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                                          Volume 3, Issue 2                                      April 2009

      Inside Scoop                         What’s Inside:

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By: Meaghan Chiovitti

          Mr. Rocco Speranza works with students in 5 different schools (Edward Murphy, East
 Hill, John Paul I High School, Cite de Prairies High School, and Mountainview.) He’s a spiritual
 care animator, and is involved with the E.M.S.B community for the past 5 years. A S.C.A. is a
 non-denominational employee, which means he does not represent a particular faith or group.
         Mr. Rocco enjoys working with students of all ages and he feels that he learns a lot from
 them. He works with students from kindergarten all the way up to secondary five.
         His job is not like the math teacher who educates our brains or the phys ed. teacher who
 keeps our body in shape. Instead, he works on our insides such as our feelings, our spirit and our
 character. He is the one who aids with the link between community and spirituality. He helps us
 on our life journeys.
         Mr. Speranza has taught us many new and interesting things about holidays and
 celebrations. For example, he taught us that Thanksgiving is when all nations come together (no
 matter what religion!) Some might be at different times, but it doesn’t matter, what is important is
 being grateful. Another event which we work together is Remembrance Day. This day is
 important because it’s a day to remember the solders that fought for our freedom.
         I think Mr. Rocco is a great man and people should be more like him!
In every issue, I, Alexia Di Quinzio              East Hill Express Page 2
will be sharing my thoughts and
opinions on various topics with you.

                                                   By: Alexia Di Quinzio

                        There are countless numbers of video entertainment games. The most recent one is the
               “Wii”. The Wii is a home interactive video game which includes entertainment for the whole
               family. The spelling of the word,"Wii" with two lower-case "i’s" is meant to resemble two people
               standing side by side which represents players joining together. Also, “Wii” sounds like “we”,
               which points out that the game is for everyone. No matter what language they speak, Wii can easily
               be remembered by people all around the world.

                        For most people, the Wii is a great interactive video game. Not only does it get people
               together, it also permits them to get physically active especially for those who watch television
               often and don’t move around much. There are many exercises and activities to do and many sports
               to play. Unlike other video games, the Wii permits you to move and actually play the game. This is
               a good entertainment game because it involves many physical and energetic movements.

                        The Wii is a very active game, however when doing the activities indoors, you are not
               actually experiencing the real outdoor feeling. Yes, you are physically moving, although you can
               experience it in the fresh nature air and have lots more room to move around. When playing a sport
               on the Wii, you are not sure whether you are actually good at the sport because you are not actually
               experiencing it yourself. Instead of playing a sport on a man-made game, you can easily
               experience it outdoors with friends and family.

                         In my judgment, the Wii is so far the best active entertainment game, but not as good as
               the feeling of being outdoors. I think that being outdoors is much better than playing indoors on the
               Wii. On the other hand, it is great when it is a rainy day and you are stuck inside. Everyone has
               their own opinion and that’s alright because each opinion is neither right nor wrong. The Wii is
               great for those who want to start a healthier life style and at the same time have fun with friends
               and family. Although, we should always remember that the doors to the outdoors are always open
                                            East Hill Express Page 3

                                            By: Ivana Matani

Dear Ivana,                                                 Dear Ivana,

     I’m very smart, (my teachers say so all the               My mom never gives me sweets for
time), but I don’t care to study for exams. Is              lunch but my friends always have sweets
that ruining my prospects for a bright and                  and it makes me really jealous that I don’t
promising future?                                           have any. What should I do?

There are some people that are naturally smart,             I know how you feel. My mom is the same.
and there are some people who have more                     I know that you can’t tell your friend to
difficulty. So if you are planning for a good               stop bringing sweets, but you can ask your
future, you might want to start trying to study.            mom why you can’t have some sweets once
Maybe you didn’t need to study for tests in the             in a while. If you eat a well balanced lunch,
past, but as you advance, things will get harder            I’m sure she’ll let you have a little
for you and eventually you will need to study.              something sweet!
Studying won’t hurt you!
Sincerely,                                                  Ivana

Dear Ivana,

 I am always getting back pains and                                            Sudoku
headaches. What should I do?

