "(a) -PROH1BITION.-\Vhoever, being an officer or
         12 employee of the United States, a fonner or retired officer
         13 or employee of the United States" any other person with
         14          ~uthorized    access to classified information, or any other
        15 person formerly with authorized access              to classified infor-

    ',16 mation, knowingly a~d willfully discloses, or attempts to

        17 disclose, any classified information to a person who is not
        18 both an offi~er or employee of the United States and who
        19 is not authorized access to the classified information shall
        20 be fined not more than $10,000, imprisoned not' more
                              .          ..
        21 than 3 years, or both.
        22                  u{b) CONSTRUCTION OF PRolfiBlTJON.-Nothing in

        23 this section shall be construed to establish criminal liabil-'
        24- ity for disclosure of classified infonnation in accordance
    2S with applicable law to the f~Jowing:
  "~---------=-""""""""""""T;;--"-:"                        ", ...-." . .
                                                                            .....   ...   .
       1                "0)   Any justice or judge ofa court of the
       2           United States established pursuant to article ITI of

       3           the Constitution of the United States.
       4                "(2) The Senate or House vf Representativ~s,
            • I
       5           or any committee or subcommittee thereof, or joint
       6'          committee thereof, or any member of Congress.
       7           "(c) DEFINlTIONS.-In this secticn:
       8                "(I) The term 'authorized', in the case of ac-

   9               cess to c1a~sified information, means having author-
  10               ity or permission to have access to the classified in-
  11               formation pursuant to the provisions of a       statu~e,

  12               Executive Order, regulation, or directive of the head
  13              of any department or agency who is empowered to
  14              classify information, an order of any United States
  15              court, or a provision of any Resolution of the Senate
  16              or Rule of the House of Representatives which gov-
  17              erns release of Classified information' ,by the such
  18              House of Q)ngress.
  19                   "(2) The tenn 'classified inf~rmation' means in-
 20               fonnation or material designated and clearly marked.
 21               or represented, or that the person knows or. has rea-
                               .                                   .
 22               son to. believe has been determined by appropriate
 23               authorities, pursuant to the provisions of a statute
",24              or Executive Order, as requiring 'protection against
                   unauthorizeddisdosure for reasons of national secu-
                           "(3) The term 'officer or employee of the

                   Unite9 States' means the following:
     5                           "(A) .-\n officer or employee (as those
     6     I
                           terms are defined in sections 2104 and 2105 of
     7                     title 5).

t    8                           "(B) .-\n   officer or enlisted member of the
     9                     .-\...rmeci Forees (as those terms are defined in
    10·                    section lO1(b) of title 10).".
    JJ            (b) CLERICAL •.\..'IE~D:\fENT.-The table of sections
    12 at the beginning of that chapter is amended by striking
    13 the item relating to section 798A and inserting the Col-
    J4 Jowing new items:
            ·'i98A. Unauthorized di~losure of classified informatioD.
          . "798B. Temporal')' extension of section 79... It.

15        SEC. 304. POWlMlA ANALYTIC CAPABaITY WITHIN TIlE                     IN-
 16                           TELLJGENCE COMMUNITY.

17               Title I of the         ~at-ional      Security· Act of 1947 (50
18 U.S.C. 402 et seq.) is atllt'nded by adding at. the end the
19 following:
20                           '·'pow/:\rl\ .\S.\L\"TIC CAPABILITY
21              "SEC. 115. {a) HE(JI·fRE:\lENT.-(l) The Director of

22 Central IntelJigence ,hill1. .in                    co~tat.i.Qn.. with ~e S~c­

23 retary of Defense. ,·,r ;.ltlish and maintain in the intel-
24 Jjgence communit)" ;.....1IIi1J.\"tic capability with r-esponsi-

                             Litigation Group
                 Interagency Task Force on Unauthoriud
                    Disclosure of Onssified Information

•   Update on Old Taskings

•   Review New Taskings

    Identify issues for discussion

•   Schedule next meeting - Tuesday. February] 2. 2pm

                                                             ! V"""'j
                 InterAgency Task Force on Unauthorized Disclosures
     "                    'Vorking Groups Chairs l\feeting
                                   Room 4343, DOJ RFK Building
                                      Friday, January 11,2002
                                       2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.


          1.   ,Convene Meeting
                --circulate sign in sheet


         ~.     Distribution of materials and discussion

                a. summary of IATF meeting of l/8/02

               b. taskings papers '

               c. working group chair contact infonnation

               d. working group staffing sheet

               e. calendar

     3.        Reports from Working Groups, if any

     4.        General Discussion

     S.        Adjourn


 ,   .


                UO!lRWlOJUI pa!J!S!ffi(:) jO amsops!Q
         pazpOqlnBUn JOj apo~).reU!Wp:) "S"flJo UO!lB~!Iddy

                                                              .   '--



                     E6L   o~:rS'fl   8I
Aq P~.I~AOJ   S! UOnUWlOjUI p~y:!ssg[j jO Al!lOfeW ~nLL ...

    Unauthorized Disclosure of IntelJigence Agents'
        Identities is Covered by 50 U.S.C. 421

           Unauthoriied Disclosure of Restricted Data is Covered
                           by 42 U.S.C. 2274


    Unauthorized Disclosure of Communic~tionIntelligence
        Activities or Crypto Information is Covered by


             Unauthorized Disclosure of Diplomatic Codes can be
                      Prosecuted Under 18 U.S.C. 952



        : .'-

                .::~~;;;$..;;'-"'"   ,,;,:>' .. :.....;   ~.: ."


                                                     Retain Ele,'en Questions


          •         TPe eleven questions should retained and answered by the agency or department
                    r~'sponsible for the classified information in every leak investigation.


                 The eleven questions serve essentially as a police report when an agency or department
          makes a criminal referral concerning a leak to the Department of Justice. Answers to the
          question~ can be valuable in focusing the investigation. ]t should be noted that in cases of
          extreme ~tnportance or urgency, an investigation can be opened without the answers to these
          questions. As currently formulated, the eleven questions are:

                 1.        Date and identity of the article containing the classified information..

                2.        Specific statements in the article which are classified and whether the information
                          was properly classified.

                3.        'whether the classified information disclosed is accurate.

                4.        Whether the information came from a specific document and, if so, the origin of
                          the document and the name of the individual responsible for the security of the
                          classified data disclosed.

                s..'      The extent ofofficial dissemination of the information.              ,
                6.        Whether the information has been the subject ofpnor official release.

                7.        Whether prior clearance for publication or release of the information was sought _
                          from proper authorities.

                8.       Whether the material or portions thereof or enough background data has beeD
                         published officiaJJy or in the press to make an educated speculation on the matter

               9.        Whether the information made available for use in a prosecution and, if so,
                         the name of the person competent to testify concerning its classification.

               ]o.       Whether declassification had been considered or decided upon prior to the
                         publication of the data.

f                                                                                                               tB
. ~'       .

                  ) J.   What effect the disclosure of the classified infonnation could have on national

          Originator: Internal Security Section, Criminal Division, Department of Justice (pOC: John
          Dion, 202·5) 4-1250).



            • The eleven questions should be retained and answered by the agency or department
     responsible ·for the classified infonnation in every leak investigation.


             The eleven questions serve essentially as a police repon when an agency or department
     makes a . criminal referral concerning a leak to the Department ofJustice. Answers to the
     questio~ can be ,valuable in focusing the investigation. It should be noted that in cases of
     extreme importance or urgency, an investigation can be opened without the answers to these
     questionS. AI, currently formulated, the eleven questions are:

                       Date and identity of the article containing the classified information.

                      Specific statements in the article which are classified and whether the infonnation
                      was properly classified.

            3.        Whether the classified infonnation disclosed is accurate.

            4.         Wbether the information came from a specific document and, if so, the origin of
                       the document and the name of the individual responsible for the security of the
                     . classified data disclosed.

           5.         The extent of official dissemination of the infonnation.

           6.         Whether the information has been the subject of prior official release.

           7. ;.      Whether prior clearance for publication or release of the infonnation was sought
                      from proper authorities.

           8.        Whether the material or ponions thereof or enough background data has .been
                     published officially or in the press io make an educated speculation on the matter

           9.        Whether the information can be made available fOT use in a prosecution and, ifso,
                     the name of the person competent to testify concerning its classification.

           10.       \\'hether declassification had been considered or decided upon prior to the
                     publication of the data.

          11.        What effect the disclosure of the classified information could have on national
                     defense.                         .       .                      .
                   INTERAGENCY TASK FORCE
                      LITIGATION GROup

flAIR, DOJ AAG/CRM                                      Office                         Fax
   Steve Bunnell                                        202-353-7595                   202-514-0108


JJ/ISS                       John Dion                  202-514-1250                   Fax 202-514-2836
JJ/ISS                       l\lichael Leibman          202-~14-4882                   Fax 202-514-2836
                                                                        1          r
JJ/OPR                       l\larshall Jarrett                       i;" Ii
                                                        202-514-3365 J-' Iii,
JJ/OPR                       James Duncan               202-514-3365 I p~
                                                                       U          !(
JJ/CIV                       l\licheJe Mickey l\1iUer   202-514-3886                   Fax 202-514-8071

JJ/OLP                       Jennifer Newstead          202-616-0038                   Fax 202-353-9163
                                                                                       .-..- -
                                                                        \,t.:,}\.: \
                                                                                       p::<           _~~i)   .

JJ/OLC                       Dan Koffsky                202-514-2030                   Fax 202-305-8524

JI     :--
JI              /
                    I   .

