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									                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ARAB TIMES, THURSDAY, MAY 19, 2011


                                                                                                           Ronald McDonald’s midlife crisis

Man eats 25,000th Big Mac, 39 yrs after his 1st
FOND DU LAC, Wisconsin, May 18,                  build to being “hyperactive.” He said he      Drug Administration’s daily recom-                                                                                                           meeting and is adamant that it has never
(AP): A retired prison guard ate his             was recently given a clean bill of health     mended value for a 2,000-calorie diet.                                                                                                       considered retiring or even downplaying
25,000th Big Mac on Tuesday, 39 years            and that his cholesterol is low.                 Tara Gidus, a registered dietitian in                                                                                                     their smiling mascot.
to the day after eating his first ... nine.         Gorske’s obsession with the burger —       Florida, said she wouldn’t recommend                                                                                                            “It’s totally unfounded,” said Marlena
   Don Gorske was honored after reach-           two all-beef patties, special sauce, let-     Gorske’s Big Mac diet, and that he’s                                                                                                         Peleo-Lazar, the company’s chief cre-
ing the meaty milestone during a cere-           tuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame     likely stayed relatively healthy because                                                                                                     ative officer, who describes Ronald as “a
mony at a McDonald’s in his hometown             seed bun, for those not familiar with the     of good genetics and because he doesn’t                                                                                                      force for good.”
of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Surely                once-ubiquitous ads — started May 17,         order a lot of extras, such as fries and                                                                                                        Ronald, the world’s most famous
McDonald’s most loyal customer,                  1972, when he bought three Big Macs to        sodas.                                                                                                                                       clown, had humble beginnings with a
Guinness World Records recognized                celebrate the purchase of a new car. He          She said the Big Mac provides protein                                                                                                     paper-cup nose and scraggly blonde wig.
Gorske’s feat three years and 2,000 Big          was hooked, and went back to                  and grains, which the body needs, and                                                                                                        First played by Willard Scott in 1963, he
Macs ago, and the 57-year-old says he            McDonald’s twice more that day, eating        that she would be “less concerned about                                                                                                      dispensed burgers and fries to delighted
has no desire to stop.                           nine before they closed.                      the bad stuff in the Big Mac and more                                                                                                        children and flew around on a magic
   “I plan on eating Big Macs until I               He’s only gone eight days since with-      concerned about the good stuff he’s                                                                                                          hamburger. “Goofy and clumsy” is the
die,” he said. “I have no intentions of          out a Big Mac, and most days he eats          missing,” such as fruits and vegetables.                                                                                                     way McDonald’s describes the early
changing. It’s still my favorite food.           two. Among the reasons he skipped a              Meanwhile, Ronald McDonald is hav-                                                                                                        incarnations.
Nothing has changed in 39 years. I look          day was to grant his mother a dying           ing a midlife crisis.                                                                                                                           A decade later McDonald’s created
forward to it every day.”                        wish. His last Big Mac-less day was              His floppy shoes, painted-on smile                                                                                                        standards on makeup and mannerisms
   The sign beneath the golden arches            Thanksgiving 2000, when he forgot to          and flaming-red hair may be a harder                                                                                                         for Ronald, so the actors who portrayed
Tuesday read “Congrats Don Gorske                stock up and the store was closed for the     sell to today’s kids who are trading in                                                                                                      him could present a united front. Around
25,000 Big Macs.”                                holiday.                                      their dolls and trucks for manicures and                                                                                                     that time, they also created
   Before he ate No. 25,000, he showed              Gorske said he loves numbers and           mobile game apps at ever younger ages.         Don Gorske, 59, a retired prison guard, eats his 25,000th Big Mac on May 17,                  McDonaldLand, home to Grimace,
dozens of onlookers many of the differ-          counting things and was inspired to start     He also seems out of step with                 at a McDonalds in his hometown of Fond du La, Wis. Guinness World                             Mayor McCheese and an array of other
ent styles of cartons he has collected           counting      his    burgers      because     McDonald’s Corp’s new efforts to               Records recognized Gorske’s feat three years and 2,000 Big Macs ago, but                      characters.
over the years and other Big Mac-relat-          McDonald’s noted how many hamburg-            appeal to adults. The 48-year-old                              Gorske says he has no desire to stop. (AP)                                       (McDonald’s, for the record, views
ed stories.                                      ers were served on their sign.                spokesclown has fallen flat in new ads                                                                                                       Ronald as a real person. “There’s only
                                                                                               this year, according to Ace Metrix, a             A     group       called   Corporate      papers to call for his head. The ads,            one Ronald,” Peleo-Lazar said in
                 Examined                                        Healthy                       group that tracks TV advertising.              Accountability International plans to ask    signed by more than 550 health groups            response to several questions about how
   Before biting into the sandwich, he              He said he is probably obsessive com-         And the government is getting strict        Ronald to retire at the company’s annual     and professionals, carry the headline,           many actors portray the smiling clown.)
said, “It’s been seven years since 20,000.       pulsive and that he likes repetition and      on marketing unhealthy food to children.       meeting on Thursday. They say Ronald         “Doctors’ Orders: Stop Marketing Junk               Around 2004, McDonald’s christened
Same thing goes this year folks. You             doesn’t like change. He said he’s kept        That has both marginalized Ronald as           encourages kids to eat junk food, con-       Food To Kids.”                                   Ronald as a “balanced, active lifestyles
can’t have the carton and it probably still      many of the Big Mac boxes and receipts        more of a mascot than a product pitch-         tributing to a rise in childhood obesity        What follows is an open letter to             ambassador,” and stuck him in commer-
takes 16 bites for me to finish a Big            over the years, and has noted his pur-        man and landed him in the middle of the        and related diseases such as diabetes.       McDonald’s CEO Jim Skinner, that says            cials where he trained for the Olympics.
Mac.”                                            chases in calendars he’s kept.                bigger debate about food makers’                  The group, which campaigned against       in part, “We ask that you heed our con-          He got workout clothes. He got a tuxedo.
   The crowd erupted into applause.                 McDonald’s says there are 540 calo-        responsibilities in stemming the rise in       the Joe Camel cigarette mascot in the        cern and retire your marketing promo-            He moved from McDonaldLand into the
   Gorske, who appeared in the 2004              ries in a Big Mac, which is more than a       childhood obesity.                             ‘90s and complained about Ronald as a        tions for food high in salt, fat, sugar, and     real world. New commercials show him
documentary “Super Size Me,” which               quarter of the calories a person on a            McDonald’s says it is proud of the          role model at McDonald’s annual meet-        calories to children, whatever form they         as an active, athletic clown who plays
examined the fast food industry, looks           2,000-calorie diet would consume. The         food it offers and that Ronald teaches         ing last year, has stepped up its cam-       take — from Ronald McDonald to toy               soccer, shoots hoops and encourages
nothing like one might expect of a fast          burger also contains 29 grams of fat and      children to be active.                         paign. The group has taken out full-page     giveaways.”                                      kids        to      visit    McDonald’s
food junkie. He’s trim and walks regu-           1,040 grams of sodium, which are both            Critics say it’s time to hang up the yel-   ads Wednesday in the Chicago Sun-               McDonald’s defended Ronald against            Happymeal.com website. There’s barely
larly for exercise, and he attributes his        more than 40 percent of the Food and          low jumper.                                    Times, New York Metro and four other         the group’s attack at last year’s annual         a mention of burgers and fries.