Well, maybe you should pay more attention to
which activities you play. You may get hurt
without even noticing it. Be aware of body
posture. Maybe your backpack is too heavy,
you should only bring what is necessary. That
should help stop future back pains.

                                      East Hill Express Page 4

                       In collaboration with Signora Antonella Andricciola
                                         Natalie Cecere

                      Dolce e Gabbana: Dolce & Gabbana è una casa di moda
                      italiana fondata dagli stilisti Domenico Dolce e Stefano
                       Domenico Dolce, entra in contatto con il mondo della moda già
                      da bambino, seguendo suo padre Saverio, titolare di una piccola
                      azienda d'abbigliamento; diversa invece è la strada percorsa da
                      Stefano Gabbana, che inizialmente studia grafica ma ben presto
                      preferirà dedicarsi alla moda.
L'incontro tra i due, avverrà alla fine degli anni Settanta sui tavoli di uno stilista
 I ragazzi capiscono ben presto di avere una grande affinità, così, dopo aver
lavorato in alcuni atelier, nel 1982 decidono di mettersi in proprio per creare una
loro linea.
I due stilisti riusciranno, in breve tempo, ad ottenere un grandissimo successo a
livello mondiale e a conquistare i consensi di famose star, portando in alto il nome
della moda italiana: Dolce & Gabbana, marchio nato nel 1985, è oggi uno dei
principali gruppi internazionali leader nel settore dell’abbigliamento.
                                       East Hill Express Page 5

                    Versace : Gianni Versace, nacque nel 1946 a Reggio Calabria. I primi
                  contatti col mondo della moda li ha avuti da ragazzino lavorando
                  nell'atelier della madre.
                   Fu eccezionale figura d'avanguardia nella moda internazionale,
                   protagonista della nascita del prêt-à-porter italiano. Gianni Versace
                  s'impegnò a collegare la moda elegante a quella sportiva, quella maschile a
                  quella femminile, dando vita ad uno stile ed un "vestire italiano" che ha dato
                  lustro e successo all'italianità nel mondo.
Fu assassinato nel luglio del 1997 davanti alla sua villa di South Beach, a Miami.
 Donatella Versace entra nel mondo della moda durante gli anni ottanta, quando il fratello
Gianni le affida la direzione del marchio Versace Versus. Nel luglio 1998, un anno dopo la
morte del fratello, Donatella Versace disegna la sua prima linea di moda Versace. Nell'ottobre
2002, i più famosi capi disegnati da Gianni e Donatella sono stati esposti in una mostra
speciale al Victoria and Albert Museum di Londra per celebrare lo straordinario successo
mondiale del marchio Versace.

               Armani: stilista, nato l'11 luglio 1934 a Piacenza, cresce con la sua
               famiglia.Giorgio Armani è una delle punte di diamante del made in
               Italy ed ha avuto l’indiscusso merito di portare, in tutto il mondo, un
               modello vincente ed elegante di creatività.
               Intuito e talento, conoscenza ed immaginazione rappresentano una parte
 fondante della sua personalità e dei suoi modelli.
                                          East Hill Express Page 6

                                                                     By: Michael Vincent Romanelli and
                                                                     Adriano Mastantuono

       Hi, my name is Chief Top Leaf.
I am 73 years old. I live in a village
called Kanawaki. I visit schools to
teach kids about my tribe. I have been
teaching children for 55 years, I
started in 1953. I visit about 100
schools each year and I’m still
teaching to this day. I feel GREAT!
                                                                     In this picture, Chief Top Leaf is
                                                                     talking about the way he writes his

   There are four Clans in his village.
   They are the Turtle, the Bear, the
   Snipe, and the Wolf clan.
                                                                                 The three sisters are
                                          Squash                                 Squash, Corn and
                                                                                 Beans. In the summer,
                                                                                 they hang the three
                                                                                 sisters on the roof to
                                          Corn                                   dry. Then in the
                                                                                 winter, they eat them.
                                                                                 Squash gives them
                                                                                 vitamin C, corn gives
                                          Beans                                  them starch, and beans
                                                                                 give them protein.
 Chief Top Leaf brought
 a canoe to our school. He
 said that it was made by
 his native friends.
                           East Hill Express Page 7

                       By: Maegan Bushell

     Mr. Speranza invited a speaker to come to our school to
inform cycle three students about gambling awareness and how to
prevent it.