JD/OEC                       Stuart Aly                 703-695-6804                   Fax 703-614-6745

JE                           Tyler Przybylek            202-586-7515                   Fax 202-586-7535

[A       1,'····

)A           ((;,

                             John Bellinger             202-456-9111                   Fax 202-456-9110

"ATE                         Jim Anderson               202-663-0530                   Fax 202-663-0212
                           InterAgency Task Force on Unauthorized Disclosures
                                             WorkiDg Groups Chairs

                                               CODtact JDformatioD

         . ~orking Group                   Chair                                       Phone number

          Litigation Group·                Steve Bunnell                            202-353-7595
                   ,   I                   DO], Criminal Division (CRM)
                                           Counsel for Nat'l Security

         Legislative Group                 Jermifer Newstead                        202-616-0038
                                           DO], Office of Legal Policy (OLP)
                                           D~. Asst. AG

     .   Sci~ce   & Tech Group         L·S Division7
                                       CIA, Security
                                           Dep. Dir. for Security

         Security Group                 Jeff Gaynor                                 703-697-2242
         Co-chairs                     .DOD, Security & Info. Ops.
                                        r--•     r")
                                                  ./ ....
                                                                  , I
                                       "        ./.           ..-J
                                      '"dA., Security Division
                                                                                            /       J
         Media Affairs Group           Susan Dryden                                 202-616-2777
                                       DO], Office ofPubJic Affairs (OPA)
                                       Dep. Dir~ for OPA

     Leg81 Review Group                Dan Koffsky                                 202-514-2030
'.                                     DO], Office ofLegal Counsel (OLC)
                                       Special Couns·eJ to the Asst. AG for OLC
                                    1/1 8102    n~..\ Z. ..,ks ~ -\-J.~

                              Litigation Group
                  Interagency Task Force on Unauthorized
                     Disclosure or Oassified Information

  •   Overview and Schedule
            May 1, 2002 report to Cong
            April ] 0, 2002, internal Task Force deadline
            February J4, 2002, SSCI briefing,

  •   Review TasJdngs from Task Force

          ,                                                 .' 1
          f                                                         /
          ,                                                 j


  •   Assign responsibility for fonow-up

  •   Schedule next meeting- February I, 2pm


                                                       Thursday, December 20,200]
                                                          Time: 2:00-3:00 PM
                                                         Location: Room 4343

                              .           .
                            Task Force on Unauthorized Disclosures of Classified Information - DOJ Components

                            .' Component          Representative                                                    Phone Number

                  J.         ODAG                 Patrick Murray                            "~. (('. (202) 5 ]4-0835
                                                                                                    I - , (202) 5] 4-9~40
                  2.         ~LC                  Dan Koffsky                                                       (202)5] 4·2030
                                                                                        ,       ,
                                                                                                                    (202)5] 4-2030

                  3.         CRM                  Steve Bunnell
                                                                                   --                               (202)353-7595

                 4.          CYV'                 Michelle MiJJer                                                  (202)5 ]4-3301

                 5.          OLP                  Jennifer Newstead                                 . .'       ~   (202)6] 6-0038

                 6.          OLA                  Sheryl Walter                                                    (202)514-4054
                                                                           (y, .                                   (202)5 ]4-4054

                 7.         OIG                  Glenn Fine                                                        (202)5] 4-3435
                                                                -." I
                                                                   /V                                              (202)5] 4-3435
                 8.         OPR                  Marshall Jarrett                                                  (202)5] 4-3365
                                                                                        "7 v
                 9.         OIPR                                        ; l ..} j ~::       '              ,

                                                                                                                                     j LP
                                                                                                                                              I ,/

                 ]0.        CIS & T Advisor      Don Prosnitz                 .'
                                                                            . ."                                   .(202)353-8878

                 JJ.        FBI

 ... ...
     "     ~'-
                                          - - - -- - - - -- - - -= --- - -- - -- - - - - - -   .I   -   _ •• _. _ .              \.   -   - .. /

~                              Criminal Division Crimes Reporting Tracking Report
late of                              Received
,etter        Report RUBlber        in CRK/OAAG of Alleged Offen.eC.)                              ~inal~ate Agency                           SectionC.
                                     08/17/2006 MBDIA LBAX.
                                     06/15/2006 MBDIA LBAX.
                                                                                                                 --   CIA II-'·
                                                                                                                      CIA   :u
15/01/2006                           05/01/2006 MBDIA LBAX.                                                           CIA II                           CBS
15/09/2006                           05/09/2006I01DIA LBAX                                                            CIA II                           CBS
15/16/2006      p~                   05/17/2006 KBDIA LBAX.                                                           CIA II                           CBS

                                     OS/2t/2006 KBDIA LBAX.                                                           CIA II                           CBS
17/17/2006                           07/18/2006 IOIDIA LBAX                                                           CIAS                             CBS
                J?3                  07/18/2006 MBDIA LBAX.
                                     08/08/2006 KBDIA LBAX.
                                                                                                                      CIA II
'8/16/2006                           08/17/2006 MBDIA LBAX.                                                           CIA II                           CBS
18/2lJ/2006                          08/30/2006 IOIDIA LBAX.                                                          CIA II                           CBS
)9/05/2006                           09/07/2006 MBDIA LBAX.                                                           CIA II                           CBS
)9/01/2006                           0'/05/2006 KlDIA LBAX                                                            CIA II                           CBS

                                                                     'age. 1      of 1
                                  ~rftnlnal Ulvlslon Crimes Reporting Tracking R,port
late of                                 Received
r..etter     ~eport   lfuJIIber        in CRM/OAAQ SynopBiB of Alleged OffenBeCB)        rinal pate Agency
)1/12/2006 Q/00/120-06                  01/18/2006 UNAUTHORIZBD DISCLOSURB.                        BSA       CBS

)2/16/2006                              02/16/2006 UHAUTRORIZBD DISCLOSURB.                        CIA II    CBS

l2/16/2006                              03/16/2006 UHAUTRORIZBD DISCLOSURB.                        CIA fI    CBS

                }?                      03/13/2006 UHAUTRORIZBD DISCLOSURB.                        CIA II    CBS


)3/06/2006      /                       03/17/2006 UHAUTKORIZBD DISCLOSURB

                                        03/13/2006 UHA~ORIZBD DISCLOSURB.
                                                                                                   CIA "


)3/06/2006                              03/06/2006 aMAUTRORIZBD DISCLOSURB.                                  CBS

)3/22/2006      b3                      03/23/2006 UHAUTRORIZBD DISCLOSURB.
                                                                                                   CIA "

                                                                                                   CIA "     CBS

)3/17/2006                              03/17/2006 UHAOTRORIZBD DISCLOSURB.                         CIA "    CBS

)3/17/2006                              03/17/2006 URAUT.BORIZBD DISCLOSURB.                        CIA "    CBS

)3/29/2006                              03/30/2006   UHA~ORIZBD     DISCLOSURB.                     CIA II   CBS

)3/29/2006                              03/30/2006   UH~UTHORIZBD   DISCLOSURB.                     CIA II   CBS

 )7/06/200" .                           07/07/2006   aMA~ORIZBD     DISCLOSURB    wll gUBS          CIA      CBS

                                                               Page. 1    of 1
                         ••• __                 .......,      v~   0   GI

                   Criminal Division Crimes Reporting Tracking Report

Date of

                                                                            --   CI,. II

                                                                                 CIA II


              PA                                                                 CIA




              /                                                                  CIA II

                                                                                 CIA II



06/13/2005                                                                       CIA II          CBS
06/30/2005                                                                       CIA II          CBS
07/13/2005                                                                       CIA II          CBS

11/15/2005                                                                        CIA I I        CBS

 11/02/2005                                                                       CIA II         CBS

 11/22/2005                                                                       CIA             CBS

 12/05/2005                                                                       CIA I I         CBS

                                            Paget 1        of 1
                                ..                                              -
                               Criminal Division Crimes Reporting Tracking Report
                                                                                    " - -"   -'   --

Date of                               Received
better        Report BlDIber         in CRM/OAAQ Synop8i. of Alleged Offen.e(.)              Pinal Date Agency                 Section(.
01/11/2005    -------                01/15/:Z005 LBAltS.                                               CIA                     CBS

07/25/2005 AGC(0)-155-05             07/28/2005 LBAX                                                   NSA2                    CBS
04/14/2005 GC/063/05                 04/18/2005 JlBDIA LBAlt                                           NSA                     CBS
08/22/:Z005 GC/118/05                 08/26/2005 LBAX.                                                 NSA                     CBS
09/01/2005 ODNI


                                      09/08/2005 LBAX.

                                      08/10/2005 LB~Y Ii '3
                                      08/26/2005 LB~~
                                                                    J                                   ODNI


                                                                                                        CIA II


12/19/2004                            01/24/2005 LBAXS                                                  CIA                    CBS
03/10/2005                            03/15/2005 LBAX                                                   CIA II                 CBS
12/30/2004                            01/24/2005 LBAXS                                                  CIA                    CBS
01/04/:Z005                           01/04/2005 LBAXS                                                  CIA                    CBS
01/13/2005                            01/18/2005 LBAlt                                                  CIA                    CBS

05/03/2005                            05/09/2005 JlBDIA LBAlt.                                          CIA II                 CBS

02/14/2005                            02/15/2005 LBAlt                                                  CIA                    CBS

 02/17/2005                           02/25/2005 LBAX                                                   CIA II                 CBS


                 b)                   02/22/2005 LBAIt

                                      02/22/2005 LBAX
                                                                                                        CIA II

                                                                                                        CIA II                  CBS

 03/15/2005                           03/21/2005 LBAlt                                                  CIA II                  CBS

 03/16/2005                           03/18/2005 LBAlt                                                  CIA II                  CBS

 03/09/2005                           03/10/2005 LBAX                                                   CIA II                  CBS

 03/09/2005                           03/18/2005 LBAlt                                                  CIA. II                 CBS

 03/18/2005                           03/23/2005 LBH                                                    CIA
 04/12/2005                           04/15/2005 "DIA LBAlt                                             CIA II


   ---J       $'6'                                             Page. 1   of 3
                    \#nmlnal Ulvls.on Crimes Reporting Tracking Report
Date of
                         in CRJI/OAAG S}"Ilopda of Alleged Offenae Ca)        .inal Date Agency
04/12/2005               04/15/2005 KlDIA LIWt.                                                   "   CTS
OS/24/2005               05/31/2005 KlDIA LIWt.                                         CIA I I       CBS

                         06/06/2005 BDIA LIWt                                           CIA I I       CBS
06/13/2005               06/14/2005 MEDIA LIWt                                          CIA I I       CBS
06/30/2005               07/06/2005 LBU      ~   .3                                     CIA I I       CBS


                         08/11/2005 LBU

                         07/13/2005 LBU

                         07/18/2005 MBDIA. LBU.
                                                                                        CIA IG

                                                                                        CIA I I

                                                                                        CIA I I


07/21/2005               07/28/2005 LBU.                                                CIA I I       CBS
09/16/2005               09/21/2005 LBU                                                 CIA I I       CBS
08/23/2005               08/26/2005 LBU.                                                CIA I I       CBS
08/30/2005               09/06/2005 LBU                                                 CIA I I       CBS
08/23/2005               08/26/2005 LBU                                                 CIA I I       CBS
09/16/2005               09/19/2005 LIWt.                                               CIA I I       CBS
09/16/2005               09/19/2005 LBAJt.                                              CIA I I       CBS
09/19/2009               09/21/2005 LBAJt.                                              CIA I I       CBS
09/15/2005               09/15/2005 LBAJt.                                             . CIA IG       CBS
09/19/2005               Ot/20/2005 LBU.                                                CIA II        CIS
09/19/2005               09/21/2005 LBAJt.                                              CIA I I       CBS
10/17/2005               10/21/2005 BDIA LIWt.                                          CIA 3         CTS
11/18/2005               11/21/2005 LBAK.                                               CIA I I       CBB·
11/15/2005               11/11/2005 LBUB (ADD8DUII)        COpy 'fO DIOII n             CIA 3         CBB
11/29/2005               12/07/2005 IIBDIA LBU.                                         CIA I I       c:.S .