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Tourist visa to Peru: With the grow-
ing interest shown by Kuwaiti citizens
and/or foreign residents in Kuwait for
going for vacation and tourism to Peru
and/or with the purpose of doing business
over there, the Embassy of Peru in Kuwait
did the effort and obtained as a temporary
and immediate solution – till the opening
of the consular section of Diplomatic
Mission of Peru in Kuwait City – that the
consular section of the Embassy of Peru
in Qatar will attend those requests of
granting such visas.
   Accordingly, who is interested should
request, by writing or calling, for an
appointment noting that: Working hours:
9:00 am till 2:00 pm; Phone number: 974-
44915944; Fax: 974-44915940; E-mail:
   Visas can be granted on the same day
of the appointment and it’s advisable not
to travel without coordinating directly for
the respective appointment or bringing the
needed documents.
   Visa requirements for Kuwaitis and/or
foreign residents in Kuwait
   Tourist visa:
   1. Complete visa application
   2. Passport: original and photocopy
   3. Kuwait ID (if children don’t have
ID, so bring birth certificate); original        Onions and many kinds of sauces are seen for sale at a market in Mexico city on May 5, 2011. Key to Mexican cuisine, fresh ingredients are still sold in markets across the center and south of the
with a simple but careful translation into       country, where traditional dishes are often found. Prickly pear cacti, yellow zucchini flowers, dark red hibiscus flowers and tropical fruit including the endemic mamey sit alongside delicacies such as
English, from both sides.                        grasshoppers on market stalls. Many hope UNESCO's special recognition of Mexico's entire national cuisine in November - along with French gastronomy and the Mediterranean diet - will help raise
   4. Two (02) color photos, passport size,                                                                                    awareness of threatened culinary traditions. (AFP)
white background, no glasses.
   5. Roundtrip flight ticket.
   6. If the person travels on his own, a
                                                                                                                  Top chefs give modern twist to traditional recipes
statement of account of at least three