      We learned that gambling is any game or activity where you
risk money or valuable objects. There are two types of gambling:
1. Games of skill & 2.Games of luck.

     Two to four percent of adolescents have a gambling
addiction. Four to eight percent are at risk of developing a
gambling problem. In the last four years, adolescents have
gambled less, but they still gamble in games like poker.

      So here are some things you should always remember:
-only bet what you can afford to lose
-play responsibly
-you should also set limits and respect them
                                 East Hill Express Page 8

              By: Justin Cicchini and Alessia Schiavone

      The Huggies Valentine’s Day basket and card drive project is all
about love and care. Its goal is to help bring the messages of love, caring,
and hope to the patients at the Montreal Children’s Hospital.
       The project started seven years ago by students from Lester B.
Pearson High School and their Spiritual Animator, Mr. Vince. These
students wanted to go visit an ill friend at the hospital.
        In 2004, Mr. Rocco Speranza, our spiritual animator, motivated the
students and staff from East Hill School to take part in the project. This
year, there are 12 schools from the EMSB taking part in the special project
including East Hill.
                       East Hill Express page 9

       Chaque école a sa propre direction. Notre
directrice, Mme. Di Perna, travaille comme directrice
pendant quinze ans. Elle est unique et spéciale! Elle
est toujours en bonne humeur et toujours souriante.
Mme. Di Perna travaille très fort pour rendre l’école
une place plaisante et amusante. Elle nous prépare
toujours de belles et divertissantes activités. Même
si elle est très occupée, elle se souvient de nos fêtes.
Quand c’est la fête de quelqu’un, elle leur donne une
carte, un crayon et un signet! Lorsqu’elle remarque
nos travaux qui sont bien faits, elle nous donne
toujours des compliments. Mme. Di Perna a commencé
‘L’élève Du Mois’ pour souligner une caractéristique
exceptionnelle d’un élève de chaque classe.

       Pour son travail exceptionnel elle a gagné un
prix! Ce prix est une plaque qui décerne Mme. Di
Perna comme une parmi les trente-trois meilleurs
directeurs du notre pays. Ce prix s’appelle « The
Canada’s Most Outstanding Principal ». Mme. Di Perna
est la seule gagnante de la province de Québec!
      WOW! Elle est vraiment FANTASTIQUE!

               par: Alexia Di Quinzio
                    Michael Vincent Romanelli
                                            East Hill Express page 10

 If you want to be
more successful in
school read all of
the zodiac signs
even though
they’re not yours.
                                                   By: Natasha Riccio and Alissa Degani

      Book:                             Scissor:                           Glue:
      Feb. 20 – Mar. 20                 Mar. 21 – April 20                 April 20 – May 21

      Prepare. When you’re              Stay Ahead. Don’t fall             Listen Up. Paying
      stressing because of a test,      behind. When you’re                attention in class can actually
      make the test a day to look       struggling in a subject or         pay off in the long run.
      forward to. First, get a good     homework project ask your          Listening and taking notes can
      night sleep, and then have a      teacher for extra time at recess   help you recall important
      good breakfast.                   or at lunch.                       information.

      Sharpener:                        Ruler:                             Eraser:
      May 22 – June 21                  July 23 – Aug. 22                  Aug. 23 – Sep. 21

      Don’t Worry. When you have        Set a goal. Set a goal on what     Don’t be afraid. Don’t be
      an oral presentation, do not      you want to accomplish. Work       afraid to make mistakes! It’s
      worry because the more you        towards that goal. Stick to your   one of the best ways of
      worry the worse it is. Even if    goal and when you reach it you     learning. Ask the teacher if you
      you worry and you don’t want      will feel great! It also           don’t understand your mistake.
      to do it your teacher will        encourages you to work hard to     The teacher will explain it to
      probably not give in and will     complete your goal.                you and you won’t make that
      still make you do it.                                                mistake again!