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                        Criminal Division Crimes Reporting Tracking Report
Date of                         Received.
                  ~er                                                              ~inal Date Agency
- - - - -Report                in CRK/OAAG Synop8i. of Alleged. Offen.eC.)                                                         Section(.
11/29/2005                     11/30/2005 .-nIA LBAXS         t~AXBD   COpy).                  CIA I I                             CBS

11/29/2005                     11/30/2005 KBDIA LBAltS.       C~ADD    COpy).                  CIA I I                             CBS

11/29/2005                      12/07/2005   ~IA   LBAX.                                       CIA I I                             CBS

11/29/2005                      11/30/2005 KJDIA LBAXS      C~AX   COPY)                       CIA I I                             CBS

02/1./2005                      02/20/2005 LBAlt                                               CIA I I                             CBS

                                                           Page. 3   of 3
                               Criminal Division Crimes Reporting Tracking Report

Date of                              Received
[,etter        Report Number        in CRII/OAAQ Syuop.i. of Alleged Offen.e(.)   Winal.Date Agency        Section(.
)3/12/200<& QC/03fi/04              03/31/2004 UNAUTHORIZBD DISCLOSURB                      HSA       .'   CBS
l2/08/2004                          12/12/2004 UNAUTHORIZBD DISCLOSURB.                     CIA 3          CBS
)7/0fi/2004                          07/12/2004 UNAUTHORIZBD DISCLOSURB                     CIA II         CBS

)4/02/2004                           04/05/2004 UNAUTHORIZBD DISCLOSURB                     CIA            CBS
                b?                   04/05/2004 UNAUTHORIZBD DISCLOSURB
                                     04/05/2004 UNAUTHORIZBD DISCLOSURB
                                     03/11/2004 UNAUTHORIZBD DISCLOSURB
)2/02/2004                           04/05/2004 UNAUTHORIZBD     ~ISCLOSURB                 CIA            CBS
)2/05/2004                           02/0fi/2004 UNAOTHORIZBD DISCLOSURB                    CIA            CBS
                }}                   02/0fi/2004   UNA~HORIZBD   DISCLOSURB
                                     02/0fi/2004 UNAUTHORIZBD DISCLOSURB
12/0fi/2004                          02/17/2004 UNAUTHORIZBD DISCLOSURB                      CIA           CBS
)2/19/2004                           02/20/2004 UHAoTBORIZBD DISCLOsURB                      CIA           CBS
12/23/2004                           02/2fi/2004 UNAUTHORIZBD DISCLOSURB                     CIA           CBS
13/02/2004                           03/04/2004 dRAOTBORIZBD DISCLOSURB                      CIA           CBS
13/01/2004                           03/02/2004    UNA~ORIZBD    DISCLOSURB                  CIA           CBS

13/31/2004                           04/05/2004 UHAUTBORIZBD DISCLOSURB                      CIA           CBS

13/23/2004                           03/24/2004 UHAUTHORIZBD DISCLOSURB                      CIA           CBS
13/2fi/2004                          03/30/2004 OHAUTBORIZBD DISCLOSURB                      CIA           CBS
15/11/2004                           05/18/2004 UHAUTBORIZBD DISCLOSURB                      CIA II        CBS
15/12/2004                           05/11/2004    OBA~aIlKD     DI8CLOsaa.                  cn    1%      CU...
15/13/2005                           05/11/2004 1JDU'I'BoaIID Dlsc.o--.                      CIA 1%        CU
15/21/2004                J          01/02/2004 1JDvrBo.ll.n DI8~saa.                        CIA II         C'&8 .

                5·'                                         Page. 1    of 2
                               .-                                             -
                             Criminal Division Crimes Reporting Tracking Report
Date of                              Received
Letter        Report NuUer          in CRK/OAAG Syaop.i. of Alleged Offen.e(.)    rinal Date Agency   Sectioa(.
OS/21/2004                          06/02/2004   UR~UTBORIZBD DISCLOSU.I                    CIA II    CIS·

06/02/2004'      ~' "               06/03/2004   URA~ORIZID     DISCLOSttRl                 CIA II    CIS
07/01/2004'      ~                  01/12/2004 URAUTBORIZBD DISCLOSU.I                      CIA II    CIS
10/13/2004     ~~                   10/15/2004 URAUTBORIZID DISCLOSU.I                      CIA       CIS
10/oei2004                          10/10/2004   UR~UTBORIZID   DISCLOSeRl                  CIA       CIS

02/09/2004   L                      02/11/2004 URAUTBORIZBD DISCLOSU.I                      CIA       CIS
06/03/2004                           06/09/2004 UMAUTBORIZBD DISCLOSU.I                     RSA       CIS.

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                                  -   -----   -- _                            ~         ~.                 \
                             Criminal Division Crimes Reporting Tracking Report
Date of                            Received
Letter       Report Humber        in CRK/OAAG synop.i. of A1~eged Offen.eC.)          rina1 Date Agency        SectipnC.
03/04/2004                            03/22/2004 LBAIt                                          CIA AG:·       CBS
06/08/2004                            06/09/2004 LBAlt CPAXBD TO JOHN DION BY PAT M             CIA            CBS

06/09/2004 GC/107/04                  06/14/2004 LBAlt                                          NSA            CBS

09/20/2004 GC/157/04                  09/22/2004 LBAlt                                          NSA            CBS
11/29/2004 GC/191/04                  12/08/2004 LBAlt                                          NSA2           CBS
12/10/2004 GC/197/04                  12/15/2004 LBAlt                                                         CBS

07/15/2004                            07/19/2004 LBAlt.                                         CIA I I        CBS

03/18/2004                            03/18/2004 LBAlt -   TO DOC'OMKNT WAS SBctmBD             CIA            CBS
07/13/2004                            07/15/2004 LBAlt                                          CIA            CBS

07/12/2004                            07/12/2004 LBAlt                                          CIA            CBS

07/13/2004                            07/15/2004 LBAlt                                          CIA            CBS

07/15/2004                            07/19/2004 LBAlt                                           CIA           CBS

07/19/2004                            07/21/2004 LBAlt                                          CIA            CBS

07/10/2004                            07/13/2004 LBAlt                                           CIA           eBS
07/30/2004                            08/06/2004 LBAIt                                           CIA           CBS
11/12/2004                            11/23/2004 LBAlt                                           CIA I I       CBS

08/02/2004                            08/09/2004 LBAlt                                           CIA           CBS

09/28/2004                            09/30/2004 LBAlt                                           CIA           CIS
10/15/2004                            10/18/2004 LBAltC                                          CIA.          CBS
10/22/2004                            10/25/2004 LBAIt                                           CIA           CBS
10/27/2004                            10/21/2004 LD&                                                           CSI .'

11/03/2004                            11/04/2004 LD&                                                           c.l
11/05/2004                            11/05/2004   LaB                                           cn            cal .
   --C)                                                      Pager 1   of 2
                             Crrmlnal Division Crimes Reporting Tracking Report
Date of                             Received
t.etter      Report NUmber         in CRK/OAAGSynop.i. of Alleged Offen.e(.)              rinal Date Agency                                 Sectlon(.
-~---                   ------_.-..:...~-..,;~~~=--=-=-~=--=~-=--=--~..::....::......:........::_---=...::====--.::..::..:::...:....~:..:..::.~------------~-
11/26/2004                          11/30/2004 LBAJt                                                   CIA II                               CBS
12/01/2004                                                                                                                                  CBS

                                    12/03/2004 LBAJt                                                   CIA II
12/08/2004                           12/08/2004 LBAJtS                                                 CIA                                  CBS
10/14/2004     b3                    10/15/2004 LBAJt                                                  CIA                                   CBS
11/24/2004 Y-IG/00/164-04            11/30/2004 LBAJt                                                  NSA2                                  CBS

                                                               Page. 2    of 2
                                Criminal Division Crimes Reporting Tracking Report
Date of                                        Received
Letter        Report ltImIber                 in CRK/OAAQ Srnopeie of Alleged Offenee(e)       Final Date Agency   Section(.

11/20/2003                                    11/20/2003 UNAUTHORIZBD DISCLOSURB                         CIA       CBS

01/13/2003                                    01/15/2003 [S]    POSSIBLB UNAUTHORIZBD DISCLO             CIA       CBS

01/06/2003                                    01/08/2003 [S]    POSSIBLB UNAUTHORIZBD DISCLO             CIA       CBS

01/13/2003                                    01/15/2003 [S]    POSSIBLB UNAUTHORIZBD DISCLO             CIA       CBS
01/06/2003                                     01/08/2003 [S]   POSSIBLB UNAUTHORIZBD DISCLO              CIA      CBS
01/13/2003                                     01/15/2003 [S]   POSSIBLB UNAUTHORIZBD DISCLO              CIA      CBS
01/23/2003                                     01/2'/2003 POSSIBLB VIOLATION UNAUTHORIZBD D               CIA      CBS


09/29/2003         b'r          ......
                                               0'/12/2003 UNAUTHORIZBD DISCLOsURB

                                               10/02/2003   UNA~ORIZBD     DISCLOSURB



09/23/2003                                     09/24/2003 UNAUTHORIZBD DISCLOSURB                         CIA      CBS

10/07/2003                                     10/24/2003 ttNAUTBORIZBD DISCLOSURB                        CIA      CBS

10/10/2003                                     10/16/20~3   UNAUTHORIZBD DISCLOsURB                       CIA      CBS

10/10/2003                                     10/10/2003 UNAtr'l'HORIZBD DISCLOSURB                      CIA      CBS

10/10&/2003                                    11/04/2003 UNAUTHORIZBD DISCLOSURB                         CIA      CBS

10/16/2003                                     10/24/2003 UNAUTHORIZBD DISCLOSURB                         CIA       CBS

10/20/2003                                     10/24/2003   UN~OTBORIZBD   DISCLOSURB                     CIA       CBS

10/28/2003                                     11/04/2003   UNA~RIZBD      DISCLOSURE                     CIA       CBS

10/29/2003                                     11/04/2003 UNAUTBORIIBD DISCLOSURB                         CIA       CBS
10/29/2003                                     10/31/2003 UNAOTBORIZBD DISCLOSURB                         CIA       CBS

 11/13/2003                                    11/20/2003 URAUTHORIZBD DISCLOSURB                         CIA       CBS

11/03/2003                                     11/03/2003 UkA1J'tBORIsm DI8CL08lJU8                       CIA       (38 .

