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					                                            Bright Spots
                                              May 24, 2011

   Each week Garden volunteers record the most dramatic seasonal displays. Four are exhibited by
   the door of the Robins Visitor Center. These same plants are listed here with an asterisk and are
   marked by a colorful banner in the Garden.

                              Plant Material                                         Location

                             Fountain Terrace
Large Yellow Foxglove, Digitalis grandiflora, tall spires of tubular, yellow         Left side under Crape
flowers                                                                              Myrtle
Foam Flower, Tiarella 'Neon Lights', large, palmate, black-green leaves edged in     Left side by fence
Coral Bells, Heuchera x villosa, 'Frosted Violet', beautiful velvety purple leaves   Right corner bed by
with darker veins, small, dainty pink, pearl-like flowers on wiry stems              fence
Hosta, 'Day Break', large deeply-veined greenish to golden leaves                    Right corner beds
Mother of Thousands, Saxifraga stolonifera, veined leaves, delicate white flowers    Right corner bed by
                                                                                     fence & Cafe
Oakleaf Hydrangea, Hydrangea quercifolia, 'Pee Wee', oak-like leaves cover the       Right corner bed by
compact rounded shrub, huge, pyramidal-shaped white flowers stand above              fence
Angelonia angustifolia 'Angel Mist Compact Purple', spikes of dark lavender          Around fountain
Lantana camara 'Luscious Grape', 1 to 2 inch clusters of bright purple flowers       Around fountain
Scented Leaf Geranium, Pelargonium ionidiflorum 'Lady Plymouth', mint                Around fountain
scented, deeply divided gray-green leaves, small, lavender flowers
                            Bed Outside Fence
Wild Lupine, Lupinus perennis, Blue, pea-like flowers in an upright, elongated,      Bed on garden shop
terminal cluster on an erect stem                                                    side
Yarrow Achillea ‘Coronation Gold' flat clusters of golden yellow flowers above       Bed on garden shop
fern-like, silvery foliage                                                           side
Allium 'Firmament', dark, purple, baseball sized flowers, medium green foliage       Bed on garden shop
Mexican Sage, Salvia leucantha, upright stems with spikes of velvety purple          Bed on Cafe side


Blue False Indigo, Baptisia australis, tall clump of gray/green leaves, spikes of    Bed on Cafe side,
blue pea flowers                                                                     under Elderberry
Meadow Anemone, Anemone canadensis, single white flower, deeply divided              Bed on Cafe side, near
leaves                                                                               fence
False Lupine, Thermopsis lanceolata, pea-like flowers                              Bed on Cafe side
Daylily, Hemerocallis 'Happy Returns', low yellow, early blooming                  Bed on Cafe side
Speedwell, Veronica alpina 'Alba', spikes of white flowers                         Bed on Cafe side
Drumstick allium, Allium sphaerocephalum, wine colored flower heads on tall,       Bed on Cafe side
wiry stems
                         Four Seasons Garden
Sweetspire, Itea virginica 'Sprich' fragrant, white flowers on mounded foliage     Front left corner bed
Pincushion Flower, Scabiosa columbaria 'Butterfly Blue', delicate gray green       Left side by Green
leaves with lavender-blue flowers                                                  Man
Double Flowering Pomegranate, Punica granatum, tall shrub, double flowers,         Near arch on right side
orange and cream
Gardenia, Gardenia jasminoides 'Kleim’s Hardy', creamy white single flowers,       Left side bed near
fragrant                                                                           Green Man
Flowering Maple, Abutilon hybrid, 'Fairy Coral Red', salmon to pink flowers on     Around Fountain
Japanese-maple-like foliage
Beefsteak Plant, Acalypha wilkesiana, mottled white, green and burgundy leaf       Around fountain
with serrated edges
Calibrachoa hybrid, 'Superbells® Peach', cascading annual with small peach         Throughout
colored deep-throated flowers.
Duranta repens 'Erecta Aurea', low-growing, upright, chartreuse yellow foliage     Throughout
Impatiens hawkeri 'Infinity® Salmon', coral colored flower with large blooms       Throughout
against tapered green leaves
Hibiscus acetosella 'Haight Ashbury', maple-leaf shaped leaves ranging in colors   Throughout
from deep burgundy with highlights of cream and pink
Euphorbia 'Breathless Blush', dark green leaves with a hint of red, small white    Throughout
flowers flushed with pink
Stipa tenuissima 'Pony Tails', green needle-like foliage with soft arch at top     Throughout
Fescue 'Festina', clump grass with wiry blue stems                                 Throughout
Copperleaf Plant, Acalypha wilkesiana, bright red leaves marked with crimson       Throughout
and bronze
Carex flagellifera 'Toffee Twist', slender iridescent leaves                       Throughout
Millionbells, Calibrachoa 'Superbells® Plum' and 'Superbells® Peach', abundant     Throughout
small purple and peach petunia-like flowers on cascading foliage
                           Medicinal Garden
Wild Geranium, Geranium maculatum, single pale violet flowers, above clump of      Bed by main path
Pot Marigold, Calendula officinalis, yellow and orange, double daisy-like          Throughout
flowers, low clumps
French Thyme, Thymus vulgaris 'French', pink/violet flowers on low mat of          By main path
aromatic leaves
Chives, Allium schoenoprasum, grassy leaves, flowers in violet globes              Right side
Foxglove, Digitalis purpurea ‘Camelot Mix’, tall spikes of cream, purple and       Right side of curved
rose flowers                                                                       bed
Blessed Thistle, Silybum marianum, low rosettes of prickly leaves variegated       Curved bed outside