      Tape:                             Pen:                               Marker:
      Sep. 22 – Oct. 22                 Oct. 23-Nov. 21                    Nov. 22- Dec.21

      Stick to your instinct. Never     Take notes. If you                 Answer questions. Answer
      feel unconfident about your       take notes and review them         questions even if you’re not
      answers because most of the       before class begins (or while      sure of your answer. It shows
      time your first answer is         studying for an exam), you can     that you tried! Your teacher
      normally right. Make objects in   ask a teacher to go over           will really appreciate it!
      your classroom hints to the       anything you don't understand.
      things you can’t seem to

      Pencil:                           Liquid Paper:                      Clipboard:
      Dec. 22 – Jan. 20                 Jan. 21 – Feb. 19                  June 22 – July 22

      Plan Ahead. Get a                 Tell Someone. When you are         Ask questions. Teachers love
      personal planner, or agenda.      being bullied you have to tell     when you ask questions, it
      Mark the due dates of tests,      someone about it. Do not fight     shows you want to be involved.
      projects, and homework. It        back. Or if you are the person     When you ask a question, write
      really helps!                     who is the bully you should        down your question and the
                                        stop and think about what you      answer in a copybook because
                                        are doing and if you would like    it might show up on a test!
                                        it if people would do it to you.
                                                                 East Hill Express Page 11

                                        Put together by: Adriano Battista & Enzo Evangelisti

This event, born of ancient traditions, initially took the form of a
free style run from which a rigid hammer was thrown (a wooden
handle with a cast iron ball on the end). The utilisation of a concrete
base for throwing increased the possible speed of rotation and the
use of wolfram and tungsten for the head of the hammer - thereby
reducing the diameter (minimum today is 110mm) - helped increase
the distances thrown from the 1950s.

                                                                                 The pole vault originated in Europe, where men used the
                                                                                 pole to cross canals filled with water. The goal of this
                                                                                 type of vaulting was distance rather than height.
                                                                                 Originally the vaulters used bamboo poles with a sharp
                                                                                 point at the bottom. They competed on grass, planting the
                                                                                 point in the grass (because holes were not allowed back
                                                                                 then), vaulting over a pole and landing back on the grass.

  The javelin throw is a track and field athletics throwing event where the object to be thrown is the
  javelin, a spear-like object made of metal, fiberglass and, in some cases, carbon fiber. The javelin
  throw has been part of the Summer Olympics since 1906. Although the javelin is currently used only
  for sport in most areas, it has a long history of use for hunting and warfare. There are, for instance,
  numerous references to the javelin in ancient Hellenic civilization, who practised a form of javelin
  throwing at the ancient Olympics. Some believe the objective was to throw at a target rather than for
  distance, but this can not be determined.The javelin throw has a particularly strong tradition in the
  Nordic nations of Europe. Of the 66 Olympic medals that have been awarded in the event, 30 have
  gone to competitors from Norway, Sweden, or Finland. Finland is the only nation to have ever swept
  the medals, and has done so twice, in 1920 and 1932.

                                                     Jumpers must take off on one foot. A successful jump is one in which the crossbar
                                                     remains in place when the jumper has left the landing area. Competitors may begin
                                                     jumping at any height announced by the chief judge, or may pass, at their own
                                                     discretion. Three consecutive missed jumps, at any height or combination of
                                                     heights, will eliminate the jumper from competition.
                                                                  East Hill Express Page 12

                                                         By: Natalie Cecere

You find most vitamins and minerals in the food you eat. We need vitamins and minerals for our bodies to work properly. Each vitamin you take has a
different role to play. These are a few vitamins and what your body uses them for:

     -     Vitamin D helps your bones. It is found in milk products.
     -     Vitamin A is found in carrots to help you see at night.
     -     Vitamin C is found in oranges to help your body heal if you get a cut.
     -     Vitamin B is found in leafy green vegetables to help your body make protein and energy.