11/05/2003                                     11/01/2003   UMAU!BORII~    DISCLOSva.                     CIA       (38

 12/1'/2003                                    12/20/2003 URA~RII~ DISCLOSua.                             CIA

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                               Grlmlnal Division Crimes Reporting Tracking Report
ite of                               Received
litter      Report JI1DIh"'r        in· CRK/OAAG   S~op.i. o~   Alleged OffeD.e(.)   rinal Date AgeDcy   sectioD(.
L/20/2003                            11/20/2003    UHA~ORIZBD   DISCLOSURB                     CIA       CBS

              hI{                    11/24/2003 UHAUTKORIZBD DISCLOSURB

                                     11/24/2003 URAUTBORIZBD DISCLOSURB

1/21/2003                            11/24/2003    UHA~ORIZBD DISCLOSURB                        CIA      CIS
2/03/2003                            12/09/2003 URAUTBORIZBD DISCLOSURB                         CIA      CBS
2/08/2003                            12/09/2003 URAUTBORIZBD DISCLOSURB                         CIA      CBS
2/05/2003                            12/09/2003 OHAUTBORIZBD DISCLOSURB                         CIA      CIS
2/16/2003                            12/17/2003 URAUTBORIZBD DISCLOSURB                         CIA      CBS
2/15/2003                            12/15/2003 URAUTBORIZBD DISCLOSURB -
                                                     \             .
                                                                                                CIA      CBS
1/19/2003                            11/24/2003 UMAUTBORIZBD DISCLOSURB                         CIA      CBS

                                                             Pagel 2   of 2
                              Criminal Division Crimes Reporting Tracking Report
Date of                             Received
Letter       Report Hullber        in CRK/OAAG Synopai. of Alleged Offen.e(.)              ~iD.l,D.te Agency       Section(.
01/17/2002 GC/012/02                01/23/2002 UNAUTBORIZBD DISCLOSURB                               RSA           ISS
OS/21/2002 GC/071/02                OS/23/2002 UNAtJ'l'HORIZBD DISCLOSURB                            RSA           ISS
06/20/2002 QC/OU/02                 06/25/2002 UNAUTHORIZBD DISCLOSURBS                              RSA           ISS
06/25/2002                          06/27/2002 UNAUTHORIZBD DISCLOSURBS                              CIA           ISS
12/20/2001                          01/09/2002 UNAVTHORIZBD DISCLOSURB                               CIA           ISS
               J;   ~
                                    01/17/2002 UNAtJ'l'HORIZBD DISCLOSURB
                                    03/21/2002 UNAtJ'l'HORIZBD DISCLOSURB        CODBW
               //                   11/19/2002 [TS] POSSIBLB UNAOTHORIZBD DISCLO
                                    01/30/2002 UNAtJ'l'HORIZBD DISCLOSURB
               t?}                  02/10/2002 UBAOTHORIZBD DISCLOSURB
                                    02/21/2002 UNAOTHORIZBD DISCLOSURB

03/07/2002                          03/13/2002 UNAVTHORIZBD DISCLOsURB            SB                  CIA          ISS

02/05/2002                          01/08/2002 UBAUTBORIZBD DISCLOSURB                                CIA          ISS

02/05/2002                          02/08/2002   ttMA~ORIZBD      DISCLOSURB                          CIA          ISS

02/01/2002                          02/04/2002   ttMA~BORIZBD     DISCLOSURB     UPDATBD              CIA          ISS

OS/29/2002                          06/05/2002 OHAuTBORIZBD DISCLOSURB - UPDATB,                      CIA           ISS

03/05/2002                          03/06/2002   UBA~BORIZBD      DISCLOSURBS                        . CIA          ISS

OS/29/2002                          06/05/2002 UNAOTBORIZID DISCLOSURBS VPDATI,                       CIA           ISS
04/15/2002                          04/19/2002 UNAUTBORIZBD DISCLOSURBS                               CIA           ISS

05/15/2002                          OS/21/2002 UNAoTBORIZBD DISCLOSURBS                               CXA           ISS

OS/20/2002                          05/30/20021t1rA'ft'BORIUD DISCLOSUUS - WDAD                       CIA           lSI··

05/13/2002                          05/~'/2002 U'a1l"l'BOR;w:ze   DISCLOSUUI roLU)IftJ                CIA           lSI
04/02/2002                          04/03/2002 mlAftBORIBm        DISCLO~                             CIA           ISS.

                              60                              Page •. 1   of 3
                                ",.-nnlnill UIVISlon \,;rlmes Keponlng I racking Report
Date of                                Received
Letter       Report   NU.~~~·
                                      in CRM/OAAG Synopsis of Alleged Offense(s)          Pinal .Date Agency
04/19/2002                            04/23/2002 UHAUTBORIZBD DISCLOSURB                             CIA        ISS
OS/20/2002                            OS/22/2002 UHAUTBORIZBD DISCLOSURB                             CIA        ISS
06/18/2002                            06/25/2002 UHAU'tBORIZBD DISCLOStI'llBS                        CIA -      ISS

06/18/2002                            06/25/2002 UHAUTBORIZBD DISCLOSURBS                            CIA       . ISS

06/18/2002                            06/25/2002 UHAUTBORIZBD DISCLOSURBS                            CIA        ISS
06/10/2002                            06/11/2002 UHAUTBORIZBD DISCLOSURBS                            CIA        ISS
06/12/2002                            06/13/2002   UHA~ORIZBD   DISCLOSURBS                          CIA        ISS
07/05/2002                            08/06/2002 ON'AUTBORIZBD DISCLOSURB                            CIA        ISS
07/05/2002                             07/10/2002 UHAUTBORIZBD DISCLOSURBS                           CIA        :ISS
06/18/2002                             06/20/2002 ONAUTBORIZBD DISCLOSURB                            CIA        :ISS

06/18/2002                             06/20/2002 UHAUTKORIZBD DISCLOSURB                            CIA        :ISS
06/18/2002                             06/25/2002 UHAUTBORIZBD DISCLOSURBS                           C:IA       :ISS
08/21/2002                             08/23/2002 UHAUTBORIZBD DISCLOSURB (UPDATB)                   CIA        :ISS

09/16/2002                             0'/1'/2002 CRXM3 RBPORT (UNAUTRORIZBD DISCLO                  CIA        :ISS
09/25/2002                             09/27/2002 CRIMB RBPORT -- VIOLATIONS OP CRI                  CIA         ISS
11/19/2002                             11/20/2002 [S] POSSIBLB ONAUTKORIZBD DISCLOS                  CIA         ISS
10/29/2002                             10/30/2002 [S] POSSIBLB UNAUTBORIZBD DISCLOS                  C:IA        ISS
11/18/2002                             11/20/2002 [TSl POSSIBLB OJAVTHORIZID pISCLO                   CIA        ISS
11/21/2002                             11/22/2002 [SI ONAUTKOR:IZBD D:ISCLOStI'llBS OF C              CIA        ISS
11/12/2002                             11/14/2002 [TS]    POSSIBLB ONAUTKOR:IZBD DISCL                CIA        ISS
11/20/2002                             11/20/2002 [TS]   PO~SIBLB   ONAUTBORIZBD DISCLO               CIA        ISS
L1/26/2002                             11/26/2002 [S]    UKA~RORIZBD    DISCLOStI'llBS or C           CIA        ISS
11/21/2002                             11/26/2002 [S] ORAUTRoRIZBD DISCLOsaaBS or C                   CIA        ISS

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                                Criminal Dlvl$lon Crimes Reporting Tracking Report
ate of                                    Received
etter        Report 1fUIIIber                                                                                                                                                                                               D
                                    ---=i=D~CR1I=::.:/:....::0=AA=G_S~yu~o:!p::.~i~• ...:O:.:f::.......:A=1:.:1.::eg!.:e:.:cl:._:0:.:f~fe:::~::.:.:e:...:('..:.:..:..)_...:I':...:i=D=a=:.l.....:D:::,a:.:t:.:e:....::Ag~e::. =C~y       SectioD(.


2/09/2002                                 12/09/2002 (S) URAUTHORIZED DISCLOSURBS 01' C                                                                                                                        CIA                       ISS
1/27/2002                                  12/04/2002 (TS)                                   POSSIBLB URAUTBORIZBD DISCL                                                                                       CIA                       CBS
2/09/2002                                  12/09/2002 (S) URAVTRORIZBD DISCLOSURKS 01' C                                                                                                                       CIA                       ISS
2/09/2002                                  12/11/2002 (S) URAUTHORIZBD DISCLOSURBS OP C                                                                                                                         CIA                      ISS
12/15/2002                                  02/20/2002 URAtJ'l'RORIZBD DISCLOSt1RB                                                                                                                              CIA                      ISS
16/18/2002                                  06/25/2002 URAUTBORIZBD DISCLOSt1RBS                                                                                                                                CIA                      ISS

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                          Criminal Division Crimes Reporting Tracking Report
late of                         Recei.ed
,etter    Report Humber
                               in CRK/OAAQ SyDoplil of Alleged Offenle(l)     rina~   Date Agency   Section (I
9/18/2002 GC/137/02             09/25/2002 KlPORT or PQSSIBLB rKDBRAL ClIMB               liSA      ISS

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                                ...              --                ..., •• ...,                 ~     .,ut'v••••• ~                                   "111"           nat"'"

Date of                                Received
Letter     Rep t HWIb                 i _ ../
~            ._o_r    e_r                                              •.,...i_._O...:..f...:A1_1..:. : g:. . e-=d:. . . . : :.O.=.f.=.f.=.:D=.:.: . .:.: . .:(:.•...:..)_-=P:..:i::D::a:.:1~D::.a=t.=--.::A:::g~.::D=C~y
                                       D_,,"_-_O_lAA_Q_s-:yn=--o..::Pc...                    ... . e                                                             :                                                              --=.::..=..:::=;:~-=
01/10/2001 GC/006/01                   01/16/2001 UHAUTBORIZBD DISCLOSURB                                                                                                                             KSA                   ~
11/14/2001 GC/164/01                   11/1~/2001                     UHAUTBORIZBD DISCLOSURB                                                                                                         KSA                        ISS
12/28/2001 GC/191/01                   01/09/2001 UHAUTHORIZBD DISCLOSURB                                                                                                                             KSA -                      ISS
10/22/2001                             10/26/2001 UHAUTBORIZBD DISCLOSURB                                                                                                                             CIA                        ISS
10/22/2001                             10/26/2001 URAUTHORIZBD DISCLOSURB                                                                                                                            CIA                         ISS
11/05/2001    ;~.                      11/08/2001                     URA~ORIZBD                            DISCLOSURB                                                                                CIA                        ISS

11/05/2001                             11/06/2001 LBAE                                  UHAUTKORIZBD DISCLOSURBS                                                                                      CIA                        ISS
10/22/2001                             10/26/2001URAUTKORIZBD DISCLOSURB                                                                                                                              CIA                        ISS
11/06/2001                             11/08/2001 UKAUTKORIZBD DISCLOSURB                                                                                                                             CIA                        ISS
11/06/2001     or
                                       11/08/2001 URAUTBORIZBD DISCLOSURB                                                                                                                             CIA                        ISS
12/20/2001                             12/21/2001 UHAUTKORIZBD DISCLOSURB                                                                                                                             KSA                        ISS
01/16/2002                             01/18/2001 URAUTKORIZBD DISCLOSURB                                                                                                                             CIA                        ISS

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                               Criminal Division Crimes Reporting Tracking Report
late of                                 Received
,etter       Report NUBlber            inCRK/OAAG Synop.i. of Alleged Offen.eC.)              rinal Date Agency                                   SectionC·

0/22/2001 GC/147/01                     10/24/2001 LKAXS                                                   MSA                                    ISS