with white markings, tall stems with violet flowers                                oval

*Nasturtium, Tropaeolum majus, 'Jewel Mix' rounded leaves, low, orange or          Throughout
yellow flowers
Lantana camara 'Lucky White', a profusion of bright white flower clusters with     Throughout
yellow centers on upright mounds of foliage
 Madagascar Periwinkle, Catharanthus roseus, opposite glossy leaves with five-     Right side of path
petaled, rose-pink flowers
Feverfew, Tanacetum parthenium, small single daisy flowers on tall stems           Right side of path
Mullein, Verbascum thapsus, tall spike of furry leaves, yellow flowers             Outside bed near arbor
Purple Coneflower, Echinacea purpurea, 'Magnus' pinkish purple daisy type          Curved bed
flowers with raised rusty centers
Yarrow, Achillea millefolium 'Apple Blossom', flat bloom of many pink flowers      Outside bed
Valerian, Valeriana officinalis, green ladder-like foliage, fragrant flowers are   Throughout
white on tall slender stems
                           Meditation Garden
Rosa 'Mme. Plantier', huge shrub rose, fragrant white flowers, heirloom variety    By center walkway

Hybrid Marigold, Tagetes erecta 'Vanilla' F1, double creamy white flower           End bed by hedge
Coneflower, Ecinacea purpurea 'Bravado', tall, pinkish purple "daisy" type         End bed by hedge
Chives, Allium schoenoprasum 'Profusion', clumps of grassy foliage, violet         End bed by hedge
spherical flowers
Comfrey, Symphytum officinalis, arching stems of pendant flowers, pink and blue    Right side behind
Lavender, Lavandula angustifolia 'Hidcote Blue', dark-purple flower spike, dwarf   End bed by hedge
                Sunken Garden (Under Construction)

                                Asian Valley
                            SLOPING TO POND
Houttuynia cordata 'Chameleon', single white flowers, thick ground cover, spicy    Left side of path by
leaves                                                                             lake
Iris chrysographes, tall narrow leaves, deep purple color with yellow blaze        Left of path on slope
Hydrangea serrata 'Blue Billow', broad shrub, low, flat clusters of pink flowers   Left of path
Paeonia lactiflora 'Paul M. Wild', double ruby-red blooms on erect stems           Right side by rock at
Paeonia lactiflora 'Pink Parfait', double blooms with multiple layers of pink and  Left side at
cream petals                                                                       intersection
Blue Star, Amsonia orientalis, small starry blue flowers on upright stems with     Right side at
slender leaves                                                                     intersection
                            DOWN CURVING PATH
Mother of Thousands, Saxifraga stolonifera, veined leaves, delicate white flowers Left side of path
Astilbe x rosea 'Peach Blossom', spikes of pale pink blooms                       Right side of path
                                                                                  across from pond
Japanese Water Iris, Iris ensata 'Pink Lady', soft pink flowers with wavy edges   Left side by pond
*Oakleaf Hydrangea, Hydrangea quercifolia 'Sikes Dwarf', shrub with large         Left side of path by

leaves, panicles of white flowers                                                 bridge to Tea House