Your body is very powerful and can produce many things alone but the one thing your body cannot produce alone is vitamins. To get a good source of
vitamins the key is to eat different varieties of food. Some kids take daily vitamins but most kids don’t need one if they’re eating varieties of healthy food.

Vitamin A:
Vitamin A is a very important vitamin for your eyesight. It helps you for your night vision and it also helps you see in color. It helps you grow properly
and keeps your skin healthy.

Let’s see which foods are rich in VITAMIN A:

     -     You find Vitamin A in milk.
     -     Orange fruits and vegetables( like cantaloupe, carrots, sweet potatoes)
     -     Dark green leafy vegetables (like kale, collards, spinach).

     Vitamin B:

     Vitamin B is very important for your metabolism. This group of vitamins involves making red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout your
     body. Your body needs oxygen to work so this vitamin is perfect for the job.

     Let’s see which foods are rich in Vitamin B:

     -     whole grains, such as wheat and oats
     -     fish and seafood
     -     poultry and meat
     -     eggs
     -     dairy products, like milk and yogurt
     -     leafy green vegetables
     -     beans and peas

     Vitamin C:

     This vitamin is important for gums and muscles. Vitamin C is also important because if you get cut or have a wound it helps you heal. This vitamin
     also helps your body resist infections.

     Let’s see which foods are rich in Vitamin C:

     -     citrus fruits, like oranges
     -     cantaloupe
     -     strawberries
     -     tomatoes
     -     broccoli
     -     cabbage
     -     kiwi fruit
     -     sweet red peppers.
                                                  East Hill Express Page 13

    Vitamin D:

Vitamin D is the vitamin you need for strong bones. It’s also great for forming strong teeth. It helps your body absorb
the amount of calcium it needs.

Let’s see which foods are rich in Vitamin D:

    -    milk fortified with vitamin D
    -    fish
    -    egg yolks
    -    liver
    -   fortified cereal

    Vitamin E:

    This vitamin maintains a lot of your body’s tissues, like the ones in your eyes, skin, and liver. It protects your
    lungs from becoming damaged by polluted air and it is important for the formation of red blood cells.

Let’s see which foods are rich in Vitamin E:

    -   whole grains, such as wheat and oats
    -   wheat germ
    -   leafy green vegetables
    -   sardines
    -   egg yolks
    -   nuts and seeds

    Vitamin K:

    Your blood does something special called clotting. This is when certain cells in your blood act like glue and stick
    together at the surface of the cut to help stop the bleeding.

Let’s see which foods are rich in Vitamin K:

    -   leafy green vegetables
    -   dairy products, like milk and yogurt
    -   broccoli
    -   soybean oil
                                                       East Hill Express Page 21

    East Hill Express Page 14

     All pictures taken by:
Jeremy Braggion & Karina Volpato
East Hill Express Page 15
East Hill Express Page 16
             East Hill Express Page 17

        All “fun” sections created by:

  Marco Buttice and Adriano Mastantuono

What’s the Difference?
East Hill Express Page 18
                                              East Hill Express Page 19

By: Giuliana Quattrocchi and Ivana Matani
                                                               Where do
                                                               baby cows go
                                                               for lunch?

                         Une maman                           A Calf-eteria!
                         moustique dit à
                         son petit : ‘ Ne
Mais maman, ils          t’approche pas
m’applaudissent!         des humains !

                                             How does a
                                             nut sneeze?                                           Cashew!

                                                           Hello readers!

                                                                   We’re glad you have boarded the East
                                                           Hill Express once again for the release of our
                                                           second issue this year.
                              Cosa usano i                         A special thank you to Alexia Di Quinzio
                              dinosauri                    and Natasha Riccio, for helping with the layout
                              come                         and editing process.
                                                                   As winter changes into a colourful
                              pantofole?                   spring, the stories keep coming and the
                                                           determination and creativity of our reporters and
                                                           staff will continue to fuel the East Hill Express.
                   pecore!                                                      With springtime salutations,
                                                                                            Maria Cerone,
                                                                                           Stamo Spiratos,
                                                                                     Nadia Barrafato and
                                                                                        Mirella Di Stefano

                                                                                   East Hill Express Editors