                                                 Mexico food fans savor boost for cuisine
   7. Personal interview.
   8. Cost: 120 Qatar riyals (pay by cash,
exact amount).
   Business visa:
   1. Complete visa application                  MEXICO CITY, May 18, (AFP):                   Restaurants list in April.                        The 35-year-old has inspired a genera-    self-esteem,” said Yuri de Gotari, who           regional and national identities.”
   2. Passport: original and photocopy.          Mexico’s cuisine has long been over-             “We’re looking for a new experience,”       tion of Mexican chefs and won wide-          opened the small School of Mexican                  And local producers are starting to
   3. Kuwait ID; original with a simple          shadowed by the greasy Tex-Mex burri-         Olvera said, using tweezers to assemble        spread acclaim in the 11 years since         Gastronomy in Mexico City in 2007.               fight back.
but careful translation into English, from       tos and nachos sold around the world,         a starter of bean dip, roast tomato skin,      Pujol opened.                                   “People are slowly realizing that they           “One thing you’re seeing is more
both sides.                                      but efforts to refine its image are now       zucchini, cheese, oil from the Pipicha            The minimalist restaurant is located in   have valuable ingredients,” de Gortari           restaurants promoting local ingredients,
   4. Two (02) color photos, passport size,      beginning to pay off.                         herb — similar to cilantro — and tiny          the capital’s Polanco district, also home    said, as he demonstrated a molcajete — a         which you didn’t even see when I got
white background, no glasses.                       Five months after Mexican gastrono-        toasted Jumiles bugs.                          to Biko, a Basque restaurant and the only    Mexican stone version of the mortar and          here two years ago,” said Lesley Tellez, a
   5. Roundtrip flight ticket.                   my joined the ranks of pre-Hispanic                                                          other one in Mexico ever to make the top     pestle — to a class of students.                 joint founder of Eat Mexico, a company
   6. If the person travels on his own, a        monuments winning special recognition                                                        50 best restaurant list compiled by more        Key to Mexican cooking, fresh ingre-          offering street food and market tours.
statement of account of at least three                                                                                                                                                                                                         The company has grown since it start-
months.                                          from the UN cultural body, UNESCO, a                                                         than 800 industry experts.                   dients are still sold in markets across the
   7. If the person belongs to a company, a      restaurant serving up Mexican dishes has                                                        Pujol recently received a visit from      center and south of the country, where           ed less than a year ago, and now runs 10
certificate attesting existence or legal reg-    for the first time been named among the                                                      Irish rocker and U2 frontman Bono, who       traditional dishes are also found.               to 15 tours per month.
istration of the company, issued by the          world’s top 50 eateries.                                                                     choose to celebrate his birthday there.         Prickly pear cacti, yellow zucchini              Argentine Estanislao Carenzo, a
Chamber of Commerce or Kuwait’s pri-                The Pujol joins another restaurant also                                                                                                flowers, dark red hibiscus flowers and           tourist and chef, said he was impressed
                                                                                                                                                             Changing                                                                       with the diversity of ingredients and
vate business association, authenticated by      in an upscale district of Mexico City,                                                                                                    tropical fruit including the endemic
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait.       which serves up Basque fusion cuisine,                                                          “The fact that there’s a Mexican          mamey sit alongside delicacies such as           dishes on offer in a recent Mexico City
   8. If the person belongs to a company,        which made it onto the list last year.                                                       restaurant in the top 50 means that the      grasshoppers on market stalls.                   market tour.
letter from the company introducing the                                                                                                       world is changing,” said Olvera, who is                                                          “I wanted to see if it was the same as
person, indicating the travel purpose and                         Mixing                                                                      at the forefront of a movement of chefs,                    Awareness                         in South East Asia and it seems it is,”
ensuring that they will cover all expenses.         Since pre-Hispanic times, Mexican                                                         professors and foodies altering percep-         But, as elsewhere, a proliferation of         Carenzo said. “They export bad quality
   9. If travel is tied to a specific counter-   dishes have drawn on a wealth of ingre-                                                      tions of Mexican food and drink.             junk food is threatening culinary tradi-         food, like China or Italy do.”
part, letter from a Peruvian company.            dients, including many varieties of corn,                                                       A new gastronomy festival in Morelia,     tions.                                              Janneth Lopez, a Mexican trainee food
   10. Personal interview.                       beans and chili peppers, as well as native                                                   Michoacan, in western Mexico, at the            Many hope UNESCO’s special recog-             guide, savored a spoonful of paste for a
   11. Cost: 120 Qatar riyals (pay by cash,      tomatoes, avocados or cocoa.                                                                 end of May, aims to give their efforts a     nition of Mexico’s entire national cuisine       savory, cocoa-based sauce known as
          Continued on Page 26                      But top chefs are increasingly mixing                                                     further boost.                               in November, along with French gastron-          mole.
                                                 up traditional recipes to give them a                                                           Smart restaurants and cooking schools     omy and the Mediterranean diet, will                She agreed Mexico’s diverse ingredi-
                                                 modern twist.                                                                                here have long favored foreign cooking,      help raise awareness of threatened culi-         ents should be promoted and protected,
                                                    “People think that Mexican food is                                                        particularly from France, but Mexican        nary traditions.                                 but said they should be served in copious
                                                 heavy, that you have to go on a diet of                                                      cooking classes have increased in recent        In its decision, UNESCO said                  dishes, like any good home cooking.
                                                 lettuce three days before you eat it,” said   Different types of fruits coated in            decades.                                     Mexican “knowledge and techniques                   “It’s great that there’s contemporary
                                                 Enrique Olvera, owner of Pujol which          caramel are seen for sale at a market             Attitudes to Mexican food “have           express community identity, reinforce            cuisine, but there are limits,” Lopez said.
                                                 made the S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best           in Mexico City on May 5. (AFP)              changed a little, but it’s a question of     social bonds, and build stronger local,          “There’s no food like market food.”

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