Bellflower, Campanula punctata 'Cherry Bells', deep cherry-pink bell-shaped       Left side of path by
flowers marked with red inside                                                    Oakleaf Hydrangea
Azalea, Rhododendron x 'Rosa Flora', single pink flowers                          Right side after Tea
Japanese Painted Fern, Athyrium nipponicum 'Ursula's Red', lacy, silver-green         Left side of path
fronds with red spines and red tinges; clump-forming and dense
Foxglove, Digitalis purpurea 'Excelsior Hybrid' shades of pink, white and purple.     Left at entrance to
Tubular flowers are closely clustered all around the flower spikes                    West Island Garden
                         WEST ISLAND GARDEN
Blue Flag Iris, Iris versicolor, wild iris, grows in wet sites                        Along edge of water
Pitcher plant, Sarracenia flava 'Yellow Trumpet', vivid yellow flowers on tall        Throughout
Other Pitcher Plants: Sarracenia leucophylla 'Titan', tall red/brown flowers;         Throughout
Sarracenia 'Peaches and Green', low flowers, green mixed with red/brown; S.
'Red sparkler', tall red flowers with red veins

                       Flagler Perennial Garden
Sage, Salvia x superba 'May Night', deep violet-blue flower spikes                    Left side of path
Rosa 'Ballerina', pastel cloud of small fragrant pink flowers with lighter centers,   Left side of Monet
blossoms are single and shallow-cupped, occurring in large, loose clusters.           bridge by stream
Kniphofia 'Z-scape Tritoma', soft orange flowers on tall stems                        Left side by stream
Late Azalea, Rhododendron 'Chinzan', pink flowers, low compact shrub, small           By Central lawn near
leaves                                                                                Slow Dance statue
Spiraea x bumalda 'Gold Flame', bright-pink flower clusters atop its toothed,         Right side of path by
green leaves                                                                          entrance to Sculpture
Daylily, Hemerocallis 'Stella de Oro', gold yellow flower                             Left side of path
*Astilbe japonica 'Peach Blossom', pale pink heads of flowers tinted with green,      Left side of path
large drift
Evening Primrose, Oenothera speciosa 'Rosea', pale pink flowers with thin petals,     Left side of path
yellow centers, sprawling
Mother of Thousands, , Saxifraga stolonifera, veined leaves, delicate white           Left side before stone
flowers                                                                               arch
                         CONTINUE THROUGH ARCH
Spiraea japonica 'Candlelight', dense shrub, pink flowers, yellow-green foliage       Berm across from
Landscape Rose, Rosa x 'Noatraum', abundant pink roses                                Berm across from
Oakleaf Hydrangea, Hydrangea quercifolia, large shrubs, panicles of white             Under grove of birch
flowers                                                                               trees
Coral Bells, Heuchera x villosa, ‘Tiramasu’, ‘Miracle’ and ‘Ginger Peach’, small      Berm between path
clumps of ruffled foliage in a variety of colors                                      and pavilion
Hardy Geranium, Geranium macrorrhizum 'Bevan’s Variety', large leaves, pink           Under crepe myrtle
Spiderwort, Tradescantia 'Valour', deep red-purple flowers                            Right side of path

                              Woodland Walk
Evening Primrose, Oenothera speciosa 'Rosea', pale pink flowers with yellow          Around Woodland
center                                                                               Walk sign
Japanese Hydrangea Vine, Schizophragma hydrangeoides 'Moonlight', white-             Left of path near steps
flowering vine climbing tree
Hardy Orchid, Bletilla striata, pale pink to deep fuchsia flower, cattleya shaped,   Left of path after
on slender pleated leaves.                                                           bridge
Oakleaf Hydrangea, Hydrangea quercifolia 'Snowflake', large shrub, panicle of        Left of path, center
double white flowers                                                                 bed
                                 Rob’s Garden
Rose, Rosa 'White Pet', sweet-smelling, snowy clusters of double pompon              Left side of gazebo
flowers, dwarf bush
                                 White Garden
Snowflake Hydrangea, Hydrangea quercifolia 'Snowflake', rounded shrub,               Under small magnolia,
covered with huge panicles of double white flowers                                   near gazebo
Oakleaf Hydrangea, Hydrangea quercifolia, huge rounded shrub, gorgeous               End of bed by
specimen, panicles of creamy white flowers                                           driveway
                            Grace Arents Garden
Rosa, 'Mrs. R. M. Finch', clear pink, double, fragrant, reblooms all season          Beds by center walk
Rosa 'William Baffin', deep pink, semi-double rose                                   Blooming on white
Rugosa rose, Rosa rugosa 'Frau Dagmar Hastrup', single flower, fuchsia color,        Side beds
fragrant, prickly shrub
Polyantha Rose, Rosa 'Marie Pavie', small double, pale pink flower                   Center beds
Catchfly, Lychnis coronaria 'Alba', pure white flowers rest atop tall stems with     Left side of Crape
woolly, silvery-green leaves.                                                        Myrtle Allee
Geranium x cantabrigiense 'Biokovo', five-petaled white flowers, tinged with         Left side of Crape
pink                                                                                 Myrtle Allee
                                Conifer Garden
Pomegranate, Punica granatum 'Judai Zakuro' shrub, brilliant orange flowers          In Bed of ivy to left or
Pomegranate, Punica granatum 'Toyosho', salmon-colored double flower                 Left of road