0/10/2001                               10/17/2001 LKAXS                                                   CIA    -   ,                           ISS

,0/10/2001                              10/17/2001 LKAXS                                                   CIA                                    ISS

.0/10/2001                              10/17/2001 LKAXS                                                    CIA                                   ISS

.0/11/2001                              10/11/2001 LKAXS                                                    CIA                                   ISS

.0/12/2001                              10/12/2001 LBAES                                                    CIA                                   ISS

.0/12/2001                              10/17/2001 LKAXS                                                    CIA                                   ISS

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        13-MAR-07                                                                                             ACTS· CES leaks

                                           CES Media Leaks
                                          Opened 2000 to 2006

2000       01/04/2000      cr.Q2·141/99 closed                       0910412002
           02/0212000      cr.Q2-1391OO                              1010112006                        CRML
          .04/0112000      Ciasslfied.Q2-2oo2                        0312112005     CIA                CRML
           04/0112000      cr-02-357/oo other                        1010112006                        CRUD
           04/0712000      cr.Q2-2341OO                              1010112006                        CRML
           05/Q112000      cr.Q2-144/00                              1010112006                        CRML
           0511212000      cr.Q2-100/oo                              1010112006                        CRML
           05/1712000      rr.Q2-99/oo                               1010112006                        CRML
           0512212000      CR.Q2-181 andCR-Q2-182JOO                 1010112006     CIA                CRML
           06/0612000      Classified                                1010112006     FBI                CRML
           06/07/2000      cr.Q2-140                                 1010112006                        CRML
       I 0712112000        cr.Q2-971OO                               10101J2006                        CRML
       1\ 0811712000       cr-02-1431OO                              1010112006                        CRML
           08117/2000      cr-02-349/00 other                        1010112006                        CRUD
           0811812000      cr-02-951OO                               1010112006                        CRML
                                                                                                                            « 3
           09/0112000      cr.Q2-2451OO ,                            10/0112006                        CRML                 , 'wi
           09/2012000      cr.Q2-BS/00 FYI                           0810112002                        CRML
                                                                                                                            I   ' -
           0912112000      cr-Q2-90100                               10/0112006                          CRO
           0912112000      cr-02·91 100 FYI                          1010112006                        CRML
           0912112000      cr-Q2-92J00 FYI                           1010112006 .                      CRML
                           cr.Q2·2/98 closec:l
                           cr.Q2·3/99 closec:l
            11/30/2000     cr.Q2-1541OO                              1010112006                        CRML
            1 1/30/2000    cr.Q2- 155100                             1010112006                        CRML
            12112/2000     cr.Q2-190/ 00 closed                      09/1912002                        CRML
            1211212000     cr-02-3551OO                              1010112006                        CRUD
            1211212000     cr-02-83199                               1010112006                        CRML
           12114~          cr-Q2-881OO              4j .....~        1010112006                        CRMl
                                                                                     ":'   .,..   :;,,:,:: ~::':":' ... .

2001       01/1912001       CR-Q2-1741OO c1osec:l                    0512112002                          CRO'
           01130/2001       cr-02-1531OO dosed                       1211312001                        CRML
           0210912001       cr-Q2-171101 FYI                         0110112002                        CRML
           0211312001     . cr-Q2-1731OO dosed                       0810112002                          CRO
           03102/2001       cr-Q2-200101 dosed                       0810112002                       CRML
           0310912001       cr-Q2-152J01 FYI                         0110112007                       CRML
           04/0112001       cr-Q2-254101 dosed                       OS/2112002                       CRML
           0513112001       CR-Q2·183101                             0110112007                       CRML
           0711 112001    ,cr-Q2-19~1                                0110112007                       CRML
           07/1712001     CR-Q2-39A1OO                               1213112006                       CRML
           07/3012001     cr-02·201101                               0110112007                       CRML
           07/3012001     cr-02-202J01                               0110112007                       CRML
           08/0112001     CR-Q2-383                             I    0412612004     FBI               CRUD
           08/0612001     CR-Q2-179101                          I    0110112007                       CRML
           09/1812001     cr-Q2-210101                          !    0110112007                       CRML
           09/1812001     cr-Q2-21 1101                         I    0110112007                       CRML

                           13-MAR-07                                                                                                                                                       ACTS - C£S Ieaka

l~l~-~ :.:"" "l'--'~"-'-;~ ~"~:""r ~~.
                                10104/2001                   cr-02-4101                                        0110112007                                                          CRML
                                10/22/2001                   cr.:Q2-209101                                     0110112007                                                          CRML
                                 10/2512001                  cr-02-197A· E101                                  0110112007                                                          CRML
                                 10/2612001                   cr-02- 150101                                    0110112007                                                          CRML
                                 11/0112001                   CR-02·384                                        0412612004                                      FBI                 CRUD
                               ·1112312001                    cr-02- 10/01 FYI                                 0110112007                                                          CRML
                                 1112312001                   cr-02-147101                                     01/0112007                                                          CRML
           0                     11/27/2001                   cr·02-1 1101 FYI                              . 0110112007                                                           CRML
                                 11/2812001                   cr-02-3531 01                                     01/0112007                                                         CRML
                                 12/06/2001                   CR-02· 180101 FYI                                 0110112007                                                         -cRML
                                 12/28/2001 .                 cr-02-1/01 closed                                 0211512002                                                         CRML
      ':' ;-..             ,.
                       . ~:",  .    ,ie. ·.H(···<.···/·.. · , TQ~I;fq(y'ar:2i,    Co::   ;-'.   .. '   :\:" .. :~:\::?: .:~:.::i~~~:.~~.~i~f·:   ~~:'::; .~ .. ;'.::'/-:;. ';) .(~:?·:~\t.:·:::·;:~.\:·~~

       2002                      01/0912002                   cr-02-5/01FYI                                     0110112003                                                         CRML
                                 01/0912002                   cr-02-6101 FYI                                    0110112007                                                         -cRML
                                 01"712002                    cr-02· 14101                                      01/0112007 ..                                                      -CRML
                       I      i 01/17aOO2                     cr-02-7101                                        01101t2007                                                          CRML
                       I     \ 0112312002 . cr-02-12101 FYI                                                     0110112003                                                         CRMl
                                 0112312002                    cr-02·13/01 FYI                                  0110112007                                                          CRML
                                  01123/2002                   cr-02-8I01                                       0110112007                                                         CRML                       .2)
                                  01124/2002                   cr-02- 15101                                     0110112007                                                         CRML                       I   I   ~
                                  01/2412002                   cr-02-16102                                      0110112007                                                         CRML                       I   ,_
                                  0112412002                   cr-02-17/02 FYI                                  0110112007                                                          CRML
                                  01125/2002                   cr-02-9101 FYI                                   0110112003                                                          CRML
                                  0113112002                   cr-02·1 8102 FYI                                 0110112003                                                          CRML
                                  0113112002                   cr-02-33101 closed                               0212112002.                                                         CRML
                                  02/0412002                   cr-02·26102                                       01/0112007                                                         CRML                      C":)
                                                               cr-02·19102 FYI
                                                               cr-02-170101 FYI
                                                                                                                                                                                    CRUD                    ;         =
                                  0211612002                   cr-02-34101 closed                               0910412002                                                          CRML
                                  0212112002                   CR-02-391OO                                      1213112008                                                          CRML
                                  0212112002                   cr-02-40J02 FYI                                  0212612002                                                          CRML
                                  0212112002                   cr-02-41102                                      0110112007                                                          CRML
                 •..              0212112002                   cr-02-44102 FYI                                  0212612002                                                           CRO
                                  0311112002                   cr-02-2B4102                                     0110112007                                                          CRML
                                  0311112002                   cr-02-286102                                      01101J2007                                                         CRML
                                  0311312002                   cr-02-285102                                      0110112007                                                         CRMl
                                   0312112002                  cr-02·295101 FYI                                  0110112003                                                         CRML
                                   0410512002                  cr-02-296102 open                                                                                                    CRML
                                   04/1112002                  CR-02-300102 other                               01101/2ODr                          ..         CIA                  CRO
                                   0510112002                  cr-02·303102 FYI                                 0110112OD7                                                          CRML
                                   0510112002                  cr-02-305J02                                     0110112007                                                          CRML
                                   0510312002                  cr-02-304102 FYI                                 01101/2003                                                          CRML
                                   0511512002                  cr-02-314102                                     0110112OD7                                                          CRML
                                  0512012002                   cr-02-310fQ2 FYI                               ·01101J2007 .                                                         CRML
                                   0610312002                  CR-02-380                                                                                      CIA                   CRUD
                                   0610312002                  CR-Q2-380                                                                                      FBI                   CRUD
                                  0611212002                   CR-Q2-315102                                     1012112004                                    CIA                   CRML
                                   06/1212002                 'CR-Q2-315102                                     1012112004                                    FBI                  CRML
                                   06/1312002                  cr-02-316102 CLOSED                              1010112008                                                         CRML
                                   06/1312002                  cr-02-317102                                     0110112007                                                         CRML
                                   06/2012002                  CR-Q2-318102 (NSA)                               0110112007                                    NSA                  CRML
                                   0612012002                  CR-Q2-318102 (NSA)                               0110112007                                    FBI                  -cRML
                                  0612012002                   CR-Q2-318/02 (NSA)                               01101/2007                                    ISS                  CRML

                              13-MAR-07                                                                                                                                    ACTS - CES leak.