Pomegranate, Punica granatum 'Emperor', large shrub, single orange flowers           Left of road
Curlyleaf Privet, Ligustrum rotundifolium, narrow evergreen shrub, contorted         To right of path
growth, white flowers
Hydrangea macrophylla 'Pink Lace', large, bright pink, lace cap flowers              Left of path
Japanese Privet, Ligustrum japonicum, broad shrubs, glossy leaves, large clusters    Right of path, deep n
of white flowers                                                                     bed
Rhododendron 'Watchet', broad evergreen mounded azalea, large single pink            Left of mulch path by
flowers                                                                              curve
Robin Hill Azalea, Rhododendron 'Sir Robert', low shrub, coral and white mix         Side of path to road
Hydrangea 'Beni-Gaku', dappled pink/blue flat group of flowers                       By lake to left
Spiraea 'Gold Charm', foliage starts a deep red, fading to a yellowish green,        Right side by road

blooms are pink

Hydrangea 'Nikko Blue', just opening, large area of low shrubs, covered with         Left of path
globes of greenish/blue flowers
           “DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH” SCULPTURE                                         Anderson Meadow:
Artist-in-residence Patrick Dougherty has built a large-scale, temporary sculpture   Area next to Rose
    of woven sticks and saplings in the Anderson Meadow. He has named it               Garden and below
                           “Diamonds in the Rough.”                                    Conservatory

*Hydrangea macrophylla 'All Summer Beauty', globes of blue blooms,                     Right side of path
mounded shrub
Salvia x sylvestris 'May Night', medium-green foliage with spikes of indigo-blue       Right side of path
Salvia ‘Hot Lips’, bi-color flowers, red and white, low shrub, aromatic foliage        Right side in island
Oxalis regnellii, var. triangularis, deep purple triangular leaf with delicate pink    Center Island Bed by
flower                                                                                 rocks
                                   Main Path
Weeping Dogwood, Cornus kousa 'Elizabeth Lustgarten' greenish starry flowers           Left side on berm
tinted pink as they age, weeping small tree
Coleus, Solenostemon scutellarioides 'Pineapple', Contrasting lime-green, yellow       Left side of path
and red foliage all summer
Purple Fountain Grass, Pennisetum setaceum, 'Fireworks', burgundy mid-vein             Left side of path
flanked by hot pink margins
Rudbeckia hirta 'Cherry Brandy', red-flowered Black-Eyed Susan                         Left side of path
Zinnia, 'Profusion Deep Apricot', ‘Profusion Orange', 'Profusion Cherry'               Right side of path
Petunia hybrid 'Pretty Much Picasso™', purple-magenta blooms with lime-green           Right side of path
Lantana camara, 'Bandana® Cherry, well-branched mounded plant with huge                Right side of path
flowers that are yellow at the center, followed by a ring of apricot, another of
pink, and an outer circle of bright crimson
Rudbeckia 'Prairie Sun', tall Black-eyed Susan, flower petals are a soft orange that   Right side of path
fades to yellow at the tips
Elephant's Ear, Colocasia esculenta, 'Rhubarb', bright green leaves, rhubarb-red       Right side of path
Calibrachoa 'Can-Can® Orange', abundance of bright orange blooms cover well-           Right side of path
branched, trailing plants
Impatiens hybrid, 'Fanfare® Fuchsia', bright fuchsia flowers cover trailing foliage    Right side of path
Globe Amaranth, Gomphrena 'Buddy Purple', small purple ball shaped flowers             Left side of path
Sweet Basil, Ocimum basilicum ‘Purple Ruffles’ large, deep purple, ruffled             Left side of path
Coleus, Solenostemon scutellariodes 'Snazzy', bright yellow and green variegated       Left side of path
foliage in compact mounds
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