·.Ii~~~~;_                         06121/2002             CR-02·320102                                       0212812007                                           CRML
                                   0612112002             In Re possible 18 USC 798                          0110112007                                           070B
                                   06121/2002             cr-02-321 102                                      0110112007                                           CRML
                                   06/2112002             cr·02·322J{)2 FYI                                  01/0112007                                           CRML
                                   06/2712002             CR-02-327                                          11/1912004                                           CRML
                                   0612712002             cr-02-325/02 FYI                                    01/0112007                                           CRML
                                   0612712002             cr-02-326/02                                      . 0110112007                                          CRML
                                   0712512002             CR·02-329102                                        1211612004                                          CRML
                                   08/06/2002             CR-02-333/02 (CIA)                            I     11/0912005                    CIA                   CRML
                                   08/0612002             cr-02-331/02 FYI                                    0110112007                                          CRML
                                   08/0612002             cr-02·332102 FYI                                    0110112007                                          CRML
                                   0811312002             cr-02-335102 CLOSED                                 10/0112006                                          CRML
                                   09/1812002             cr-02·3-11102                                       0110112007                                          CRML
                                   0912612002             CR-02·344102 (CIA)                                  0212812007                    CIA                   eRML
                             ,     0912612002             CR...Q2·344102 ~CIA)                                0212812007                    FBI                   CRML
                         II        0912712002             CR...Q2·343 102 open                                                              NSA                   CRML
                                   0912712002             CR...Q2·343 102 open                                                              FBI                   CRML
                                   10/0312002             CR...Q2-365/02 CLOSED                              1112612002                                           CRML
                                   10/03/2002             CR...Q2-366102 fyi                                 0110112004                                           CRML
                                   10/0312002             cr-02-345102 FYI                                   0110112007                                           CRML                            C :i
                                                                                                                                                                                                  I I J
                                                          cr-02-346/02 FYI
                                                                                                             0312212005                     CIA
                                                                                                                                                                                                  , ,_
                                   11/1812002             CR...Q2-359102                                     0110112007                                           CRML                            c.r::i
                                   12/1012002 .           CR...Q2-370102 pendina .                                                                                CRML                            ~J
                                                          CR...Q6-03 (Dec. 2002)
                                   1212012002             CR-03-03 (NSA)                                     07/1412005                     FBI                   CRML                            ;:a,,,:
                                   1212012002             CR-03-Q3 (NSA)                                     07/1412005                     NSA                   CRML                                ;;;)
.....                              :,".:. :.·)~F.Wf~;h~;:·~:::··· :ICilSf1orYfiia;;6ai:. i' :;:'. ..:                  ::,' ....•
                                                                                                                                                    "'.:' ~:~.;~::~~~~~·r;} .:;·. ~.:.: -.:.: .
.. . ' ....;' ..:::.   .;:
                        . :.  .'
                                                                                                                                    .,. /   ":"':

            2003                    01/0112003                CR-Q2-379                                      0110112007                 FBI                        CRUD
                                    01/0112003                CR...Q2·379                                    0110112007               . CIA                        CRUD
                                    0112112003                CR-CG/188J02 - NSA open                                                                              CRML
                                    0112712003                CR...Q3-14 (CIA)                               03I22l2OO5                     CIA                     CRO
                                    0112712003                CR-FBI                                                                                                CRO
                                    0112712003                CR-FBlopen                                              -                                            CRO
                                    0112712003                CR-GCI184102 - NSA open                                                                              CRML
                                                                    (~G) tlA                                                                                       CRML

                                                              ~ ~

                                                                        . .'


                                                            2003)             ,.
                                                            cr-LE-2002..OQ2B9-Cia -
                                                                                        -                    0210312003

                                    0112812003              Ciassified...Q7-2003                             0110112006                     CIA                     07DA
                                    0112812003              Ciassified...Q7-2003                             0110112006                     FBI                     07DA
                                    0112812003              Classified...Q7·2oo3                             0110112006                     FBI                     0708
                                    0112812003            . Classified...Q7-2003                             0110112006                     CIA                     0708
                                    03/0412003              CR...Q13-03 (CIA)                                0312112005                     CIA                    'CRML
                                    03/0412003              CR-013-03 (CIA)                                  0312112005                     FBI                    CRML
                                    0311012003              CR...Q7-03(March 2003)                                                          CIA                    CRUD
                                    0311112003            ·CR...Q9...Q3                                      0312412005                                            CRUD
                                    0311912003              CR·11-Q3 {CIA)                                                                  CIA                    CRML

         13-MAR-07                                                              ACTS· CES Ieake

          0312412003    CR-046-03                                      CIA    CRML
          0312412003    CR-OSC-03                                      CIA    CRML
          0312412003    CR-OS2-03                                      CIA    CRML
          0312412003    CR-054-03                                      CIA    CRMl
          0312712003    CR-017-03                                      FBI    CRML
          0312712003    CR-017.Q3                                      CIA    CRML
          04/0712003    CR-019-03                        1111912004           CRML
          0410712003    CR-OS8-03                                      CIA    CRML
          0410712003    CR-OS8-03                                       FBI   CRML
          04/0812003    CR-049-03                                      CIA    CRML
          04/0812003    CR-OS3-03                                      CIA    CRML
          0412212003    CR·061-03                                      CIA    CRML
          0412312003    CR-<l45-03                                     -CIA   CRML
          0412312063    CR.QaC-03                                       FBI   CRML
          0413012003    CR-059-03                                      CIA    CRML
     •    0413012003    CR-OSD-03                                       CIA   CRML
           05/0712003   CR.Q62.Q3                                      CIA    CRMl
           OS/0712003   CR.Qa1.Q3                        0712112004     FBI   CRML
           0511612003   CR.Q2O.Q3                                             CRML
                        CR.Q 16-03
                                                                                              « , I•
           06/02/2003   CR.QS7-03                                      FBI    CRUD            I   ,_
           0611712003   CR-02-370                                      CIA    CRMC
           0611712003   CR.Q21-03                                             CRML            C/:)
           0612412003   CR.Q22-03                                             CRML            Co/:)
           0612512003   CR-063-03                                      CIA    CRML                1::.
           07/1012003   CR.Q3-02 (CIA) (July 2003)                     CIA    CRML            C?
           0712312003   CR.Q3-01 (fBI) (July 2003)       OSI22I2006    FBI    CRML            ;aC:
           0812012003   CR-027-03 (CIA)                                CIA    CRML                 >
           0912912003   Libby, I. Lewis, U.S. v.1                     USAO     016
           09/2912003   Libby, I. Lewis, U.S. v.1                     USAO     '087
           0912912003   Libby, I. Lewis, U.S. v.1                     USAO    CRML
           0912912003   Libby,l. Lewis, U.S. v.1                      AAGOM    076
           0912912003   Libby, I. Lewis, U.S. v.1                     AAGOM    087
           0912912003   Libby, I. Lewis, U.S. v.1                     AAuOM   "'CRML
           1011412003   CR-024-03                                             CRML
           1012712003   CR-026-03                        0310512004    FBI    CRML
           1012712003   CR-026-03                        0310512004    CIA    CRML
           1110412003   CR-064-03                                      CIA    CRML
           1110412003   CR-06S-03                                      CIA    oCRML
           1110412003   CR-066-03                                      CIA    CRML
           11/0412003   CR-069-03                        0511412004   CIA     CRML
           1110612003   CR-067-03                                     CIA     CRML
           11/1012003   CR.Q29-03                                     CIA     CRML
           11/1012003   CR-030-03                        1212012004   OTH     CRML
           11120/2003   CR-044-03                        0312412005   FBI     CRML
           11/2012003   CR·044.Q3                        0312412005   CIA     CRML
           12/0212003   CR-037-03                                     CIA     CRML

                 .   '

            13-MAR-07                                                                                                  ACTS - CES Ieaka

Wl~~~tr:?~· ~J.1~e!:.~~~~f~t .g,~~~,(,                 .-:'·k~;:i"i:~f:~·:~~~~~{

                                            :" .'.:i

                12/0212003    CR-068-03                                                                CIA       CRMl
                1210212003    CR-On-03                                                                 CIA       CRML
                1210312003    CR-071-03                                                                CIA       CRML
                12115/2003    CR-034-03                                                                CIA       0708
                12115/2003    CR-035-03                                                                CIA       CRML
                1211512003    CR-036-03                                      0110112007                CIA       CRML
                1211912003    CR-031-03 (FBI)                                1213112005                F81       CRML
                1213112003    CR-032-03 (CIA)                             .. 1"1412006                 CIA       CRML
                12/3112003    CR-032-D3ICIA}                                11'1412006                 FBI       CRML
                              TotaiiorYear: 64                                     .   '   •"   I :.          ".'.'",:.\.':'" ',': .
   2004         01102/.2004    CR-01...()4                                                             -CIA      CRML
                01121/2004     CR-038-03                                   0810512005                  CIA       CRML
                0112112004    oCR-038-03                                   0810512005                   FBI      CRML
                0210412004     lHM-03-069                                                              CIA       CRML
                02/0412004     lHM-03-069                                                               FBI      CRML
            ,   0211812004    CR-017...()4                                                             CIA       CRML
            1   02118/2004    CR-D6-04 (Feb. 2004)                         0110112007                  CIA       CRMl
                02118/2004    CR-07-04 (Feb. 2004)                         0110112007                  CIA       CRML
                0211812004    CR-08-04 (Feb. 2004)                                                     CIA       CRML
                0211912004    CR-022-04                                    0312412005                   FBI      CRML                  t    ,.
                              CR-022...()4                                 0312412005                  CIA       CRML
                                                                      I    0311612006                   FBI
                                                                                                                                       LJ _
                              lHM-03-Q81                                                                FBI       LHMT                 Co./:)
                              CR-15-04 (CIA)                               0110112007
                                                                                                                                       : -»
                03/1912004    CR-039-03                                                                CIA       CRML
                03119/2004    CR-039-03                                                                FBI       CRML
                03/1912004    CR-04D-03                                    0312412005                  CIA       CRML
                0311912004    CR-04D-03                                    0312412005 .                FBI       CRML .
                0311912004    CR-041-03                                    1213112005                  CIA       CRML
                0311912004    CR-041-03                                    1213112005                  FBI      ,CRML
                03/1912004    CR-042-03                                    1010112006                  CtA-      CRML
                0311912004    CR-042-03                                    1010112006                  FBI       CRML
                0311912004    CR-C43-03 (CIA)                              1213112006                  FBI       CRML
                0311912004    CR-043-03 (CIA)                              12/3112006                  CIA       CRML
                0311912004    CR-016-04                                                                CIA       CRUD
                0312312004    CR-07D-03                                                                CIA       CRML
                04112/2004    CR-02()...()4                                                            CIA       CRML
                04'12/2004    CR-021-04                                    0411912005                  NSA       CRML
                04'12/2004    CR-018-Q4 (CIA)                              12/3112005                  CIA       CRML
                04'12/2004    CR-C19-04                                                                CIA       CRML
                04/2912004    CR-023-04                                                                NSA       0708
                0412912004    CR-023-04                                                                NSA       070A
                0512012004    CR-C24-04                                                                CIA       CRML
                05/2012004    CR-025-04 (CIA)                              0512112004                  CIA       CRML
                0512012004    CR-026-04                                                                CIA       CRML
                0610112004    CR-C74-C3                                                                CIA       CRML
                0610112004    CR-C75-03                                                                CIA       CRML
                0610112004    CR-076-C3                                                                CIA       CRML

..    .                     13-MAR-07                                                                                                            ACTS - 'CES leaka

                                 06/0112004              CR-077-03                                                              CIA           CRML.
                                 0610112004              CR-078-03                                                              CIA           CRML
                                 .06/01/2004             CR-079-03                                                              CIA           CRML
                                  06/04/2004             CR-028-04                               0312212005                     NSA           CRML
                                  06/0812004         CR-02~                                                                     CIA            CRML
                                  06/0812004        CR-030-04                                                                   CIA            CRML
                                  06/0912004         CR-031.Q4                                    0312212005                    NSA            CRML
                                  06/0912004         CR-031.Q4                                    03/2212005                    FBI            CRML
                                  06/1012004         CR-032-04                                    03/2212005                    NSA            CRML
                                  06/1012004         CR-032.Q4                                    0312212005                    FBI            CRML
                                  0612112004         CR-033-04                                                                  CIA            CRML
                                  07115/2004         CR-O~3-04 (CIA)                              0212812007                    FBI            CRML
                                  08102/2004         CR-038-04                                                                  CIA            CRML                         '.
                                   08/0312004        CR-037-04                                                                  CIA            CRML

                                                     CR-038-04 .
                                                                                             .... 12/3112008
                                   08/0512004        CR-O~o-o4                                    1110312006                      CIA          CRML
                                   08/0512004        CR-O~1.Q4                                     1110312006                     CIA          CRML
                                   11/0412004        CR-04~                                                                      NSA           CRML
                                                                                                                                                                  c     ,
                                   11/0412004        CR-04~.Q4
                                                     CR-045-04                                    11/0912004
                                                                                                                                                                  ,   , ,
                                   11/0812004       ·CR-045.Q4                                     1110912004                     CIA          CRML
                                   11/1012004        CR-048-04                                                                    CIA          CRML
                                    11/1012004       CR-OSO-04                                                                    CIA          CRML
                                    11/1012004       CR-051-04                                                                    CIA          CRML
                                    11/1512004       CR-049-04                                                                    CIA        . CRML               c.,
                                    11/1712004       CR-052-04                                                                    CIA          CRML
                                    11/1712004       CR-053-04
                                    1111812004       CR-oS5-04                                    0212812007                      CIA          CRML
                                    11/1812004       CR-056-04                                                                    CIA          CRML
                                    12/0912004       CR-OS7-04 (NSA)                              .12/3112006                      FBI         CRML
                                    12/0912004       CR.QS7·04 (NSA)                               12/3112006                     NSA          CRML
                                                                                 ) ::2'
                                                                                .P"";" ..
                                                                                                                              . I . J CRML

     1";:;"::< ;' :".;,.   ;,   '::'              .9 f(ii8I:f~fX.~,r~.~;/:'Y';';'/;~i:~'5~) \;·~':::::·;~:~,~~~~~~t\\!::!\~~~ ~~~;:t~J~i{~: tJ:~i;~~ ~~::/
             2005                      01/1~12005    CR-01-05                                                                 T-        '..    CRML          03
                                       02/0412005    CR-060-04                                                                    cIA          CRML
                                       02/0412005    CR-061-04                                     0313112005                     CIA          CRML
                                       0210412005    CR-062-04                                     12/3112008                     CIA          CRML
                                       02/0412005    CR-063-04                                     10/0112008                     CIA          CRML
                                       02/0412005    CR-064-04                                                                    CIA          CRML
                                       02/0412005    CR-065-04                                                                    CIA          CRML
                                       02/0912005    CR-067-0~ (DOE)                              0112312008                     DOE           CRML
                                       0210912005    CR-067-04 (DOE)                              0112312008                      FBI         .CRML
                                       02/1612005    CR-066-04                                                                    CIA          CRML
                                       0310712005    CR-02-OS                                     0310812005                      CIA          CRML
                                       03/0712005    CR·03-0S (CIA) (March 2005)                  0110112007                      CIA          CRML
                                       03/0712005    CR-068-04                                                                    CIA          CRML
                                       03/0712005    CR-06~04                                                                     CIA          CRML
                                       0312312005    CR-04.QS                                     0212812007                      CIA          CRML
                                       03/2312005    CR-05-0S                                                                    .cIA          CRML
    .   ... .                           13-MAR-07                                                                                                                                                                       ACTS - CES Ieaka

                                                                                                                                        ....                                       ,"":,;~.:..;~;.:.",

         .~~~~1if:~~~tt{,tt.t~~1~~li}Dt~ .      0312312005                                        CR-QS-05 (Mar. 2005)
                                                                                                                                                                                                         CIA       CRML
                                                03/2512005                                        CR-D6-05 (March 2005)                                            0113112007                            CIA       CRML
                                                03/2512005                                        CR-07-D5 (March 2005)                                            0110112007                            CIA       CRML
                                                 03/2512005                                       CR-D71-C4                                                        0410612005                            CIA       CRML
                                                 0312512005                                       CR-D72-C4                                                                                              CIA       CRML
                                                 0312512005                                       CR-D73-04                                                        0212812007                            CIA       CRML
                                                 0312512005                                       CR-D9-05 (CIA)                                                   1110812006                            CIA       CRML
                                                 0312512005                                       CR-10-05                                                                                               CIA       CRML
                                                 0512612005                                       CR-12-05                                                                                               FBI       CRMl
                                                  0512612005                                      CR-12-Q5                                                                                               CIA       ~RML
                                                  06/10/2005                                      CR-14-OS                                                                                               CIA       CRML
                                                  06/151200S                                      CR·13-05                                                                                               CIA       CRML
                                                  06/1512005                                      CR·13-05                                                                                               FBI       CRML
                                                  07/15/200S                                      CR-16-05 (CIA)                                                   12131/2006                             FBI      CRML
                                                   07/151200S                                     CR-16-05 (CIA)                                                   1213112006                            CIA       CRML
                                                                                                 !CR-17-QS                                                                                                FBI      CRML
                                       • 0712112005
                                                   0712112005                                     CR·17-QS                                                                                               "CIA      CRML
                                                    07/2112005                                    CR-18-05 (CIA)                                                                                         FBI       CRML
                                                    0712112005                                    CR-18-05 (CIA)                                                                                         CIA       CRML                ~
                                                                                                  CR-20-05                                                                                               CIA       CRML                61 -J
                                                    0811012005                                    CR-21-Q5                                                                                               CIA       CRML                L.J":'
                                                                                                  CR·?~D5 (CIA)
                                                                                                                           I   1
                                                    0811912005                                    CR·24-05 (CIA)                                                                                          CIA      CRML
                                                    08l1912ooS                                    CR-25-05 (CIA)                                                                                          CIA      CRML
                                                     0812612005                                   CR·26-05 (CIA)                                                   12131/2005'                            CIA      CRML
                                                     0911512005                                   LHM-149-05 (Media Leak)                                                                                          CRUD
                                                     09/1512005                                   LHM-149-05 (Media Leak)                                                                                          CRML
                                                     1010412005                                   CR-28-05 (ONI)                                                                                  OONI             CRUD
                                                     1110812005                                   CR-29-05 (CIA)                                                   1112812005                       CIA            CRML
                                                     1112812005                                   CR·3D-05                                                                                          CIA            CRMC'
           ,">.':.:   ':.<:'.:   -: .:  '.:;/"~' ': :::.: .: j;:::~~:.,,~~~~:(~.. " .,   ~.:"   , t.DfBff~t;y.:eaf;~iI::)(·</'?<~,,:           ;".'   .:.<   ;' .:.i.: 'i:;i;~':t~f.~i~;.~!{;; :·t~ti;~it{*~~· ~·~:~};H~{~~~~·\:·:!~
                2006                              0512212006                                      CR-DS-001 (000)                                                                                  DOD              CRML
                                                  0910112006                                      CR-D6-002 ~CIA)                                                                                  CIA              CRML
                                                  1010312006                                      CR-D6-003 (CIA)                                                                                   FBI             CRMl
                                                  1010312006                                      CR-D6-0031CIA)                                                                                   CIA              CRML
                                                  1010312006                                      CR..()6-()()oI ~C IA)                                               0112412007                   CIA              CRML
                                                  1010312006                                     CR-D6-004 (CIA)                                                      0112412007                    FBI             CRML
                                                  1010312006                                     CR-D6-005 (CIA)                                                      0112412007                   CIA              CRML
                                                  1010312006                                      CR-D6-005 (CIA)                                                    0112412007                     FBI             CRML
                                                  1012512006                                     CR-C6-006 (NSA)                                                                                   NSA              CRML
                                                  1110112006                                     CR~OO8 ~CIA)                                                                                      CIA              CRML
                                                  1110112006                                    CR-D6-009 (CIA)                                                                                    CIA              CRML
                                                  1110112006                                    CR-D6-01 0 (CIA) Recus.                                              1211912006                    CIA              CRML
                                                  1110112006                                    CR-D6-011 (CIA)'                                                                                   CIA              CRML
                                                  1110112006                                    CR~012 (CIA)                                                                                       CIA              CRML
                                                  1110112006                                    CR-D6-013 (ONI)                                                                                  ODNI               CRML
                                                  11/1312006                                    CR-D6-0141 (ONI)                                                                                 DONI               CRML
                                                  1112912006                                    CR-D6-016 (CIA)                                                      02113/2007                    CIA             CRML
                                                  1112912006                                    CR-Q6-017 (CIA)                                                      1213112006                    CIA              CRML
                                                  1112912006                                    CR-D6-018 (CIA)                                                                                    CIA              CRML
                                                  1210112006                                    CR-D6-015 (CIA) Recusel                                              1211912006                   CIA              CRMl

· ....             13-MAR-07             ACTS - CES Ieaka


         ." ~ ..


                                                      U.S. Department of J'1!sUee


       ...                              l         •                                 ..
                                                      MAR 24 2IJ05



(CJ/IEOUO) Ifycu have ~ 'i~stiOnEt please feel free to contact me at{(02) 514-1181.

                                                 101m 1. DiOll
                                                 COUllterespioDsge SeofiOll


                             SECRE'FH:5 IS-                                                            :


                                                                                               Q.. /   I

         .'.                                 u.s. Department of Justice
                                             Criminal Division
                                             Office of Enforcement Operations
          (202)   616-0307                   JfaahingtOD, D.C.         20530

                                              , \ ~,1
                                             0,~.i;     , LJ
                                                        1 "    2007

          Mr. Lowell Bergman
          PBS Frontline
         ,2481 Hearst Avenue
          Berkeley, California

         Dear Mr. Bergman:

              this is in partial response to your Freedom of Information
         Act request dated October 20, 2006, requesting certain
         information regarding media subpoenas sought during the past 15
         years, Appendix A to a March 22, 2002, letter of Assistant
         Attorney General Daniel J, Bryant, and the Justice Department's
         eleven-question leak investigation questionnaire.

              Please be advised that we are unaware of any single record
         that details the number of subpoenas authorized during the
         requested time period.  However, from a number of records we have
         determined that the Attorney General authorized media related
         subpoenas in approximately 143 matters between January 1, 1991
         and October 20, 2006.

              We do not have records that show a breakdown for all
         subpoena approvals by year for the time period requested.
         However, based on available records, the following is a breakdown
         of approved matters since 2001:

         2001: 13                            2004: 19
         2002: 7                             2005: 7
         2003: 16                            2006: 3

              We also have the following breakdown for source-related
         subpoena approvals by year:

         1991:     0             1997:   3                            2003:    0
         1992:     3             1998:   2                            2004:    1
         1993:     2             1999:   1                            2005:    0
         1994:     0             2000:   0                            2006:    1
         1995:     3             2001:   2
         1996:     1             2002:   0

                                                                               /   / j   I-
                                                                      YPC/I /'#M ~ O~
                                        -   2 -

              We are aware of nine instances in which media subpoena
         requests have been formally denied by the Department during the
         past 15 years. More typically, however, requests for
         authorization that do not meet the requirements of 28 C.F.R.
         § 50.10 are withdrawn before a final decision by the Attorney
         General is needed.

              We are enclosing a copy of the eleven questions pertaining
         to ieak investigations.  We are still making a determination on
         Appendii A and will respond to you as soon as that determination
         is final.

                If you treat this partial response as a denial of your
          request you have a right to an administrative appeal of this
         determination.    Department regulations provide that such appeals
         must be filed within sixty days of your receipt of this letter.
         28 C.F.R. 16.9. Your appeal should be addressed to: Office of
         Information and Privacy, United States Department of Justice,
         1425 New York Ave., NW, Suite 11050, Washington, DC 20530-0001.
         Both the envelope and the letter should be clearly marked with
         the legend "FOIA Appeal."    If you exercise this right and your
         appeal is denied, you also have the right to seek judicial review
         of this action in the federal judicial district (1) in which you
         reside, (2) in which you have your principal place of business,
          (3) in which the records denied are located, or (4) for the
         District of Columbia.    If you elect to file an appeal, please
         include, in your letter to the Office of Information and Privacy,
         the Criminal Division file number that appears above your name in
         this letter.


                                  Thomas J. McIntyre, Chief
                                  Freedom of Information/Privacy Act Unit
                                  Office of Enforcement Operations
,                                 Criminal Division

                          l!nauthorized Discl9sure of
                             Classified Informa tion
                                 "II Questions"

1) Give the date and identity of the article disclosing the classified information?

2) Give specific statements in the article which are considered classified and
whether the data was properly classified?

3) State whether the classified data is disclosed accurately?

4) State whether the data came from a specific document and, if so, the origin of
the document and the name of the individual responsible for the security for the
security of the classified data?

5) Give the extent of official dissemination of the data?

6) State whether the data has been the subject of prior official releases?

7) State whether prior clearances for publication or release of the information was
sought from proper authorities?

8) State whether the material, or portions thereof, or enough background data has
been published officially or in the press "to make an educated- speculation on the
matter possible?
9) State whether the data can be declassified for the purpose of prosecution, and, if
so, the names of the person competent to testify concerning the classification.

10) State whether declassification has been decided upon prior to the publication
of the release of the data?                                                  .

11) What effect does the disclosure of classified material have on the national


                                      FAX   t~O.   :                          Apr. 2S 2006 11: 97A'1    P2

                  E .3lVl.~500
                  fu: 617.3001001

   Octuber 20.2006

  Thomas J. Mdnt)'Te
  Criminal Division
  Suite 1127, Keent>y Building
  Washington! DC 20530-0001


  near Mr. Mclntyre.
  PursuantlO the federal Freedom ofInfonnation Act, 5 V.S.c. § 552, I am writing to
 .respectlully req uest copics of rcc()rds for the time period of January 1, 199] to October
  20.2006 detailing the number of subpoenas the Depanment of .Ju~ticc authori~d to
  obtain information from, or abouL members of the news media. including those to
 discover a reporter' s source; those thaI inadvertently could lead to the identifica.tion of a
 repMtcr's source; and those thai did not implicate, directly or indirectly, a reponer's
 source. ideally broken down by year.

 My understanding is lhat each Attorney General during this] 5-year time period, Dick
 Thornburgh, William Barr, Janet Reno, John Ashcroft and Alberto Gnnl.alcz each kept
 deL<"liled tiles of these case::;, including affected parties, th~ underlying crime, who the
 subpoenaing party was, and the type ofmateriul r~quested from the news media
 (confidential sources; documents only; testimony only; doeumcnts and testimony;
 lelephone toll records. etc.)

Please include those in which the receiving paTty (a news organization, individual
journalist or nthen;) cooperated wifh the government's request.

We would also appreciQte copies of the following:

1.     On March 22, 2002. Asst. Attorney General Daniel J. Bryant '''Tote a letter to
Senator Charles Gra-:;s)ey regarding subpoenas to members of tne news media (sec
31t3ch~d). Mr. Bryan(s letter referred to "Append;;< A," in which the Deparm,ent of
Justice's Criminal Djvi!iion provided information 01"1 press subpoena requests implicating
source information. We would like to receive a copy of "Appendix A".

2.     The Deparhnent's leak invt:sti~ation questionnaire, which asks the requesting
agency to ans'ver 11 questions before the DO] will open a criminal investigation into

                                                               Tuesda~s Oll   PBS • www.pbs.orgflrontlme
                                        Ff=:lX t-lO.                            A~r .   25 2006 11: Bf3Ht1   P3

      kJ.ks of classified For rden:nc~. my undcr~tanding ir:; th..ulluestions include
      \\·hcthcr the dussiJit'J d:ita disclosed is accurate. the extenl of ofJiciaJ dis~cmination of
      the datu, whether thc data h~ b~tn IJ)( subject of priur official releases and whal e((cCl
      disclosure ha:; on national ~ecurily, ctc.

      3.      The numher of news media suhpoenas that have been requested and then
      during the past 15 ye.tI"S.
                                                                                            d~nied    I
   Prominent governrnent officials. schol2lrs and journalists we have interviewed tell us tha.t
   federal proset'uturs have been requesting new~ media subpoenas more often in recent
   )'eCir~. In attempting to fact-check this claim. Wt' havt' contacted the Depal1ment     or
   directly, but have received specific information to either substantiate or refute this claim.
   We arc now turning to the FOIA in the hope that we can obtain information aboutIhe
   number and t)'pe ofne\.. .s media subpoenas ofthe.b1.St 15 years before our approaching

  This is to certify th:lt 1 am a member of the news media and agree to pay reason3bk
  duplication f~c" for the processing of Ihis reque!':t in an amounl not to exceed $200.
  Ple~lse noli I)' mt: prior to incurring any expenses in exccss of that amount. As a
  r~presentativc oflhe news medi~, Tunderst:md 1 am only required 10 pay for the direct
  cost of duplication aftcr the first] 00 pages. This request is m:lde as parl of ncwsgathcring
  and not fOT commercial usc.

  1 !t)ok li')rward to your reply within 20 business days, as the !\t~ltute stipulates. but ideally
  sooner as \..:c arc on a strict production schedule for this pntiecl.

  J1' you have any questions, or need additional inf()m1alion or c1arificatipn. plea$e cc)ntacl
  my assodatr                                                          =:l cb) (P
  .. ani< you for your earliest attention.

  S' ccrdy,

  PBS "Frontline"
  2481 Hearst Avenue
  Berkeley, CA 94709
                                                       u.s. Department of Justice
                                                       Criminal Division

 OjJice ojEnjorcemenr Operations                       Washington. D.C. 20530

 typed 09-18-06


        This is in response to your request dated February 2, 2006, for a copy of all records
pertaining to an investigation ofan alleged leak of classified intercepts that may have presaged
the September 11, 2001 attacks.

        We have conducted a search and located records responsive to your request. However,
we have been advised that these records relate to open and on-going law enforcement
proceedings, and that release, at this time, could reasonably be expected to interfere with these
proceedings by revealing prematurely the nature and scope of the evidence compiled by the
government. Therefore we are withholding these records in their entireties pursuant to
Exemption 7(A) of the FOJA, 5 V.S.c. § 552(b)(7)(A), which permits the withholding ofrecords
or information compiled for law enforcement purposes, but only to the extent that the production
of such law enforcement records or information ... could reasonably be expected to interfere
with enforcement proceedings.

        Additionally please be advised that other exemptions may be applicable to this material
including, but not limited to, Exemption I of the FOIA, 5 U.S.c. § 552 (b)(1), which permits the
withholding of information properly classified pursuant to Executive Order and Exemption 5 of
the FOIA, 5 U.S.C. § 552 (b)(5), which pennits the withholding of inter-agency or intra-agency
memorandums or letters which reflect predecisional, deliberative agency processes, and/or which
consist of attorney work product prepared in anticipation of litigation.

        To the extent that the Criminal Division maintains publicly available information, ~,
court filings, press releases or newspaper clippings, we will make them available to you if you
are interested in public source material. If you wish to obtain public source infonnation, please
advise us and we will conduct a search for such material, if any. If we do not hear from you
within 45 days, we will assume that you are not interested in receiving public records and will
close-out your request with this Office.

         You have a right to an administrative appeal of this determination. Department             j 9
                                                                                  FILE COpy

      regulations provide that such appeals must be tiled within sixty days of your r-eceipt ofthis letter.
      28 C.F.R. 16.9. Your appeal should be addressed to: Office of Infonnation and Privacy, United
      States Department of Justice, 1425 New York Ave., NW, Suite 11050, Washington, DC 20530-
      0001. Both the envelope and the letter should be clearly marked with the legend "FOIA Appeal."
      If you exercise this right and your appeal is denied, you also have the right to seek judicial review
      of this action in the federal judicial district (1) in which you reside, (2) in which you have your
      principal place of business, (3) in which the records denied are located, or (4) for the District of
      Columbia. If you elect to file an appeal, please include, in your letter to the Office of
      Infonnation and Privacy, the Criminal Division file number that appears above your name in this
                 ,   ,

                                            Thomas J. McIntyre, Chief
                                            Freedom of InfonnationlPrivacy Act Unit

                               THE NEW YORK SUN

   February 2, 2006

  Mr. Thomas J. McIntyre, Chief
  Cri;r.inal Division
  U.S. Department of Justice
  130] New York Ave., N.W., Suite 1]27
  Washington, D.C. 20530

  Re: A Freedom ofInfonnation Act Request

  Dear Mr. McIntyre:

  This is a request for agency records, brought pw:suant to the Freedom of Information Act
  ("FOIA"), 5 U.S.c. § 552.

  I hereby request one copy of aJl records pertaining tOBQinvestigation of an aJleged leak
  of classified intercepts that may have presaged the September] ], 200] attacks. The
  intercepts were reported by CNN on or about June] 9,2002 and included the phrases,
  "The match begins tomorrow," and "Tomorrow is zero hour."

  I ask that this request be considered as one from a representative of the news media under
  fee provisions ofFOIA. I am a fuJJ-time reporter for The New York Sun, a daily
  newspaper published at New York City, and I am seeking this information for use in
  news stories I am prepa.'ing on this subject.

  To the extent records requested herein may be classified, I ask that they be reviewed for
  declassification pursuant to the relevant executive order.

  I ask that any fees that could be assessed in connection with this request be waived. I
  believe that disclosure of this infonnation wiII contribute significantly to public
  understanding of government operations. In this instance, the records can be expected to
  shed light on the way the government safeguards classified .information and on how leaks
  are addressed.

  In the event that my request for a fee waiver is denied, I agree to pa)' up to $200 in
  duplication fees, without prejudicing my right to appeal the denial.

lOS CHAMBERS STREET   N£W YOJlK Cln 10007   TEL 212'406'01000   FAX 212'571'9836   WWW.NYSUN.COM
Mr. Thomas McJntyre, Criminal Division, U.S. Department of Justice
February 2, 2006
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If there are any questions pertaining to this request, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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